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Hip-Hop & Culture Podcast based out of Tokyo, Japan; three diverse hosts with as diverse opinions. Episodes drop twice a month with special guests and a report of upcoming shows in Tokyo! You won't want to miss it!!

Hip-Hop & Culture Podcast based out of Tokyo, Japan; three diverse hosts with as diverse opinions. Episodes drop twice a month with special guests and a report of upcoming shows in Tokyo! You won't want to miss it!!
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Hip-Hop & Culture Podcast based out of Tokyo, Japan; three diverse hosts with as diverse opinions. Episodes drop twice a month with special guests and a report of upcoming shows in Tokyo! You won't want to miss it!!




MLS #040: The Fitz Ambro$e and Submerse Episode

The most headnodding-est episode yet! Weve got Fitz Ambro$e and Submerse in studio!!!! Fitz and Submerse are prominent producers in Tokyo beat scene. This week they join us to talk about their music and new collaborative release "Villa Rosa." A 7-track album inspired by a series of apartment complexes here in Tokyo with the same namesake. Weve been fans of Fitz and Submerse for years and were extra hyped to have them in studio. The mighty Foniks stops in to join the podcast on the third...


MLS #039: Tokyo Poetry w Jordan "Eighpse" Smith & D. Dahlinger

This week weve got friend of the show Jordan "Eighpse" Smith! Eighpse is a poet, emcee, writer, translator and professor of comparative literature. Hes an editor for Tokyo Poetry Journal and has an upcoming album with our guy D. Dahlinger. Speak of D, hes also the third mic this week and we talk about his recently released LP, Exquisite Spirits. Jordan gives us an interesting perspective on rapping with the Japanese language and participating in the Japanese poetry scene. hecka more...


MLS Kaiwa: Nasir album live reaction/ G.o.o.d Music conversation

A couple weeks ago, we had some extra time before recording with Hiroking so we decided to do a live reaction to the newly released Nas and Kanye project. We discuss all the recently released G.O.O.D Music projects and the unaddressed accusations of abuse against Nas from Kelis. Also the homie, Heem King, joins for the last portion of the recording. Make sure to check out next week when we back to the regularly scheduled programming. MLS 2018 ***LINKS*** Megalateshow /on twitter, Facebook...


MLS # 038: The Mighty DJ HiroKing Episode

Whats up with the crustlessness ???!!! This episode were joined by one of Tokyo's greatest. He is a b-boy, DJ, beat maker, producer, entrepreneur and organizer of Tokyo's Mild Out event. That's right, we've got the mighty DJ HIRO KING in studio!! For those that don't know, Mild Out is a reoccurring event that takes place once every two months. Every event is themed after something or someone in hip-hop culture and a live band recreates the music. In the past theyve had Kendrick Lamar,...


MLS: 2018 Summer Mega Mix

Hello Peace Peace, Peoples! This week we've got an hour long mix that Mega put together using tracks that came out in 2018. Mainstream, underground, indie, ect. All levels, All quadrants. He definitely left out some super popular releases because yall already on that. probably most likely maybe. Well return to our regularly scheduled Mega Late Show programming next Friday! Message us for any track title inquiries or do a google. Thank you for being down with it. Hug your mom for us....


MLS #037: "B*TCH I GOT FLAVORS" With Ramses of Sugar Shack

TRILLS ARE VAST! This week were joined by Ramses, the owner of Sugar Shack! Ramses is an entrepreneur and a practitioner of Shibari (the art of Japanese rope bondage). Sugar Shack is a cotton candy business with at least 30 unique flavors. So we get into how his business began and how he started in shibari. Also, we talk about Talib Kweli being accused of sexual improprieties by a former business partner, as well as our some quick thoughts on Kanye's new album. And hold up, i dont mean to...


MLS: #036 The DJ Kaistar Episode!!!

THIS WEEK WE SAT DOWN WITH THE ONE AND ONLY DJ KAISTAR OF LA. Kaistar is a tremendously talented DJ that made a name for himself playing everything from funk soul to hip-hop and house. He made a name for himself rocking shows all over the globe but is consistently coming to Japan for events. He recently pressed up a dope mix cd called NOT GOING NOWHERE. Hes also going to be playing at SPEAKEASY TYO's 4 year anniversary this weekend, so go check that out. We also talk about a bunch of other...


MLS #035 "Drinks Ampersand Drinks" w/ Afrodyty feat Cal Combs

Yo!!!! This episode were joined by our supremely talented, friend of the show, Chalice AKA Afrodyty! Listeners well remember her from several episodes but this time were here to celebrate the release of her debut album "From Dark to Light: A Love Journal." We talk about her creative process, growing up in Georgia, and we get especially messy with our good friend over drinks. We also had powerful Cal Combs on the 3rd mic and we talked about his newest release "505." Cal worked along side...



Yo its a small world! This weeks guest is Mike Soops. MLS member KEEN goes way back with Mike in the LA scene, where Mike Soops has been apart of hella music and art. Hes touched every aspect of hiphop culture. Hes mastered and engineered projects for cats like Blu and Miguel. Hes managed artists. He built and ran J Dillas website. Hes been apart of so many projects and with so many people that Mega even ran into him years ago with MNDSGN and didn't realize it until the recording. Mike...


MLS #033 "Free Range Organic Booty" featuring Louda!

Mijo!!! MLS Illuminati episode #033 is live af. This week were rocking with the latina singer songwriter vocalist extraordinaire, LOUDA! She came all the way from SF and even brought her producer Jacob of the 20XX production team We had a lot of fun and got pretty drunk in the Mega Reactor Buddhas Spine studio. Louda tells us all about her upbringing in Chicago, moving to San Francisco, her musical inspirations, organic booty, and her thoughts on coming to Tokyo for the first time. Louda...


MLS #032 The DJ Spinna Episode!

Yo! The incredible guest list grows! Dont miss this episode! This week weve got the iconic and legendary DJ Spinna!!! DJ Spinna is a legend in the hiphop and dance music communities. He was one of the most prolific producers during New Yorks independent underground movement of the 90s. 20 years later his legacy is still growing. Hes become one of the worlds most sought after DJs and his fanbase in japan is tremendous. Spinna has also worked alongside with some of the most notable names...


MLS #031: Mad Millinery Madder Hattery with Thom O'Brien

Tanakas! Break out the gold cutlery and your best hat, this episode weve got, YET again, another one of Tokyos dope culture creatives. We sat down with Tokyos #1 hat maker, Thom O'brien! Hailing from Australia, Thom is the owner and creator of Bona Cappelo, a high end hat company that specializes in fine custom head gear. Thoms also made hats for some of hiphop cultures more prolific artists such as Erykah Badu and Thundercat. Hes Erykah Badu's official hat designer and has a long standing...


MLS Liquid Wards (Meguro-ku): Wailing Winter Winds

LATE's another Liquid Wards mix for ya'll! From now on these will be sub-focused on a different ward of Tokyo each release; there's more details in the episode. The mix is influenced by the Wu/RZA sound. Not necessarily always affiliated, but maybe you can feel in the inklings of influence. Peep our Mixcloud for the track listing: And, sorry, due to the nature of the recordings the quality will vary, but I hope ya'll enjoy. II's Q?: Who's Your...


MLS #029 Dollar Menu Mixtape? w/Chocolate Cake and DJ Mane One

Yo episode #29 is live! This week we got two special guest for you! First is a friend of the show and homie, Chocolate Cake. If youve listened to the show youve probably heard us mention him before. Cake is a B-boy slash MC and can be found rocking mics and bboy ciphers all around Tokyo, from Life Parc to Speak Easy. Secondly, we got one of he best break beat DJs in the world. Yes, the WORLD. That's right we have San Diego's very own, DJ MANE ONE! If youve been to a bboy event in SD, youve...


MLS #027: "The West's Best Secret" featuring Dj Cee Brown

EHHHHHHHH YOOOOO! Tokyo's dopest hiphop culture podcast is back again with another incredible guest!!!! This week we sat down with one of Los Angeles' greatest son's, the one and only, DJ Cee Brown!!!! Cee is a mega talented turntablist who has toured all over the globe with some of hiphops most talented acts. From shows with the Invincible Skratch Piklez to the Pharcyde's Rock the Bells reunion tour, Cee has been holding for the west coast for over 20 years. Cee dropped a lot of jewels...


MLS会話: I AM PARTY W/ DJ I AM JESSE of Tokyo Was Here

Yo PEACE!!!! More from the incredible guest list!!! Some of you might remember the live stream we rocked with I AM JESSE back in November for his "Techno Was Here" event. That party was crazy and weve been planning to get I AM JESSE on the podcast every since! We finally did and instead of a regular episode, Jesse had the brilliant idea to throw a little house party and do a live stream of the recording. BET! The party was incredible. Hellaaaaa people came out. Jayda B of Bae Tokyo, Dj...


MLS #024: Ni66AS READING BOOKS w/ Yuefoh

***THIS ROOM HAS GREAT ENERGY*** Episode #24 of the MEGA LATE SHOW features the super talented multi-hyphenate producer-actor-photographer-film maker-and all around dope artist ------- YUEFOH! Yuefoh has been super busy over the last year and ramping up to release more music and art. We play a gang of his tracks , talk about his journey as an artist and ------ he even gives us a listen to a super exclusive yet to be released track from him and the Part Time Cooks. FIRE EMOJI! Plus we ask...


MLS MEGACHURCH 2: "13 and Goon" Love Songs & Hip-hop

Yo something new! MEGACHURCH#2! The MEGACHURCH episodes are a combination of a music mix and topical conversation, put together by Mega. In celebration of Valentines Day, this episode is about love songs in hip-hop. First, theres about 40 minutes of love song-esque tracks from all eras of hip-hop. Then Mega and Late also discuss a few things about love and hip-hop. First they tried to figure out what meets the criteria for a "love song" in hip-hop music. They talk about a few of their...


MLS ***Special 2017 Music Recap***

MESSSSSSAGE! This week Mega, Late & Steze recorded an impromptu conversation about their favorite music of 2017. They lay out some of our favorite albums, tracks, and opinions about music that came out in 2017. Since it was a random recording we didn't have notes and we definitely missed/ forgot a few things. (For example, Mega wants to get Post Malone TF outta here in 2018! ) We discuss Lil Wayne's Dedication Mixtape and him becoming Big Wayne, not listening to music we already know we...


MLS 2018 Temperature Check (mixed by Late)

ョ、we do mixes now. Here're the tracks we were talking about on the last episode: our 2018 Temperature Check! Enjoy our faves from last year .and get an idea of what we're looking forward to in the '18. It's varied and dope!! Expect more this year, Tanaka's!!! 0:00:09 - J.I.D. - Lauder 0:03:17 - Tha Ynoe - '96 Bulls 0:04:43 - Jidenna - Safari 0:08:35 - Kendrick Lamar - Element 0:11:21 - Nick Grant - Still Waiting 0:12:43 - Freddie Gibbs - Crushed Glass 0:15:09- Torae - Clap Sh*t Up 0:16:40...