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OHTM - November 2018

Hello and welcome to another edition of our monthly journey into memorable moments. For this month we have a warm episode with music by Lunar Plane, Science & Reason, Ryan Davis, Paul Thomas and so much more. The classic moment for the month of November comes from one of my favorite Radio 1 Essential Mix recorded back in 2003. Hope you enjoy this month edition and don’t forget, let us know what you think on Twitter or Facebook. *Also, please leave a rating & review on iTunes, it...


OHTM - October 2018

Hello, back again with another dose of music to start off your month. Fall is almost here and personally, is one of my favorite season of the year. To get us in the mood we have music by EdOne, Gai Barone, Kyau & Albert, Cristoph, GMJ & Matter and more. The classic of this month comes from the third edition of In Search Of Sunrise Series. As always, we hope you enjoy this month edition and don’t forget, let us know what you think on Twitter or Facebook. *Also, please leave a rating &...


OHTM - September 2018

Welcome back to another monthly dose of beautiful tunes for your listening pleasure. Summer is not over yet, so let’s dive in some hot tunes by Nora En Pure, Bluum, Local Dialect, Daniel Portman, Dezza & Rolo Green and another stormer by Clawz SG, this time he teamed up with Mashk. For this month’s classic, we’ll go back to 2002 with Young Parisians. As always, we hope you enjoy this month edition and don’t forget, let us know what you think on Twitter or Facebook. *Also, please leave a ...


OHTM - August 2018

Hi all, First of all, we hope you’re enjoying the summer listening to some good music. To compliment your musical mood we have a fresh new episode with beautiful tunes by Herman Cattaneo, Oliver Lieb, Ben Böhmer, MUUI, Modd, Eli & Fur, Dimuth K and much more. The classic for this month is a beauty by Squareface. Hope you enjoy this month edition and don’t forget, let us know what you think on Twitter or Facebook. *Also, please leave a rating & review on iTunes, it helps. BIG MOMENT OF...


OHTM - July 2018

Hi there, we’re back with another edition of musical moments. Summer is officially here and this month is all about sunset summer vibes. Some of the highlights are: Modd, Clawz SG, John 00 Fleming, a remix by Airwave, haven’t heard from him in a while. Also, one from Tim Green’s new album and Estiva is also putting an album out and we’re playing a track from it. The classic of the month takes us back to the summer of 2006 with Jody Wisternoff, one half of Way Out West. Hope you enjoy this...


OHTM - June 2018

Hello and welcome! June is here and in this episode we have beautiful tunes by Pryda, Spencer Brown, Matter, Nick Devon & Blancah teamed up and got a beauty out. To prepare ourselves for the summer season, in this edition we have 3 classics with an updated flavor, in which one is the Big Moment of the month. The Classic Moment comes from Mark Sixma aka M6, one of his slower melodic from 2008 Hope you enjoy this month edition and don’t forget, let us know what you think on Twitter or...


OHTM - May 2018

Hello, we’re back with another episode filled with magical tunes to light up your month. The May edition will bring you music by Ilan Bluestone from his album ’Scars’, Paul Thomas, Tim Green, Monoverse, two tracks by Tenderheart, Tonal Axis and so much more. To keep you in the spirit of Spring, the Classic Of The Month comes from Petter, a track featured on “In Search Of Sunrise 5” that brings me back to the summer of 2006. Hope you enjoy this month edition and don’t forget, let us know...


OHTM - April 2018

Hi, Welcome back to our monthly selection for your enjoyment. Summer season is coming soon and we can’t wait to play those beautiful summer tunes. To prep us up, this month we have music by Soul Button, The Thrillseekers, Lucefora, Marcus Sur, Cosmic Gate in partnership with Alastor and much more. The classic for this month comes from Mike Foyle released on Coldharbour Recordings back in 2008, perhaps one of my favorite by Mike. Hope you enjoy this month edition and don’t forget, let us...


OHTM - March 2018

We’re back with another monthly dose of music for your enjoyment. Winter season is almost over, but March is a hot month in Miami with Ultra Music Festival. This episode is in celebration of this legendary annual event. This month we have music from Roma Greer, Oliver Lieb, Martin Roth, a beautiful collaboration from Kyau & Albert and Genix, LTN and Christina Novelli teamed up again and got another beauty on Excelsior and much more. The classic comes from a remix by Tiesto taken from his...


OHTM - February 2018

Hi there, we’re back again with another edition of our monthly update. For February we have tunes by Kyau & Albert, Soul Button, Gai Barone and Daniel Wanrooy. One of the albums I was really looking forward a lot was “The Only Road” by Gabriel & Dresden, they really nailed it again after many years and we another track from them in this episode. The classic of this month comes with the wonderful voice of Aruna and the remix of one half of Cosmic Gate. Hope you enjoy the second episode of...


OHTM - January 2018

Happy 2018! First, I would like to wish you all the best in this new year that’s among us. And may all your goals and dreams come true in the next twelve months. We hope you enjoyed our classic edition, it was so much fun going back and listening to old tunes; something I enjoy doing quite often. Moving into 2018, for this month we have tunes by Gabriel & Dresden, The Blizzard, 4 Strings and a remix by Spencer Brown for Above & Beyond taken from their upcoming album “Common Ground”. The...


OHTM - Classics Edition 2017

Hello again. The classics edition is here, uhhhooo! 🙌 First, we hope you’re enjoying the holiday season with family and loved ones. This time of the year is very special because it gives us a chance to reflect on the last twelve months so we can move to the next ones a bit wiser. I do this reflection every year, it keeps me grounded on where I need to go and do more of. We are looking forward to another amazing year of electronic dance music, but before we close out the year, let's go...


OHTM - December 2017

Welcome to our last regular episode of the year 2017. First of all, I want to thank you for listening to the monthly segment of some of my favorites tracks at the moment. Each month I look forward to mixing this two-hour mix and share it with you, so thank you for your support. And If you haven’t done it, leave a rating & review on iTunes, it helps. I hope you have an amazing holiday season and prosperous 2018. For the last episode of the year, we have brand new tunes by Roger Shah, Pryda,...


OHTM - November 2017

Another month went by, so that means, musical updates for you. Only two months to go until the end of the year, and we have a special episode coming up in December. But for November we have tunes by Roger Shah under the alias High Noon At Salinas, he just put out a beautiful album, highly recommend to check it out; a new Yotto, Ferry Corsten, a remix by Solid Stone for Markus Schulz, the return of Gabriel & Dresden, FINALLY! We missed these guys and, to me, the follow up of ‘Childhood’ by...


OHTM - October 2017

🍂 Hi there, back again with another episode filled with beautiful tunes for your October enjoyment. Fall is here, so we’re going to take things a bit slower building up for the colder months ahead. In this edition we have tracks by Aly & Fila and Paul Thomas, Solarstone & John 00 Fleming, Pavel Khvaleev, one-half of Moonbeam, Nathan Clement, Serge Landar and so much more. To kick off we have a live recording of Xpander by Sasha, one of my favorites by the man himself, that goes back to...


OHTM - September 2017

Welcome back! 🙌 We’re back with our monthly hottest tunes out there, and speaking of hot tunes, we’re heading towards the end of the summer. It went by too fast do you agree? Certainly felt like it flew by over our end. Anyways, we hope you had an amazing summer creating great memories with friends, family and loved ones. 😁 This month we have something a bit different by Stoneface & Terminal, DIM3NSION, Grum, and Dakota. Also, Solid Stone is back with a new EP, for this month we’re...


OHTM - August 2017

Hi, We’re back again with this month’s edition. Summer is almost over, it feels like it went by very fast, but it’s not over yet. In this episode, we have tunes by Purple Haze, Gai Barone, Danilo Ercole, Arkham Knights and more. Also, new tracks taken from Cosmic Gate “Materia Chapter 2” album and Kyau & Albert “Matching Stories”. The classic for this month goes back to 2006 with a beautiful track by Incolumis. I really like this one. Hope you enjoy this episode. Let’s us know what you...


OHTM - July 2017

Hello, welcome back! We hope you’re enjoying the sunny days. We’re going to pick up from what we left off from last month as we continue our summer journey. This month we’re going to uplift thing a bit with tunes by Stoneface & Terminal, Craig Connelly, Susana, DIM3NSION and more. Also three tracks from Roger Shah’s new Magic Island vol. 8 mix album. This month’s episode was inspired by our Classic Moment that comes from Alex M.O.R.P.H. with the lovely vocals of Sylvia Tosun. Personally,...


OHTM - June 2017

On May 09th 2017, we lost Robert Conicina better known as Robert Miles. If you don’t know him, you’re not alone, but I’m sure you’ve heard Children in your lifetime. The trance scene lost a true icon that produced one of the most influential tracks of all time. However, I don’t think it was only the trance scene lost, but all of the music industry. Robert was for sure an inspiration to many people in our generation. We open this episode with the original mix of Children. — * — On a happier...


OHTM - May 2017

Hello, You! 🙂 We’re back. Welcome to our monthly musical journey. For May we have music from a few new albums that has been released such as Solarstone ‘. – – – –‘ and two soon to be released by Andrew Rayel ‘Moments’ and Ferry Corsten ‘Blueprint’. I’m really looking forward to these albums. Also tunes from BLANCAh, ANNA, Max Graham, Oliver Smith and much more. May’s classic comes from Matthias Max and Sascha Lais better known as Mind One. They didn’t produce much under this alias, but I...