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Johnny Franck (Attack Attack!, Bilmuri)

Episode 173 - Former clean vocalist/guitarist of Attack Attack Johnny Franck joins the show! After 3 relatively short years and 2 huge albums, Johnny left AA! to focus on his relationship with God. Now, he works as a producer and has his own project Bilmuri (pronounced Bill Murray) which has put out a whopping 8 albums in just a few years. Shane and Johnny discuss songwriting, the myth of needing good gear to make good recordings, and his crazy time in Attack Attack on tour as a...


Lauren Kashan (Sharptooth)

Episode 172 - Lauren Kashan of Sharptooth joins the show! Taking time out of the recording of their sophomore album, Lauren speaks freely about her early years as a tomboy, being sent to a rehab cult in Florida, and finding hardcore shows in Baltimore that led her to start her band. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


Caleb Shomo (Beartooth)

Ep. 1 - Caleb Shomo joins the show to talk about his childhood, growing up in the music industry, mental illness, the turbulent history of Attack Attack, and the success of his current band, Beartooth. Find more info on Lead Singer Syndrome at www.leadsingersyndrome.com and subscribe on iTunes today! This show is part of the Jabberjaw Media podcast network. (www.jabberjawmedia.com) Presented by Sound Rink, an experience company. (www.soundrink.com) Additional support provided by Kings Road....


Cory Lockwood (A Lot Like Birds, Sufferer)

Episode 171 - Cory Lockwood, known for his work in A Lot Like Birds joins the show! Cory has a new supergroup called Sufferer, featuring members of Hail The Sun and I The Mighty, tackling the subject of mental health within their lyrics. This "concept project" discusses depression and anxiety and how creativity can help overcome it. Cory and Shane discuss the challenge of writing an album while based in different locations, his own struggles with mental health, his book he is currently...


Michael Bohn (ex-Issues, Woe Is Me, WildHeart)

Episode 170 - Lead Drummer Syndrome? Michael Bohn, former lead vocalist of Issues and Woe Is Me is back with a new band WildHeart where he's playing his heart out on his first instrument - drums. Michael speaks to Shane in this very honest conversation, discussing his "blindsided" departure from Issues, his new band, and why you won't see a Woe Is Me 10 year tour any time soon. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


The (voice) Mail Bag Episode

This week, something a little different! I, your host Shane Told, answer all the burning questions submitted from members of the All Access Club! We cover everything from writing and screaming, interview techniques, tour stories, my favorite (and least favorite venues), and embarrassing high school stories as well. Have a listen! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


Ryan Clark (Demon Hunter)

Episode 168 - Demon Hunter frontman Ryan Clark joins the show! A band that rarely tours, yet has one of the most rabid fan bases out there, I've been intrigued and wanted to pick Ryan's brain for a long time. We talk about his early years growing up in a Christian household ("I had to hide my Slayer CD's under my bed"), his extremely successful design career (he's worked with everyone from NASA to Lego), designing all the classic "scene" album covers in the mid 2000's, and the bands bond...


Cody Carson (Set It Off)

Episode 167 - Set It Off frontman Cody Carson joins the show!! Fresh off a brand new album and back on tour, Cody and Shane discuss the shift in Set It Off’s style from pop-punk to horror punk to straight pop, incorporating the new stuff into the live show, his upbringing in a musical family and classical music background, and his surprising passion for woodwind instruments. Need merch?? Yes you do! Go to rockabilia.com for OVER HALF A MILLION officially licensed items and use promo code...


Lauren Babic (CrazyEightyEight, Red Handed Denial)

Episode 166 - Lauren Babic, the incredible singer/screamer of both supergroup CrazyEightyEight, and her own Toronto based act Red Handed Denial joins the show! We discuss her humble beginnings playing trumpet in a ska band before honing her craft in her bedroom/car to develop one of the best screams in the scene. Also discussed is CrazyEightyEight’s “Postal Service” writing methods with 3 members living in different countries, and her day job as a high school substitute teacher. Love band...


Kurt Travis (Dance Gavin Dance, A Lot Like Birds, Royal Coda)

Episode 165 - Kurt Travis, one of the hardest working people in rock 'n roll, joins the show! Shane and Kurt discuss a lot of never before discussed topics, like his interesting upbringing as the son of a famous gymnast, his plethora of musical projects, and the real story of his departure from Dance Gavin Dance. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


John Cooper (Skillet, Fight The Fury)

Episode 164 - Skillet and Fight The Fury frontman John Cooper joins the show! One of the nicest guys in Rock 'n Roll, John and Shane discuss topics such as John writing 50-70 songs per Skillet album (!!!); his intensely strict religious upbringing where all pop music, black clothes and even Christian rock music was banned, as well as being in a band with his wife (for 20 years and counting) including bringing his kids on tour for the last 16 years. Bonus: John ranks his favorite and least...


Zac Carper (FIDLAR)

Episode 163 - Zac Carper has seen some shit. As frontman of party punkers FIDLAR, he's battled heroin addiction and repressed memories of sexual abuse, but has continually turned heads and surprised people with a unique brand of slacker street punk with an odd appeal in the mainstream. With a brand new 3rd LP out featuring some of their best songs, and a (mostly) sober path forward, what's next for FIDLAR? Shane and Zac talk about his abnormal upbringing in Hawaii, his surprising love for...


Anthony DeMario (Capstan)

Episode 162 - Capstan's Anthony DeMario joins the shows this week! Recently signed to the massive Fearless Records, this band might seem like a brand new band just hot on the scene, but they've been bringing their unique brand of pop-punkish-post-hardcore to fans all over the South-East USA for years. At age 29, Anthony might be older than most lead singers signing their first record deals, but no one is hungrier than him, or the other 4 members of Capstan to make some big waves. This is...


Hollywood Undead (Danny and J-Dog)

Episode 161 - Hollywood Undead is here! Most bands have one lead singer, Hollywood Undead has FIVE! How does that dynamic affect their writing style, their decision making and how they get along? Danny and J-Dog take a time out from the studio to jump on the line with Shane to discuss that, the arrival of Danny at a critical time in the bands history, their often controversial lyrics, emo rap, turning 18, threesomes, and of course - weed. Get 10% off your entire order from Rockabilia.com -...


Mikey Carvajal (Islander)

Episode 160 - HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! It's Jan 2nd, and today I spoke with Mikey of Islander, one of the nicest and most honest guys in the scene. We chat everything from his upbringing in a bi-racial family in South Carolina, to getting started in the punk scene, making friends with seemingly every rockstar ever, and getting kicked off Warped Tour the first time they ever played it. Check out Rockabilia.com for ALL of your band merch needs! Use promo code PCJABBERJAW and save 10% off your...


Trevor Phipps (Unearth)

Episode 159 - Unearth frontman Trevor Phipps joins the show for this special holiday episode! Boston, Massachusetts' Unearth rarely get the credit they should as being one of the pioneers of true "metalcore" - combining modern metal and modern hardcore together. But after 20 years, 7 albums, and countless world tours - Unearth isn't going anywhere and continue to draw rabid crowds on the strength of a near flawless back catalog. Trevor and Shane discuss everything from poker to acid reflux,...


Steven Page (ex-Barenaked Ladies)

Episode 158 - Big episode this week! Steven Page, former lead vocalist of Barenaked Ladies joins the show! in 2009, amid much controversy, Steven suddenly left Barenaked Ladies - a group he co-founded in 1988. Since, he's had a successful solo career, and earlier this year for the first time in 9 years, BNL reunited for a one-off performance for the Junos / Canadian Music Hall of Fame. Shane and Steven discuss this years reunion, the early days, the somehow "wholesome" reputation of BNL, the...


Cove Reber Pt. 2 (Saosin, Dead American) + RYLS

Episode 157 - In this second of a two-part series with Cove Reber (ex-Saosin, Dead American) we hit the ground running again! Cove discusses his departure from Saosin, his devotion to his fans, his hiatus from music, and a lot more! Also - I sit down with Jade and Sahar of RYLS (pronounced "Royals") a brand new independent band from Toronto who are turning heads with their new single "Waves", and are about to release their debut EP. The fires have been put out, but people are reeling in...


Cove Reber Pt. 1 (Saosin, Dead American)

Episode 156 - Cove Reber joins the show! In this two part series, we go SUPER in-depth about Cove's background and the incredible way he ended up as the singer of his favorite band of all time - Saosin. Since Cove and Saosin went their separate ways in 2010 - he hasn't done very much. With original singer Anthony Green back in Saosin, Cove now has a new project of his own - Dead American. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


Ben Cook (No Warning, Young Guv, Fucked Up)

Episode 155 - Ben Cook, frontman of Canadian Hardcore legends No Warning joins the show! Ben also plays guitar in Fucked Up and has a solo project called Young Guv. Discussed are his wide range of projects, his interesting upbringing as a mainstream child actor, being a self confessed "shit disturber" in his youth, run-ins with Fred Durst, and how he had to answer to Linkin Park while making the second No Warning album. Please help victim of the California Wild Fires! Donate at least $10 to...