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3: Goals, Giving, Gratitude...

In this episode Chris talks to Tony Middleton about Goals, Giving & Gratitude amongst other interesting subjects like NLP, Meditation, Tony Robbins and Life Coaching. Part One of a great two parter - Part Two coming next Wednesday!


2: Circularity Connect - September 26th 2018

**Rob** and **Chris** talk about the rebranding of our event series from **Creative** **Cafe** to **Connect**. During this chat, we discuss what happened last time and set the scene for this month. Read the book [THE POWER](goodreads the power of now) by Naomi Alderman, and watch the documentary [HYPERNORMALISATION]( (BBC iPlayer) by Adam Curtis.


3: Circularity Camp Adventure

Rob and Chris hosted the Circularity Camp where people came to Whistlewood Common in Derbyshire. This podcast features recordings of some of the conversations during the day, including an introduction of the story of the site, ideas relating permaculture, and a breakdown of many of the song themes from the Circularity Album. There's a song missing though - wonder why that is?


2: There aren't any rules are there...

Chris talks to Dave House about life, real, virtual and augmented and the two break out into song before the end! Conversations about adventures in reality are abound!


1: Adventures...

In this first episode, of the second season of the Circularity Podcast, Chris talks to Rich Enion ( about his travels, his life and how he came to find and champion Tea. This really is an interesting listen and we hope to catch up with Rich again soon to hear his story from Brazil. This episode kicks off a season of adventures, whether travel, external, internal or cosmic. We hope you enjoy! #Like #Subscribe #Circularity #Adventure @CircularityORG


11: Circularity Festival #1

Chris presents a podcast reflecting on the first ever Circularity Festival. The live aspects of the podcast were recorded on the night with Rob and Chris interviewing Emma Buckley, Martin Roe, and Sarah Lay live in front of audience members. There is definitely excitement in the air around Circularity! Don't forget to plug in on social media and get involved! @CircularityPod @CircularityORG


10: The narrative we give ourselves...

In this podcast, Chris files solo inthe pub garden of The Salty Dog in Northwich, Manchester talking to Dr. Rachel Chin about Mindfulness and so much more! Dr. Chin is a Clinical Psychologist in the NHS and has been in contact with Circularity for quite a while. Chris and Rachel talk about DBT, Mindfulness, Connections & being aware… We hope you like this #CircularityFestival release; as this is our 10th podcast, our festival week and one of our alumni guests, Rich Johnson, has started...


9: Will there be snacks?

In this episode, Rob & Chris talk to Claire Prosser about relationships, self help, religion, being kind, learning & how to raise kids amongst many other things. As Chris says at the beginning this one's got some gold in it; We could have expanded on some of this for hours! We decided to save some for next time though, enjoy, and as always, like & subscribe! We end the outro of the podcast with an appeal we're sharing on twitter #WheresMarkOnTwitter - If you can help, please contact the team.


8: The Apex of Sass

In this episode, Rob and Chris are joined by Justin Wright & Richard Gittus to talk about education, politics, perceptions, learning, mental & physical health and lots, lots more! We believe all swearing has been edited out but please note there may be the odd slip. The following is not the simple video we mentioned, demonstrating perceptions of dimensions on a flip book, but a TED Ed called 'Exploring Other Dimensions' which explains the points made and a little more......


1: Circularity Festival #1 - Trailer

A short burst of information about the first Circularity Festival on Friday 22nd June at The National Brewery Centre in Burton-On-Trent. The first festival focuses on Mental Health and is raising money for Mind. Headliners Start From Ivy are joined by Andy Crowe and Emma Buckley with live Q&A/Podcast recording and discussions with Martin Roe and Sarah Lay. Find out more and how to get your tickets at Circularity.Org/Festival Find us on Twitter @CircularityORG @CircularityPod @StarFromIvy...


7: Know Thy Self

In this episode, Rob and Chris talk to Joe Evans about mental health; particularly in men, with Joe talking from his own personal experience. Neil Johnson (episode 6) joins the conversation with the group focusing in on how mental health can affect people in different ways, how to use meditation and mindfulness to your benefit and how we should start treating mental health in the same manner we treat physical ailments.


6: The space between Peppa and Painting

In this episode, Chris and Rob talk to Neil Johnson, IT specialist, photographer, journalist - dare we say, Renaissance Man? We talk about how curiosity should be something we strive for, how to help your kids hold onto it, boredom as a good thing and a little on how, if you're curious, you might ask, "Is the Earth really round or just a flat disc?"


4: A Creative Mind (Part Two) - 30,000 Hours

In this second part of a two part podcast, Rob and Chris converse with creative practitioner and lecturer, Rich Johnson, around themes of creativity - and how its important to be open to all kinds of creative media. After all, the more creative you are, the more creative you are! During the talk, we refer to many different inspiring things that we want to share with you below... [Saul Bass]( "Saul Bass") [The Matrix](


5: I’m Not William

In this episode, Chris flies solo in his conversation with David Cox, a successful business man and transformational company leader. In this conversation, David talks about what led him into leadership, what it means to him, and why it's important to be genuinely interested in people. During the talk, we refer to the following things... [Women’s Institute]( "Women’s Institute") [Brixton Riots]( "Brixton Riots") [YMCA...


3: A Creative Mind (Part One) - The Children of Tomorrow

In this first part of a two part podcast, Rob and Chris converse with creative practitioner and lecturer, Rich Johnson, around themes of creativity - and perhaps how many of our choices and habits formed with technology, devices and our education system might prevent our natural creative processes. During the talk, we refer to many different inspiring things that we want to share with you below... [Adam Buxton...


2: Light of Consciousness

Rob Gillespie and Chris Baldwin talk with Sabri Gazail, a martial arts instructor and mentor for young people. During this podcast, we head further into themes and ideas from our first podcast, 'Freedom From Within', with Nicky Grigg. We explore identity, development and fostering the correct mindset for living and learning right now. It's not always about happiness, sometimes we have to embrace the shadow! We are very grateful to Bookcafe in Derby for the use of their upstairs function...


1: Freedom From Within

The first episode features a recorded conversation with MBS Holistics founder, Nicky Grigg. The conversation covers many themes from the Circularity Project but it centres around the ideas explored in Soul. Therefore, make sure you subscribe to join us on our journey! [@CircularityPod]( "@CircularityPod") [Circularity Group]( "Circularity Group") []( "")