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Episode 14 - True Crime, a Dramatic Reading and QUESTION TIME

This week the boys are brought to you in STEREO for the first time, which only really affects the music but it's still pretty cool, right? Lots of talking points including but not limited to true crime, AI, other podcasts, death stats and even more eggcorns, rounding out with a few questions from listeners that have come to us via our Instagrams. Send us DM's with questions/ topics/ anything else you'd like to hear us talk about at: @lifedontstoppodcast @samlptrgl @svmhvmes or send us...


Episode 13 - 2019 vs 2015, Greggs and Game Shows

A little later than expected but the boys are back for their first episode of 2019! A short reflection of the year so far, a little look into the past and a helping of current events in the form of Vegan Sausage Rolls. Like/ Rate/ Review/ Subscribe and follow @lifedontstoppodcast, @samlptrgl, @svmhvmes


Episode 12 - 2018 Roundup, Free Will and more Egg-Corning

The Boys are back with a slightly more structured conversation talking their way through the year as it comes to a close, with an added bit of deeper conversation and more eggcorns for your funny bones.


Episode 11 - The Rebirth

Guess who's back? After several hostile take overs and interest of turning the podcast into a movie which fell through, I'm back to chat more shit than ever before. A slight reformatting that will hopefully make the podcast more consistent again but we'll see wont we? Like/ Rate/ Review/ Subscribe


Episode 10 - Drunkcast with Sam Correa and Lewis Pickering (Sibling)

To celebrate getting to 10 episodes of Life Don't Stop I'm joined by 2 of 3 other members of Sibling to get drunk and talk about whatever happens to come up. Unfortunately we drank so much we forgot to take a picture for the episode, but we did finish a new song at practice the next day whilst very hungover so it all levelled out eventually. This will be the last episode posted before I take a break. This is not the end, I will be back before you know it with more episodes Thanks for all the...


Episode 9 - Kizz Lewis

Today I'm joined by Kizz Lewis to talk about how he went from filling in for friends bands to tour managing some of the biggest DJs working right now.


Episode 8 - James McAllister & Wolfie Cloutman (Part II)

This week we have part II of my conversation with James McAllister, we're also treated to the company of Wolfie Cloutman for the first 25 or so minutes. We delve a little further into what life is like on the road when you have no set destination.


Episode 7 - James McAllister (Part I)

This week on the podcast I'm joined by one half of Matt and Jim to generally just chat shit for about an hour. The first half of this conversation mainly consists of us catching up after not seeing each other for the best part of a year and we get a bit more content heavy in the second part that will be coming next week. To follow James' music like


Episode 6 - Paul Howells & Ciaran Scanlon (Fizzy Blood)

This week on the podcast I'm joined by my pals Paul and Ciaran of Fizzy Blood for a brief chat about all things Fizzy. We talk about what it's like being tipped as the next big thing, how to piss off neighbours and about dogs pooing where they shouldn't.


Episode 5 - Hugo Lloyd-Winder (Catfell Studios)

This week on the podcast I branch out from musicians and talk to one of my best and oldest friend Hugo. We talk about what it's like being a struggling artist and how to keep pushing through the doubt to follow your dreams. As well as a lot of spacey shit that he kind of lost me with.


Episode 4 - Thomas Debaere (Counting Days, Ex Heights/ Dead Weight)

This week on the podcast i sit down with my good from Thomas Debaere to discuss all things band related. Including what he's up to now, being recognised at Potters Bar station before the first Dead Weight practice and how it unfolded with him no longer being part of Heights (and a couple of embarrassing tour stories to round it off)


Episode 3 - M.I.C (Master of Inane Conversation)

This week on the podcast I sit down with my friend M.I.C (master of inane conversation) shortly after the release show for his latest ep 'Heaven is Black', although most of the conversation ends up being about metal and hardcore. We also talk about being vegan, being straight edge and drawing influence from game and movie soundtracks.


Episode 2 - Jake Marlowe (Desolated, War Master)

This week I'm joined by my good friend Jake Marlowe. We talk about what it's like playing in bands whether it be small or big, how much fun touring in other countries is and how Metallica is better than Youth of Today. Music production by Adam Train - Fundraiser for Shelter by Holly Draper -


Episode 1 - Benio Baumgart (Sibling)

For the first episode of the Life Don't Stop Podcast I'm joined by my good friend and band mate Benio Baumgart. We talk about how we met, old bands, going to the gym and mental health amongst other things.