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Secret New Projects & EICMA 2019

After an update from Garrett on the (nearly done!) RZ, then surprising new project developments from him and Pete, we delve into the new 2020 MY bikes, including some concept bikes from the EICMA show.


Welding & Grinding & Racing, Oh My!

arrett's RZ350 is sooo close to complete, Eric broke down and pulled the top end from the sad-trombone XS400, and another project that will never be completed has dropped in my lap. After our Workshop Update, we talk about new bikes that are here or coming soon, and then discuss recent competition, both off-road and on asphalt.


Workshop Update Extravaganza!

Making up for our lack of project updates last month, this one's an almost-all-workshop episode. We wrap up with a quick discussion of a couple of bikes we recently checked out at dealers.


On The Road (Literally) with Steve Faux

This month's episode is a bit different, and somewhat experimental. Garrett is busy with exams this month, so Pete and Eric are joined by guest Steve Faux, a moto vlogger from Lincoln, Nebraska. Steve joins us via mobile phone while out riding his Harley. We discuss the remarkable Honda Fury psuedo-chopper, cruise control, helmet laws, ape hangers, and the proper mindset when making Internet videos and podcasts. [We've done our bests to enhance sound quality over Steve's phone connection,...


Side by Sides & A Chinese Hog

After updating listeners on Garrett's continuing Kenny Roberts Replica RZ build, including his plan to 3D print a new airbox, Eric shares new tribulations with his never-running-right XS. We go on to discuss Harley's joint partnership with Chinese manufacturer Qianjiang, and how side-by-sides are currently keeping the powersports industry afloat in North America.


Wild Cards

After our usual project bike updates, this month we discuss three listener questions:


A Series of Tubes

This month the crew is all dealing with various pipe-related issues. Garrett had to cut out and replace a frame tube due to a previous welding hack, among lots of other work on his RZ350 project, while Eric and Pete were both busy with other non-motorcycle plumbing issues that couldn't have been more different. We also discuss motorcycle crates, some new bikes, torque curves, and the nature of being an adult.


Angeles Crest Dream Bikes – with guest Rick Radcliffe

This month we're joined by Rick Radcliffe, a name well known to Hooniverse regulars. Rick shares his story, which has a uniquely Southern California ambience (spoilers: it involves a Ducati 916 and lane-splitting). We go on to discuss a wide range of bikes, from dream sport bikes to comfortable, practical commuters. Along the way we get an update on our project bikes and the final departure of the Don Vesco Yamaha. Be sure to hop over to to follow along with photos of the...


Mastering Metal Fabrication

We've been busy in our workshops this month. Garrett finished his powdercoating oven and rebuilt Eric's carbs, Pete bought a TIG welder. Along the way, in between talking about welding and plasma cutters, we tie up a few loose ends from past episodes, and discuss bikes including the Ducati Paso, Triumph Speedmaster, and Honda GB500.


One Bike To Rule Them All

This month's episode starts as usual with updates on our various project bikes, along with some dreamed-up future project ideas we'll surely never get around to actually attempting. After that, we each try to name one bike we could live with as our only motorcycle. Spoiler: your three hosts come up with very divergent and rather unexpected choices. We wrap up with a discussion of last month's giant Mecum Las Vegas classic bike auction. Be sure to check out for links and...


Workshop Progress Times Three

This month all three of your hosts have managed to make real progress in our garages. Eric's XS400E and the Don Vesco RD both fired up for the first time in many years! Garrett has also been busy with the T500 Titan. We go on to discuss Honda's automatic bikes from the '70s and '80s, the Fat Hippo that won Hooniverse Car Of The Year honors, and how Harley-Davidson's Livewire electric bike stacks up to the competition.


The Podcast Life

In reponse to some feedback from listeners, we start this month's episode with a discussion of our motiviation for continuing this podcast, and what we expect ourselves and our listenters to get from it. Then we talk about what's been going on in our workshops, including some cool updates on the ex-Don Vesco RD350 Garrett is readying for auction.


Two Stroke Stoker!

The topic of this month's episode was supposed to be the new bikes from EICMA, but Garrett followed through on his predicted purchase of not one but three Yamaha two-stroke twins. One will be a fairly mild, original looking Kenny Roberts Special. The other two, an RZ and an RD, will be wildly modified with monster motors. Between the three projects, we spend a lot of time talking about modifying two-strokes and no time talking about 2019 bikes.


Garrett's Two-Stroke Cache

In the October episode, Garrett updates us on his pending estate purchase(s?) before moving on to discuss the new Indian FTR1200 [Spoiler: we're impressed], the new Suzuki Katana, the ergonomics of the Husqvarna Vitpilen 701. We go on to examine which bikes are (and are not) on our bucket lists and bargains in small non-current bikes including the utimate 250cc Great-Plains tourer.


The Return of Jeff

Our friend Jeff, who shared his adventures on a TW200 back in Episode 29, is back again to talk about his recent experiences riding the West Coast on another Yamaha, this one blessed with a great deal more power. We go on to discuss the death of Motus, the birth of the Ryker, Harley's chronic illness.


Looking Back, Looking Forward

This month we talk about things from the past: Eric's resurection of his old Rumblestrip Radio podcast episodes, and motorcycles in the estate left behind by Garrett's recently departed riding buddy. We also talk about the future, namely Harley-Davidison's future, in light of their recent announcement of upcoming models.


Not Quite Doing It

Garrett didn't quite go to a track day. Garrett also didn't quite go on his summer motorcycle trip. Eric didn't quite get his electronic ignition installed. Pete didn't quite do Smackdab. We discuss all of these things on this month's episode, along with our views on Travis Pastrana's successful recreation of the Caesar's Palace fountain jump that Evel Knevel didn't quite complete.


All a Matter of Time & Money

On the June episode, we discuss matters time and money: Garrett finished his modular helmet shopping and ended up getting what he thinks is the best bang for the buck. Eric got another offer to trade his Mustang for a bike plus cash (this time a Harley FXR), but wasn't close the deal in time. Pete recollects about the time walked into the Motorcyclist magazine editorial offices unannounced, because the front door just happened to be unlocked. We discuss what activities we have planned for...


True Confessions

This month we discuss a mess of different stuff, most of them involving some level of irrationality. Why does Garrett subscribe to Hot Bike magazine, even though he's never said anything good about Harleys? Why did he spend countless hours fixing something on his TX750 that wasn't broken, when he's trying to turn around and sell it? Why do people resist buying customized vehicles, even if they're spec'd exactly the way they'd want to build it? Along the way, we discuss Sportsters, Ducatis,...


Just Re-Do It!

This week we all have workshop progress to report, and then we go on to discuss Yamaha's E-bikes, Husqvarna Vitpilen 701, and follow up on some old show topics and listener comments.