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Hip-Hop & Culture Podcast based out of Tokyo, Japan; three diverse hosts with as diverse opinions. Episodes drop twice a month with special guests and a report of upcoming shows in Tokyo! You won't want to miss it!!

Hip-Hop & Culture Podcast based out of Tokyo, Japan; three diverse hosts with as diverse opinions. Episodes drop twice a month with special guests and a report of upcoming shows in Tokyo! You won't want to miss it!!
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Hip-Hop & Culture Podcast based out of Tokyo, Japan; three diverse hosts with as diverse opinions. Episodes drop twice a month with special guests and a report of upcoming shows in Tokyo! You won't want to miss it!!




MLS #052: The Mark de Clive-Lowe Episode

Yo friend of the show and supremely talented pianist/ composer/ beat maker, MARK dE CLIVE-LOWE, stopped by the studio during his last trip to Tokyo. He only performed one show out here this time but it was because he was super busy building an orchestra. Yes yes yalls. Hes working with nearly a dozen Japanese musicians. Hes also got a new solo project coming out early next year. We talk to Mark about recording his new projects, his thoughts on the music industry, living in Japan, dope jazz...


MLS #051: The Marley Marl Episode w Brooklyn Terry

The legendary Marley Marl joined us in Ikebukuro for an extra long and informative episode! He shared more about his personal life and opinons on the industry than weve seen anywhere else. From his second home here in Nagasaki to his daughter not knowing about his impact in hiphop history. We also talked about several facets of the music industry including his opinion on P Diddys sampling ethics, hip-house music, Bambaataa's sexual misconduct allegations, as well Marley and Mr Magic's WBLS...


MLS #050: With Sunday Replay, Tokyo Cliff of RUMP and the return of Steze!

Episode 50 with Josh and Akira of Sunday Replay, Tokyo Cliff of the Raw Urban Mobile Podcast and the return of Steze!!!! Thank you to all of our listeners. All the Tanakas. Shout out to D Dahlinger, Z Konketsuji, Maseo, Asia Marie, DJ Ken-Ske, Adelaide, The Ocean and I, DJ Ajay, Jayda B, Brooklyn Terry, Dj Tsu, Cal Combs, Shioriybradshaw, Budamunk, John Robinson, Eloh Kush, Keen Wakeen, Miss Inglewood, Mike Magik, Tracy Jones, Dj Sarasa, Foniks, Mark de Clive-Lowe, Sims, Cirrcle, Devin...


MLS #049: The Mega Ran Late Show w Mega Ran and DJ AA Rock

Extra Mega Episode #49!!!! Our guests today stopped by after rocking the Tokyo Game Show. Thats right, we got the Nerd Core legend, Guinness Book World Record holder, super talented emcee, MEGA RAN! His musical output and grind is unmatched! we talk about a little of everything so check it out. Also shout out to his DJ AA Rock who joined us as well. Look forward to another conversation episode with AA Rock in a few weeks. Weather Reports: Mega: MC Lars and Mega Ran - The Mouse and Me Mega...


MLS #048: Progress Boppers with MC Boodah

MC Boodah is a talented MC and event organizer here in Tokyo. His event, Beat the Best, is a live beat battle where producers are give a sample have 30 minutes to create a track. We talk to him about his upbringing, upcoming music projects and events. Also we got the homie, HEEM KING, in studio on the 3rd mic. Check it out! Weather Reports: Late: Be Free - City Of Seoul Mega: Edan and Homeboy Sandman - Never Use the Internet Again MC Boodah -G YAMAZAWA - Buri Buri (feat. *MIYACHI & Pablo...


MLS: Fireside Chat #001

No guest on this one. Just Late and Mega catching up and having a conversation about the last few episodes with DJ Quietstorm, Adrian Younge, Ali Shaheed Muhammad, and El Da Sensei. We also talk about the late Great Mac Miller, Nas' response to Kelis' domestic violence accusations, Eminem and his new album, and some other stuffs. New episode with a guest next week. Links: **LINKS*** TICH MBIRI PHOTOGRAPHY instagram @tichgraphicxz, email : Megalateshow /on twitter,...


MLS #47: The El Da Sensei Episode

Yo EL DA SENSEI of the legendary ARTIFACTS crew joined in studio after his short tour of japan. El has been coming to Japan since the 90s and it was dope hearing all the connections with Japanese hiphop culture. We also got a lot of insight into El's thoughts on the current state of hiphop and he shared an unreleased track from his upcoming collaborative album with Sadat X. Check it out. Weather Reports: Late: The Legion - Jingle Jangle Mega: DJ Muggs - Assassination Day feat DOOM and KOOL...


MLS #027: "The West's Best Secret" featuring Dj Cee Brown

EHHHHHHHH YOOOOO! Tokyo's dopest hiphop culture podcast is back again with another incredible guest!!!! This week we sat down with one of Los Angeles' greatest son's, the one and only, DJ Cee Brown!!!! Cee is a mega talented turntablist who has toured all over the globe with some of hiphops most talented acts. From shows with the Invincible Skratch Piklez to the Pharcyde's Rock the Bells reunion tour, Cee has been holding for the west coast for over 20 years. Cee dropped a lot of jewels...


MLS会話: I AM PARTY W/ DJ I AM JESSE of Tokyo Was Here

Yo PEACE!!!! More from the incredible guest list!!! Some of you might remember the live stream we rocked with I AM JESSE back in November for his "Techno Was Here" event. That party was crazy and weve been planning to get I AM JESSE on the podcast every since! We finally did and instead of a regular episode, Jesse had the brilliant idea to throw a little house party and do a live stream of the recording. BET! The party was incredible. Hellaaaaa people came out. Jayda B of Bae Tokyo, Dj...


MLS #26.5 Extra Special Special Extra w/ Elizabeth Hickey, Aziz Vora, Alex Camp, and Max Kevin

Yo we're back, as we said we would be, with a half episode featuring the illustrious guests from episode 26!! Alex "C-Dogg" Camp, Aziz Vora, Max Kevin, and Elizabeth Hickey are here again to round out a full episode of the MEGA LATE SHOW. We didn't record twice but we had double the content. Last week we had such a long convo that it couldn't be contained by a single episode. This week we have over an hour of extra content including the weather reports and a story about Hannibal Buress...


MLS026: "The Fedora Incident" w/ Elizabeth Hickey, Aziz Vora, Alex Camp, & Max Kevin

The MLS studio was packed last weekend! We were joined by 4 of the funniest stand-up comedians performing in Tokyo; Elizabeth Hickey, Aziz Vora, Alex "C-dogg" Camp, and Kevin "Max Kevin" Marx. There was too much conversation to contain in a single episode, so were not only are bringing you a special two-hour recording of the Mega Late Show, but we're also going to release another hour next Wednesday. For the price of.... ON THE HOUSE. The half episode contains the Weather Report portion of...


MLS025: In Celebration of Us w/ Skyzoo

The incredible guest list persists! This week we've got one of the most talented cats making music today, the incredible, indelible, SKYZOO. He was out here all the way from Brooklyn, continuing to tell people his thoughts on gentrification, validation, being black, raising a child, cultural appropriation and more in the dopest possible way. We were celebrating his newest and perhaps his best work yet, In Celebration of Us, which just came out. Do your Googles. If you haven't heard it, get...


MLS024: Ni66AS READING BOOKS w/ Yuefoh

***THIS ROOM HAS GREAT ENERGY*** Episode #24 of the MEGA LATE SHOW features the super talented, multi-hyphenate producer-actor-photographer-film maker-and all around dope artist ------- YUEFOH! Yuefoh a.k.a. @nativeofnothing has been super busy over the last year and ramping up to release more music and art. We play a gang of his tracks, talk about his journey as an artist and ------ he even gives us a listen to a super exclusive yet to be released track from him and the @part-time-cooks....


MLS MEGACHURCH 2: "13 and Goon" Love Songs & Hip-hop

Yo something new! MEGACHURCH#2! The MEGACHURCH episodes are a combination of a music mix and topical conversation, put together by Mega. In celebration of Valentines Day, this episode is about love songs in hip-hop. First, theres about 40 minutes of love song-esque tracks from all eras of hip-hop. Then Mega and Late also discuss a few things about love and hip-hop. First they tried to figure out what meets the criteria for a "love song" in hip-hop music. They talk about a few of their...


MLS023: Goon Maneuvers with Scott Popular!

"Daily Yamazaki is the fuccboi of konbinis!" AND THATS NOT POPULAR! More dope culture stuff moving forward into 2018 from the mostest wokest MEGA LATE SHOW folks. Last week we caught up with giant human and ATL alum, Scott Popular! We caught up to Scott in between his busy schedule of organizing gaming tournaments with Final Round LLc and recording his podcast, Ninjas in Tokyo. Scott drops knowledge about music in the gaming industry, shocks us with his choice for all-time favorite MC and...


MLS ***Special 2017 Music Recap***

MESSSSSSAGE! This week Mega, Late & Steze recorded an impromptu conversation about their favorite music of 2017. They lay out some of our favorite albums, tracks, and opinions about music that came out in 2017. Since it was a random recording we didn't have notes and we definitely missed/ forgot a few things. (For example, Mega wants to get Post Malone TF outta here in 2018! ) We discuss Lil Wayne's Dedication Mixtape and him becoming Big Wayne, not listening to music we already know we...


MLS022: The Quintessential Joint! w/ Devin Morrison

MEGA LATE SHOW Episode 22 with Devin Morrison is live!.................................................................................................................................................. Last week Mega and Late linked up with the super talented, multi-instrumental musician/producer/beat maker, DEVIN MORRISON. Despite only being in Tokyo for around 9 months, he's already gaining well deserved notoriety and acclaim in the Tokyo beat scene. Devin has been consistently performing...


MLS 2018 Temperature Check (mixed by Late)

ョ、we do mixes now. Here're the tracks we were talking about on the last episode: our 2018 Temperature Check! Enjoy our faves from last year and get an idea of what we're looking forward to in the '18. It's varied and dope!! Expect more this year, Tanaka's!!! 0:00:09 - J.I.D. - Lauder 0:03:17 - Tha Ynoe - '96 Bulls 0:04:43 - Jidenna - Safari 0:08:35 - Kendrick Lamar - Element 0:11:21 - Nick Grant - Still Waiting 0:12:43 - Freddie Gibbs - Crushed Glass 0:15:09- Torae - Clap Sh*t Up 0:16:40 -...


MLS021: 1 Year Anniversary 2-hour Extravaganza-Thon

Happy New Year, Tanakas! We're back to start off 2018 with the final recording in 2017! We we're joined by our guy KeemJongIll and his brother from another mother, Martin. Afrodyty made her 2nd appearance in the show and we finally got Akira from Sunday Replay into the studio. We used this episode to celebrate the first year of the Mega Late Show and talk about our 10 favorite albums of 2017. We also got drunk and talked about anything that came up; including Grimmjow, smashing Rachel...



Yo, Happy New Year, Tanaka's!! Just a quick special announcement before back to our regular programming. First, in 2018 Mega Late Show will be releasing content on Friday every week. Second, we're looking to be more active on social media, but we need ya'lls help. Please like, share, & comment wherever you see us; we're looking forward to chopping it up with ya'll more and further building this community. Third, the Weather Forecast calendar is still thick. Please check it out and let us...