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Diamond Jubilee

The False Neutral crew dives into our third year of podcasting with some tragedy (mechanical and human) some comedy, and a slapstick pratfall. We've managed to do a bit of work on our bikes, and there's a whole lot more work to do that we're still scheming about and planning. We discuss DIY carbon fiber, leaky fuel tanks, low pipes vs high pipes, and the conundrum of disposing of hazardous liquids. Somebody buy Eric's Mustang so he can buy a Tuono.


A Chat With Chris Jonnom

Chris Jonnom is a veteran of the motorcycle industry, he's been a journalist, the editor of Road Racer X, the Press Officer for Ducati MotoGP and now heads his own PR Agency working with the Powersports market. Eric catches up with Chris, it's been some time since they last spoke. They talk about the state of print motorcycle magazines, the MotoGP experience, Nicky Hayden and what it's like to branch out on your own.


Don't Worry It Will Be Fine

This week Garrett and his friend Joe (he owns the Aprilia Tuono that Garrett has borrowed) talk about one of Burt Monro's relatives goes to Bonneville to set a record, also talk about the trip they took with their friends Dylan and Dan around the Washington Peninsula and the "adventures" it contained.


And That's The News

Eric is flying solo, so it's a short episode. This week it's hot topics in the news, Ducati, MV Agusta, Harley Davidson, and BSA, Eric has also talked to a local Ducati dealer and should have the owner of the store on for next week. Pete would like us to talk about full dresser bikes, what do you think?


Pete Heads Out

This week the gang is back together, but that's a story unto its self! Garrett has a new bike, we have news from Harley-Davidson, Kawasaki, and KTM, and we ask for your help in determining the future direction of the show.


The Six Grand Solution

After revisiting a couple of old topics (The Tmax's odd engine, the Vitpilen 401's long gestation period, and our impressons of the new Harley Street Rod) we discuss Garrett's stable of bikes, which is suddenly smaller, and his cash reserves, which are commensurately larger. The three of us put our heads together to come up with the perfect bike for him and his $6000 +/- bike-buying budget. After more than a dozen suggestions, we appeal to our readers to help Garrett find the perfect...


How Many Bikes Do You Really Need?

Garrett's back! Yay! We have a lot to catch up on with him this week, so our episode is longer than they've been lately. After we update each other on what's been going on, we debate the question of how many bikes a motorcyclist needs. What is the optimal number, and how many is too many? There's obviously no single answer for all riders, but we have fun discussing it even if we don't definitively answer the question. Along the way, we relate owning bikes to firearms, personal watercraft,...


Gettin' Horizontal

Garrett's still AWOL this week, so Eric and Pete keep this episode a bit briefer than usual. Our topic is a bit obscure: horizontal-cylinder engines. We start with Guzzi's Falcone and Nuovo Falcone. Then, we fawn all over the Ducati Supermono, explain how reciprocating counterweights work, and school Ducati on what the Scrambler Sixty2 should have been, and why. All this leads Pete to a sudden epiphany regarding Honda's worst bike ever. Moving from thumpers to multi-cylinder bikes, we wrap...


Topic Grab Bag

It's just Eric and me this week, and we touch on a veritable smorgasbord of different topics in this episode. We debrief Eric's solo professional roadrace update in episode #53, then talk about what what's gone on in our workshops. (Thanks to Garrett, it's actually something!) After a quick update on several new 2017 models that are just hitting the streets, we actually answer a few listener questions. A big thanks to those who sent queries and comments in!


David Emmitt of

This week Eric rides solo and talks MotoGP with David Emmitt of We talk about pre-season testing, a look ahead at the 2017 season, and a run down of the riders and the machines they will pilot in 2017. At the end, we touch on the Moto2 and Moto3 categories as well.Let us know if you like this kind of race talk or if you prefer for us to stick to our standard subject matter. Enjoy!


Abhi Eswarappa of Bike-urious

This week we're joined by Abhi Eswarappa, the founder of, adventure biker, and all-around righteous dude. We talk with Abhi about his favorite bikes and favorite riding experiences, which include Mexico, Alaska, crossing the desert terrain of California and Nevada (in a Ural sidecar rig, no less), Ironbutt rides, and drafting behind an SUV aboard a Honda Grom. After a bit where Pete rudely hogs the mike to blather on some more about the Smackdab Run, we get back to Abhi and...


Parts Is Parts

Sometimes little details make or break a bike. This week we delve into the multitude of minor changes that Harley made to change the existing 750 Street into the new Street Rod (spoiler, we like them). That prompts us to pay way too much attention to rear fenders of various bikes, including Ducatis and Can-Am Spyders. Finally, we look at all the details of the Yamaha XSR900, and why they drive us batty.


Police Bikes & Taxi Bikes

This week Garrett gives us a ride report on the Aprilia Tuono V4 and Pete describes the EF1 tornado that skirted his yard this past week. After that, we discuss deals Eric found on Craigslist, including a BMW cop bike with 74,000 miles on it. We wrap up discussing a few bits from the motorcycling press, including a big-box mega-dealership in Michigan and a new taxi bike designed for African markets. Along the way, Pete puts Bulgaria on his bucket list.


Moto Surfin' Part 2

In the second part of our discussion of online motorcycle resources, we detour from where to get parts and riding gear into talking about what riding gear we have and why we like it. We go on to examine our favorite Facebook pages and groups, along with a couple of pages we're involved with personally. Links to all the sites we discuss are included in our Hoooniverse post at


Moto Surfin' Part 1

After a quick catch-up on Eric's Mustang and Garrett's new son, we mark the one-year anniversary of our first episode. Eric would like to add a new daily rider this season, and we discuss the possible candidates, then delve into our topic for this week, This week's topic is motorcycling on the Internet. How we get motorcycle-oriented content (professional and amateur) has changed greatly over the past couple of years; we share our current favorite and less-than-favorite motorcycle-oriented...


Geeking Out on Two-Strokes

Mark Atkinson is back as our guest this week, at his suggestion. We delve into the dying star that is the two-stroke motorcycle world, discussing everything from porting specs to our favorite two-stroke manufacturers. This episode a 100% raw, unedited track, so you get what you get this week. Fortunately, Mark is a fantastic guest who keeps things interesting.


Raiders of the Lost ATV Motors

Several things happened in our workshops this week, so we update each other on our project bikes. Garrett delt with Nighthawk wiring issues and missing pieces inside the engine. Thanks to Garrett's help, Bultakenstein might get some new parts fast-tracked. Things remain too cold in Eric's Michigan garage, so he's working on vintage audio equipment instead. We preview the topic for next week's show, which brings us back around to two-strokes, tiny Wankel engines, fantasy engine layouts, and...


Glorious Noise

This week's "exhausting" episode is all about the sounds motorcycles make. After Pete reveals the mystery bikes you hear in our intro and outro bumpers, we briefly talk about books and old magazines before Eric and Pete move on to what bikes we think sound the best. This week, it's especially imperative that you visitour accompanying Hooniverse post, since all the YouTube videos we discuss are included there.


Nighthawks & Small Treasures

Since our last episode, Garrett has a new son in the nursery and a new Nighthawk 650 beater in the garage. The latter prompts us to enthuse for Honda's 1980s Nighthawk range. Turning to new bikes, we discuss the proposed U.S. tariff on European small displacement bikes. I recall my encounter with a tiny, very fake Italian "classic," which leads the three of us to all get excited about building 60cc roadrace bikes in the classic Italian tiddler style.Be sure to visit the post forthis episode...


Alpha Makr with Mark Atkinson

Our guest this week is Mark Atkinson, the man behind the Alpha BMW that recently won the 2016 Hooniversal Car Of The Year (HCOTY) award. Mark is not only a highly skilled machinist, fabricator, and tinker, but also an accomplished two-stroke tuner and longtime veteran of the Bonneville Salt Flats. We discussed his past endeavors, what is ahead for him and Alpha, and his views on engineering, aesthetics, and perfectionism.


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