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Hosted by Mac Powell of Grammy winning band Third Day and radio personality Tug Cowart from Kicks 101.5 WKHX/Atlanta, GA.

Hosted by Mac Powell of Grammy winning band Third Day and radio personality Tug Cowart from Kicks 101.5 WKHX/Atlanta, GA.
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Hosted by Mac Powell of Grammy winning band Third Day and radio personality Tug Cowart from Kicks 101.5 WKHX/Atlanta, GA.






Mac And Tug Show #41

On the show #MacAndTug talk about the snowstorm that hit Atlanta and forced Mac to cancel his homecoming show Mac shares a gift he got for his daughter Scout and what was on his son Cash’s Christmas wish list and Mac is super proud of it Mac and Tug discuss the increase in price for Netflix users and his strong feelings about the increase The guys share a couple TV shows their watching that you might like too as well as some new music you have to hear from Chris Stapelton Tug has a “Nerd...


Mac And Tug Show 40

On the show Mac and Tug discuss the Powell’s recent family trip to Arizona as well as Mac’s west coast Winter Jam stops. Mac has a very intimate Christmas show coming up in his home town of Marietta, Ga. and what you can expect it to be like … including what Mac will be wearing?!? The guys talk college football briefly as the season winds down as well as some movie show reviews for Thor: Ragnarok and The Avengers: Infinity War Tug shares a funny story from the filming of the TV show Ozark...


Mac And Tug Show #38

On the show, Mac gives you an inside look at the show's he's been playing with Country music and television star Craig Morgan. The guys talk a little about sports and even do an Instagram Live to ask how much they should be talking about sports on the show. To close out, Mac and Tug talk about a couple new movies Mac cannot wait to see and Tug has a lot of catching up to do!


The Mac And Tug Show #36

On the show … find out why can Mac and Tug not be friends unless it they are recording? The guys talk college football and a TV show both Mac and Tug are watching called “Last Chance U.” You may like it too, even if you don’t like sports at all. Mac and Tug will explain why. There are two other show’s the guys discuss on the show, “The Sinner” & “Game of Thrones,” plus Mac shares a few podcasts about the show he’s been listening to. The guys play a couple new songs for you, one from the...


MacAndTug #34

On the show Mac and Tug discuss the Love Songs Getaway that Mac and his wife Amy just got back from and a venue change for next year. They talk about rapper “Froggy Fresh,” it’s tough to explain so you have to hear it. The guys count down the greatest songs of the 80’s … Mac and Tug’s lists are COMPLETELY different. Which list will you prefer? Tug questions Mac about a few things like, where Mac is in the process of doing a new country record, what comes first, music or lyrics, and also...


Mac And Tug Show #32

On the show Mac and Tug talk about the brand new Third Day single “Revival” as well as why it may sound a little different on the album than it does on the radio. Mac tells you about a scary car wreck he was in recently and why he is driving a white pickup truck that isn’t his Mac and Tug sample some of the new Chris Stapleton album … it is amazing! Tug is going to Pandora: The World of Avatar and he has a lot to learn Mac took his two youngest kids to see the newest Smurfs movie and he...


Mac And Tug Show #29

On the show … Mac and Tug recap some of the craziness with the Super Bowl, favorite commercials, halftime and the new “24 Legacy,” Mac also share a new TV show he just completed watching on Amazon, called “Sneaky Pete.” The guys talk about their trip to the Georgia State Capitol for the Georgia Music Partners and the Recording Academy aka the Grammy’s. They welcome Jan Smith (@mamajan) vocal coach to many of your favorite artists and Mac makes her name drop a few of them … yes you’ll know...


Mac And Tug Show #28

On the show ... Mac talk about the Inauguration and the NFL Playoffs. The guys welcome Brett Dalton, from "The Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D" as well as the star of the new movie, "The Resurrection of Gavin Stone." Mac, Tug and Brett discuss the movie and what he does when he isn't being an actor. Believe or not, Brett is really into mopeds?!? The topic of Scientology comes up in reference to a documentary called, "Going Clear" from HBO. Finally Mac does an acoustic version of a song call, "I Have...


Mac And Tug Show #27

On the show ... Mac and Tug talk about Mac’s trip to the National Championship Game and who he ran into while there and on the way home. Mac says the Golden Globes are his favorite awards show and Tug explains why he doesn’t watch them. Tug shares a book he is reading by Benjamin Watson called, Under Our Skin and he shares some audio of Snoop Dogg giving some love to the country group Little Big Town. Mac shares the time when a HUGE COUNTRY STAR reached out to he and Third Day to ask if he...


Mac And Tug Show #26

On the show Mac and Tug look back at 2016 … Mac talks about the fun and silly parts of the tour he did to end the year. Mac does his Top 6 of 2016 - Favorite Movies, Shows and Music … The guys do a recap in social media pictures and tell you what they’re looking most forward to in 2017!


Mac And Tug Show #23

On the show Mac shares with you why this last-minute trip to Disney World may have been the best Disney trip he and his family has ever taken Mac and Tug talk about Halloween, and a show that Tug watched that Mac calls his new favorite Mac asks Tug the question … what is radio looking for these days? Mac tells you about his first EVER country tour and then shares a big Christmas tour he is going on … you may or may not be surprised by the songs Tug suggests for Mac perform on the Christmas...


Mac And Tug Show #21

On the show … Mac and Tug talk about Mac’s plan for the rest of the 2016 because he is off the road through the end of the year. Mac updates Third Day fans about the new album and when you may be able to hear some of it and he gives you an update about his new country project The guys talk about Eric Paslay, an artist they both really like and you will too Mac will recommend a few movies including one he said is mindless, absolutely HYSTERICAL and based on a true story. He will also give...


Mac And Tug Show #20

On the show Mac and Tug tell you how you can subscribe to the podcast … on the iTunes Podcast App and on SoundCloud for Android users Mac talks about the tour he is on with Steven Curtis Chapman and Brandon Heath. He will also tell you what city in Ohio has one of the best art museums in America. The guys discuss a recent gas shortage and how it affected them and discuss how a small disruption in our everyday life could lead to major issues one day … Mac gets to brag on his daughter...


Mac And Tug Show #18

On the show … Why does Mac look like he was injured in battle when he comes into the studio? You’ll find out and you’ll find out why he almost fainted! What country music superstar did Mac pass up seeing and hanging with to watch some college football … And the guys stay on the subject of college football with Chuck Oliver from Sports Radio 680 The Fan … and get this … Chuck has a memory like an elephant … you will be blown away by the things, AND DATES, he can remember … Mac and Tug talk...


Mac And Tug Show #14

On the show … Mac share’s what its like to record an album, the emotions, the insecurities that he faces during the process and how much fun it is in the end Tug doesn’t watch much TV but he has some favorite shows that he will share … and mac and tug would love your opinion on them too Mac’s twitter account got hacked and he had to try to figure out how to fix the problem … btw … it caused him to miss finding Dori Mac has mentioned on the show before he couldn’t be a contestant on a TV...


Mac And Tug Show #12

On the show … Mac and Tug welcome 3-time Grammy winner and children’s book author Coy Bowles from Zac Brown Band! Find out what Coy does to wind down when he has a break from the road. We think you’ll love it! Mac shares what he considers to be the best live band he has ever seen and the main places he has ideas for writing new songs ... You may be really surprised by one of them (Sarcastically stated) Tug shares a strange addiction he has that Mac hopes isn’t harmful to him!?! The guys...


Mac And Tug Show #11

On The Show Mac and Tug Discuss the final leg of the Third Day Tour. Tug causes a mascara alert at his son Jakob's game on Mother's Day. Mac talks about the mentor's he's had in his life. Mac saw Captain America and Tug actually watched a movie, albeit a movie about baseball. The guys describe what their wives do that drive the crazy ... in a good way. Finally, Mac and Tug discuss Hillary Scott of Lady Antebellum new faith based album and they connect with David Pollack from ESPN: College...