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HotDogDayz Radio is the on-air extension of the zine//mixtape//trash conglomerate that is HotDogDayz.

HotDogDayz Radio is the on-air extension of the zine//mixtape//trash conglomerate that is HotDogDayz.
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HotDogDayz Radio is the on-air extension of the zine//mixtape//trash conglomerate that is HotDogDayz.






HDD Radio #99: Hardcore, Hip-Hop, and More

Back to cap off the year with some beats rhymes life and loud fast rules to please your ears. Check it out! Oh, and if you want to leave a message to be played on the upcoming 100th episode call 612-440-7773. Tracklist: Golden Smog – Pecan Pie Murder City Devils – 364 Days Sonic Youth – White Kross Agnostic Front – Fuck All Authority Agression – Intense Energy Boston Strangler – If I Was You Concealed Blade – The Cruiser Omegas – Pandemonium Man La Misma – Moradia Diat –...


HDD Radio #98: '80s Rap Vinyl and One Spazz Song

Remember how on the last episode I started it off with a hip-hop joint and then played nothing but hard//fast//loud? Let's run it back, flip it, and reverse it... Tracklist: Spazz - Zodiak West Street Mob – Breakdancin’ Electric Boogie Fat Boys – Yes, Yes, Y’all UTFO – Bite It Boogie Boys – Run It Steady B – Get Physical Skinny Boys – We’re Awesome Davy D – Get Busy (feat DJ Hurricane) Dana Dane – Delancey Street Toddy Tee – I Need a Rolex Low Profile – Think You Can...


HDD Radio #97: Gone Bonkers by Death Mixtape

Audio Moodcheck Tracklist: Grand Master Flash & the Furious Five – Adventures of Grandmaster Flash on the Wheels of Steel Healer – Poder Jovem Healer – Sete Anos de Dor Healer – Calamidad Healer – Aparicoes Doces Healer – Extremo Oeste Dare – Dare Dare – Time’s Up Charles Bronson – As Fucked as a Gator Charles Bronson – The Story of My Life SS Decontrol – Fight Them SS Decontrol – Headed Straight Saccharine Trust – We Don’t Need Freedom Saccharine Trust – Community...


HDD Radio #96: Pure F'n Rock

Wassup Rockers?! I'll be at Houston Zine Fest this weekend - Sat, Nov 17, at the Lawndale Art Center. If you're in the area come on through and say Hi. I'll have all my normal zine and tape stuff, as well as a new collection of, ahem, poems. I know, it sounds stupid right? They're good poems though. Or, at the very least, not horrible poems... You know what, let's not worry about the right now. Here's some pure fuckin' rock. Sorry about the sound quality - all these songs come off crappy...


HDD Radio #95: Get Dead By Living Mixtape

Audio Nightmare Tracklist: Anteloper – Fossil Record Giant Swan – Dare Baczkowski / Padmanabha – Trachea pt.1 Preening – Associated Press Baczkowski / Padhamabha – Trachea pt.2 Missing Persons – Rotten to the Core Jacinthebox – Wipe the Church Da Buze Bruvaz - ??? Stretch & Bobbito KCRW excerpt, year unknown Crimeapple & Big Ghost – Crime State of Mind Padkarosda – Repedesek Cankro – Domesticado Stigmatism – End is Near


HDD Radio #94: New T-Shirt, New Zine, '90s Punk, and More

Yo! On this episode you'll hear the MC Lyte vs. Antoinette feud. Then you'll go to and order yourself a MC Lyte vs. Antoinette bootleg T-shirt. Then you'll hear a cornucopia of '90s jams. Then you'll go back to and order yourself a copy of Soda Killers Magazine no.20. Then you'll tell your friends all about this show, the T-shirt, and the zine, and they'll be like, "You're the coolest person I've ever met." Trust me. Tracklist: Audio Two...


HDD Radio #93: Soul, Punk, '90s Stuff, and More

Good morning! My son and I played some music for you. We think you'll like it. Actually, we know you'll like it.


HDD Radio #92: Jazz, Hip-Hop, Hardcore, and More

Listen as I read some stuff and play some music. All of it is good... except maybe the part where I read and the first jazz song. Everything else is good though, I promise.


HDD Radio #91: Rap, Noisy Punk, and More

HotDogDayz Radio in effect mode. Tracklist: Willie Nelson – Hello Walls (live) Willie Nelson – Funny (How Time Slips Away) (live) Willie Nelson – Night Life (live) Unknown Artist – ??? Revelation – Jah Feelings Kurtis Blow – Hard Times Twilight 22 – Electric Kingdom Kurtis Blow – I’m Chillin’ Tha Alkaholiks – L-I-K-S Public Enemy – Unstoppable (feat KRS-One) Dead Moon – Don’t Burn the Fires Special Interest – Disease Medusssa – Cover Gurl Red Transistor – We’re Not...


HDD Radio #90: World Beat, Punk, Metal, Grind, Crust, and More

Hey there, I've just released Soda Killers Magazine no.19. Please check out to get yourself a copy. And while you're waiting for it to arrive in the mail, you can listen to this cool radio show. Tracklist: Tracy Chapman – Fast Car (excerpt) Jeff Gilson – Suite Pour San Remo Ouverture Eddy Grant – Electric Avenue Sly Fox – Let’s Go All the Way Karmix – Sabhyata Fadela & Sahraoui – Mani Sin Palabres – Salsita King Ghazi – Shameleh Inside – Wizzard...


HDD Radio #89: Hip-Hop, Hardcore, Punk, and More

What's it been, two days since the last episode? Cool, right? Hope so. If you like what you heard, spread the word. Thanks! -Nathan G Tracklist: Twangbangers – Truck Drivin’ Man Twangbangers – I Gotta Get Drunk Those Legendary Shack-Shakers – The CB Song Primus – The Ol Diamondback (Fisherman’s Chronicles, pt.3) Red Hot Chili Peppers – Mellowship Slinky in B-Major Violent Femmes – Black Girls On Tilt – Detox with More Liquor (Grip Grand remix) Syze One – Turn Invisible (feat Luke...


HDD Radio #88: Reggae, Thrash, Hardcore, Punk, and More

Hey y'all, I'm back from hiatus. Psyched to play some music for you once again. I've got some cool sets lined up. Check it out, and if you feel inclined, spread the word. Peace! -Nathan G. Tracklist: Desmond Dekker & the Aces – Reggae Recipe Scotty – Draw Your Brakes Peter Tosh – Ketchy Shuby Burning Spear – Jordan River Burning Spear – Workshop (Red, Gold and Green) Black Uhuru – Sound Man Style (In Dub) (feat Sly & Robbie) HR – Fool’s Gold (Dub) Chicks on Speed – Polar...


HDD Radio #87: Guest Host My Little Brother

It's Nathan's Little Brother in the saddle for the time being. Here's a mix of jams you're sure to enjoy! Tracklist: Aesop Rock – Kirby Awol One & Nathaniel Motte – Sexy Molecules Lucas – Fall In Love Circus vs. Andre Afram Asmar – We Are Not Alone Portishead – Numb SAFIA – Make Them Wheels Roll Mateo Kingman – Mi Pana (Atropolis Remix) Pusha T – Hard Piano (feat Rick Ross) Existereo – Sundials (feat Medusa & Mikah 9) Original Koffee – Raggamuffin Dre Skull – Loudspeaker Riddim...


HDD Radio #86: Guest Host My Little Brother

Yo! Summer, am I right? My little brother is back in the driver's seat for this episode, straight outta Seattle. Check out this heterogeneous* mix of reggae, R&B, soul, reggaeton, hip-hop, and more. *Cool word, right? It sounds bad, but all it means is like, "eclectic" or whatever. Look it up if you don't trust me. Tracklist: Protoje – No Guarantee (feat Chronixx) Kabaka Pyramid – Kontraband (feat Damian Jr. Gong Marley) M.I.A. – Visa Brownout – Shut ‘Em Down Nickodemus – Immortals...


HDD Radio #85: The Lost Episode

This was originally intended to be episode no.15 way back in the summer of 2013. If you go back through the archives you'll see there was never an episode no.15. That's because I hated the way the audio on the talking parts came out, so I never put it up. Well, long story short, I'm in a jam for content to round out the month, so I'm putting it up now. Don't pay attention to the talking parts (it's obviously dated, and you won't be able to hear them anyway) but please do enjoy an hour of...


HDD Radio #84: Guest Host Brando Hargen

KAWAII SPRING SKATE MIX 2018 Guest host Brando is back for another episode. This time with his Super Kawaii Spring Skate Mix to bring in the sunny days of 2018. Enjoy the cocktail of hip-hop, punk rock, and metal madness while expanding the depths of your mind with priceless hot dog knowledge. Together we will lift the curse of your boring ass commute to work. Follow your host on twitter @xenodistortion for more tall tales and Chronicles of Riddick. Tracklist: D-Styles - Beautiful Ugly...


HDD Radio #83: Guest Host Nathan Paoletta

Nathan Paoletta is back! You might remember Nathan as the guest host back on episode no.71. This time around he spins some nostalgia-laced sets that hark back to his youth. Check it out! Nathan lives in Chicago, where he designs cool, unique tabletop role-playing games. He's also the co-host of Two Hundred A Day, a podcast dedicated entirely to the The Rockford Files. It's great. Check out NDP Design at You can listen to Two Hundred A Day on iTunes and wherever else podcasts...


HDD Radio #82: New Zine, Punk, Metal, and More

Hey creeps! Head on over to and pick up a copy of the brand new issue of Soda Killers Magazine. Tracklist: Nimam Spregleda – Fire Lou Harrison – Song of Quetzalcoatl L’Ultimo Arcano – 1984 1985 Angelic Upstarts – Police Oppression Attak – Murder in the Subway XTC – Here Comes President Kill The Guess Who – Guns Guns Guns Velvet Underground – The Black Angels of Death Song Dead Milkmen – Let’s Get the Baby High The Breeders – Roi Judge Nothing –...


HDD Radio #81: Guest Host Robert Newsome

You might remember Robert Newsome as the special guest back on episode no.67. Well he's back, this time running the show on his own. And oh man, is it ever a good one. Virtually no genre goes untouched! Sit back and enjoy. Robert is the editor and publisher of The Atomic Elbow Professional Wrestling Fanzine. He's just released the 25th issue. You can find that and other cool stuff at You can find him on Twitter at @atomic_elbow. Tracklist: Chuck Cirino –...


HDD Radio #80: Jazz, Post-Punk, Reggae, EDM, Oddities, and More

I've started a newsletter. It's on paper. It comes in the mail. And it's free. All you have to do is email me at with your mailing address. Tracklist: ELO - Diary of Horace Wimp Aliotta Haynes Jerimiah - Lake Shore Drive Die Like a Dog Quartet - Jazz Festival Berlin 1995 (live) Wolfgang Tillmans - Fast Lane Saara Saara - X (live) Samo DJ - Downer Annette Peacock - My Momma Never Taught Me How to Cook 2 Foot Flame - Peacock Coal WFMU 1997 (live) Count Vertigo -...