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HotDogDayz Radio is the on-air extension of the zine//mixtape//trash conglomerate that is HotDogDayz.

HotDogDayz Radio is the on-air extension of the zine//mixtape//trash conglomerate that is HotDogDayz.
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HotDogDayz Radio is the on-air extension of the zine//mixtape//trash conglomerate that is HotDogDayz.






HDD Radio #82: New Zine, Punk, Metal, and More

Hey creeps! Head on over to and pick up a copy of the brand new issue of Soda Killers Magazine. Tracklist: Nimam Spregleda – Fire Lou Harrison – Song of Quetzalcoatl L’Ultimo Arcano – 1984 1985 Angelic Upstarts – Police Oppression Attak – Murder in the Subway XTC – Here Comes President Kill The Guess Who – Guns Guns Guns Velvet Underground – The Black Angels of Death Song Dead Milkmen – Let’s Get the Baby High The Breeders – Roi Judge Nothing –...


HDD Radio #81: Guest Host Robert Newsome

You might remember Robert Newsome as the special guest back on episode no.67. Well he's back, this time running the show on his own. And oh man, is it ever a good one. Virtually no genre goes untouched! Sit back and enjoy. Robert is the editor and publisher of The Atomic Elbow Professional Wrestling Fanzine. He's just released the 25th issue. You can find that and other cool stuff at You can find him on Twitter at @atomic_elbow. Tracklist: Chuck Cirino –...


HDD Radio #80: Jazz, Post-Punk, Reggae, EDM, Oddities, and More

playlist at


HDD Radio #79: New Jack Swing

HotDogDayz Radio, now with 100% more NEW JACK SWING! Get ready for sick beats, sick harmonies, sick synchronized dancing, sick R&B singers who rap, sick rappers who sing, and sick songs about discreet sex and/or passionate lovemaking. I had so much fun doing this one I might make it an annual thing. Tracklist: Bobby Brown - Every Little Step Al B. Sure! - Misunderstanding Troop - Attitude Guy - Groove Me Hi-Five - She's Playing Hard to Get Kool Skool - My Girl New Edition - If it...


HDD Radio #78: Punk, Hardcore, Thrash, and More

This time around I spin a variety of punk, hardcore, thrash, and a little metal. Toss in a couple jazz numbers and you have yourself another episode of the inimitable audio experience that is HotDogDayz Radio. As always, thanks for checking it out! -Nathan Tracklist: Duke Edwards & The Young Ones – Is it Too Late? Gospel of Mars – Hammish Pegboy – Superstar Avail – Tuning (live) Bikini Kill – Live D.C. ’92 (excerpt) The Grabbies – Hate Delirium Fucks My Brain (live) The Grabbies –...


HDD Radio #77: Rap Tapes

RAP TAPES! I'll update tracklist as soon as I can. Check back soon, or go to


HDD Radio #76: Hip-Hop, Punk, Metal, and More

We're back to kick off the new year with some jams, newer and older. Check it out and let us know what you think. Twitter / Instaram: @OMG_NOB Email: Shop: Tracklist: Wiki – Litt 15 (feat Your Old Droog) F(0.049;24)= – Transcomminications Medley Oldiminion – Dawgs of War Soul Position – Mic Control Masta Ace – The Big East Strong Arm Steady & Statik Selektah – Fair Fight Wu-Block – Cocaine Central Meyhem Lauren & DJ Muggs – Murder...


HDD Radio #75: Jazz, Post-Punk, EDM, Noise, and More

Miles Davis – Yellow The Seven Ages of Man – The Age of Conception Fairport Convention – Matty Groves King Ayisoba – Sooba Kalbata Mixmonster – Congo Beat the Drum (feat Major Mackerel) Sully – Encona Mak & Pasteman – Automatik Strange U – Shots Mammal – Repulsion Gnod – Real Man Bosta – Larcia Anal AxDxBx – Algumas Mulberes Tom Giromba GxFxCx – Metallik Rezeegtnuk – Unknown (medley) Pescado – Chanquete is Dead Pescado – Pescad Nordico Breathilizer – Life of...


HDD Radio #74: New Zine, '90s Punk, New Hip-Hop, and More

No Age – Impossible Bouquet L7 – Nonexistent Patricia Trash Talk – Birth Plague Die Can – Doko E, part 1 Irreversible Entanglements – Enough Apollo Brown & Planet Asia – Deep in the Casket Gensu Dean & Wise Intelligent – Damn DJ Format & Abdominal – Dirt Insight & Damu – You Couldn’t See Me Foul Mouth Jerk & Gus Cutty – Fuck That Noise Starvin B – Who Am I Sean Price – Negus (feat MF Doom & Ike Eyez) Sean Price – Rap Professor My Bloody Valentine – Touched My Bloody Valentine...


HDD Radio #72: Luke Sick's "Reinvent the World Explode" Mix

What'up headz?! Guest selector Luke Sick takes command of the HDD Enterprise this time around, spinning a selection of rare NYC hip-hop tracks. Luke is the emcee in rap groups Sacred Hoop, Grand Invincible, and Grand Killa Con. In addition he runs the small-batch record and tape label Megakut Records, and publishes the inimitable Bay area rap zine Let's Side. He's @megakutrecords on Instagram. Behold Luke Sick's HDD Radio exclusive mix: Reinvent the World Explode... Tracklist: Brand...


HDD Radio #71: Guest Host Nathan Paoletta, Chicago Stuff, Spooky Stuff, and More

Happy Halloween you costumed creeps! Nathan Paoletta is our guest host for this extra spooky edition of HotDogDayz Radio. Nathan lives in Chicago, where he designs cool, unique tabletop role-playing games. He's also the co-host of Two Hundred A Day, a podcast dedicated entirely to the The Rockford Files. It's great. Check out NDP Design at You can listen to Two Hundred A Day on iTunes and wherever else podcasts are available. He's @ndpaoletta on Twitter. Nathan spins...


HDD Radio #70: Guest Host Jim Gies, Japanese Punk, Chicago Punk, and More

What's up freaks?!?! Is it already time for another episode of the best radio show on the internet? Yes, yes it is. This time we turn things over to Jim Gies. Jim lives in Chicago, where he plays in bands Boilerman and Rash (among others), writes for Bandcamp Daily, and runs the label and distro Hip Kid Records. He's @jim_gies on Twitter. Hip Kid Records can be found at Jim has just returned from Japan, and he brought along some records the he picked...


HDD Radio #69: Guest Host My Little Brother, All-Seattle Summer Wrapup

What's up Jabronis?!?! Finally HotDogDayz Radio has come BACK... to Seattle... or something. The show continues on without me, as I'm still knee deep in real life and will likely be for a while yet. So I called upon my little brother to help out for this episode. With summer coming to it's official end, RO'B takes to the airwaves to spin some sets inspired by the various block parties he attended in Seattle over the past few months. It's a fun show. Check it out! Tracklist: Don't Talk...


HDD Radio #68: Guest Host Brando Hargen, Powerviolence, Hip-Hop, Metal, Oddities, and More

What's up creeps?! Yo, so I'm like, sooo busy right now that I desperately needed some people to take over the show for a bit. I'll be back eventually, but for the next few episodes we'll have some guest sound selectas steering the ship. There's some very cool shit lined up, trust me. And with that... Brando Hargen steps in with some unique sets of far-out sounds that will both pique and torture your eardrums - fastcore, grind, powerviolence, metal, hip-hop, electro, and, ah, other...


HDD Radio #67: Robert Newsome of Atomic Elbow Fanzine, Killer Hardcore, and More

For only the fourth time ever, and the first time in probably three or four years we have a guest on the show! We have a discussion with Robert Newsome of the Atomic Elbow Professional Wrestling Fanzine. We talk about wrestling and fanzines and wrestling fanzines and music and, really, a whole bunch of other stuff. Then Robert spins some of his current favorite hardcore records. A fun show! Check out Tracklist: Limp Wrist – Façade Freedom –...


HDD Radio #66: Audio Ephemera, Hair Metal, New Punk/HC, and More

Hey! Episodes no.66! That's only 600 away from episode no.666! Worth celebrating, don't you think? Sit back and enjoy some '80s movie snippets, glam metal cassettes, new punk & hardcore records, and more. Thanks for listening! Tracklist: Alice Cooper – I Am the Future Alex Gibson – Punk Parade Tom Tom Club – Wordy Rappinghood Blondie - Telephone Bang Tango – Someone Like You Black ‘N Blue – One For the Money Smashed Gladys – Lick it into Shape Tora Tora – Guilty Twisted Sister –...


HDD Radio #65: Rap Demos, HC Demos, and More

Soda Killers Magazine no.15 is out now. Please check out for more info. tracklist: John Coltrane – Acknowledgement (live) (excerpt) Q-Tip – Native Tongue (ATCQ demo) De La Soul – Sho Nuff (demo) Pete Rock – Rather Unique (AZ instrumental) Natural Elements – Do Your Thing (demo) Jeru the Damaja – God of Rhyming (demo) Tabla Beat Science – Ap Ket Baras (live ’02) Los Nativos – Tierra (feat Mario Morales) Massive Attack – ??? Sly & Robbie – ??? (Black...


HDD Radio #64

Whoa, has one month of summer already gone by? That's total bullshit, am I right? Well, here to ease the pain is another episode of HotDogDayz Radio. A little all-over-the-place, but that's to be expected now isn't it? OK, enough with the questions. Just check it out! Tracklist: Mother Love Bone – Man of Golden Words Claw Hammer – Sundown AC/DC – Let Me Put My Love into You Side By Side – You’re Only Young Once Side By Side – Living a Lie Spazz - Death Rivals of Shaolin The Pist –...


HDD Radio #63: Hey, We're Back!

Yo, we're back on the air! Two months since our last show, we've taken care of the technical difficulties that took us out of the game for a min. So let's all celebrate with some radical music you can most def bug out to. tracklist: Emmanuel Abdul-Rahim – Kalaari Suite (Jazzman) DJ Sotofett – Version Last Waltz – Tunnel Snakes (Red Axex & Naduve Remix) General Ludd – C Xinobi & Lazarusman – See Me Edith Massey – Punks, Get Off the Grass DJ Spanish Fly – A.B.C.D.E.F.G. (Don’t Fuck...


HDD Radio #62: Weekendz Mixtape

I'm back to close out the month of March with a new mix of hand-clappin', body-rockin', disco-breakin', post-punk'n, reggae dub'n jammers. Hardcore weekenders report for duty! Check out the store at to pick up one my fancy new T-shirts and some zines. If you're going to be in Seattle next week for What We Like Fest, holler at me. Twitter & Instagram are both @OMG_NOB. Email is thee.n.o.b(at)gmail(dot)com. Love, Nathan Tracklist: T.S. Monk – Bon Bon...


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