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What's Up? This is Doggie Diamonds. Are you ready to hear a podcast that discusses relationships, politics, sports, entertainment, hip-hop all from a uncensored point of view? Well then you came to the right place. Tune in! No Filter means honesty! (If you're easily offended please listen!)

What's Up? This is Doggie Diamonds. Are you ready to hear a podcast that discusses relationships, politics, sports, entertainment, hip-hop all from a uncensored point of view? Well then you came to the right place. Tune in! No Filter means honesty! (If you're easily offended please listen!)
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What's Up? This is Doggie Diamonds. Are you ready to hear a podcast that discusses relationships, politics, sports, entertainment, hip-hop all from a uncensored point of view? Well then you came to the right place. Tune in! No Filter means honesty! (If you're easily offended please listen!)






ASAP Rocky Can Relate Now I Bet (His Universal Wake Up Call)

ASAP Rocky is locked up in a jail in Sweden despite public outcry for his release. I'm reminding everyone about the no so kind things he said about the Ferguson protest and how those words are coming back to haunt him. For Business and Advertising inquiries: Sign Up For My Email List Here: Send Any Donations Here: 💲► 💲►$doggiediamonds any superchat livestream donations...


Doggie Diamonds No Filter: Why I've Been Absent From Youtube

I don't want to bad mouth anyone or talk bad about any company. I'm just in a Youtube situation that isn't working for my brand and I'm trying to be released. I have plenty of visual content to release, but I feel like it's not going to get it's just due because of the situation I'm in. Hopefully I can get everything rectified before this week is out. Thank you to all my subscribers and supporters. I'll keep everyone updated. For Business and Advertising inquiries:...


Future: Everybody Just Wants To Copy, No One Wants To Be Trendsetters

I (Doggie Diamonds) did this interview with Future about 4 years ago at Epic Records office for the Come Up DVD. I looked back at it and wanted to show people that Future has a plan, stuck to it and it showed why he became successful. The most ironic thing that come from this interview is. no one ever anticipated the emergence of Desiigner taking Future's whole aura and winning with it! Support the show.


Pete Rock Talks Working W/ Nas, Rakim, Jay Z, Kanye And Diddy Copying His Adlibs!

I caught up with Pete Rock live at Brooklyn Bowl before he did his live set. Anyone who knows me, knows how much I look up to Pete Rock. I studied him as a producer and beat maker. So for me to finally to get to sit down with him was a dream for me. I asked him about many of his beats and working with greats like, Jay-Z, Kanye West, Rakim and Public Enemy. I also ask him about his style of adlibs on a songs that was made famous by Diddy! Support the show.


The OverRated Truth Ep 44 Bandana w/Freddie Gibbs

Whats up? I wanted to introduce you to a new podcast that I personally signed to our network, "The OverRated Truth". This episode is entitled "Bandana" and features rapper Freddie Gibbs. Make sure you comment and subscribe to their podcast. The OverRated Truth Links Apple Podcast Spotify Support the show.


Doggie Diamonds No Filter - The Jerry Wonda Episode

I love talking to producers on my podcast. In this episode Jerry Wonda invites me to his recording studio Platinum Sounds for a sit down. We cover so much in this interview. From his production work with The Fugees, to Whitney Houston, to Michael Jackson. He's slept on because everyone looks at Wyclef as the "main" producer, but after this interview you'll KNOW who Jerry Wonda is! Support the show.


Doggie Diamonds No Filter - The Ty Fyffe Episode

In this episode of Doggie Diamonds No Filter super producer, Ty Fyffe stops through. Ty Fyffe has many hit records on his resume. He's done big records for Jay- Z, Cam'ron, 50-Cent, Erick Sermon and many others. On this podcast we discuss production techniques, what's it's like working with Jay-Z in the studio and things that are hurting the production game right now. Please share this on all your social media pages. Thanks!Support the show.


Doggie Diamonds No Filter - Exposed: The Downfall Of NYC Hip-Hop!

NYC hip-hop scene has been on the decline for years. Many people blame the artist and the music they make. But I'm here to tell you the artists isn't the blame. It's the NYC DJ's and promoters running game on these artist to take their money. Support the show.


Doggie Diamonds No Filter - The Benzino Episode

In this episode I take everyone back down memory lane with my long time big brother Benzino aka Ray Benzino aka Ray Dog. From his Almighty RSO days to being co owner of The Source magazine. Benzino gives candid stories and first hand views on the infamous Suge Knight 'come to Death Row' speech, to many other tales of the industry. Get comfortable and listen to this one here! Support the show.


Doggie Diamonds No Filter - The Gonzoe Episode

LA artist Gonzoe came to Brooklyn to speak on his past record deal with Ice Cube, feeling the need to defend Tupac in 2019 and some of the crazy things he saw around his time with Death Row Records. He also announces he new podcast called. "The Gonzoe Show" under the Digital Soapbox Network, Basically, he's down with us! Support the show.


Doggie Diamonds No Filter - The A+ (FKA Latch Key Child) Episode

If you ever wondered what happened to the rapper A+, then you don't have to wonder any longer. From dropping his debut album, "The Latch-Key Child" (with some strong features from Q-Tip, Mobb Deep and AZ). To his sophomore album 'Hempstead High' (with features from Erykah Badu, Chico Debarge, Canibu and The Lost Boyz) as well a many appearance on other projects. Then out of no where, he was gone and there were rumors swirling around that he was deceased! In this podcast he explains what led...


Doggie Diamonds No Filter - The Antoinette Episode

Legendary rapper Antoinette stopped by to discuss her new book ( purchase here), her legendary "battle" with MC Lyte and why she walked away from the music industry. This interview is a LITTLE more in detail, but you have to listen to hear for yourself. So for everyone who wanted to know, where the hell did Antoinette disappear to after all these years, all your questions will be answered. So make sure you share this podcast and subscribe! Support the...


Doggie Diamonds No Filter - The Erick Sermon Episode Part 2

In part 2 of this interview with Erick Sermon he speaks on his relationship with Craig Mack and battling Crack Mack early on. He also speak on working on a new posthumous Craig Mack album. He also speaks on his relationship with Lyor Cohen and leaving Def Jam during the Rocafella, Murder Inc, DMX time. It's too much to type, so just sit back and listen lol. Support the show.


Kodak Black Apologized For Lauren London Comments Should He Get A Pass Now?

Kodak Black made some stupid comments directed at Lauren London at the wrong time. He apologized after many people like The Game, T.I., Tank and a few others went at him for it. Should he be forgiven? Support the show.


Nipsey Hussle Loss Gets Sadder And Sadder By The Day

As we mourn Nipsey Hussle (who is a tremendous loss), we can also show love and appreciation to all the Nipsey Hussle‘s that are still here doing the work! Support the show.


Doggie Diamonds No Filter - The Erick Sermon Episode Part 1

In this episode of Doggie Diamonds No Filter I made sure you got to know everything about Erick Sermon. All the production work, the EPMD work, the Hit Squad break, the Redman album, Shaquille O'Neal, everything. There is so much information I would spoil it in the description, you just have to hear it for yourself. So make sure you listen to this and share it on all your social media pages for your peers to hear. This is one of my favorite episodes to date. Support the show.


Reggie Wright Jr And Mob James Reveal Who Killed Tupac, Biggie And Exposes Suge Knight And Puffy!

Reggie Wright Jr and Mob James announce new podcast called, "The Gangster Chronicles" on our network Digital Soapbox Network. Also they speak on who killed Tupac, the Biggie murder conspiracy and how Puffy and Suge Knight used all the streets dudes to go to war. Support the show.


Soren Baker Explores The History Of Gangster Rap

Soren Baker is an American journalist who has spent his career covering hip-hop. Best known for his six years as one of the main editors of The Source, Baker has had more than 3,500 articles published in such publications as The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, XXL, The Source, HipHopDX and Now that Wikipedia gave you his backstory, we chop it up about a book he wrote in 2018 called, "The History Of Gangster Rap". In this interview we go deep into where the...


Billy Danze Talks First Solo Project, Working W/ Jay Z And Having Unheard Biggie Verses

Billy Danze (Of MOP) calls in and speaks on his first solo project called, "6 Pack'. He also takes us back to the formation of MOP, signing with various record labels (Loud, Rocafella, G-Unit) and now going on his independent mission. Billy Danze also lets it be know he has some unreleased heat from various artist (notably Notorious BIg and Prodigy) This interview has so many jewels if I type it all you wouldn't need to listen. So sit back, turn your speakers or your headphones up and enjoy....


R. Kelly Was Molested And Suffers From Slow Mental Development According To Chicago Insider

"Denise" is someone who called in to a live show I was doing and explained the reasons why R. Kelly is the way he is and thinks the way he thinks. She also threw his ex-wife Drea Kelly under the bus, as well as his older sister. This is all alleged and speculation, I can't say any of this is factual! Support the show.