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A podcast where we talk about the music we love and why we love it. Join your two hosts, Adarsh Nednur and Khiem Hoang, every two weeks for new episodes!

A podcast where we talk about the music we love and why we love it. Join your two hosts, Adarsh Nednur and Khiem Hoang, every two weeks for new episodes!
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A podcast where we talk about the music we love and why we love it. Join your two hosts, Adarsh Nednur and Khiem Hoang, every two weeks for new episodes!




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S2E2: I Can’t Believe It’s Not Indie!

Disclaimer: Khiem’s mic had a systemic problem that we did not notice until after we finished recording. We apologize for the sound quality. What makes a song “indie”, where’s the cut-off for being a “hipster”, and “how can indie songs end up on the radio”? These are the questions we addressed in this episode alongside the idea of experimental music and what Adarsh calls “The Radiohead Effect” before we got into our Lightning Rounds. Enjoy this shorter than usual episode! |Indie Music...


S2E1: Latin Takeover (feat. CupcakKe)

Adarsh and I are finally back from our hiatus and boy did we have a lot of things to say. In this first episode, we discuss our theory of how Latin music has been able to gain such immense popularity in the States and how features and collaborations are being strategically used today. Then we each had four Lightning Rounds of albums released between December until now before getting deep into CupcakKe’s Ephorize. |Latin Takeover + Features/Collaborations| J. Balvin, Willy William, &...


S1E21: Best of 2017

Our Best of 2017 episode is finally here and we’ve made it as jam-packed as possible with 36 song clips featuring our favorite albums and musical moments of the year. Aside from an objective top 10 list, we also gave our individual subjective top 10’s and crowned hand-picked winners for superlatives from Most Overrated Album to Best Shuffle Album. As always, we also gave our thoughts on the year as a whole and what we’re looking forward to in 2018. See y’all next year! Khiem’s Subjective...


S1E20: What’s The Score?

In our last normal episode of the year, we’re discussing movie scores and soundtracks from Star Wars to Juno and even TV shows! Tune in as we ask whether these albums are their own entity, show how they can enhance or ruin a movie, and talk about the music we’ve discovered from them. Then we give y’all our impression of four new releases, including our first metal feature before jumping into our second album of the week from a Smith, Syre. Stay tuned for our Best of 2017 episode coming...


S1E19: Taylor Swift’s reputation

With the highly anticipated release of reputation, we’ve decided to do a Taylor Swift deep dive! Join us and our very special guest, OG Swifty Molly Sclamp, on our discussion of reputation and what makes Taylor such a successful pop artist. We’ve been looking forward to recording this episode for a long time and we’re so excited to share it with you guys! |Featured Songs| 1989 - Clean reputation - Ready For It, I Did Something Bad, Don’t Blame Me, Delicate, Gorgeous, Dress, This Is Why...


S1E18: What Rhymes with Twitches?

We’re back with a brand new segment we’re calling Song Techniques (for now) where we aim to explain some of the things songwriters and/or producers do to convey the messages in their songs. In this episode, we explore when an artist makes their listeners complete a musical idea with examples from MF Doom to The Killers. Then we give y’all our impressions of our favorite new releases before jumping into the first album of the week in a while: Willow. |Song Techniques| Hundred Waters -...


S1E17: The Future of EDM

What makes a “good” EDM song? What separates electronic subgenres from one another? Where is the future of EDM in pop heading? These are the questions we addressed with the help of our friend and electronic-head, Zeke Chavez! We learned so much and featured everything from Chillstep to Nu Jazz and Marshmello to Electric Guest. Then, it’s on to our Lightning Rounds as usual, except with a special mention to Gord Downie’s Introduce Yourself. It’s definitely a jams-packed episode! |Song of...


S1E16: Activism Smactivism

We’re tackling a bit of a heavier topic this episode and featuring a heavier song - our first metal song on the podcast! Listen as we discuss how we think music can influence action, increase conscious awareness, and persuade listeners, particularly when it comes to political/social topics. Then, we’re featuring 10 new releases this week and doing another first on the show: two albums of the week, one from each of us! It’s a longer episode because of that but we hope you enjoy listening to...


S1E15: DJs Turn Offs and Turn Ons

—-more—-Our celebrations from this past weekend has lead us to a fun discussion on DJs. Hear just how frustrated we get when DJs do things that ruin parties as well as what we think great DJs do right. Aside from our Lightning Rounds which include notable releases from King Krule and Courtney Barnett & Kurt Vile, we crowned St. Vincent’s Masseduction as our album of the week! Finally, we had our second iteration of In Defense Of - this time on remixes & covers! |Song of The Week:...


S1E14: ACL Festival Recap

Couldn’t make it out to ACL this year? No problem cause we got your back! I (Khiem) saw more than 25 bands and in this episode, I’m giving y’all the low down of my favorite acts from Tank and the Bangas to Chance the Rapper as well as my impression of ACL as a whole. Then we’re on to some awesome releases perfect for fall weather before diving into the indescribably weird and fascinating Poppy and her debut album! |Song of the Week| Tank and the Bangas - Rollercoasters R.LUM.R, Solange,...


S1E13: (Don’t) Clean Up Your Act

For this episode, we have a special guest with us - our friend Jim Hall! Jim is a beautiful singer and jazz enthusiast that has graciously agreed to join us for our discussion on music that’s too clean or too beautiful (and the difference between the two). And, since Adarsh and I couldn’t agree on an album of the week, we’re doing an extended edition of Lightning Rounds that ends in an enlightening Q&A with Jim on his love for jazz. There was such an incredible variety of smaller releases...


Season 1 Episode 12: Cut Copy and Paste

In this episode, we bring up a common misconception people have when they think about what musical influence means by juxtaposing Coldplay and The Fray’s style and the feelings their music evoke. Then it’s Lightning Rounds of our favorite new releases before we dive into Fergie’s new album after an 11 year hiatus! All said and done, this is an episode about originality and why it’s so important in music. We hope y’all enjoy it! |Song of the Week Discussion| The Fray - Look After...


Season 1 Episode 11: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly Cherries

What happens when bad people make good music? In this episode, we grapple with this very question and discuss our opinions on this controversial topic with differing perspectives. Then, it’s on to our favorite new releases and our album of the week before we introduce a new segment called “In Defense Of”! In this segment, we play devil’s advocate for musical things that get a bad rep. In this first iteration, Adarsh is defending lyrical clichés! It’s a packed episode and we’re so excited...


Season 1 Episode 10: Zayn of the Times

We’re excited to introduce a new segment to y’all called Versus where we’ll pit artists, songs, albums, or anything musically antagonistic up against each other to make the case for what’s better. In this episode, we’re comparing all the solo singles from the former One Direction band members which lead to a discussion about the nature of ambitious music. Then, it’s Lightning Rounds of our favorite releases, including Alvvays and Partner, before we talk about our album of the week, the...


Season 1 Episode 9: Pros and Concerts

Drumroll, Please… is back but this time with a guest host! Our guest, Alayah Frazier, joined us for a conversation on mumble rap, a trend in hip-hop music that’s everywhere right now. We then continue with 4 Lightning Rounds which includes our impression of LCD Soundsystem’s american dream, as well as two older albums from this year. We conclude with a discussion on the pros and cons of concerts! |Featured Music during Mumble Rap| Travis Scott - goosebumps Kanye West, Migos, Lil Wanye,...


Season 1 Episode 8: RIP Taylor Swift

In this episode, we talk about the biggest song released this week, Taylor Swift’s Look What You Made Me Do, and give y’all our opinion on her new persona and direction. Then, we give y’all our impressions of six albums from Queens of the Stone Age to Lil Uzi Vert. And finally, we’ll dive into our album of the week: A Deeper Understanding by The War on Drugs. |Featured Music in General Music Discussion| Taylor Swift - Look What You Made Me Do Peaches & Beyonce |Featured Music in...


Season 1 Episode 7: Who We Are

This week’s general music discussion is a little different than all the rest. We’re going to be talking about how we both got into music so that you guys can get to know us better. We think that it’s important for our listeners to have an idea of what we know and what we don’t so y’all can make more holistic decisions upon listening to our opinions and impressions on this podcast! After that, it’s Lightning Rounds and In-Depth Discussion as usual. See y’all next week! |Featured Music in...


Season 1 Episode 3: Best of 2017 (So Far)

July has begun and that means it’s time for the mid-year round-up of our top 10 albums and song of the year so far! Khiem’s Top 10 Albums: Adarsh’s Top 10 Albums:


Season 1 Episode 2: Lorde, I Hope There Are Tapes

It’s the middle of the summer, the heat is inescapable, and all this new music is no exception. First, listen as we share some of our favorite songs, both old and new, and then join us as we discuss the hottest new album releases covering from Hip-Hop Boy Band to Indie Space Epic! Featured Songs: Featured Albums:


Season 1 Episode 1, Part 2: Goodbye to Last Year

We apologize for the sound quality. #itgetsbetter Welcome to Drumroll, Please…! In this second part of our premiere episode, we’re going to be talking about the new album releases we love. Join us as we say Goodbye to Last Year featuring: Alt-J - Relaxer Bleachers - Gone Now


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