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The Simplest Way to Figure Out Where to Start

What can you actually do right now that will start you down the path of becoming a pro musician? What about if you've already tried to start, but feel stuck? Today's episode is for you...


A Weird Story I've Never Shared

It hit me the other day that I've never shared this story with you. 12 years ago, immediately after getting fired from my dream gig I was offered a job as a real estate agent, even though I've never worked in real estate before, and I was in my early 20's. So today, I'm going to share my story of how that job came about, why I never actually worked that job, and an incredible, life-changing lesson I learned along the way.


2 Secrets from the Very Top of the Music Business

I recently sat down with a friend who plays for one of the biggest artists in the world. He let me in on something that (to me at least) was too cool not to share...


If I Had to Start Over

I recently got to play a show with an old friend and we did things just like the "good ole days"... No tour bus, tour manager, or our own sound guy- or anything else that I got used to having as a professional musician. We just jumped in the car and drove 5 hours to play a show for a few hundred people. Doing things the old way got me thinking: What would I do if I had to start over in my music career from scratch? I came up with some ideas, and I hope that these ideas will help you in...


Getting Gigs Isn't Hard

I'm going to tell you something today that might sting a little. And it probably will make some pro musicians out there kinda mad... But it's ok. This episode will help demystify some of the process of getting gigs as an aspiring pro musician. And if you're a pro musician and are feeling angry about me saying "Getting gigs isn't hard," I'll explain to you why you're wrong.


Take a Shortcut in Your Music Career

There are many things in our music careers that can take time and effort in order to achieve or address. But today, we're going to talk about something you can do that is the opposite. Let's talk about how to find more time to focus on music today. And what's great about this exercise is that it works for virtually anything that you'd like have more time to do, but can't seem to find the time for.


Getting Paid in a Scene Full of Freebies

One VERY common challenge that most of us have faced, or will face at some point is this: How can I start charging people for my musicianship when there are tons of other musicians in my scene willing to do it for free? Today we'll discuss 3 principles that will help you move from playing for free to playing for pay!


It Only Takes One Connection

Today we'll discuss 3 different seemingly-unrelated happenings in my life, that all point to the same concept that will help YOU continue forward in your music career. Plus: what does chugging coleslaw in a high school cafeteria have to do with getting gigs?


How to Get Past Being Shy So You Can Network

Does becoming a professional musician change our behavior- specifically in musical/professional situations? Or do we have to change our behavior in order to become pro musicians? Kind of a chicken or the egg type of question, I know. Well, I actually think we change our behavior first. The reason that the most successful pro musicians all seem to carry themselves in a certain way is not because they graduated some class, achieved some level of success and then decided "OK, now I'll start...


What I Did Immediately After Getting Fired

After having a major touring gig as a musician, you'd think I would've figured out how to take the shortcut to more gigs at the same level. But what I discovered, even after succeeding once already, was that it was much harder than I expected. So what about you? How can you anticipate what it will take to "make it" as a pro musician? And what can you do when things don't quite turn out as planned? Let's talk about it.


Count the Cost of Your Music Career

This is a quick-hit of an episode about counting the true cost of becoming a pro musician- and then moving forward anyway!


4 Lessons from Getting Fired

I got fired from my dream gig when I was 23. It completely ruined my life for a while, but looking back on it, I learned some HUGE lessons about becoming (and staying) a pro musician. The cliffs notes version of the lessons are: Also- I'm pumped to announce that ProMusician.org is finally live! Check it out and let me know what you think!


I Hate Networking!

As a musician, you've probably heard it countless times: "If you want to get gigs and become a professional musician, you HAVE to network with other musicians." But I've always hated the idea of networking because I can't stand the idea of going into a room of strangers and trying to convince them that they should hire me... AND I'm not very good at it. So today I want to talk about the kind of networking that I DO enjoy, and I bet it's something you'll enjoy too- and you're probably...


Let's Talk About M-O-N-E-Y

Almost every musician that I know has at some point expressed to me that they are anxious about money. Specifically- making the leap from their day job to trying to make a full-time living from music. How do you make that leap? And can you make that leap in a way that doesn't feel like a leap?


The First Step Towards Progress In Your Music Career

The hardest part about making real headway in your music career is often just figuring out what to do next- and even how to get started. In today's episode we'll talk about some practical steps you can take right now to figure out what your next steps are- and how to achieve balance in the process...


Don't Be Fooled by the Wrong People

Are you following advice from people who don't know what they're talking about? Today's episode is all about making sure to listen to the RIGHT people when looking for music career advice.


Preview: The Practical Pro Musician

Hey this show looks different! And it sounds different! What's up with that? Listen to find out!


The (Sort of) End of Drummer Daily

This is kind of the end of Drummer Daily- but don't worry... I'm not going anywhere- and neither is this podcast. Confused? Listen to find out what I mean.


Do This Before You Charge for Drumming

I had a conversation with a friend recently who feels that he's ready to start getting paid for his drumming. I had a few questions for him that I thought he needed to consider before making that move- and I thought you might benefit from considering these same questions.


Dealing with Anxiety About Drumming

Today we'll talk about something I've never covered on the podcast: anxiety. Now I've honestly never felt anxiety directly regarding playing the drums, but I have dealt with anxiety around many other aspects of being a professional musician. So today, I'll share some practical steps I've learned to take to help me deal with anxious feelings.