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An interview with Eric Fawcett, drummer for Spymob and N*E*R*D

Steve is joined by Spymob and N*E*R*D legend, drummer Eric Fawcett, to discuss all things ... well, drums and N*E*R*D! Eric very kindly gave up his time to come and discuss a number of topics including: a "metal God in his home town", no lessAre you reading this Tyler?! Get the Grooves From Outta Space Splice sample pack here Egg Music Eric's Lapdance super-cut on YouTube Eric on Instagram Steve on Instagram The Otherz on Instagram


Happy - Pharrell Williams feat Sim From the Hill

This week, Steve is joined by recording artist, designer, model, entrepreneur, and pretty much any other creative job you can think of, Sim From The Hill, to discuss Pharrell’s worldwide smash-hit, Happy! Happy on YouTube Happy In Helsinki on YouTube Happy on Genius Happy on Wikipedia Steve on Instagram The Otherz on Instagram BussDown Tees on Instagram Sim on Instagram Sim on Spotify Sim on Apple Music Sim on Google Play Music Annalise on Instagram Annalise on Spotify Annalise...


Hypnotize U - N*E*R*D feat The 6th Letter

Steve and The 6th Letter briefly discuss N*E*R*D and Daft Punk's Hypnotize U, and then get in to their thoughts on recent BBC and Hu releases, Something In The Water, and 6 tells us about his BBC IceCream favourites and grails, as well as his music. Hypnotize U on YouTube Hypnotize U (live on Letterman) on YouTube Hypnotize You on Genius Hypnotize U on Wikipedia Something In The Water Festival Steve on Instagram The 6th Letter on Instagram OG Vault on Instagram History Vault on...


Everyone Nose + Remix N*E*R*D feat. Deau X Boy

Fresh off the back of his new album, Flamingo, dropping, Deau X Boy is back to discuss Everything Nose, the remix, Chanel Pharrell, the Something In The Water festival, and his new album! Everyone Nose on YouTube Everyone Nose Remix on YouTube Everyone Nose on Genius Everyone Nose Remix on Genius Everyone Nose on Wikipedia Chanel Pharrell Something In The Water Flamingo on all platforms The Otherz on IG Steve on IG Deau X Boy on IG Art by Zurc Illustrations


Hot N Fun - N*E*R*D feat. Nelly Furtado and feat Xavier Jones

This week Steve is joined by Xavier Jones to discuss the first single from N*E*R*D's album Nothing, Hot N Fun. As well as the usual latest pick-ups and shout-outs, we also have a great chat about the current state of the Adidas Tennis and NMD HU's. Hot N Fun on YouTube Hot N Fun Starsmith Remix on YouTube Hot N Fun BoysNoize Remix on YouTube Hot N Fun on Genius Hot N Fun on Wikipedia The Otherz merch Deau X Boy's new album, Flamingo Xavier Jones on Instagram The Otherz on...


Sooner Or Later - N*E*R*D feat Chase Gozum

The man with possibly the biggest Star Trak vinyl collection, Chase Gozum, joins Steve to talk all things Sooner Or Later from the album Seeing Sounds. Sooner Or Later on YouTube The making of Sooner Or Later on YouTube Sooner Or later on Genius Shotgun The Aux podcast The Otherz on Instagram Steve on Instagram Chase on Instagram Star Trak Vinyl on Instagram


Mr Me Too - The Clipse feat. Pharrell

Steve and Anthony aka StarTrakWorld discuss The Clipse's first single from Hell Hath No Fury, Mr Me Too, as well as lots of pick-ups from over the winter and some BBC annoyances! Mr Me Too on YouTube Mr Me Too on Genius Mr Me Too on Wikipedia The Otherz Merch StarTrakWorld on Instagram Steve on Instagram The Otherz on Instagram Got any questions or want to be a guest on The Otherz Podcast? Drop us an email at hi@theotherz.net


Spaz - N*E*R*D feat Blake Symphony

This week Steve and guest, Blake Symphony, intend to discuss N*E*R*D's Spaz, but seem to talk about everything but! Spaz on YouTube Spaz on Genius Spaz on Wikipedia The Otherz merch Blake Symphony on Instagram Steve on Instagram The Otherz on Instagram Cover art by Zurc Illustrations


Number One - Pharrell feat. Kanye West feat. DeauxBoyMeetsWorld

This week Steve and @DeauxBoyMeetsWorld chop it up about Pharrell and Kanye's 2006 track, Number One. There's also plenty of BBC Ice Cream talk, including info and thoughts on some of the new releases and collabs. Number One on YouTube Number One on Genius Number One on Wikipedia Otherz merch on Teepublic DeauxBoyMeetsWorld on Instagram Steve on Instagram The Otherz on Instagram Image via Zurc Illustrations


Ice Cream 2.0: An interview with Matthew Chevallard

Ice Cream is back - and in a big way! This has polarised a lot of BBC/IC fans over the last few weeks and months, so I wanted everyone to hear it from the horses mouth - the man leading the Ice Cream Made In Italy project - Matthew Chevallard. Matthew took some time to chat to me about the background behind the new project, the hows and whys, as well as what we can expect from the Ice Cream brand in the future. Follow Matthew on InstagramFollow Steve on InstagramFollow The Otherz on...


Can I Have It Like That - Pharrell feat. Gwen Stefani feat. Anthony Bates aka StarTrakWorld

Friend of the show, Anthony Bates aka StarTrakWorld, returns to talk about Pharrell's lead single from In My Mind, Can I Have It Like That. We've also got some BBC and Hu chat, as well as some great recommendations and how to get hold of the new Otherz merchandise! Support The Otherz on Patreon The Otherz merch! CIHILT on Genius CIHILT on Wikipedia OG Vault on Instagram easeworld on Instagram Zurc Illustrations on Instagram Bapeman92 on Instagram Laura Stylez on...


That Girl feat Raphael Collins

Firstly, apologies for some of the audio quality in this episode. We had some technical challenges with one of the recordings, which has resulted in 3 days worth of editing to make it listenable. Despite that, there may still be a few volume and cut-off issues dotted throughout the file. This week Steve is joined by Raphael Collins aka Audiiokidd to discuss the Pharrell (feat Snoop Dogg and Charlie Wilson) single, That Girl, from the In My Mind album ... as well as lots of other random...


Angel + some of our favourite Neptunes, N*E*R*D, Pharrell bridges feat. Elijah McClinton

This week Death To Heartbreaks' Elijah McClinton joins Steve to discuss Angel (from Pharrell's In My Mind album), some of their favourite bridges from The Neptunes productions/N*E*R*D/Pharrell, the new Ariana Grande album, Sweetener, and the newest Tennis and NMD HU releases from Adidas. Support The Otherz on Patreon Angel (released version) on YouTube Angel (unreleased version) on YouTube Angel on Wikipedia Angel on Genius Death To Heartbreaks website Elijah on Instagram Steve on...


Maybe (and meeting N*E*R*D) feat. Anthony Bates aka StarTrakWorld

This week Steve is joined by Anthony Bates aka StarTrakWorld to discuss Fly Or Die's Maybe, as well as Steve's story of meeting N*E*R*D this summer at Ruisrock in Finland! StarTrakWorld on Instagram Maybe on YouTube Maybe on Genius Maybe on Wikipedia Help support The Otherz Podcast on Patreon


Let's Get Blown - Snoop Dog feat. Chris Jordan

This week, Steve, and special guest, Chris Jordan, discuss Snoop Dogg's Let's get Blown feat. Pharrell. Let's Get Blown on YouTubeLet's Get Blown on WikipediaLet's Get Blown on Genius Links to Chris' Memoir Of The Ultimate Latchkey: goo.gl/TVVJTugoo.gl/dJn6Asgoo.gl/mdSySgFind Chris on Instagram Help support The Otherz Podcast via Patreon


Interview with Shae Haley @ Ruisrock, Turku, Finland - 8th July 2018

N*E*R*D's Shae blesses Steve with a few minutes of his time to discuss his work within N*E*R*D, Pharrell and Chad, and what he gets up to away from the band.


She Wants To Move feat. Luke Cortes

Steve and Luke discuss N*E*R*D's classic track, She Wants To Move, as well as the new album from The Carters and everything dropped in Yeezy Season (so far). She Wants To Move on YouTube She Wants To Move on Genius She Wants To Move on Wikipedia Luke on Youtube and Instagram Check out Luke's clothing line, Cuts Engineering, on Instagram Support The Otherz on Patreon


Drop It Like It's Hot feat. Pharrell - Snoop Dogg

We've been away for a minute, but we're back to discuss Snoop Dogg's rap classic, Drop It Like It's Hot! Drop It Like It's Hot on YouTube Drop It Like It's Hot on Genius Drop It Like It's Hot remix on Genius Support the podcast on Patreon Buy Christopher Jordan's book, Memoir Of The Ultimate Latchkey Buy art from our friend @zurc_illustrations



David gives the low-down on all things Ice Cream, including some history lessons, what to look for in a pair, how much they're gonna cost you, and the all-new International Ice Cream Day (in conjunction with Pharrell's birthday) on 5th April! Check out The Otherz Sneaker Review (part 1) on YouTube!


Beautiful feat. Pharrell and Uncle Charlie Wilson - Snoop Dogg

This week Steve and David talk about David's favourite Neptunes' track, Beautiful. We've also got a big update on the new website and how to support the podcast, some shout-outs, and a huge latest pick-ups piece! Beautiful on YouTube Beautiful on Wikipedia Beautiful on Genius