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EP#025 "Being of Service to Others to Make A Difference" w/Ayesha Ogle and Ruggero Fratarcangeli

Ayesha Ogle Born and raised in South Africa in 1967 one of 10 children, raised by struggling parents, father worked and stay at home mother. Her father was very religious. Raised in an Islamic home and his belief was children are seen but not heard, even laughing got her into trouble (hence the “laugh often” reminder on my vision board). They were often punished for not praying. Reading was Ayesha’s saving grace, she read everything she could lay her hands on from Shakespeare to classics to...


EP#024 "Live Life Wholistically and Being Grateful w/Lucille Willis and Ruggero Fratarcangeli

Michigan USA - born Author & Entrepreneur, Lucille Willis embraces a passion for spiritual development through her multifaceted endeavors. She recently celebrated the release of an inspirational project entitled, 21 Days of Praise: Seeking God’s Face Instead of His Hand. This effort guides readers to delve beyond the surface of their spiritual relationship, to live their best life wholistically. In addition to strengthening one's spiritual journey, she also motivates her network on the...


EP#023 "We Have Overcome": Achieve Your Dreams, Goals and Passions with Jason D. Hill and Ruggero Fratarcangeli

Jason D. Hill is a professor of philosophy at DePaul University and the author of three previous books. These include Becoming a Cosmopolitan: What It Means to Be a Human Being in the New Millennium, and Civil Disobedience and the Politics of Identity: When We Should Not Get Along. His latest book, We Have Overcome: An Immigrant’s Letter to the American People. He is also President and CEO of the Institute for Immigrant Assimilation. He holds a Ph.D. in philosophy and has been a professional...


EP#022 - One Soul Expo July13th-14th 2018 Host and Founder Abby Aguilera

One Soul Expo July 13-14th at the Bridge Event Center in Boise, Idaho announces the theme of “bringing consciousness and purpose to your business.” This premier event showcases ground-breaking speakers, renowned authors, exhibitors, workshops, and live music for bringing the community together to create a happier, healthier and more creative world. These two days include 15 keynote speakers and workshops with industry leaders participating and representing more than 33 companies. JOIN THE...


EP#021 "HOPE In The Journey" with Micki Fernandez and Ruggero Fratarcangeli

Micki Fernandez is a Daughter, sister, friend, coach and woman of God. She was raised by a single mom, grandmother and abandoned by my earthly father. A college dropout, divorced twice, was told that I’m unable to conceive, and have been financially broke. Micki was brought to my knees and by the grace of God, I was led to finally take back my life. In 2012, she had an Epiphany. She woke up one day and realized that she was absolutely burnt out. Tired of busting her ass in the banking...


EP#020 "Believe In You": READ-LEARN-SHARE with Sorens Rughooputh and Ruggero Fratarcangeli

Sorens P. Rughooputh, has been handling extensive budgets during most of his 28-year career as an insurance and financial services specialist. He stepped into Life Assurance Operations in the 1990s and quickly demonstrated exceptional capabilities – he was appointed as Underwriter five years later. In 2000, his talent was acknowledged by British American Insurance Company in Mauritius; he rapidly climbed the ladder as Project Manager – New Life Operations System, Operations Manager, Vice...


EP#019 "Done is Better than Perfect" with Lanette Pottle and Ruggero Fratarcangeli

Lanette Pottle is a Canfield-Certified Success Principles trainer, coach, and retreat leader. She is a graduate of Washington County Leadership Institute and volunteers her time as a mentor/advisor for Olympia Snowe Women's Leadership Institute. Lanette is the founder of Positivity Lady Enterprises as well as Washington County Women In Business: Rising Tide Network. She is a co-author of the Amazon International Best-Seller, Success University for Women in Leadership. A recipient of the...


EP#018 "FORTES FORTUNA JUVAT" (Fortune Favors the Brave) with Dr. Nik Eberl and Ruggero Fratarcangeli

Dr Nik Eberl holds a PhD from the Free University of Berlin and a Postgraduate Diploma from The Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore. Dr Nik headed the Net Promoter Scorecard research project on South Africa’s Destination Branding Success Story during the 2010 Soccer World Cup, and he is the co-author of the World Cup Brand Ambassador Program and co-founder of the FAN World Cup™. Dr Nik is the author of “The Seven Secrets of IziCwe: Conquer Life!”, a uniquely South African Life Skills...


EP#017 "Life Does Not Happen To you, It Happens For You" with Eric Caravaggio and Ruggero Fratarcangeli

Eric started his first legitimate business at the age of 12 and has never looked back. In fact, Eric prides himself on being an Entrepreneur and has only ever worked for himself. With a career that spans over thirty years the driving force behind everything he does is summed up in one word…Entrepreneurship!!! At the age of 19 Eric embarked on what has become a lifelong mission to leave an indelible mark on the real estate industry. With sales exceeding 250 million dollars in residential,...


EP#16 "Discovering Success and Entrepreneurship” with Victor Dedaj and Ruggero Fratarcangeli

Victor Dedaj is a lifelong New Yorker born and raised in the Bronx. Books Victor recommended: You can connect with Victor at: victordedaj@victordedaj.org http://victordedaj.com www.facebook.com/victor.dedaj.3 www.twitter.com/victordedaj https://www.instagram.com/victordedaj YouTube Channel: Vicdedaj.com ***Join the Facebook Group: JACK CANFIELD NEW YORK CITY METRO AREA GROUP*** We hope you enjoyed Victor Dedaj’s Interview and may he have brought some insight that...


EP#015 “Synchronicity and Law of Attraction” with Helen Cernigliaro and Ruggero Fratarcangeli

HELEN CERNIGLIARO has over 15 years’ experience as a Certified Coach and she is laser-focused to help her clients believe in themselves – to hold them accountable and accomplish their goals. In conjunction with over 30 years as a Law of Attraction Practitioner, this positive can-do attitude has helped Helen to become ahead of the game in Sales, a successful Mentor as well as becoming a dynamic Motivational Speaker. A serial entrepreneur, Helen has owned several businesses before she decided...


EP#014 "The Passion of Giving by Teaching Others About Empowerment" with Kimberly Thomas and Ruggero Fratarcangeli

Kimberly L. Thomas, is a married mother of two beautiful children. She always had the mind of an entrepreneur however she could never really focus on just one thing and often felt scattered. She later learned after taking an online course that she is super multi-passionate. She has a mom blog, a teen girls empowerment program, and am a former pageant queen/director. What Kimberly is currently most proud of is realizing that she had the tools to teach others how to set up their very own...


EP#013 "Unity and The Healing Light Within" with Rev. Saba Mchunguzi and Ruggero Fratarcangeli

Rev. Saba Mchunguzi has been involved in spiritual studies for over 40 years. His early introduction to New Thought included studying such leaders as Eric Butterworth, Raymond Charles Barker and Charles Fillmore. He began his formal studies in 1975 at the Brooklyn Truth Center, under Rev. Don Nedd. Over the next 11 years, Rev. Saba served in many positions at the Center, including 2 years as church administrator, 7 years as a member and secretary of the Board of Trustees, Better Living...


EP#012 "The Power of Affirmations" with Jessica Lundy

Jessica Lundy is an award-winning TV host, media trainer, certified Canfield trainer/coach and Motivational speaker, who’s determined to help people live their best lives by adapting a winning mindset. From winning her dream job after competing with over 1200 people to become a Television Host in a major market to winning her honeymoon in beautiful Cancun, Mexico; Jessica understands the power of attracting the things you desire into your life by having the right mindset and systems in...


EP#011 "Your Magic within to Achieve Your Desires and Dreams to Success" with Master Magician & Mentalist Kabir Khan

Internationally acclaimed Master Magician and mentalist Kabir Khan Mohamad Reaz made history as the first Malaysian psychic performer and mentalist to be appointed as Tourism Ambassador to the United States of America and United Kingdom by the Malaysian Government’s Ministry of Tourism & Culture. Kabir Khan’s record of 21 straight shows in Hollywood made him a Malaysian Book of Records national record holder and placed him amongst the ‘Best in the Nation’. Kabir Khan was awarded the Brand...


EP#010 "The Mind/Body Healing Technique called Regenerating Images in Memory (R.I.M) with Rebecca MacLean

Rebecca MacLean (MacLEEN) is a Break through Coach and Master Facilitator of Regenerating Images in Memory, a powerful mind/body technique that helps to swiftly identify and remove emotional blocks as well as self-sabotaging beliefs that hold us back from experiencing a healthy, happy, vibrant life. She has helped hundreds of clients tap into their Emotional Operating System, find those hidden barriers to happiness, and resolve them, many times in a single session with her. If you are...


EP009 "The Law of Attraction Leading to Achieving Success" with Kelly Pretty

The Law of Attraction Leading to Achieving Success with Kelly Pretty. Kelly Pretty is a Soulmate Strategist and Love Mentor helping people to find connected love in a disconnected world. After a very successful career in recruitment where she worked her way up to a Country Manager Kelly decided to quit her job and sell her property, so she could set up a business and follow her purpose. She is a huge advocate of the Law of Attraction which led her to speak at Europe's largest personal...


EP#008 "Be of Service and Take Action" with Jake Ballentine

A great interview with Jake Ballentine who is the author of "Your Number One Goal," a contributing author in Jack Canfield's "living the Success Principles" and the founder of The Speakers, Authors and Coaches Network. Over the last 6 years he has presented at hundreds of events inspiring more than 250,000 people in 43 states across the USA with his unique brand of motivation and positivity. Books recommended: You can find Jake...


EP#007 Watch Your Words to Inspire and Empower YOU! w/ Karen "Ren" Smalling

Karen Smalling is the founder of CEO Elite Services. With more than 20 years in the strategic development field in the corporate world, she now offers new entrepreneurs her talent as a strategic planner. Karen helps startup businesses simple solutions, affordable marketing campaigns, and other business building techniques to get their businesses jump started. She recommended to read: The Game of Life and How to Play. by Florence Scovel Shinn Her personal quote: “Watch Your Words” Reach...


EP#006 Going Your Way: Your Life, Your Terms, Going Your Way: w/Jim Goldfuss

It was a pleasure having Jim Goldfuss on our show. He is an author and speaker and his book, Going Your Way is a story of his life, how he escaped the grips of anxiety and depression and dealt with the loss of his brother to suicide, but more importantly, how he eventually, through trial, error, and some failures, transformed his life and how you can too. Jim’s current projects involve developing his own podcast and online course, and his passion is speaking about how anyone can transform...