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Day 100 - Century

Day 100. As you can probably imagine, I was spending a lot of energy trying to figure out what to do for my 100th day. I had considered a few options, like "33 seconds of silence", or a bizarre mashup of the previous 99 songs. In the end, I decided to make the final song be just one note, a massive orchestra hit. It turns out it takes a surprising number of instruments to make this sound like anything still. Several layers of strings, various percussion instruments, a large piano chord,...


Day 99 - Penultimate

Day 99. Almost done. I had fun with the pizzicato strings in this one. The pizzicato cello and the snare drum hold down the rhythm, and I have a few different violins and violas playing the melody.


Day 98 - Mushrooms

Day 98. Another multiple-layer piano track. Each piano has a different effect applied. Echo, reverbs, EQ to emphasize specific frequencies.


Day 97 - Unknown

Day 97. Further proving the theory that when I don't have a plan for the day, I end up finishing way sooner than I thought, today's song took less than an hour. As usual, I started this with the piano intro, and built it up from there. I considered using a drum set, but then opted for a light bongo track instead. The piano part is actually two overlaid tracks in the same range, which for some reason ends up working nicely together. I think the middle section could use a little more...


Day 94 - Windows

Day 94. I didn't have a great plan for this today. There's a lot of sounds going on here, but I tried to make a few of the highlights stand out. I think also after a few days in a row of doing piano-centric songs, I tend to try something in a totally different direction just to make sure I'm not getting stuck.


Day 93 - Signal

Day 93. I didn't end up finishing today's song before going to the studio for my last class, so I had to finish it here. I ended up doing something pretty simple just cause I didn't have much time. The video is some test footage we shot on the green screen earlier today.


Day 92 - Bloom

Day 92. This is maybe a little more wander-y than I wanted, I wasn't expecting to bring in the orchestra in the middle until after I had started. I originally thought it would be just piano again. There's a couple little nods to some other songs in here if you listen closely.


Day 91 - Green

Day 91. I don't know why I'm on such a piano kick lately. This one was kind of fun because it's more notes than can be played with two hands, but doesn't totally sound like it.


Day 90 - Sixpence

Day 90. The final stretch! Didn't know what I was going to do today, so again I started by playing around on the piano until I hit something that I could use to build off of. After I recorded the piano track, I added a few other instruments on top. The drum track is a mix of my own tracks plus the Logic Pro drummer.


Day 89 - Double

Day 89. This is all one take on the piano, with only a little tweaking of the timing and loudness of some notes. I was planning on adding some other instruments to it, but nothing seemed to fit quite right. I ended up adding an echo to the piano with an 1/8 note delay. I only added the echo to the notes on the beat, not on the little runs, because that muddied it up too much.


Day 88 - Reunion

Day 88. Another fun five-part piano piece. Each piano is panned slightly off-center. Some of them are a 2 bar loop, others do slight variations of their theme for each phrase. I decided to let this one fade out rather than do a build-out, since it would have ended up too long otherwise.


Day 87 - Tryst

Day 87. Today was the first day in a while that I started a song by playing the piano for an hour before writing anything down. Once I knew what I was going for, I recorded the piano track. I added the other two instruments, a Duduk and Electric Cello, mostly following existing aspects of the piano melody.


Day 86 - Imperial

Day 86. I'm not sure a major key was right for this one or if I should have done it in a minor key instead. I mostly wanted to work on getting the orchestra to accent certain beats. The horn melody fills in the rest.


Day 85 - Suit

Day 85. This went in a whole different direction than I thought it would when I started. I originally started with the first piano notes, and then somehow ended up building it up to a jazzy rhythm. It's not perfect, I think the velocities of the trumpet part could be tweaked some more, but you get the idea. I do like how the piano solo is joined by the drum fill at the end.


Day 84 - Winning

Day 84. This is a fun horn fanfare that resolves with a full orchestra. It took a while to get the horn accents right. During the last phrase I had to slow down the middle of it slightly for it to sound right. I also like the solo violin part that peeks out of the sound.


Day 83 - Inspection

Day 83. I think this accurately reflects my mood today. This actually started with me accidentally hitting a few notes on the piano, and I just went from there. This is one of the few times that I can't actually tell you what all the chords and harmonies are, because I just kept layering things on top that sounded good. This one also needed some percussion beyond the Logic Pro drummers. It's a combination of some manual drum track entry plus the Logic drummer.


Day 82 - Tense

Day 82. Today I knew I wanted to start with the pulsing notes that got gradually faster. I jotted that down, then later decided to turn it into something that would be at the end of a scene of a TV show with a dramatic build-up and lack of resolution.


Day 81 - Daylight

Day 81. Quick and easy one today. Piano, bass, french horns and percussion.


Day 80 - Jupiter

Day 80. This one is inspired by the style of Juno Reactor. There are a bunch of layers of percussion, all written manually. A light bongo track is on the 16th notes, with some accented beats. There's a simple synth bass+snare, plus a few other hits. This was a fun one! Tho it may have been fun just cause I wasn't trying to finish before going to bed like the last couple.


Day 79 - Faders

Day 79. I felt like going with a guitar+bass+drum track today. The middle section needed some filling out in the mid-range frequencies, so I added some faint horns and another guitar part in the middle. I think it could still sound warmer, but wasn't sure how to get there. I spent a while getting the drums right on this one, I felt like it needed a few more accents beyond what the Logic Drummers provided.