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Listen here for Interviews, news, and more on Texas Musicians and Bands.

Listen here for Interviews, news, and more on Texas Musicians and Bands.


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Listen here for Interviews, news, and more on Texas Musicians and Bands.




31. Danny James

Somehow in the crazy whirlwind of life, I shared the video off youtube but never made the post on here. So, better late than never. Ladies and Gentleman, I give you Danny James. We released this on youtube christmas day, but now you can have the audio and video versions. Danny James was a great…Read more 31. Danny James

30. Guatch

Guatch was live on stage with myself, and Greg Crone, recently. We all sat down and had some killer conversation, as well as audience interaction. We have a solid mixed version of the podcast audio and the video version, which has a lot of background from the bar. Both are very cool experiences. If you…Read more 30. Guatch


29. SeVIIn

It may be a week late, but here is the SeVIIn podcast. We are missing the first 15 minutes or so, and the audio is rough, but I still enjoyed relistening to this one. SeVIIn did 2 acoustic songs live for the episode. They performed ‘Skulls’, and ‘Written in Red’. It was a great experience…Read more 29. SeVIIn


28. Shoot Yourself

Enjoy the latest episode of Basement Jams Podcast. Shoot Yourself stormed the stage to talk about changing the band name, having the podcast butterflies, and other fun and exciting topics. We have not received the clean audio version yet, so we decided to release the uncut bar crowd experience version. It includes plenty of crowd…Read more 28. Shoot Yourself


27. A.E. the 1 and only

Alex Eldred a.k.a. A.E. the 1 and only came to the Basement Jams Garage and got his Interview on. We talked about his early musical tastes, shooting videos, staying consistent, his love of his closest friends, and many other subjects. Check out Alex Eldred on Instagram – @aetha_1and_only Facebook – Soundcloud – Youtube…Read more 27. A.E. the 1 and only

26. Christopher Winkles

On the latest episode of Basement Jams Podcast our guest was Homer’s Bar and Music Venue Owner Operator Christopher Glen Winkles. We even did the whole interview live on the stage at Homer’s! it was a great time and we are planning many more live podcasts. Audio was even engineered by Vincent Tucker. I was…Read more 26. Christopher Winkles


25. A Systematic Paradox

The guys in A Systematic Paradox stopped by the house to talk about Jamming out on stage in just underwear, different genres of music coming together, and what they hope to achieve as a band and as Individuals. Follow A Systematic Paradox on Facebook Here. Download the Audio episode Here.

24. Terry Torregrossa of Rock Show Revival

Terry joined us on the show to discuss his upcoming solo work to promote Rock Show Revival as well as when they will be on stage together next. We discussed his favorite memories, coping with the loss of an Idol, his absolute love for music, and how the new recordings are coming along. Check out…Read more 24. Terry Torregrossa of Rock Show Revival

23. Vincent Tucker

On the latest episode of Basement Jams Podcast, we sit down and talk to Vincent Tucker. He is the promoter, Booker, and catch all music man at Homer’s Bar and Music Venue. We talked about what it takes to get booked, the difficult task of supporting locals, trying to start a kids music program, and…Read more 23. Vincent Tucker


22. BlackStar Republic

Welcome back for another episode of the Podcast. This week I finally release the Interview with BlackStar Republic. It was a crazy train of events that lead up to the interview but it happened. It was a fun experience and definitely the only walking Interview I have ever done. BlackStar Republic is Bryan Brown on…Read more 22. BlackStar Republic


21. Forecast – back with the news

W e welcome back Forecast again. This time with a lot more info. We spoke on what is new in the world of Braden Parnell and Forrest Courtney, what artsts and musicians they would love to work with, and what to expect from there new music. Follow the link for the new audio podcast Download Here…Read more 21. Forecast – back with the news

20. Forecast

Hey what is up! Welcome back for another episode of Basement Jams. This week we have Braden Parnell and Forrest Courtney. With there powers combined, they are Forecast! We sat down to talk about early musical upbringing, having a bad attitude growing up, anime, and a bevy of other topics. Tune in and zone out.…Read more 20. Forecast


19. Jimmy Ninja

Basement Jams sat down with the well traveled Jim Chaikong to discuss his music, martial arts, and personal experiences.

Throwback Podcast: Josh and Tadd

Here is a special look at the original podcast that led us into doing music related stuff. Titled Ghost Pirate of the Century. No music here, just a couple of friends being idiots. We loved every minute of it. Download Here


18. Ominous the Monster & Tony Dent

Alright, If you’ve been keeping up, then you no doubt have been hearing me and others talk about mr. monster. Check out the latest music Interview with guests Ominous the Monster and Tony Dent. We talk about musical influence, doing pull ups on the side of the road in California, and what they enjoy vs.…Read more 18. Ominous the Monster & Tony Dent

17. Josh Choppalock Gonzalez

Sam steps up to the plate to run his first solo podcast Interview with local artist and music producer Josh Gonzalez. They chat about time in the music field, and who Josh wants to work with. Check it Out. Download Here

16. Joe Myside Pod From the Past

A few years back I was Introduced to Joe and his band SocietySociety. Great group of guys. This is the podcast we did about his solo work. Currently he is busy being a great father, and performing both solo work and with the newly reformed SocietySociety. Check out Joe Myside and the Sorrow. I really…Read more 16. Joe Myside Pod From the Past


14. Paul Egly

We welcome back Paul Egly for his 4th guest spot on Basement jams. He talks about the new A Threat To The Enemy album, Political Correctness, dying on the road, and european touring stories. Check it out. Download Here


13. Chief the Seminole

Lucky number 13! Chief the Seminole joins us this week. We sat down to talk about music, visor caps, curses, and videos. Check out Chief the Seminole on facebook and youtube. You can also download his mixtape “Self Portrait” on Download Audio Version Here


12. Steven Norman a.k.a. J-Skan

Welcome back! This week I got to sit down with Steven Norman. It was a very cool experience, and went smooth as butter. He is a very articulate and chill guest. We discussed what is in the works, how he met previous guest K. McKinney, and gives some good advice on doing your own thing.…Read more 12. Steven Norman a.k.a. J-Skan