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BONUS: Andrew Osenga and Jeremy Casella

Our next bonus episode features interviews with Andrew Osenga and Jeremy Casella, two artists greatly affected by Rich Mullins' work, and who are currently trying to fund their new albums on Kickstarter. Joe was able to talk with Osenga last fall in the lead up to the Window Rock Tribute Concert and Chris spoke to Casella a few weeks ago for PostConsumer Reports (the full interview with Casella is available there). Please check out their Kickstarter pages and consider supporting their work...


BONUS: Lost Rich Mullins Interview from 1992

To start the new year we have a very special bonus episode featuring a lost interview of Rich Mullins from 1992. A tape was recently discovered at KHAC radio that contains a lengthy interview Mullins did with Chuck Harper (of Western Indian Ministries and Christ For Native Youth) a few years before Mullins moved out to the Navajo nation to do ministry work. The episode also features an interview with filmmaker Larry Handley of Little Brown Dog Productions who filmed and edited the concert...


BONUS: Mark Robertson of Prayer Flags and The Ragamuffin Band

Bassist, song-writer, and producer Mark Robertson was not only a member of Rich Mullins' Ragamuffin Band and the lead singer of This Train, but he also recorded He has just released an album with his new band Prayer Flags and so we decided to take the opportunity to talk about the new music, his long history in the music business, and his time with Mullins. Although today's bonus episode features some of his reflections on Mullins a majority of that section of our interview will air on...


BONUS: Matt Walden with the St. Rich Beard Oil story and the Andrew Peterson Liturgy Legacy Tribute Concert

This bonus episode features an interview with Matt Walden, the creator, maker, and perpetrator of St. Rich Beard Oil. Not only do we get into the beard oil origin story, but Matt also gives an extensive account of his weekend in Nashville where he attended the Andrew Peterson A Liturgy, A Legacy, & A Ragamuffin Band tribute concert, as well as a party with a number of Mullins' old friends. Finally, the episode features the full version of Chris' St. Rich Beard Oil advertisement.


Ep 3: Window Rock Tribute Q&A With a Message From David Mullins

Episode 3, released on the 20th Anniversary of Rich Mullins' death, features a Q&A recorded live at the Window Rock Tribute Concert (September 16, 2017), and features David Mullins, Mitch McVicker, Beth Snell Lutz, Andrew Osenga, and Chuck Harper. Then, we were so moved by David Mullins' talk during the concert we decided to include it as well. With humor and some twists and turns David asked the simple question: "How do you live a life of impact?"


Bonus: Eric Hauck Interview and How to Support the Window Rock Concert

Our next bonus episode features an in depth interview with musician and pastor Eric Hauck that Joe did on KHAC radio. Eric toured with Mullins as part of the Ragamuffin Band and was also a member of the Kid Brothers of St. Frank. This episode also features an interview Joe did with Chris about the upcoming Window Rock Tribute Concert, where Joe and Chris go over the event and share ways that people can financially support the event.


BONUS: Andrew Greer Interview On New Mullins Book and a Recap of the Escape to the Lake Tribute Concert

Chris had the opportunity to attend UTR Media's 2017 Escape to the Lake music festival and retreat in Cedar Lake, Indiana. This bonus episode of Between the Songs features an exclusive interview with Andrew Greer, the author of the new book on Rich Mullins Winds of Heaven Stuff of Earth: Spiritual Conversation Inspired by the Life & Lyrics of Rich Mullins. Their talk goes in depth about how the book came together (which features numerous reflections from those who knew Mullins or were...


Ep2: Zion's Behold the Man with Beth Snell Lutz

Episode 2 of Rich Mullins: Between the Songs ( features an in depth look at Rich Mullins' first independent album with his band and ministry Zion. Behold the Man was only ever released independently in 1981, but was kept alive through various bootleg tapes or vinyl copies if you could find them. Joe has put the album up on the Ragamuffin Archive though, so now we can all listen to it. The episode also features an extensive interview with Beth Snell Lutz,...


Bonus: An Inside Look at the Lost Rich Mullins LeSEA Tapes With Andrew Montonera

As a bonus episode to listeners, Andrew Montonera has been trying to get LeSEA broadcasting to release hours and hours of "lost" or unreleased footage of Rich Mullins. He even went so far as to create a petition to get the footage released. This footage can essentially be considered "lost" because it's been sitting on a shelf for 20 years, untouched and unreleased. A good deal of this footage appeared on the Here in America CD/DVD album. That release contained a Live at Studio B concert...


Introduction, Jimmy Abegg, and the Be God's Project

Our inaugural episode features our introduction to the series: we go over the order of each episode and why Rich Mullins is still an important artist 20 years after his death. The centerpiece of the episode is an interview with the legendary Jimmy Abegg, a musician, artist, and member of Mullins' Ragamuffin Band. We wrap up by featuring a breakdown of some of the Mullins tribute projects and events going on in 2017.


Teaser Episode: An Introduction to Rich Mullins: Between the Songs

This is episode is a short teaser of what you can expect on the Rich Mullins: Between the Song Podcast. Our first real episode will be coming soon...