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Turning Passion into Profession; A conversation with Bri Cauz

I had the opportunity to talk to Bri Cauz right after her Mountain West tour! We talked about her tour experience, from planning, to travel and performing as well as talk about her process in writing/recording her album "Trials & Triumphs." Bio (from bricauz.com): Born & raised in the tech hub of Silicon Valley now based in the Pacific Northwest, Bri is a vibrant young Singer, Performer, & Producer living out her dreams as a full-time musician. Over the last 6+ yrs of playing live,...


Taking Part In Goodness; an Interview with James Spaite

Hot off the release of his sophomore album, "Riverside," I sat down with James Spaite to discuss his musical influences, and his process to write, record and now promote his new album. James is from San Diego, California and recently released "Riverside" on April 10, 2018. His first album, "A Woman Gave Me Music" was inspired by his grandmother, who instilled the first sparks of music into him at a young age. He moved from Visalia to San Diego for school, and it was there where he...


Fostering Younger Musicians, an Interview with Pocket Entertainment

Cameron and Whitney from Pocket Entertainment join me today as we discuss the ins and outs of their business, and how they are helping to "foster young musicians." After seeing some success following their first Skacadamy Awards show, Cameron and Whitney decided to pursue their promotional business further. We discuss how they utilize Facebook and social media to promote their shows, how they prepare for big events, and the value of being nice to people. We also talk about how a band with...


An Interview with The Big News - Ska Punk from Oklahoma

I sat down with The Big News, an independent Ska-Punk band from Oklahoma for a casual conversation about music, their local music scene, and their musical influences. The Big News is currently touring around the West Coast, and play nearly 100 shows per year all over the country. As they say, "If you're not committed, you're not in." About The Big News: "Oklahoma City's The Big News is a Ska Punk band. They mix influences from British two tone and third wave Ska with a heavy influence...


The Importance of Your Stage Presence

I recently went to a Red Jumpsuit Apparatus show, and while it was awesome, something really stood out to me during the opening acts; some bands have really poor presence on stage. Now, I don't mean to sound condescending in any way, this is just my honest opinion, but, a couple of the opening acts did very little to engage the crowd during their performance. They were stiff, with very little movement on stage. Despite their music sounding great, I felt disinclined to approach the stage...


Defining Success - What Does it Mean to Make It?

What does it mean to “make it” in the music business or to find “success” doing what they are passionate about? Some people say that to have made it, your band needs a top 100 song, sell out an arena, have over a million spotify plays, double platinum album, hand shake with the queen, etc. But thats not necessarily true. Of course those are metrics of success, but those shouldn’t be the only metrics for success. There are many indie musicians who make a career out of playing music...


A "Skanversation" with For The Record

I sat down with For The Record, a local up and coming ska band from Central California for a casual conversation about music, the local music scene, and their musical influences. For The Record will be opening for The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus on April 5th, 2018 at the Wakehouse in Reedly, CA. They will also be performing in Visalia, CA on April 11th at Cellar Door. About For The Record: "For The Record is a Ska band from the central valley of California. Heavily influenced by the...


How to Set Up an Effective Practice Schedule

Performing is easy, and it’s one of the reasons why we do what we do, but one of the hardest things…and the thing most musicians struggle with, is practicing effectively and efficiently. This episode is going to dive deep, and deconstruct an ideal practice session, and give you actionable tips to setting up your own practicing schedule: I am going to split this into two parts, setting up individual practices, and setting up practices as a band. Individual: Schedule an allotted...


Defining the Eager Musician

I personally think hustling is an over used phrase (just my opinion, I’m entitled to it) and the “on fire” mantra has been claimed by legendary entrepreneur JLD, and honestly, I didn’t think any word matched my vision, or experience as to what it is like to be a musician. Lets take a closer look at the word, “eager” and I’ll show you what I mean: The word Eager is an adjective, defined as: “(of a person) wanting to do, or have something very much”“The man was eager to...