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This is NOT a podcast about Classical Music... Conversate For A Few IS NOT a show about Classical Music. It's a show about Hip Hop hosted by Jana Avery and Allan Fuller for No Fridays For Me.

This is NOT a podcast about Classical Music... Conversate For A Few IS NOT a show about Classical Music. It's a show about Hip Hop hosted by Jana Avery and Allan Fuller for No Fridays For Me.
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This is NOT a podcast about Classical Music... Conversate For A Few IS NOT a show about Classical Music. It's a show about Hip Hop hosted by Jana Avery and Allan Fuller for No Fridays For Me.






Jerked Ain't The Word — Industry Rule Number 4080

Industry rule #4080...All my real #HipHopHeads will finish the line. On this ep we try and figure how artists get paid from DSPs or streaming platforms. I'm still flabbergasted at what we found. If you've never heard the term "moving the goalpost" before today, google it and THEN listen to this episode. I'ma give y'all 3 words in closing Direct To Consumer. Make room for the tag...#ConversateForAFew


The Importance Of Hip Hop In Modern Culture

This conversation is the first of many...We all know Hip Hop is important. That's undeniable. But who is it important to and why is it important? What does that mean for the future of the culture? And oh!?! Have you heard of Jake Paul? Look him up. We think he may be a sign that Hip Hop has already become "too important" for its own good. We reference prior episodes a ton on this one. So we've listen links to those eps below. Catch up on the convos and/or refresh your memory if you've...


Half Year Review For A Few

It's been a crazy and busy year already. The last thing we wanna do is disappoint our Few Tang Clan by waiting until the end of the year to do a review of the top happenings in the Culture. We KNOW we'd forget something if we wait that long. So here's our Half Year Review For A Few...We cover albums, things that make the culture proud, things that made it cry, and our perspectives on why things are the way they are. Let us know if we missed something you consider important. Special shout...


Criteria Of A Classic Album

This is your definite criteria for a CLASSIC Hip Hop album. Hell...this is the rubric for any genre! A lens through which to gauge the "musical" quality of your favorite artists' endeavors. Really though, we contrast and compare personal biases versus global considerations. This allowed us to create a global road map for discernment. Too many big words lol? Good. You should be listening anyway LOL. Make room for the tag...#ConversateForAFew


Kanye's Reality Show — REPOST

Two things...Excuse the audio on this episode. The only thing that went according to plan on this one was the actually conversation. Secondly, take note the timing of this episode may seem a little off. That's because the original show was accidentally deleted. BUT it was a damn good conversation so we felt it necessary to put it back out. This ain't a clout chasing episode. It's our real live feelings about what may have been the greatest troll move ever. Make room for the...


Drake For A Few

The first half of the year ends with a bang; or is it a bust?!?! Conversate's cohosts don't really agree on this one lol. Drake may be the most polarizing figure in modern Hip Hop. Most people either love him or hate him. There's not many people out there being objective about the music. Well we are...Even when it doesn't sound like it, keep listening. I promise we're being objective. This is a damn good episode if we do say ourselves. And we DO say it. Make room for the tag...


We Kept The Same Energy For TT aka Petunia

Okay so it's our first convo about a full R&B album...The last of the G.O.O.D. Music releases brings us Teyana Taylor. I'm not even gonna tell ya much about what we had to say. Listen for yourselves. And make sure you keep that same energy for Conversate For A Few after you do. Make room for the tag...


An Ode To Prodigy

Last week was the anniversary of the late, great emcee Prodigy from Mobb Deep. The impact Prodigy and Mobb Deep had on Allan and Jana from Conversate For A Few is immeasurable. From the liquor we drank, cars we aspired to have, drugs we sold or used. It definitely influenced the way we rapped. Bruh wrote a few songs to the soundtrack of our young lives. We owe him more than an episode for all he gave. Yet this is our offering. RIP P. Hold ya head Dun.


Grilling NaS — Live At The BBQ

We got a bone to pick...Nas? What the f#@k are you doing Man?!?! You gotta get GRILLED!!! It's outta love though Bruh. We couldn't give him a pass. I'm pretty sure y'all ain't gonna like us after this. Make room for the tag...#ConversateForAFew


Frustrastions For A Few – Nas Rant?

It's been a while since Kanye announce the release of 5 albums in a row this summer; all produced by Kanye himself. The most shocking part of the announcement was the inclusion of NAS on the list of artist due to drop. We don't know about y'all, but we at #ConversateForAFew were instantly skeptical. Will NAS really release an album. Will he pick the best beats Kanye has to offer? Since the recording of this show we've received 3 of the 5 records announce. NAS is next. We'll definitely...


Kids See Ghost Sometimes

As the G.O.O.D. Music Surgical Summer marches on we must give our take. The latest installment is #KidsSeeGhosts; the duo comprised of Kanye West and Kid Cudi. Is it a highlight? Is it a let down? Did you all care? Do y'all love it? Well we give our opinions. Let us know if you think they're valid. Are we on point or nah? Make room for the tag...


In 20 Years Will Hip Hop Exist In Its Original Form?

On this episode of Conversate For A Few we discuss the appropriation of Hip Hop and whether it will even be recognizable in its original form in 20 years. Race can be a sensitive topic. History however, is what it is. And if history serves as a teacher, Hip Hop is headed for certain theft. BE CLEAR...this conversation is more about capitalism than race. But you be the judge. Make room for the tag...


Ye For A Few

Alright Few Tang Clan! We don't generally do hot takes. And this isn't really a hot take. It's more an excited conversation about a brand new album we LOVE! We get into our favorite songs off the new Ye album. We give our opinions on where this record ranks among his others. And of course we get into the sub dissees layered throughout. There's so much more on this one. We recorded the day of the release of the album so I'm sure there will be more to talk about as Yeezy and his Surgical...


DAYTONA And The Smoke

We usually wait to let the smoke CLEAR before we dive in on a topic. But this one is moving way too fast to wait! On this episode of Conversate For A Few we chop it up about DAYTONA; the long-awaited LP from #PushaT (formerly titled #KingPush). Then there's the smoke. Push finally returned fire at Drake on Infared. And immediately!!! #Drake responds with #DuppyFreestyle. You KNOW we are here for every bit of what's about to pop off....It wouldn't be us if we didn't keep it 100 about sucka...


This Is America Episode

We give Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino's "This Is America" song and video the conversation it deserves. We juxtapose Glover's high art against Kanye's antics and "woke" Hip Hop from earlier eras. We also get into the public's response to the song/video or lack thereof. There's so much more in this episode; too much for a simple description. Get into and let us know what you think! Make room for the tag...


ATCQ Reverse Review Volume One

On this episode we FINALLY got to do our first "Reverse Review"; where we choose an album from the past, a give it the review we feel it deserves. We decided to start with A Tribe Called Quest's last album, "We Got It From Here...Thank You For Your Service". We didn't say it had to be from the distant past, On this episode you'll hear why it took so long for us to get it recorded or "who" we believe was prevent it. We get into why the album sounds so sonically relevant. We also...


We Needed This One

We got a lot off our chests this episode. We talked about BIG and the anniversary of his assassination. We talked Craig Mack and his untimely passing. Karmic energy, mortality and speaking things into existence; yeah all that on a Hip Hop Podcast. We tried to give musical context to the Craig Mack/Biggie Smalls era; proving the greatness of ANY song or artists that made an impact during that time. We also ran down our Top 10 FunkMaster Flex Freestyles so far! Man it's a lot!!! Just give it...


A Bump For The Artists

Conversate For A Few IS NOT a show about Classical Music. It's a show about Hip Hop hosted by Jana Avery and Allan Fuller for No Fridays For Me. This week we discuss the US Government's mandate for streaming services to pay more of streaming revenue to music publishers. But that wasn't the only big win for artists. We also get into it about Spotify and the addition of songwriter and producer credits for music on the platform. After listening back to this convo, I'm thinking Allan and I are...


The Grammys: After The Smoke And Mirrors

Conversate For A Few IS NOT a show about Classical Music. It's a show about Hip Hop hosted by Jana Avery and Allan Fuller for No Fridays For Me. This week we're talking about the Grammy's and how they either met or, completely failed to meet our expectations. We gave it a week to let it all settle in. We tried to keep emotions and favoritism out of the discussion. Let us know how we did in the comments and on social media. Make room for the tag...


Late To Last Year - An Ode to 2017

Conversate For A Few IS NOT a show about Classical Music. It's a show about Hip Hop hosted by Jana Avery and Allan Fuller for No Fridays For Me. This week we're fashionably late to the party. While everyone else got their year in review episodes in time enough to party for New Year's, we decided to wait until 2017 was actually OVER before we gave our take. Well it's over; and here's how we felt about it all! ENJOY!