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2017.06 Hey Jude — Paul McCartney, George Harrison, John Lennon, Howard Cosell, Frank Gifford

The Beatles have never been the biggest of sports fans, but the paths of the two past tmes have crossed over the years. We all remember John Lennon’s interview with Howard Cosell, or Paul McCartney’s halftime spectacular at Super Bowl XXXIX, but that is not all. George loved motor sports throughout his life, Paul was a supporter of both Liverpool and Everton (although he was a bigger fan of the latter), and in recent years has gained an appreciation for the NHL, NBA and major league...


2017.02 Every Little Thing — Dr. Ken Womack, Bonnie Jo Mason (Cher), George Martin, the US Library of Congress, Beatling About.

Welcome to “When They Was Fab” (WTWF), the podcast formerly known as “Beatling About.” This week, the first part of our interview with Dean Ken Womack of Monmouth University about the commercial rerelease of his “Beatles Encyclopedia”, and his forthcoming two-volume George Martin biography “Maximum Volume”. Along the way, we touch on George Martin’s 1962 visit to the Cavern, whether “Please Please Me” could have been a live album, that other sixties icon, the Houston Astrodome, whether...