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The Desert Tiger Podcast features musicians, athletes, artists, authors, comedians chasing their dreams taking you behind what drives and inspires these passionate individuals, telling you their stories of the road they have travelled to get where they are today!

The Desert Tiger Podcast features musicians, athletes, artists, authors, comedians chasing their dreams taking you behind what drives and inspires these passionate individuals, telling you their stories of the road they have travelled to get where they are today!


Kamloops, British Columbia


The Desert Tiger Podcast features musicians, athletes, artists, authors, comedians chasing their dreams taking you behind what drives and inspires these passionate individuals, telling you their stories of the road they have travelled to get where they are today!






Rock band Chase The Bear on their single ‘Underwater”, their upcoming album ‘Honey’, & more!

Troy & Leo Gilmore of Vancouver Rock act Chase The Bear join the show to discuss their new single 'Underwater'! “Under Water” is a high energy rock anthem, with infectious melodies and powerful electric guitar lines. The song was produced by Danny Craig, the co-founder of innovative new Vancouver-based record label Rock Is Dead Records and member of chart-topping, million-selling Canadian rock band . “Under Water” is off Chase The Bear’s forthcoming album Honey. Originally hailing from the...


Pro wrestler Jayce D’Arcy on his road back from injury, winning the All Star Wrestling Heavyweight Championship & more!

Canadian pro wrestler Jayce D’Arcy joins the show! Since making his in ring debut in 2018, Jayce D’Arcy has made a name for himself in Western Canada & the Pacific Northwest West with his hard hitting style, and by being a machine in the gym! The current All Star Wrestling Heavyweight Champion, Jayce is making his return to the ring after suffering an injury earlier this year, and he is ready to remind everyone just exactly who he is! Jayce takes time to discuss where his love of wrestling...


Folk/Roots artist Mia Kelly on her single ‘Kitchissippi’, & more!

Folk/Roots singer songwriter Mia Kelly joins the show to discuss her single ‘Kitchissippi’, & new album “Garden Through The War”! "Kitchissippi" is an intimate and delicate ballad dedicated to the Ottawa River, using its traditional name in Algonquin. Located just steps away from her home in Gatineau, QC, the river has played a central role in Mia’s life and upbringing as a source of comfort and relaxation over the years. From learning how to swim for the first time to picnicking by the...


Country artist Bree Taylor on her good time anthem "Sha La La"!

Country singer songwriter Bree Taylor joins the show to take us behind her new good time anthem "Sha La La"! “Sha La La” tosses back a shooter of summer fun and laughter, presenting a picture complete with not only memories of days gone by, but chances… Chances to create new ones, chances to sing along, and chances to fall in love with a brand-new track from a country powerhouse in the making. For Bree Taylor, singing, writing, and performing were built into her DNA and, by the age of six,...


Shiv of alt rock band Shiv and the Carvers on "Meat Machine"!

Shiv of alt rock band Shiv and the Carvers joins the show to discuss the bands single "Meat Machine"! “Meat Machine” lands as a “post-punk story of a bisexual woman emerging from quarantine, on the prowl for physical connection.” It drives out of the gates with pulsating percussion, matched solely by the vulnerabilities in Shiv’s authentic lyricism, sung in her ubiquitous vocal prowess. The song is equal parts rock, as it is sexy and alluring. Recently Shiv was going under the musical...


Latin Folk artist Onna Lou on her new album “Diamante”!

Latin Folk artist Onna Lou returns to the show to discuss her new album “Diamante”! Filled with stories of joy and sorrow, overcoming heartache, friendships, love, and more, “Diamante” colourfully journeys through the most beautiful, as well as the most challenging realities of life, bringing to life Onna Lou’s most personal work yet. Onna Lou’s inspiration for naming the album “Diamante” (Spanish word for diamond) came from using the scientific process of creating diamonds as a metaphor for...


Country Pop artist Sykamore on her debut album “Pinto”!

Country Pop artist Sykamore returns to the show to discuss her debut full length album “Pinto”! Recorded in Nashville with producer Michael Knox (Jason Aldean, Kelly Clarkson), the new album marks more than just a chapter for Sykamore. It represents both a beginning and an end, the culmination of a remarkable journey and the start of an even more promising one. With equal parts of country and pop, Pinto pairs empathetic storytelling with instantly memorable hooks and sing-along choruses that...


Reggae icon Jay Douglas on his Blues album "Confession"!

Reggae icon & award winning artist Jay Douglas joins the DTP to discuss his first ever Blues album “Confession”! Jay Douglas' new 14 -song album is a testament to his long love of Jump Blues and the type of Rhythm and Blues that came out in the 50's from artists such as Roscoe Gordon, Johnny Ace, Bobby Bland, Dave Bartholomew and Ray Charles. In the spirit of his influencers Jay penned three originals that includes a toast to his city ("I Love Toronto") and a big band holiday song ("Merry...


Chayce Kennedy on her new dark alt pop tune "No"!

Singer songwriter Chayce Kennedy joins the show to discuss her new single "No"! Pairing with Grammy award-winning producer Brian West (Sia, Maroon 5, Nelly Furtado), her new single takes a direct hit to the confusing and confounding messages found within the ubiquitous social media machine. She exposes her own vulnerabilities by showcasing a strength that is reflected in her core belief that “your own value is not determined by what others might think of you”. Connect with Chayce Kennedy! —...


Harm & Ease on their new EP "Camino Loco"!

Rylan Whalen & Danny Lopez of rock band Harm & Ease discuss their new EP "Camino Loco"! Camino Loco includes “Cut Me Loose”, which landed in Canada’s Top 10 Billboard Mainstream Rock chart at radio, and was the band’s first song to go viral on TikTok with over 2.2 million views on the platform and over a million streams on Spotify. Camino Loco closes with the recently released single “Lemonade”, a summer-ready rock anthem featuring JUNO Award-nominated singer-songwriter Fefe Dobson....


J3M on his space themed concept EP 'Afronaut'!

Singer songwriter & Pianist J3M takes us behind his space themed concept EP 'Afronaut'! AFRONAUT is a space-themed concept album that takes the listener through each stage of a failed relationship and the love for oneself that is found through the grieving process, as told through the perspective of its protagonist, AFRONAUT, and a bond with his lover, the Alien. AFRONAUT marks an evolution from J3M's previous work with more intricate production and a clearer vision. The pop-driven EP is...


Country artist Cadence Grace on “Don’t”, & returning to music after beating Cancer!

Country artist Cadence Grace joins the DTP to share the journey behind her new single “Don’t”! Cadence Grace is the REAL "comeback kid". Formerly the lead singer of country trio Runaway Angel, Grace spent six years building her music career when a surprise leukaemia diagnosis shook her world and put her on the sidelines for nearly four years. After undergoing a life-saving stem-cell transplant leaving her literally and figuratively 're-born’, Grace is coming at her career with a whole new...


Dan Sequeira of Alt Rock band Waterfront on ‘Red Alliance’!

Dan Sequeira, lead singer of Alt Rock band Waterfront, joins the show to discuss the groups single ‘Red Alliance’! An idea originally born out of a game of Monopoly, the 'Red Alliance' would eventually grow into a battle cry, and a sense of unity between band members, and became the perfect name for a song that captures the glory of creating memories and living in the golden years with your best friends! 'Red Alliance' is the 3rd single from Waterfront's upcoming 2022 sophomore EP 'Fever...


Francois Klark on his single "Cecilia", & upcoming album "Adventure Book"!

Singer Songwriter & Producer Francois Klark rejoins the show to discuss his single "Cecilia", & upcoming album "Adventure Book"! Klark’s euphoric coming-of-age single ‘Cecilia’ enthrals with a beautifully crafted blend of slickly addictive pop production and traditional musical tapestries reminiscent of his native South Africa. Cecilia is an exuberantly joyful and uplifting song with vivid storytelling lyrics in which Klark reminisces and celebrates the treasured moments shared with his high...


Country artist Alex Hughes on her single “Tee Time”, Calgary Stampede 2022, & more!

Country artist Alex Hughes returns to the show to discuss her new single “Tee Time”! “Tee Time” features infectious guitar hooks and incredible vocals, emphasizing the witty lyrics that tease a partner about spending a little too much time on the golf course and not enough time at home. The new single was produced by CCMA and JUNO Award-nominated production team Justin Kudding and Spencer Cheyne, and written by Alex alongside Canadian country artists and songwriters Aaron Pollock and Lydia...


Country Roots artist Nelson Little on his track ‘High Road’!

Country Roots artist Nelson Little joins the DTP to discuss his single ‘High Road’! Born from Nelson’s personal experience of worrying about his oldest son struggle with staying interested in school during the pandemic, “High Road” is a gripping, uplifting track that encourages listeners to keep their heads high as we all come to terms with the impact that the pandemic has had on society as a whole. Featuring Nelson’s smokey, rich vocals, the sweet sounds of acoustic guitar, and the...


Alt Country artist Meredith Lazowski on her debut album 'Other Way Home'!

Meredith Lazowski joins the DTP to discuss her debut album 'Other Way Home'! Meredith stepped away from music to train and work as a digital product designer for several years, but is stepping back into her musical roots on this 10 track collection, some of which Meredith wrote over 15 years ago! Meredith has enlisted a Canadian all-star team to record, including producer Justin Rutledge (a JUNO Award Winning artist) with Joshua Van Tassel on drums (Donovan Woods, Rose Cousins), Kelsey...


Country Pop artist Kassandra Clack on ‘Airplane Champagne’, & more!

Country Pop artist Kassandra Clack joins the DTP to discuss her new single ‘Airplane Champagne’! Produced by Grady Saxman of Saxman Studios, “Airplane Champagne” is a playful love song that perfectly reflects Kassandra’s bubbly, fun-loving personality. The single is off her upcoming debut album, set to release in Fall 2022. Based out of Maple Ridge, BC, Kassandra Clack is a tenacious country artist who is no stranger to radio buzz in both major and satellite radio markets. With her most...


Platinum certified producer YASH on his new track ‘Unicorn’ ft Dragonette!

Platinum certified producer YASH joins the show to chat about his new track ‘Unicorn’ which features the incredible Dragonette! “Unicorn” is a fun, light-hearted track that features JUNO award-winning electro-pop artist . The new song follows YASH’s debut release , a captivating dance track released in 2021 that has garnered over 800K Spotify streams to date. Toronto-based YASH has racked up an impressive catalog as a producer and songwriter, with a JUNO nomination under his belt and credits...


JP Hoe on his new single 'Out Of The Darkness', and upcoming album 'Botanicals'!

Singer Songwriter JP Hoe joins the DTP to chat about his new single 'Out Of The Darkness'! ‘Out Of The Darkness’ is the lead single from JP’s forthcoming album ‘Botanicals’! ‘Botanicals’ encapsulates JP’s journey over the past few years, in trying to find the balance between attentive father/husband/friend and lifelong traveling performer. Sole songwriter, self-engineering and producing the album, he attempts to live up to his admired jack-of-all-trade predecessors The stories JP loves to...