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Murmur 83 : Mike Patton "Forever '22"

WORLD PREMIERE: Mike Patton. We are honored to both present the World Premiere of a track from Mike's unforgettable score to the film "1922" -- a script adapted from the novella by Stephen King -- and to talk cinephilia with one of the great living polymathic plumbers. To be able to visit Movie Dorkdom with Mike is as humbling as it is rare. Yet, though Dorkdum certainly has its privileges, can you love something too much be able to make it your vocation? Mike is living and scoring proof to...

Murmur 82 : Pete Tong "Club Darwin"

The DJ. Certain figures, certain forms, certain words survive in time because the were simply great ideas from the jump. For that matter, the DJ has gone from "great idea" to "transcendental figure" in no time. And as the age of curation only strengthens, so shall the spell this hybrid-artist casts. Hybrid, in the sense of it's true half-lover/half-craftsperson nucleus -- cue: a certain pioneer of DJ culture, Pete Tong! There is, however, an underbelly; as the DJ-life is, ironically, is not...


Murmur 81 : of Montreal's Kevin Barnes "The Secret To Cement"

Identity. The classic ideal of identity is a detriment. The Stoics should have been more clear -- yes, "Know Thyself"; however, know that you are the sum total of multiple compounds, not merely a carrier identity. Kevin Barnes knows this. His many faces, styles, curiosities, sounds, stories, genres, personae...are all one. Oh, and by the way, he's also a huge Cleveland sports fan who loves a meditative baseball game at the Jake. Surprised? Here's your chance to not be.

Murmur 80 : Frankie Poullain of The Darkness "Better Than Francis"

The Rockstar. Certain ideas need to be revisited; surprisingly, this is one. It is our p.c. culture that's taken it from us? Is it our long-overdue examination of what allowances artistic professionals are granted? Or, is it that everyone now is called a "Rockstar" except Rockstars? Only one occupant of interplanetary craft can untie this knot - Frankie Poullain of The Darkness - offering-up his own definition of the word; who's "in", who's "out", and who should be scared.


Murmur 79 : Catherine Breillat "The Anatomy of Mud"

Turning to Artists for Answers. Gatekeepers are a curious lot as they offend defend as readily as the upkeep their terrain. If, as Paul Robeson was claimed, "artists are the gatekeepers of truth", then what is artist's responsibility to speaking their truth to power, to upheaval, and in the service of answering open cultural questions that extend far beyond the borderlines of their art. In our age of #metoo and #balancetonporc filmmaker Catherine Breillat's work finds a renewed vigor in such...

Murmur 78 : U-GOD of Wu-Tang Clan "Put The Flag In My Hand"

Legacy. A maddening topic, typically deflected. Perhaps, as with cats, there are far too many variables to manage; rather, as with Rashomon, no two people see their legacies, let alone those of others, similarly. To make matters more vexing, when one's legacy is connected to nine other Killa Beez (aka The Wu) straight from the slums of Shaolin, why even bother? We trouble U-GOD with our complexes; he, in turn, picks-up the flag and holds it high and, as always, raw.

Murmur 75 : José González "They Choose Where We Live"

The Artist-as-Parent. Singer/songwriter/musician José González provides us an exclusive, beyond-rare opportunity to share his (and Mom's) navigation of the early months, hours, days, and seconds of their baby Laura's life. Do artist/parents read "how-to" books or are they uniquely intuitive? To wit, does parenting make artists of us all, or fools? It's also humbling which decisions are made pre-birth, pre-sound, pre-geography, pre-art. Laura, naturally, will have the final say.

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