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Episode 15: The view from India - A Sound Effect in the Modern office

Welcome to Ecophon India’s first podcast. The agenda for the Podcast is - "Sound effect on people especially in Modern Indian offices”. We are joined by Mr Amit Chavan & Mr Kiran Mahambre (from Real Estate team of Here Solution) & Mr. Raghavendra Prabhu (Director Cushman & Wakefield) to understand the importance of acoustics in offices today.


Episode 14: More from ILETC

Welcome back to our podcast series, this episode is the second of our two-part series recorded at the Transitions Europe conference in September 2017 and continues to reflect upon improving learning environments with insights into teaching styles and collaboration. In this episode we are joined by education anthologist Mie Guldbaek Broens, discussing how teaching styles and classrooms differ from country to country and how the development of schools is slowly progressing towards learning...


Episode 13: Thoughts from ILETC: Improving learning environments

Welcome to the 13th podcast of our ‘A Sound Effect on People’ series. This episode is part one of a two-part series recorded at the Transitions Europe conference in September 2017 and reflects upon improving learning environments for education, as we discuss the change and progression within creating the perfect educational environment with Wesley Imms, Associate Professor and Head of visual art and design education, at the University of Melbourne. After years of researching the perfect...


Episode 12: The Healing Office and workplace productivity

Stress and sick leave cause problems within the workplace not only for the employers, but for the employees as well. But can a ‘healing office’ increase productivity? Today we are joined by Anicee Bauer, Design Researcher, and Coen van Dijck, CEO, from Design Studio D/DOCK, both of whom are specialists in office design. In this podcast they discuss how they were able to create a “healing office” and how they perceive productivity. Coen discovered from his research that “10 years of...


Episode 11 - Acoustics and Offsite Construction

Welcome back to our 11th podcast. In this episode our concept developer Shane Cryer discusses the importance of meeting acoustic standards in Offsite and Modular Construction within education – joined by guests Pete Blunt from off-site construction specialist Innovare and Peter Rogers from Sustainable Acoustics. The schools buildings that support children’s education are under more pressure than ever before. Classroom need to accommodate both new technologies and teaching styles,...


Episode 10: WELLness and Biophilia

In the conclusion of our office mini-series we are joined by Sarah Welton from the WELL Building Institute to discuss how to create an working environment supporting technology, staff mental health, productivity and happiness. Sarah discusses her thoughts on the need to consider not only how a building will be used but who a building will be used by. Sarah highlights how protecting your health is less expensive than healing the ill, and that taking the same approach when creating a...


Episode 9 - Creativity and Technology

In our ninth podcast, part of our mini-series from Workplace Trends, we are joined by Nigel Oseland (@oseland) and Mike Adams (@supervideomike) as they discuss creativity and the impact of technology on the workplace. People should been seen as a company’s “best assets” due to the creativity they bring to the workplace. Yet Nigel believes people are often still expected to be seen at their desks and to look busy, despite this not necessarily meaning that people are productive and...


Episode 8 - Office design: Putting the People First

Welcome back to the podcast. In this episode we explore how current work trends reward companies who focus on “Putting the People First”. In this podcast a group of experts from the recent Workplace Trends conference discuss why companies should do more to look after the health and wellbeing of their employees, and the approach they should take. Contributors include Nicola Gillen of Aecom, Mark Catchlove from Herman Miller, Nigel Oseland from Workplace Unlimited and Ecophon Concept...


Bonus episode: Office Design Trends for 2017 - recorded live at Workplace Trends.

On March 22nd at Kings Place, Ecophon sponsored the 15th year of Workplace Trends. As far back as 2012 the conference highlighted the connections between health, wellbeing and performance in the workplace. This year, the conference looked in depth at the topics of Wellbeing and Productivity highlighting new research through case study-driven presentations from industry experts. This bonus podcast includes short interviews with attendees and speakers from the conference, highlighting the...


Episode 7 - The future of acoustics in Healthcare and Education

Even before we are born, we are able to hear, and when we are at school, noise is an impediment to learning. In this new podcast we discuss health and well-being, and the positive impact of the right sound environment. In the first part of the podcast, Ecophon's Healthcare Concept Developer, Andrea Harman, discusses with Peter Rogers and Louise Conroy from Sustainable Acoustics the changes which should be considered in healthcare environments. In the second section, we discuss with...


Episode 6 - Sense and Space

Our concept developer from Ecophon South Africa, Lauren Kruger discusses with Dr Annemarie Lombard the research she discovered when analysing the effect of our sensory intelligence in our daily lives. The podcast allows you to have an insight into how the sensory stimuli effects the way we act within our homes, work spaces, and even relationships. The sensory stimuli consists of the visuals we see, our auditory, tactile (touch), gustatory (taste), vestibular (movement) and proprioceptive...


Ecophon Podcast 5 - Silence

Sound can be described as having an “invisible presence” but is this negative or positive? If your neighbour is having a party and you want peace and quiet, your perception of the sound you are hearing is very different from theirs. Within this fifth podcast we discuss how silence can be the means for us to step back from noise and gain perspective. In this episode of ‘A Sound Effect on People’ we quietly explore the new film “In Pursuit of Silence” with the film’s Executive Producer and...


Episode 4 - Sound Health - Part One

In this fourth episode of A Sound Effect on People, itself part one of two; we investigate the impact of good acoustic design in healthcare. Hospitals are often noisy places, and not just due to the beeping of alarms. They are places of communication, filled with their own rhythm and routines, the clank of the tea trolley alongside the welcome distraction of chatting visitors. When combined with the hard surfaces that are sometimes necessary for cleaning, it can become difficult to...


Episode 3 - Sound Workplace

Good acoustics matters at work. It helps us concentrate, it reduces stress and it improves wellbeing, which in turn has a positive impact on the bottom line. In this episode of A Sound Effect on People, presenter Salma Cranefield is joined by Ecophon concept developer Paige Hodsman and by psychologist Dr Nigel Oseland from Workplace Unlimited to explore how sound and noise affect us, both psychologically and physiologically, and how the impact varies depending on our individual...


Episode 2 - Sound Education

Good acoustics in schools and higher education institutions is vital. It helps children and young people concentrate and learn, and it protects the health of teachers and lecturers. In this episode of A Sound Effect on People, presenter Salma Cranefield is joined by Ecophon concept developer Shane Cryer and by the Institute of Acoustics Council's Honorary Secretary Russell Richardson, of consultants RBA Acoustics to investigate why sound matters in education. A Sound Effect on People is...


Episode 1 - Sound matters

Good acoustics changes lives. It facilitates the successful delivery of education in schools and universities. It enhances productivity and wellbeing in offices. And in healthcare institutions such as hospitals and care homes it aids recovery, healing and rest. In this episode of A Sound Effect on People, presenter Salma Cranefield is joined by Ecophon concept developers Shane Cryer, Paige Hodsman and Andrea Harman as they explore the impact of acoustics on our lives. A Sound Effect on...