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ShatShow7 - 11 - 18

Burden - Victory Gangreen - Another Bomb & LDSB Giuda - Watch Your Back The Beast - Intro & Randall Flagg Whitesnake - Spit it Out Ghost - It's a Sin (Pet Shop Boys) Culture Abuse - Bluebird on My Shoulder Opposition Rising - Youthanized Kingpin - Forsaken Future


Reggae Boom Shots by DJ Cisco Wonder

Reggae Boom Shots by DJ Cisco Wonder by ɯɟ6˙66


All Over the Map 06-06-18

“All I want” Snatch “Ain’t with being broke” Geto Boys “Shoplifting” The Slits “You could be more as you are” Saada Bonaire “Something’s gone wrong again” Buzzcocks “Lay it on me” Gwen McCrae “Drugs” Gift “Stopp, Seisku Aug!” Velly Joonas “Yali Yali” Nese Karabocek “Albela” Quantic and his Combo Barbaro “That’s how we do it in L.A.” Lindsey Buckingham “I met him on a Sunday” The Shirelles “Communist eyes” Germs “Masochism world” Husker Du “Complain, complain” Verbal Assault


Laurel And Yanny

“Ya ya” Lee Dorsey “Last night I had a dream” Randy Newman “New York groove” HELLO “She’ll be gone” Betty O’Brien “Hangin' on the telephone” The Nerves “I shot the sheriff” Screamin’ Jay Hawkins “The ledge” Fleetwood Mac “Grinning in your face” The Pointer Sisters “Fuck you” Wesley Willis “Beware” Ann Peebles “Out of my body” Fox “Crazy town” Superfine Dandelion “What difference does it make” The Smiths “Alone in the endzone” Radio Birdman “Big yellow taxi” Joni Mitchell “I rule my life...



Track Listing: Wasted Time — Black Mold Revilers — Isolation VIOLENT REACTION - "No Pride" Crown Court - Sammy Skyves Oi Polloi - Punks N' Skins The Showcase Showdown — Rip 'Em Off Who Killed Spikey Jacket? - Punks Dress Punk The Freeze- Warped Confessional Night Birds - "Born to Die in Suburbia/Modern Morons" - Born to Die in Suburbia LP Man or Astroman? — Put Your Finger In The Socket LONG KNIFE - Painting the Night Damaged Head — Jesus God Satan Are All... LOS CRUDOS "Tiempo de miseria"...



Legendary Rhode Island DJ Cisco Wonder brings you an 80's night throwback playlist jam packed with nostalgic goodness. Featuring the Debut of "Tricky Ricky" a track sure to make you smile! Check back soon to hear more from Cisco Wonder" Track Listing: 01 Goomba 02 Luigi 03 Koopa 04 Boo 05 Birdo 06 Peach 07 Toad 08 Yoshi 09 Bullet Bill 10 Lakitu 11 Blooper 12 Shy Guy 13 Whomp 14 Dry Bones 15 Chain Chomp 16 Cheep Cheep 18 Mario 19 Hammer Bros 20 Spiny 21 Bob-Omb 22 Magikoopa


The Game Ep. 34 Freestyle Ms. 45 vs. Mr. Grynch

“Rat race” Ralfi Pagan “Rat race” The Specials “Subliminal fascism” Fishbone “No more nothing” FEAR “Deny everything” The Circle Jerks “Guilty of being white” Minor Threat “We will rock you (fast, BBC Session)” Queen “Cum on feel the noize” Slade “Here today, gone tomorrow” The Equals “White light/white heat” The Velvet Underground “Tusk” Fleetwood Mac “Still ego trippin’” Amerigo Gazaway (Fela Soul) “Brooklyn zoo” Ol’Dirty Bastard “It’s still rock and roll to me” Billy Joel “Livable shit”...


All things Equals

Black-skinned, blue-eyed boys Honey bee Red dog I’m a poor man She lives for today A room of doom Funky funky Are you ready for me Soul groovin’ Sunday morning Just me and you Sea cruise Here today, gone tomorrow People like you and me Mystic sister What would you do to survive Soul brother Clifford Help me Simone Can’t you hear that melody My life ain’t easy Diversion Reincarnation Nobody’s got time Stand up and be counted Georgetown girls Michael and the slipper tree I can see but you...


SeanJon Experience - Common Ground Flea Market

SeanJon Experience - Common Ground Flea Market by ɯɟ6˙66


Duckspeak ungood

Duckspeak ungood by ɯɟ6˙66


The Game Ep. 27 Freestyle Ms. 45 vs. Mr. Grynch

“Children of the revolution” Sort Sol “Blindness” The Fall “Vou me libertar” Fumaça Preta “Rise above” Henry Rollins and Chuck D “Baby let’s play god” Big Boys “Deadly Doris” Can “Point of no return” The Funkees “Securicor” Crass “Precinct” Cravats “Squad car” Eddie and the Showmen “Gunfight at the O.K. Corral” Frankie Laine “Medicine show” Big Audio Dynamite “Lyin’ ass bitch” Fishbone “Little bitch” The Specials “Gimmie shelter” Merry Clayton “Fix me” Iggy Pop and Rollins Band “Dot on the...


The Game Ep. 25 “Shestyle” Mr. Grynch vs. Ms. 45

“Country house” Blur “She says good morning” The Pretty Things “She” The Misfits “She’s a cat” Cosmic Psychos “There she goes my beautiful world” Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds “Everything she wants” Wham! “All she wants to do is dance” Don Henley “She’s lost control” Grace Jones “There she goes again” The Velvet Underground “She’s about a mover” Sir Douglas Quintet “I got a woman” Ray Charles “Hot pants” James Brown “She put the wammee on me” Screamin’ Jay Hawkins “She’s just a friend of...


The Game Ep. 24 “Freestyle” Ms. 45 vs. Mr. Grynch

“Phony people” Lou Pride “Ill at ease” Those Poor Bastards “Double shot of my baby’s love” Swingin’ Medallions “Touch me” The Doors “Heaven” Ebo Taylor “Cumbia Malambo” Chancha via Circuito “Abstract nympho” Chrome “Sueno” Traffic Sound “You ain’t going nowhere” The Byrds “The Village Green Preservation Society” The Kinks “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” Julie Andrews, Dick Van Dyke & The Pearly Chorus “Rudie can’t fail” The Clash “Come as you are” Little Roy “Monkey wash donkey rinse”...


The Game "Mark Smith RIP" Mr. Grynch vs. Ms. 45

Sparta FC Who makes the Nazis (Peel) Gramme Friday Psykick dancehall Flat of angels White lightning F-‘Oldin’ money Living too late Big new prinz Couldn’t get ahead Beatle bones ’n’ smokin’ stones Junk man Underground medicine What you need Life just bounces Lie dream of a casino soul (Peel) 2 x 4 Eat y’self fitter Feeling numb Dice man


The Game Ep. 9 Freestyle, Mr. Grynch vs. Ms. 45 (Jan. 1, 2018)

“Nostalgia for an age that never existed” Jello Biafra and Mojo Nixon “Swimsuit issue” Sonic Youth “The fullness of his coming” Anita Lane “Me and the devil” Gil Scott-Heron “A game of two shoulders” Michael Nyman and Damon Albarn “Storm warning” Lynn Taitt & His Comets “VIP” Iggy Pop “Snout” Sleaford Mods “Is that all there is” Peggy Lee “Reincarnation” Roger Miller “We’ll meet again” The Hit soundtrack “Opening music” Magnet (The Wicker Man OST) “I want to marry a lighthouse keeper” A...


The Game Ep. 8 Freestyle, Ms. 45 vs. Mr. Grynch (Dec. 26, 2017)

“Toys of time” The Stone Poneys “Till the morning comes” Neil Young “No money in the pocket” Bobby Womack “Welfare bread” King Khan & The Shrines “Black sap scriptures” Plague Vendor “Digital” Joy Division “II B.S.” Charles Mingus “Mr. Clarinet” The Birthday Party “War” Hypnotic Brass Ensemble “Iron Maiden” Ghostface Killah “Them changes” Thundercat “Play it all night long” Warren Zevon “God’s song” Randy Newman


All Over the Map 12-18-17

“Captain Stupido” Thundercat “I’m going to Spain” Steve Bent “They reminisce over you (T.R.O.Y.)” Quantic Y Su Conjunto Los Miticos Del Ritmo “Since I was a little girl” Hard Drivers “You’re so vain” Ervinna and the Stylers “Serve the rich” PINS “Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves” Cher “Dreamboat Annie” Heart “Egyptian shumba” The Tammys “I think I’m gonna go right outa my head” The Press “I am the drug” The Cravats “We the people” Allen Toussaint “Danca” Elza Soares “Black madonna” Cat’s Eyes...


The Game Episode 4: Freestyle

Mr. Grynch vs. Ms. 45 “Mr. President (have pity on the working man)” Randy Newman “The guillotine” The Coup “Fire” The Firebird Band “Funkier than a mosquito’s tweeter” Ike & Tina Turner “I was made to love her” The Beach Boys “Friday on my mind” The Easybeats “Mile end” Pulp “Automation song” Phil Ochs “Make me a pallet on your floor” Mississippi John Hurt “Feel so bad” James Booker “Spottieottiedopaliscious” Outkast “Mississippi goddam” Nina Simone


The Game, Episode 3: Thanksgiving

Ms. 45 vs. Mr. Grynch “Be thankful for what you got” William DeVaughn “Drums” Johnny Cash “Mashed potato time” Dee Dee Sharp “Skin and bone” The Kinks “Roll Plymouth Rock” Brian Wilson “Vegetables” The Beach Boys “Duh family” The Freeze “We’re a happy family” The Ramones “Surfin’ bird” The Trashmen “Navajo” Black Lips “War cry” Xit “White girl” Johnny Cash “Thanksgiving prayer” William Burroughs “Chew” Jello Biafra with No Means No


ShatShow 11 - 4-17

1. Cyndi Lauper - All Through the Night @00:00 2. The Art of Noise - Paranoimia @04:18 3. Marrs - Pump Up the Volume @07:37 4. Don Henley - She's on the Zoom @12:20 5. AC/DC - Hells Bells @15:26 6. The Kinks - Moving Pictures @20:18 7. Salt & Peppa - Push it (Remix) @23:39 8. The Soul Dads - You're Fat @28:00 9. The King Khan & BBQ Show - Kiss My Sister's Fist @33:42 10. M.O.T.O. - I'm Why God Made Rock & Roll @36:23 11. Magpie - Sacco's Letter @38:24 12. The Bee Gee's - Massachusetts...