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Hip-Hop & Culture Podcast based out of Tokyo, Japan; three diverse hosts with as diverse opinions. Episodes drop twice a month with special guests and a report of upcoming shows in Tokyo! You won't want to miss it!!

Hip-Hop & Culture Podcast based out of Tokyo, Japan; three diverse hosts with as diverse opinions. Episodes drop twice a month with special guests and a report of upcoming shows in Tokyo! You won't want to miss it!!
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Hip-Hop & Culture Podcast based out of Tokyo, Japan; three diverse hosts with as diverse opinions. Episodes drop twice a month with special guests and a report of upcoming shows in Tokyo! You won't want to miss it!!




MLS #077: Pokemon Swag w/ Imani and Maasi Oak

Imani and Maasi Oak! Blerds in the building! Today we got Imani and Maasi Oak! Imani is a singer/songwriter/ artist that also rocks with Bae Tokyo. Maasi Oak is an emcee and also one of Lates old friends from college back stateside. Both of them are super blerds and very much into Pokemon. They've collaborated to create a really dope track about being unapologetic Pokemon fans and the type of swagger that comes with that energy. Imani had to duck out before we could record a whole episode...


MLS076 ft. Asuka and Nami w/ Shad AD

Back with another one! This time we have two Japanese artists, Asuka and Nami, along with our brother slash former guest Shad AD. Asuka and Nami tell us about their music, how they linked up with Shad, and why they've decided to make music in English. Singing, rapping, and playing piano! We have a very dope convo about the power of music and how it can break cultural and language barriers, unlike Late! Make sure to check out the Weather Forecast at the end of the episode so you can hear...


MLS #075: Rocky "Azucar" Romero w/ Chris Charlton

Rocky "Azucar" Romero is a Cali raised international Super-star Pro-Wrestler with New Japan Pro Wrestling. Having started wrestling at the early age of 15, hes been wresting alongside some of the sports greatest stars for over 2 decades. During this time he's worn many masks and branched out from just performing in the ring. Hes also an actor, producer, emcee, mentor and ringside announcer. Former guest of the show, writer, announcer, fellow podcaster, and living encyclopedia of wrestling...


MLS会話Mix w/ Katohmy and Marvell

Yo! The Gods are agile. Even in the face of adversity (don't be on no 星 shit in the Leiwa era) Mega Late were able to pull through. Using the good help of our friends, unofficial MLS members Marvell and Katohmy, we took an unnecessarily trying session and turned it into a cool little catch up with the homies. You might remember Katohmy from episode 007 with Sunday Replay and Marvell from various eps helping out with the Nihongo. Although we get caught up a bit before we have to cut the convo...


MLS # 074: New Style Hustle w/ Eri and Zabu feat Isom

Eri and Zabu are a super dope dance duo that helped to popularize the New Style Hustle dance in Tokyo. Coming from dance back grounds, Eri from ballet and Zabu from hip-hop/locking, together they decided to begin practicing the New Style Hustle techniques. Over the last half decade they have become two of the most prominent names associated with the dance here in Japan and are teaching the techniques to anyone interested. Recently they were featured on NHK showcasing the dance to the entire...



Greatest Albums List again?? Again & again!!! After a scheduled interview became unscheduled, we pivoted into another edition of our ever-growing, ongoing project, The List. The gods are agile. If you're just now tuning in, we have been looking at albums (only choice selections) that have been released since 2010 and ranking them against each other. This time we have added: JAY Z - Magna Carta...Holy Grail Elzhi - Elmatic Childish Gambino - R O Y A L T Y RSXGLD - RSXGLD Peep the end of the...


MLS #073: "The Nostalgia King" Skeme Richards

Skeme Richards is one of Phillys greatest sons! Amongst a million other things, he is a member of the legendary Rock Steady Crew, a global DJ, cultural ambassador, burger connoisseur, and preserver of culture. Having started Djing in the earliest days of "hip-hop," Skeme, has nearly 40 years of experiences and observations as an active participant. Known as the "Nostalgia King," hes taken note of the dynamic shifts and changes within emceeing, djing, graffiti, and breaking; as well as their...


MLS Great Decade Album Debate Ever pt. 5

Yo, back at it with the hottest talk of the town! 10 years in the making!! Here's our effort to determine what were the best pieces of work done since 2010. Opinions! We're talking albums/mixtapes/projects and putting the patented Mega Late Show analytical 200 IQ™️ examination process against them. Debate is healthy and fosters friendship!! This go round we have added: A$AP Rocky - LONG.LIVE.A$AP Laws - 4:57 ForteBowie - Vice Haus 2 Ghostface Killah - Adrian Younge Presents: 12 Reasons To...


MLS #072: The DJ Ken-Bo Episode with Dj Ken-Ske

DJ Ken-Bo is one of Japans true OGs in hip-hop culture. He started dancing and DJ over 35 years ago. To give an indication of how long its been, his first foreign friends were the Pharcyde before they even released an album. We talk a lot of about Ken-bo's experiences over the last few decades, the state of the music scene in japan and how things have changed. We also had returning guest and friend of the show, Dj Ken-Ske (ep 06), come to join the convo. Both Ken-bo and Ken-ske speak English...


MLS #071: the Return of Dj T5U of the 3 Black Geeks Podcast

The Return of Dj T5U! T5U is a DJ, Photographer, Cinematographer and 1/3rd of the wildly successful 3 Black Geeks Podcast. We geek out heavy this episode as T5U prepares to return back to the States after nearly a decade in Japan. Steze AKA Sound Giggy and Akira join us as guest hosts. Dig it and share. Weather Report: Mega: Devin Morrison - No Dj T5U: Rasco - Smooth Sailin' Late: Varnish La Piscine - Yukulele LINKS:


MLS Every Album Of The Decade Ever #04

This week weve got another installment of our Every Album of the Decade list. This is an ongoing project where we (and sometime company) rank albums that have been released since 2010. Using our finely tuned analytical instruments, we discuss the inherent qualities, merit, impact, legacy, and vibe of these albums and cast them against others to see where they land. On this episode were adding 6 albums: Joey Bada$$ - All- Amerikkkan Bada$$ Nickelus F - Vices Jayden Smith - Syre Drake - If...


MLS #070: Chris Charlton and New Japan Pro Wrestling

From the cheap seats to the announcer table! This is a special episode with one of the emerging voices in pro-wrestling, Chris Charlton! Chris is an award winning writer, historian, and voice in the Japanese pro wrestling community. His book, Eggshells: Pro-Wrestling in the Tokyo Dome, is an in-depth look at the history of pro-wrestling in the world famous Tokyo Dome. He is currently working as an English announcer for New Japan Pro-Wrestling organization and on his way to Madison Square...


MLS #069: Black Rebranded with The Urban Aristocrat

Yo brand new brilliance! Weve got the entrepreneurial excellence of our brother The Urban Aristocrat. Urban is somewhat new to the Tokyo scene but is already making big moves. He helped create the Brothas and Sistas Tokyo group which focuses on connecting the black community here in Tokyo and hes also behind Black Rebranded. Which is a worldwide group focused on creating a connective platform and community for black expats. on top of that hes a DJ and recently created one of the most...


MLS #068: The Raw Urban Mobile Podcast Episode

Emphatically yes! The Raw Urban Mobile Podcast is one of the most interesting podcasts in Japan. Together, Tokyo Cliff and Shockolate Buddha, interview and converse with interesting guests in their "mobile man cave." They've recorded with some incredible guests of all walks of life here in Tokyo. Lawyers, restaurant owners, film makers, basketball players, famous actors and so many other interesting people in Tokyo. Its truly one of the best places to gain perspective about experiences in...


MLS #067: The Young Richard Episode with IAMJESSE

Young Richard has been young for a long time! Hes a multi-hyphenate artist that works in several fields of art including photography, music production and djing. Originally from the Bronx and now living in Japan for a few decades, we discuss is upbringing in the the New York Club Scene and how he was djing at several legendary venues with several legendary people while he did photography and produced music. He talks about those experiences as well how Tokyo has evolved/changed over the last...


MLS #066: The L Evate of Life Parc Episode

Ehyoo Special episode for yall today! We got the homie and friend of the show, L Evate, in studio today. L is a house dancer, dj and event organizer for Life Parc. Life Parc is a reoccuring dance party for all ages and walks of life, inspired by New York Park jams. We talk about L's event partners, how he got into house and hiphop music, growing up in Hiroshima and all types of ish. Tune in, hit the like and stuff! Weather Reports: Mega: Elzhi - The World is Yours L Evate: The Crusaders -...


MLS #065: The Rhyming Gaijin Episode w/ Shad AD

Peace! Rhyming Gaijin is an emcee, producer, Guiness Book world record holder and creative. Hes infamously known around Tokyo for his ability to freestyle about any and everything. We caught up with him to talk about his process, living in japan, his popular youtube channel, his musical taste, freestyling and much more. Also the homie and friend of the show Shad AD came in to carry the third mic. Shout out to all the stuff. Thanks for rocking with us. Weather Reports : Shad AD - Isiah Rashad...


MLS #64: The Maya Hatch Episode with MC Boodah and M. Cleuver

Maya Hatch is super dope! She is a Japanese American singer songwriter and performer thats been honing her craft here and in the states for the last few decades. We caught up with her and her fiance, friend of the show and former guest, MC Boodah to talk about their new collaboration project UNME. As well as a bunch of other stuffs like working on a japanese childrens show, Tiding Up with Marie Kondo, and growing up biracial in Japan. We also had the new homie M Cleuver of Tokyo Provoke in...


MLS #63: The Ajay Boundless Episode

Ajay is a multi medium creative and DJ. We first linked up with Ajay on the podcast nearly two years ago and hes been extra busy every since. On this episode Ajay gives us a brief run down of all his creative projects as well as his experiences in tokyo, both good and bad. Lots of interesting details that yall should tune in for. Mega Late Show OG, Steze, came through a help cohost this one as well. We also continue the ever growing Best album of the last 10 years" debate and added 3 more...


MLS #62: The Shux Wun Episode

Yo peace, you! Another long and action packed episode fo dat azz. Rank these MCs: Del, Inspectah Deck and Big Boi!!!! Yeah we asked the homie Shux the same question. There is a correct answer and it is not information. Joining us today iShux Wun. Hes is kinda of a Tokyo Hiphop scene OG. Not in the sense that hes been working in the hiphop scene for decades or is super well known in the scene but in the sense that he was trying to expose the tokyo scene for american audiences way back in the...