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The ultimate audio guide to the best band in the world!

The ultimate audio guide to the best band in the world!
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The ultimate audio guide to the best band in the world!




67: 2018 Review & (I Got) The Fever #OasisA2Z

Hello Hello It's Good To Be Back... in 2019 Please follow @oasispodcast on twitter, instagram and facebook Merch is available at TeePublic Email me oasispod@gmail.com Support via Patreon patreon.com/oasispod Review on iTunes/ Apple Podcasts 0:00 Liam Intro/ Vision - Shine On 0:30 JC episode intro 3:02 2018 in Review 4:08 Message from Liam 6:10 Noel interview re Jay-Z controversy 7:55 Gem - In Our Bubble (Demo) 11:31 Oasis - A Quick Peep 15:04 Liam Gallagher - D'Yer Wanna Be A Spaceman...


66: Liam's Live Return & Shiiine On Festival round up including Vida, Pete MacLeod & Nick from Britpop Revival Show

Welcome back to the Oasis Podcast! Support at patreon.com/oasispod Follow on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook @oasispodcast Email oasispod@gmail.com Today's guests - Vida - @wearevida Nick from The Britpop Revival Show - @britpoprevivial and britpop.org.uk Pete MacLeod - @petemacleod, www.petemacleod.net Thanks to Shiiine On who you can find at www.shiiineon.com/ 0:00 Liam clip and Vision - Shine On 0:30 House of Love - Shine On 1:02 JC intro 3:13 Liam Gallagher - I Never Wanna Be Like You...


65: Jeff Slate on Noel's songwriting technique and more

Welcome back to the Oasis Podcast! Support at patreon.com/oasispod Follow on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook @oasispodcast Email oasispod@gmail.com Today's guest Jeff Slate is at jeffslatehq.com, @jeffslate on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Photo credit Rachel Naomi 0:00 Liam clip and Vision - Shine On 0:30 JC intro 1:25 Sponsor - mygalaxybombs.com 2:17 Oasis - Champagne Supernova 2:41 News 3:26 Clips of Noel on BBC Four - Primal Scream: The Lost Memphis Tapes -...


64: Be Here Now review for #OasisA2Z, new music round up & Noel book launch with Richard Bowes

0:00 Oasis - Be Here Now 0:09 Liam intro + Vision - Shine One 0:39 NGHFB - Whatever (Live at Luna Park, Buenos Aires) 1:19 JC intro + Liam & Noel News update 4:21 The Beatles - Leave My Kitten Alone 7:34 Oasis - Be Here Now (Mustique Demo) 8:32 Interview with Richard Bowes @rbowes81 9:06 Embrace - Fireworks 10:20 #OasisA2Z Be Here Now review 13:09 Status Quo - Rocking All Over The World 13:39 Oasis - Be Here Now 15:50 High Fidelity clip 18:08 Oasis - Be Here Now (Mustique Demo) 24:03 Oasis -...


63: Oasis on the radio with John Osborne

0:00 Liam intro/ Vision - Shine On 0:28 JC Intro 2:07 Liam Gallagher - Stand Up 2 Cancer 3:10 Noel Gallagher live at his book launch 5:17 Noel Gallagher winning speech at the Q Awards 5:54 Noel Gallagher at the Q Awards 9:51 KO Tournament Result - the winner is... 10:51 Oasis - Round Are Way 11:34 Happy Birthday Wonderwall 13:01 Bad Lashes - Wonderwall (Live X-Factor) 14:10 Kevin Iverson - D'Yer Wanna Be A Spaceman (live on Suited & Booted) 15:37 Interview with John Osborne...


62: Oasis Song Knockout Tournament - Part 2!

Welcome back to the Oasis Podcast! If you haven't checked out Part 1 yet head go back to episode 48 and give it a listen first to get the first 64\. Now we are into the next set of b-sides, lesser known album cuts and bonus tracks. Please follow on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook - @oasispodcast Support from $1 per month at Patreon.com/oasispod Oh and Joel says apologies for the distorted piano sound! 0:00 Intro with Liam feat. Vision - Shine On 0:30 JC intro 1:52 Oasis - Fade In/Out 7:56...


61: Liam Dennehy on the pre-Noel Oasis & Bag It Up review #OasisA2Z

Follow @oasispodcast on twitter, instagram and facebook email oasispod@gmail.com support at Patreon.com/oasispod 0:00 Liam intro/ Vision - Shine On 0:30 JC intro - Oasis News 2:12 Liam Gallagher - Be Here Now (Live Osaka) 5:35 Good Morning Britain clip of Noel Gallagher talking about Brexit 6:22 Liam Gallagher - Champagne Supernova (Live Tokyo) 9:37 Sonic Visions clip with Ken Womack (vimeo.com/sonicvisions) 11:45 Your highlights on it being the end of an era for both Gallagher brothers...


60: Zeb Jameson - keyboard player on Wembley 2000 and more

Hello! Did you miss me? It's been a couple of weeks since the last episode, but we're back with a vengeance. This episode is the long awaited interview with Zeben Jameson. Follow @oasispodcast on twitter, facebook and instagram Support at patreon.com/oasispod Email oasispod@gmail.com 0:00 Liam intro/ Vision - Shine On 0:28 Billy Bragg - Never Buy The Sun 1:52 JC Intro - Oasis news. Nothing to see here. 3:55 Oasis stage entrance at Wembley 2000 into Go Let It Out (2nd night) 5:48 Interview...


59: Angel Child review #OasisA2Z and Tim Abbott/ Ian Robertson live event review

0:00 Liam Intro + Vision "Shine On" 0:27 JC intro 4:04 Shampoo vs Lightning Seeds?!? @mildmanneredmax delete your account! 6:27 Clip from Supersonic re Knebworth 8:28 Richard @rbowes81 and Amy @Amyf_spot initial reaction to the Tim Abbott/ Ian Robertson live event 14:27 Oasis - Swamp song 14:53 Richard's further thoughts 20:00 The Blinders - L'etat C'est Moi 26:05 Ryan Harvey @theharveyboys Champagne Supernova acoustic tutorial https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nh8n63ydd8E 26:289 Interview...


58: Ken Napzok

0:00 Liam intro/ Shine On - Vision 0:30 What's The Frequency Kenneth - REM 1:00 JC Intro 2:16 Gallagher News Update 2:56 Gorillaz feat Noel Gallagher - We Got The Power (Live in Paris) 6:18 Liam Gallagher - Cigarettes & Alcohol (Live at Benicassim) plus dealing with a fish 8:00 NGHFB - The Man Who Built The Moon (Live at Manchester) 9:06 NGHFB - Alone On The Rope 13:05 Clip from Movie Trivia Schmoedown live event https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vDDyKK8tvnc&t=1461s 13:37 Interview with Ken...


57: Owen Morris exclusive interview with Richard Buskin

0:00 Liam intro/ Vision - Shine On 0:27 JC Intro 2:32 Clip from Supersonic 3:47 Richard Buskin interview with Owen Morris - check out the article here https://www.soundonsound.com/people/oasis-wonderwall Follow Richard on twitter @RichBuskin, Richard Buskin on Facebook, and at http://www.richardbuskin.com and http://swingingthroughthesixties.com where you can find the fantastic Swinging Through The 60s podcast 6:29 - Electronic - Get The Message 11:03 Oasis - Live Forever (Isolated Guitar)...


56: Oasis vs The Beatles with author Richard Buskin, plus #OasisA2Z All Around The World Part 2

0:00 Liam Intro/ Vision - Shine On 0:27 Oasis - Stop Crying Your Heart Out feat. FIFA Commentary from England vs Croatia (World Cup Semi Final) 2:10 JC intro 4:28 Noel Gallagher "Football Isn't Coming Home" 5:07 Crowd singing Don't Look Back In Anger at England vs Croatia 8:15 Liam Gallagher onstage with The Killers 8:37 The Killers - Acquiesce 9:48 Smokin' Mojo Filters - Come Together 10:25 Interview with Richard Buskin @RichBuskin on twitter http://www.richardbuskin.com/ Check out Swinging...


55: Finsbury Park Review including interview with Jonny from Twisted Wheel

0:00 Liam Intro/ Shine On - Vision 0:30 Liam entry to Finsbury Park (F*ckin' In The Bushes - Oasis) 1:36 JC Intro 3:56 Interview with Katy Georgiou @katandmoose 8:57 Clip of Liam soundchecking D'yer Wanna Be a Spaceman by Cynthia @styleofoasis 10:19 D'yer Wanna Be A Spaceman - Oasis (Live at the Borderline 1994 & Maine Road 1995) 12:46 Interview with Ben Renshaw @BenMRen 15:02 Champagne Supernova - Oasis 20:02 D'yer Wanna Be a Spaceman - Oasis (Noel acoustic - Live By The Sea) 24:20 Loyle...


54: Iain Robertson (Oasis Tour Manager) Interview

0:00 Liam Intro with Vision - Shine On 0:28 Finsbury Park meet up details 4:38 Oasis - Bonehead's Bank Holiday 6:08 Liam's voice comparison - Rock & Roll Star 6:31 Live By The Sea 6:59 Wembley Arena 2008 7:26 One Love Manchester 2017 7:51 Isle of Wight 2018 9:45 intro to Iain Robertson interview - buy his book here - https://www.amazon.co.uk/Oasis-Whats-Story-Ian-Robertson/dp/1857821572 get tickets for the live show on 21st July, The Winter Gardens Pavillion, Weston Super Mare, BS23 1AJ...


53: Massive Gallagher news update and All Around The World review #OasisA2Z

0:00 Liam intro with Vision - Shine On 0:15 JC intro - Liam news 1:15 Liam Gallagher - Some Might Say (Live at Twickenham) 1:47 JC chat about Finsbury Park - come on down! 4:34 Liam Gallagher on the Dave Berry Absolute Radio breakfast show 5:27 Noel news 6:21 NGHFB - Supersonic (Live In St Petersberg) 7:19 Noel Gallagher discusses Arctic Monkeys album on Radio X with Gordon Smart 10:25 Liam Gallagher interview with Jo Whiley on BBC TV, discussing meeting Molly 11:42 Follow @OasisDNA &...


52: Best of Oasis Podcast - Episodes 16-23

Did you miss me? It's been a while since the last episode, and i'm still waiting on getting the go ahead to upload the next one, so in the meantime I thought I would keep going with our recap 'best of' shows - this time from June - August 2017. I'll hopefully be back with an epsiode of original content very soon but in the meantime you can head back to the dim and distant past of 2017 and enjoy the delights of the following - 0:00 Oasis - Hello (Live at Earls Court 1995) 0:36 JC intro 2:07...


51: Noel Gallagher Live Review, plus #OasisA2Z - Alive (8 Track Demo)

0:00 Liam Intro & Vision - Shine On 0:15 NGHFB - Fort Knox (Live in Cardiff) 1:03 JC Intro 2:45 News - Noel's on tour, Liam's in LA and being rude about Noel's wife on twitter again... 4:35 Jack Perrett - chat outside the venue and Supersonic - check him out @JPerrettMusic jackperrettmusic.co.uk 7:20 JC with Joel & Michael Lee (@yekim_mikey) 9:07 Oasis - Sad Song 12:33 Oasis - Slide Away (Live in Cardiff, March 1996) 16:25 JC with Aaron & Shaun of Oas-is (check them out Oas-is.co.uk &...


50: Former High Flying Bird Tim Smith and Noel live at Wembley listener reviews

0:00 Message from Liam and Vision - Shine On 0:16 NGHFB - It's A Beautiful World (Live in Aberdeen 2018) 1:00 JC Intro - Noel live - are balloons cool?!? Liam recording in LA, JC is seeing Noel in Cardiff on Sunday May 6th! Please vote for The Oasis Podcast at britishpodcastawards.com 3:57 - Umajets - Half Man Half Wrecking Ball 4:55 Tim Smith interview - follow Tim @umajet on Twitter and head to his website timsmiththemusical.com 10:01 The Producers - What She Does To Me 18:12 Jellyfish -...


49: Life changing Oasis story from Adrian Conoboy & #OasisA2Z - Aint Got Nothin

Welcome back to the Oasis Podcast. Great interview today with Adrian Conoboy and his wonderfully supportive wife Ros. Remember to follow me on Twitter, Instagram & Facebook @oasispodcast Email oasispod@gmail.com Support the show patreon.com/oasispod 0:40 Liam intro/ Shine On - Vision 0:57 Noel Gallagher intro If Love Is The Law - Live in Germany 3:12 JC introduction - please vote for us at britishpodcastawards.com 6:13 NGHFB - Who Built The Moon? Documentary 7:06 Liam Twitter news - Liam...


48: Oasis Song Knockout Tournament!

Welcome back to the Oasis Podcast - 1 year on from our first episode and still going strong! Please follow @oasispodcast on twitter, Instagram and Facebook You can support at Patreon.com/oasispod from $1 per month 0:00 Message from Liam/ Vision - Shine On 0:15 Beatles - Birthday 0:45 JC Intro - Happy Birthday to us! 3:20 Messages from Sufyaan and Kendra 8:04 News - thanks to SCYHO 9:20 Noel with Lars Ulrich on Beats 1 14:58 Oasis - Street Fighting Man 15:35 Oasis Song Knockout Tournament...