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Weekly Life Coaching podcast showcasing experts from around the world teaching you "How to Live your Best Life Now"

Weekly Life Coaching podcast showcasing experts from around the world teaching you "How to Live your Best Life Now"
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Weekly Life Coaching podcast showcasing experts from around the world teaching you "How to Live your Best Life Now"






4 Life Hacks that will Motivate your Teams

Everyone is different. We developed a system to measure and define the brains Ambiguity Relief Process, these, life hacks, is called the Colored Brain. My guest today is Arthur Carmazzi, best selling author of "The 6 Dimensions of Top Achievers" Arthur talks about, life hacks, from his work with the, Colored brain. The Colored Brain analysis is use as a method to motivate teams and leaders. Show Notes I started doing research on the different personalities decades ago, I found out that...


What is the #1 Thing Women can do to, Improve Their Relationships,?

In this solo coaching episode I coach on what women can do to, improve their relationships. We have all heard that men want respect and women are emotional creatures, needing love and affection. That is true; but their is the character flaw common to all men and women? As my pastor would say All means inclusive of everyone exclusive of none. So how do women, improve their relationships,? The answer is this. By not pointing out wrong doing or blaming their partners. Because No one ever does...


The Path to, self-mastery, From Here to There

How does professional sports equip us for, self-mastery,? Pro golfer Thane Marcus Ringler turned coach and Author shares How. In the guest chair today is Thane Marcus Ringler, a former pro golfer turned writer, speaker, collaborator, and entrepreneur and author of the new book “From Here to There – A Quarter-Life Perspective on the Path to, Mastery,” After competing for nearly four years as a professional golfer, he transitioned out of the world of golf into his new endeavors as coach. Can...


7 Strategies to Climbing your, Personal Mountains,

Do you have the, mindset, to scale the, personal mountains, in your life? In this episode of 5 mins with Coach Myrna, I share 7 tips to acquiring the mindset of an Everest mountain climber. The mindset of a mountain climber? How to tackle your personal mountains. Not sure why but I picked up the book, "Into Thin Air, my expedition to the top of the world,” maybe it was because one of my goals was to hike the Himalayas, not climb Mt Everest! Let's be clear! but after reading this book I was...


Protecting your Child from, Sexual Abuse, in your Own Home

As mothers we must be vigilant and protect our children from predators; but most of us do not think we to protect them from, sexual abuse, from their own fathers. Maralee McLean share her story of her 12 year battle to protect her daughter. Welcome to the Transform Your Mind blog and podcast, I'm your host coach Myrna Young and today I am speaking with Maralee McLean. Maralee is going to be talking to us today about her experience with, sexual abuse, from a parent. This is a very personal...


What are the, Secrets to Success,? Here are my 10 Secrets

I do believe that success leaves Clues, As a successful Author, Life Coach, Realtor, and Radio Host, these are my, secrets to success, My story is probably similar to a lot of people that reached success. Most successful people start off with nothing and I was no exception. Today I am sharing my story on the , secrets of success, podcast with Dr Ken Keis. I was born in a British Guyana, which is in South America. We have a Caribbean culture, so we consider ourselves part of the Caribbean...


Life After Death, How an Atheist Became a Believer

Is there, life after death,? One day Nancy Rynes was an, Atheist, not believing in God and after her NDE, she is bringing us, messages from Heaven. In this episode of the Transform Your Mind with coach Myrna, we are diving deep into the unknown world of, life after death, I am speaking today with Nancy Rynes. Nancy is the author of, Awakenings from the Light.. a book about her, near death experience, This episode will, transform your mind, on our spiritual bodies answer the question is...


The, Quest for Purpose, Six Holistic Ways to Finding your Purpose

What is your, quest for purpose,? All of us are seeking for some kind of purpose. In this episode Dr. Ken Keis coaches on six holistic approaches or benchmarks to your, quest for purpose,. Intro to our topic: Dr. Ken Keis, is a highly sought-after author, speaker, trainer, podcast host, and TV and media guest. His latest books include: Why Aren't You More Like Me?, Deliberate Leadership, and The Quest For Purpose. So many people listening have been trapped down a pathway that was really sort...


How to Use the Universal, Law of Action, for Success in Life

On Today's episode "5 Minutes with Coach Myrna", I teach How to Use the Universal, Law of Action, to achieve Success in Life In the first episode of 5 mins with coach Myrna, I shared the First Universal Law “The Law of Divine Oneness” If you missed that episode please download. I am teaching on the 12 Universal Laws because they are the blue print for a life by design. They are the rules of the game. Life is the only job that we don’t get a manual for and most of us leave this body as...


Electromagnetic Pollution, How to Reduce Exposure

What is, electromagnetic pollution,? Don Paris PH.D answers this question and teaches us how to reduce our risk from cell phones, microwave ovens, wi-fi etc. Today on the Transform your Mind with coach Myrna podcast, I continue my conversation with Don Paris, PH.D. Don is an expert in the field of, radionics, electromagnetic pollution, and subtle energies in the spiritual dimension. iTunes Don Paris, Ph.D. is a published author, speaker, video producer, and musician. His book, Regaining...

How to Regain Wholeness with, Radionics,

Don Paris, PH.D takes us through the history of, Radionics, and how the science of, Radionics, allows us to get information from subtle dimensional realities. • Don Paris, Ph.D. is a published author, speaker, video producer, and musician. His book, Regaining Wholeness Through the Subtle Dimensions has been published internationally in German, Spanish, Japanese, Portuguese, and English. He is known as the guru of the SE-5, the world’s most respected subtle energy instrument. He is well loved...


How to Overcome the Pain of Domestic Violence and Child Molestation

My guest today shares her story of years of, domestic violence, she was verbally and physically abused by her parents and then continued the cycle into abusive relationships, one of them almost killing her. After her last abusive relationship ended, she discovered that he was sexually molesting her 7 year old daughter. Shermomicia tells a powerful story of how she is stopping the cycle of, domestic violence, and healing her family. SHOW NOTES Domestic Abuse and Childhood Trauma Shermonicia...


Dating with Purpose: Motivated to Marry

Amy Schoen, dating and relationship coach share How to understand the mindset of the, Motivated to Marry, and the rules for dating with a purpose, Be sure to subscribe on iTunes, iHeart radio, TuneIn radio, Google Play, Stitcher Spotify podcast players, and RATE and REVIEW. For over 14 years Amy Schoen, a professional certified life and relationship coach, has helped marriage-minded men and women get off the dating merry-go-round and finally find their life partner. She also helps her...


How to Treat, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in Teenage Girls

Post traumatic stress disorder in teenage girls, usually develops for girls who have been sexually abused, neglected, or abandoned. Author and social worker, Kenya Aissa joins the, Transform Your Mind Podcast, to share strategies to develop Life Skills and conscious programs for teenage girls with, post traumatic stress disorder. Google Play Transform Your Mind iTunes IN THIS EPISODE YOU’LL LEARN: How to cultivate consciousness and life skills for, Post traumatic stress disorder in teenage...


How to Apply, the Law of Divine Oneness, to your Life

Welcome to the Transform your Mind - 5 mins with Coach Myrna. In this episode we will discuss, The Law of Divine Oneness, and how to apply it in your life. You may have heard the statement "We are spiritual beings having a human experience" well it is true. We are extensions of source energy also called God or the Universe. We are made up of a body, soul and spirit. Most of us never expand our consciousness beyond the...


10 Ways, Childhood Trauma, Impact Adults in Life and Love

10 ways that, childhood trauma, can sabotage your love life and relationships. Relationship Coach Riana Milne joins The Transform your Mind podcast to discuss, childhood trauma, and how it impacts our adult life. Riana is the best selling author of "Love Beyond your Dreams" and "From Fear and Doubt to Personal Power, Purpose and Success." For anyone who have had trouble maintaining healthy relationships, listen to find out if your have any of the, childhood trauma, that can affect your love...


How to, Find your Soulmate

How to, find your Soulmate,, we'll have tips today on, how we attract our soulmate, how to live with him or her, and have out of body physical love! Today I am continuing my talk with International renowned author Ilona Selkie. Our topic is, “How to, find your Soulmate,” Ilona an International best-selling author, Seminar leader, Lecturer, Musician, CEO and co-founder of Living from Vision. For over thirty years, Ilona...


Systemic Injustice – Immigration

Today I share my personal immigration story and how I am willing to help undocumented immigrants apply for, permanent residence, in the USA. I am recording this episode a few hours after God touched me and inspired a core part of my being to help with Systemic injustice immigration, I know that God touched me because I couldn't stop weeping. I know that our emotions signal our true self. Google Play From the moment I started worshiping God this morning during praise and worship I was plugged...


Using the Law of Attraction to Thrive in your Relationships

How can the, Law of Attraction, help you to thrive at home and at work? NYT best selling author Christy Whitman tells us how on the "Transform your Mind with Coach Myrna" podcast. Christy is the author of "Quantum Success 7 essential laws, for a thriving joyful and prosperous relationship with your work and money" I'm your host coach Myrna Young This is a, personal development, lifecoaching podcast, and a Guyana podcast, Today I am speaking again to 2 Times New York Bestselling author Ms...


How to Dream Big in the Quantum Matrix

More Google Play Show Transcript Ilona Selke, shares The concept of dream big, is to not let yourself become small. Not just react to what life's dishing out. Today on the Transform Your Mind with Coach Myrna podcast. I am Coach Myrna Young and I am so excited to be talking to international best-selling author Ilona Selke. Ilona is travelling the USA directly from Bali where she spends seven months of a year. So envious, Ilona is...