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Cherry is the latest project from Philadelphia-based guitarist/singer Rusell Edling of Kite Party. The band operates on a principle of creating without expectations, and it seems to be working out pretty great so far, as a few releases in they’ve managed to keep their musical output strong, with catchy, melodic indie rock full of hooks. They dropped by Serious Business Music in Brooklyn to give us a taste of what they do. The Strong 7” by Cherry is available now from Lame-O Records. 00:00 -...


Coco Verde

Coco Verde is the project led by Brooklyn songwriter Julian Anderson, along with an excellent band comprised of Koko Williams on keys and vocals and Jonathan Sacca and Ryan Laetari on guitars. The band’s nostalgia-tinged pop songs are full of catchy hooks and bouncy goodness, and they stopped by Serious Business Music in Brooklyn to share them with us in this special session. Coco Verde’s Marathon EP is available now from Never Better. 00:00 - Coco Verde 00:53 - Marathon 06:09 - Interview -...


Bilge Rat

Bilge Rat is a rock trio based in New Haven, Connecticut. With slow, grungy grooves and skronky goodness all over, singer/guitarist Mike Kusek’s songs push and pull with a nervous energy that both draws you in and drags you along. The band, including touring bassist and pedal-maker Mike Boner of Stove and Ovlov, stopped by Serious Business Music in Brooklyn on a recent tour to give us a live taste of their jams. Pal is available now from Bee Sides Cassettes. s 00:00 - Bilge Rat 00:57 - Cupio...


Doe Paoro

Doe Paoro is a songwriter from Syracuse, New York, who is currently based in Los Angeles. Known for ambitious compositions and collaborations, her latest album pulls things back to their most honest and raw form featuring music that can be performed anywhere. The result is a stunning and honest depiction of Doe’s power. She stopped by Serious Business Music in DUMBO with a New York-based live band featuring Rosie Slater (New Myths, Wooing) on drums, Sara Goldstone on keys, and Stephanie...


Las Rosas

Las Rosas is the Brooklyn-based rock trio of Joses Boyer and Aybar, along with drummer Christopher Lauderdale. They’ve been rockin’, rollin’, janglin’, and hangin’ out in the local scene and living the rock ‘n roll road life for a few years now, firmly establishing themselves as a solid, go-to, good times band. The guys stopped by Serious Business Music in Brooklyn to share a brand new song. Shadow By Your Side is available now from Greenway Records. 00:00 - Las Rosas 00:30 - Blue 04:49 -...


The World's Greatest Detective

The World’s Greatest Detective is a Brooklyn-based punk band made up of Alex Heigl, Jordan Runtagh, Matt Rappold, West Smith, and Mario Gutierrez. With old brash, blistering, old school jammers, the band pummels you with hooks before descending into some good old roots rock riffing. They stopped by Serious Business Music in Brooklyn to rock our faces off. Pennsylvania Trash Sports is available now. 00:00 - The World’s Greatest Detective 00:36 - TCBB 04:09 - Interview - The World’s Greatest...


BTR Live Studio Thanksgiving 2018

Today's show features music from Shana Falana, The Duke of Surl, Adeline Hotel, and Max Pain & The Groovies. 00:00 - BTR Live Studio Thanksgiving 2018 01:08 - Cloudbeats - Shana Falana 06:04 - Interview - Shana Falana 09:40 - Go - Shana Falana 12:56 - Interview - Shana Falana 16:23 - Cool Kids - Shana Falana 24:01 - Stone Lover - The Duke of Surl 28:46 - Interview - The Duke of Surl 30:51 - The Silk Cocoon - The Duke of Surl 34:25 - Interview - The Duke of Surl 36:46 - Lightning - Adeline...



Farao is the musical moniker of Berlin by-way-of Norway multi-instrumentalist/producer Kari Jahnsen. Blending minimalist beats and swirling synths in tandem with a zither and chimes, Farao’s disco-inspired sound is both familiar and alien, and wholly enticing. Paired with Jahnsen’s vocals, the songs head into a lush pop territory that’s super satisfying. She stopped by Serious Business Music in Brooklyn for this flawless session. Pure-O is available now from Western Vinyl. 00:00 - Farao...


The Underhill Family Orchestra

The Underhill Family Orchestra is a band of siblings (by choice, not by blood) based out of Mobile, Alabama, stomping out epically anthemic, soul-churning roots music from the swamp to the stadium. Drawing heavily on their Southern roots and 4 strong vocalists, the group stirs up quite a pleasant racket that fans of pop, country music, and indie rock can all enjoy. They stormed the live room at Serious Business Music in Brooklyn for this session. Tell Me That You Love Me is available now...



Samia (the band) is the musical project of 21-year-old NYC native Samia Finnerty. With a powerful voice and uncanny ability to write poignant, confessional pop songs ranging from the soft and subtle to the loud and fierce, Samia is off to an incredibly strong start in her music career. She brought the band by Serious Business Music in Brooklyn for this intimate session. The “Milk” single is available now from Grand Jury Music. 00:00 - Samia 01:04 - Welcome To Eden 04:26 - Interview - Samia...


Max Pain & The Groovies

From our friends at Greenway Records, Max Pain And The Groovies are here with some catchy, blazing garage-rock on their latest record. Fast, fun, and groovy (duh), the NYC band dropped by Serious Business Music in Brooklyn to shake things up for this session. Sounds From The Hole EP is available now in a hand-poured limited edition 7” vinyl from Greenway Records. 00:00 - Max Pain & The Groovies 00:54 - Checkin’ Out Late 04:32 - Crude Love 08:19 - Interview - Max Pain & The Groovies 10:19 -...


Adeline Hotel

We last caught up with Adeline Hotel, the Brooklyn-based indie folk project of songwriter Dan Knishkowy, at Baby’s All Right in Brooklyn a couple of years ago. Now the band is back with a brilliant new collaborative album, so it was time to have them swing by for a session at Serious Business Music in Brooklyn. Away Together is available now. 00:00 - Adeline Hotel 00:40 - Lightning 03:04 - Interview - Adeline Hotel 07:25 - Some Kind of Joke 10:36 - Interview - Adeline Hotel 12:52 - Habits...


Jane Church

Jane Church is the Queens-based band led by former Spires singer/guitarist Matthew Stevenson. The band’s tunes have a timeless pop quality, falling into some kind of sweet spot on a spectrum that goes from Big Star to Kinks. They’ve quickly gained traction around here as a BTRtoday favorite, from a relaxing chat in a bookstore to this super chill session at Serious Business Music in Brooklyn. Presenting... Jane Church 7" is available now from Greenway Records. 00:00 - Jane Church 00:26 -...



LUMPS is the musical beast created by Aaron Hester. Previously West Coast-based, the solo project-turned-trio-turned-Brooklyn band has certainly seen some changes, but what’s remained is Hester’s catchy, garage pop style. With King Pizza Records Big Cheese/Mad Doctors skins-pounding maniac Greg Hanson on drums, local guitar legend and enemy of sleeves on shirts Jon Mann shredding, and Rich Seibert handling bass action, LUMPS is a force to be reckoned with. They took the live room at Serious...


The Duke of Surl

Those who listen to BTRtoday’s music podcast surely know we’re fans of The Duke Of Surl (aka Will Brown). Now, he’s finally graced us with a Live Studio session. Dressed in fully appropriate attire, the duke of the King Pizza Records world and his flight crew rocked the studio at Serious Business Music with some new tunes for this very special session. Out Of It by The Duke Of Surl is available now from King Pizza Records. 00:00 - The Duke of Surl 00:25 - Stone Lover 05:06 - Interview - The...



L’FREAQ is the musical project of Lea Cappelli. The rising Brooklyn and LA-based artist crafts dense and enchanting synth-pop music that bridges the gap between indie rock and soul in a beautiful way. Though she is just releasing her debut EP, L’FREAQ has already gotten the attention of the music industry, sharing the stage with Grammy winners and performing for celebrities - so who knows what’s next? She stopped by Serious Business Music in Brooklyn for this intimate, solo performance....


Joanna Teters

Joanna Teters is a Brooklyn-based singer, songwriter, and bandleader. From soul to blues and reggae, her smoky, captivating voice is more than capable of genre-hopping. Backed by an ace group of musicians who never miss a beat, Joanna brought the gang by Serious Business Music in Brooklyn to give us a sweet taste of her music. Back To Brooklyn EP is available now. 00:00 - Joanna Teters 00:28 - So Easy To Love 05:31 - Interview - Joanna Teters 09:48 - Day One 14:07 - Interview - Joanna Teters...


The Rareflowers

The Rareflowers are a New Brunswick, NJ-based trio, comprised of brothers Jimmy and Kane Maraday along with drummer Aaron Gollubier. The band’s basement DIY show-honed psychedelic power pop style is tight, catchy, and timeless. The guys stopped by Serious Business Music in Brooklyn to share a few of their tunes with us in this session. The Rareflowers is available now from Good Eye Records. 00:00 - The Rareflowers 00:30 - Eye To Eye 04:30 - Interview - The Rareflowers 11:15 - New Generation...


Garcia Peoples

Garcia Peoples are a band from NJ who filter their love of the Dead thru their punk and rock musical backgrounds. The result is a jammy, melodic, awesomely riffy sort of indie rock that actually works exceptionally well. They dropped by Serious Business Music in Brooklyn to jam it out for us. Cosmic Cash is available now from Beyond Beyond Is Beyond. 00:00 - Garcia Peoples 00:37 - Hangin’ On 04:57 - Interview - Garcia Peoples 07:11 - Show Your Troubles Out 11:31 - Interview - Garcia Peoples...


Spooky Cool

Spooky Cool is a band from Richmond, Virginia, fronted by Zac Hryciak. The group’s music is difficult to define. They certainly draw on familiar sounds from rock, classical, punk, and pop, but the result is a unique creation all their own. The band stopped by Serious Business Music in Brooklyn to give us an exclusive look at how they craft their sonic surprises. Every Thing Ever is available now from Citrus City Records. 00:00 - Spooky Cool 00:30 - Bad Night At Bamboo 05:40 - Old Hair Mine...