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The Connected Experience-The Doc Chill Story w/ Miles Dixon

The Doc Chill story with Miles Dixon Detroit has a long and strong history with in the entertainment industry. On this episode of The Connected Experience (@tcepod) host AJ & SJ get a chance to have a conversation with Legendary Detroit rapper turned entrepreneur Miles Dixon (@mdixon313). Miles takes the listener on a journey from being Miles Dixon to becoming Doc Chill and then back to becoming the media-preneur known as Miles Dixon. Press play to hear part one of his-tory. Contact us at...


The Connected Experience-Mash Up W/ Shop Talk Pod, Quest Mcody & Marv Won

This Really is a mash up W/ Shoptalk Podcast Quest Mcody & Marv won Join The Connected Experience Podcast (@tcepod) as we link with one of our favorite shows Shop Talk Podacast (@shoptalkpodcast) as we sit and have the first ever MASH UP PODCAST where both shows sit and have a discussion with some of battle raps elite Quest Mcody & Marv Won (@questmcody @marvwon) see how everyone feels about “Ether vs Take Over” along with getting to know how these 2 guys got into music as well as battle...


The Connected Experience-In my D Hat with Blue Tigers Fitted

For this discussion host AJ & SJ of The Connected Experience Podcast (@tcepod) catch up with three childhood friends Sherm, Teek, and Tom of the Blue Tigers Fitted Podcast (@bluetigersfitted @btfsherm @btfteek @btftom) to kick it about everything from sneakers, podcasting to which “version” of Pac do we think is the best. Press play and hear about how their podcast came about, and who each of them look up to in the podcast industry. Contact us at Follow us on IG/Twitter @TCEpod...


The Connected Experience-Same Year a Few Months Later w/ Filthy Rockwell

BOUNS Discussion- Same year a few months later w/ Filthy Rockwell In the first ever PART 2 discussion for The Connected Experience podcast(@tcepod) Press play and listen to the continuation of the Filthy Rockwell(@filthyrockwell) episode “I’m from another planet” recorded months after the first episode, Filthy brings the listener up to speed on all the new ventures he has going on. **(****UPDATED EPISODE WAS RECORDED IN NOVEMBER)** Contact us at Follow us on IG/Twitter @TCEpod...


The Connected Experience-I’m From Another Planet w/ Filthy Rockwell

During this discussion on The Connected Experience (@tcepod) join host AJ & SJ as we sit and have an in-depth conversation with Grammy nominated east side Detroit born and raised super producer Filthy Rockwell (@filthyrockwell) Listen as he breaks down his resume, his clothing company and his up coming project he’s working on. Press play and check out **PART 1** and listens as Filthy Speaks. **(THIS EPISODE WAS RECORDED IN MARCH 2018)** Contact us at Follow us on IG/Twitter...


The Connected Experience-Still Rat Pac w/ Pony Boy

Still Rat Pac with Pony Boy For this discussion join host AJ & SJ of The Connected Experience (@tcepod) as they take a stroll down memory lane with James Baldwin (@mrpone7) who is actually the person to teach the twins how to structure & write raps. Topics covered range from Inkster rap history, family and just an overall good time with family. Press play and enjoy Contact us at Follow us on IG/Twitter @TCEpod Listen to “The Podcast Album” by The Connected Experience now via...


The Connected Experience-Incarcerated Voices with Doug Little

Life After Felonies part 3 (Incarcerated Voices with Doug Little) On this episode of The Connected Experience Podcast (@tcepod) we continue our “Life after Felonies” series with recently released Doug D. Little (@dougdlittle). Doug talks to host AJ & SJ about what led him to his incarceration, and his plans for the future now that he’s a free man. Press play and listen to this emotional yet thought provoking conversation. Contact us at Follow us on IG/Twitter @TCEpod Listen to...


The Connected Experience-Pac that thing up with Jeremy Orr

During this discussion of The Connected Experience Podcast (@tcepod) join host AJ & SJ as we talk politics with Jeremy Orr. (@pacthatthangup on twitter) Mr. Orr is a formerBig 10 (MSU) college athlete turned community activist and civil rights lawyer. The topics of this conversation range from Travon Martin, Johnnie Cochran, community issues to the new Independent Political committee action he’s started. This is a very necessary conversation that needs to be heard. Press play and enjoy. To...


The Connected Experience-Destined for success w/ Keely Ferguson

Destined for success with Keely Ferguson Some people are literally made for stardom. For this discussion on The Connected Experience Podcast (@tcepod) join host AJ & SJ as we speak to the very talented and outgoing Keely Ferguson (@keelyferguson) Keely shares her story of actually being conceived while her parents were out touring the world, how one of her very first songs she wrote ended up on #BigSean #Finallyfamous mix tape. She speaks on her love for dance and even her touring the world....


The Connected Experience-A Gangsta Conversation w/ TK Kirkland

It’s finally here the Gangsta Conversation with legendary comedian TK Kirkland (@tk_kirkland) and host of The Connected Experience (@tcepod) AJ & SJ Jackson. This is one for the history books, press play and listed to how the gangstas talk. Contact us Follow us on IG/Twitter @Tcepod Pre order the new album “Gangsta Conversation” by TK Kirkland by pressing the link below: []( Listen to the "Podcast Album" By The Connected...


The Connected Experience-Does Your Net Work? w/ Terrance Puryear

On this episode of The Connected Experience (@tcepod) join host AJ & SJ as we have a conversation with Terrance Puryear (@terrancepuryear) to discuss his up coming “In Charge” conference, his education history, as well as his new books, along with his company TLP Business Solutions (@tlp_business_solutions). Sit back and press play and find out how Terrance went from being the youngest biological child, to the oldest of several children. Purchase tickets to the “In Charge” conference and...


The Connected Experience-Chopped Suei w/ 3269 Chise

Join host AJ & SJ as we sit and have an honest and open conversation with East Side Detroit native 3269 Chise (@3269chise). Chise gives us his story from being involved with music since a young age to what gave him the fuel to the fire that ended up being his latest project “Chopped Suei” produced exclusively by Merch Music (@merchmusic). Press play and listen as The Connected Experience Podcast (@tcepod) introduces you to one of Detroit’s hidden gems. The Show is sponsored by Soren Barker...


Just Kicking It with Kriss & Ko Ko

Once the mics are on all bets are off. During this conversation of The Connected Experience Podcast (@tcepod) Join host AJ & SJ as we have a dope and super funny experience with Kriss & Ko Ko from the podcast Kicking It with Kriss & Ko Ko (@kickingitwithkrissandkoko). The ladies tell stories of marriage, kids, growing up and how they met each other. We also speak on how they got into podcasting and what type of audience they have for their show. This conversation is the true definition of...


Sexual Consent w/ Chy & Jaz

What a conversation! Join host AJ & SJ on this episode of The Connected Experience (@tcepod) as we sit down and have a much needed discussion about sexual consent with guest Cheyenne Lanee (@motorcityoprah) from Views from the Thick podcast (@viewsfromthethick) as well as Jasmine who is the host of Black Girl Experience podcast (@blackgirlexp). Both women shared stories about actually giving consent, and if they ever felt uncomfortable in a situation and how they dealt with it. This is a...


Life After Felonies Part 2: Women's Edition

It’s not often you get a chance to hear from a powerful African American female attorney, or a former female felon all at once, so here’s your opportunity. Join host AJ & SJ as The Connected Experience podcast (@tcepod) sits down and have a serious yet funny conversation with Alexis Taylor owner of Taylor Law Firm (@lawyerlexx) & Nikki (@__noniki) a former felon who since she’s been released has hit the ground running and hasn’t looked back on her former life. Both women share an interesting...


Pick up the phone w/ Call You Back Podcast

For this conversation of The Connected Experience (@tcepod) Host AJ & SJ are joined by one of our favorite podcast Call You Back Podcast (@callyoubackpod). Listen as we kick it with @therealksymone & @Robyn_niggas about how they met, their friendship, growing up and how their show was developed. This is a very humorous and exciting episode, so press play and enjoy. Brought to you by: @digitalsoapboxnetwork Follow us on Twitter/ IG @Tcepod Contact us Brought to you by:...


Diversity w/ Alexis Allon & Lucy Lujah

What an episode, listen as host AJ & SJ sit and speak with two of Detroit’s greatest talents Alexis Allone (@alexisallon) & Lucy (@lucylujah). The Connected Experience (@tcepod) takes the listener on an interesting dialogue about music which includes some opinions that may not be so popular, but true. Both guest freestyle on air, with a surprise freestyle by a past guest as well. We also find out that both ladies were high school shooting guards, and we try to set up a game of one on one,...


Dope on Dayton Ave w/ Bootleg

“What’s On My Mind” was one of the biggest songs to ever come out of #Flint #Michigan, and during this conversation with The Connected Experience (@tcepod) join host AJ & SJ as we sit and go down memory lane with the Dayton Family’s own Bootleg (@irajdorsey). Listen as Bootleg opens up about why he spent time in jail, working with the late great #MC #Breed, and what #Dayton #Ave means to Flint. Bootleg also talks about his latest album “The Transplant” and the inspiration behind it’s title....


Buy Black w/ Rocklin Jackson

Join host AJ & SJ as we sit and have an in-depth conversation with Rocklin Jackson (@_rocklin_)about growing up in Detroit, the role his father played in his life no matter the circumstances, and what lead him to creating the life style brand NEGASH. (@negash83) This episode of The Connected Experience (@tcepod) takes a comical yet political turn as we discuss why blacks are willing to pay more for brands that don’t support our communities. Press play on whatever platform you use to listen...


Whats Next on The Menu w/ DJ DDT

On this episode of The Connected Experience (@tcepod) Host AJ & SJ are joined by Legendary DJ, DJ DDT (@DJDDT) sit back and hear how he got his start in music, working at WJLB, and maybe breaking the most records in Detroit rap music history with his former show “WHAT’S NEXT ON THE MENU” DDT also tells us about his love for JIT music so press play and enjoy Brought to you by @digitalsoapboxnetwork Follow us on IG/Twitter @TCEpod Contact us Listen to The Connected Experience "...