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#187: 3 Ways to Get Clarity on What Artists Want From You

If you've ever thought "I wish I could really spend a day inside a producer or artist's head just so I can figure out what they want from a drummer", today's episode is going to give you 3 ways to do exactly that. Get free drumless backing tracks, click track training, tuning resources and more at ProDrumAcademy.com


#185: How to Network for Gigs the "Right" Way

Do you hate the idea of networking? I've never been shy about the fact that I hate "networking". But I DO believe in being intentional about meeting others in the music business and counting on others to help in our music careers. So, how can you meet others and develop relationships that lead to more gigs? Let's talk about it. Also, don't forget to check out ProDrumAcademy.com where you can get started on your path to a career as a pro drummer for FREE!


#184: How to Start Charging for Your Drumming

Today Rob writes in and asks about how to transition from playing for free to getting paid for drumming. So, what do you say to someone who says "Why should I pay you now, when you used to play for free? I thought we were friends..." Want to be a pro drummer? Get tons of FREE training at ProDrumAcademy.com


#183: Are You a Cool Runnings Type of Drummer?

If you already "feel the rhythm" and "feel the rhyme" - you might be a Cool Runnings type of drummer. But I want to share something with you that I discovered on a recent viewing of one of the greatest movies of all time. Get Boom Click Boot Camp for FREE as part of the Pro Drummer Essentials Bundle at ProDrumAcademy.com


#182: Getting Hired and Fired from My First "Big" Gig

Today I'd thought I'd give you a peek into the internal struggle I went through when I got hired for my first "big-time" gig, and then got fired around a year later. I think the lessons I learned along the way can be helpful to you- whether you're an aspiring pro drummer, or just want to be a great drummer on your own! Get FREE drum mixing tutorials, drumless backing tracks, and a 14-day click track training program at ProDrumAcademy.com


#180: I'm 16. Where Do I Start? And What Recording Gear Do I Need?

Today I hear from Zack, who's 16 and wants to know about where to start networking, getting sessions, and generally putting his name out there. We'll also talk about what kind of recording gear to get started with. Learn how to become a pro drummer, and get started for free at ProDrumAcademy.com


#174: Having Vision for Drum Parts in the Studio and Live

One trait that separates the pros from amateurs in both the studio and live settings is the ability to have "vision" for the entire rhythmic foundation of a song. Let's talk about how we can develop our vision in creative settings and effectively communicate that to others- and ultimately leverage this ability into more gigs...


#170: Why Becoming a Pro Drummer is Easy (Maybe)

Is becoming a pro drummer simple and easy? Today I'll make the case for why I think it is. Get more Drummer Daily episodes at DanielHadaway.com/170


#169: Stop Listening to this Podcast and Do Something

I've discovered an epidemic amongst us drummers... It's an addiction to learning ABOUT drumming and searching for some magical tip or trick that will change our drumming, without actually TRYING or DOING anything. Let's talk about it.


#168: A Different Approach to Playing the Kick Drum

In this episode, I'll do my best to describe the technique that I use to play the kick drum... It may or may not be unique to me, but I think it's a great way to get more control and power out of my right foot. Get the whole story at DanielHadaway.com/168


#167: Does your drumming have this one fatal flaw?

I'm not super-dogmatic about HOW you should play the drums. I'm all about personal creativity and finding something that works for you. However- there are a couple of aspects of playing the drums that I feel should be non-negotiable... And I want to talk about one of those today. Check out tons of free resources for drummers at DanielHadaway.com/167


#166: How's Your Drum Diet?

I recently got roped into another Facebook thread where I witnessed a ton of other drummers giving someone TERRIBLE advice- and it all relates to how we look at our "drum diet". I'll explain in today's episode. Take 5 minutes to fill out my survey- it REALLY helps! http://survey.podtrac.com/start-survey.aspx?pubid=vdG8CEDb3RO9&ver=short Get the full story and tons of great, free drumming resources at DanielHadaway.com/166


#165: Don't Give Them What They're Asking For

I've made a career out of NOT giving producers and artists what they're asking for. In fact, I think this one aspect of my approach is probably the most responsible for my music career. So how can you make a career out of giving people something different than what they ask for? Listen to find out... Help me out by filling out a super-short survey here: http://survey.podtrac.com/start-survey.aspx?pubid=vdG8CEDb3RO9&ver=short


#164: What's Your 4-Minute Mile?

A lot of things in music might be considered "impossible" until they aren't impossible anymore. Whether it's a specific technique or lick in your drumming, or your overall pursuit of becoming a paid professional, diligently pursuing your own "4-minute mile" is the only you'll find true success as a musician. Get the full story at DanielHadaway.com/164


#163: How to Strategically Network and Promote Yourself

I get a lot of questions about meeting the right people, and once we meet them- how to "work" the relationship in order to advance our pro drumming careers. Here's my advice about how to approach those situations, and some tips for promoting yourself as a pro drummer.


#162: Leverage Your Weaknesses to Develop as a Drummer

I'll share how I've become aware of some of my own "weaknesses" and how I take advantage of those weaknesses to develop my own drumming, my music career, and achieve goals.


#161: Don't Have Much Time to Practice Drums? Do This One Thing

We all have days (maybe even weeks or months) where it doesn't feel like we have much time to practice drums. So I've got some advice for you- mainly what the ONE THING you should do in your practice time if you don't have much time for practice... Get tons of free resources for drumming at DanielHadaway.com/161


#160: Shift Your Mindset About Creating Drum Parts

Many of us overcomplicate how we go about creating, memorizing or even thinking about drum parts in songs that we play. In this episode I'll offer you a (possibly) new way to think about how you structure drum parts in songs.


#159: The Battle of "Can" Versus "How"

There are two different scenarios in which we can get caught up asking questions of ourselves that use the word "can" instead of "how". One involves our drumming at a very practical level, and the other involves our overall outlook on meeting our goals in music, or even just in life. Check out more awesome resources for becoming a pro drummer at DanielHadaway.com/159


#158: How to Get Recognized and Noticed as a Drummer

How can we get our name out there and get recognized as a drummer, and hopefully start getting called for gigs and recording sessions? Get tons of resources - all about becoming a pro drummer - for FREE at DanielHadaway.com/158