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Wacky Music and Crazy Comedy From Yester-year and Today


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Wacky Music and Crazy Comedy From Yester-year and Today




Episode 54: Clothing – Waist Down…

Grab your favorite pair of pants, fancy socks or skirt. We are talking about about clothes, but only from the waist down... because let's face it, if you want to picture Steve and Jared only wearing one thing, you want it to cover the bottom half...


Episode 53: Potty Humor

When your wit fails you, do what Steve and Jared do, resort to potty humor! When the lack of toilet paper as you feeling down in the sewer, don't stink up everyone's day with a number 2 attitude. Listen to Still Demented and feel wiped fresh and clean!


Episode 52: End of the World

Don't Panic... Let Steve and Jared do it for you! We play all the hits about the world coming to an end. Of course, even if the world does end, three things will survive: Twinkies, Cockroaches and "Weird Al" Parodies!


Episode 51: Work

Find a job your love and you'll never work a day in your life... that being said, Steven and Jared are hard a work putting together this episode for you! This week we talk all about being employed and the different jobs out there. We also have our obligatory song by "Weird Al" and don't forget the weekly They Might Be Giants' Dial-A-Song!


Episode 50: Ugly

Steve and Jared have been told their whole lives that they have a face for radio. Today we talk about being ugly. It’s not rude to do if you are ugliest person in the room. We just can’t decide which host is uglier.


Episode 49: TRUMP!

We all like to escape hearing about Donald Trump by fun things like Still Demented. So just for grins we are going to make you listen to all things Trump! This week we poke a little fun at the president while he is suffering with impeachment issues. Whether your left wing right wing or just like a chicken wing this episode has something for you. So leave your partisan politics at the door and just sit back and have a laugh.


Episode 48: Religion

They say in mixed company you should never discuss religion or politics. Since we’ve already discussed politics let’s talk about religion! Today we touch on the taboo and see how many people we can offend with today’s subject.


Episode 47: 50th Anniversary of Brady Bunch and Scooby Do

It’s an anniversary! No not the day that Steve met Jared, it’s the anniversary of the Brady Bunch and Scooby Doo. Both cultural juggernauts are marking 50 years since inception. We lovingly make fun of them and also pay tribute in the special episode of Still Demented.


Episode 46: Happy Birthday!

It’s Steve’s birthday, so we are doing a whole episode dedicated to the event. There’s a lot more to birthday music than that one repetitive song you feel obligated to sing all the time. Even “Weird Al” has his own version. Come back and listen on your birthday!


Episode 45: Kip Addotta / Weird Al Polkas!

2019.08.25-08.05.14-S This week we pay homage to recently passed Kip Addotta, a staple of the original Doctor Demented. But, since that only takes half the hour, we fill the second hour with our favorite "Weird Al" polkas! Even if you aren't a fan of polka, you'll love these!


Episode 44: Health Issues

Have a health issue? Grab a tissue! Still Demented took a long hiatus due to the health issue of one of the hosts. Steve recently had a stroke. But since he is on the mend, it's time to tell jokes about it! This week we talk all things ill health. Calling in sick, operations and diseases abound. Don't worry, the only thing contagious in this episode are a few of the tunes.


Episode 43: Father’s Day

Who better to sing the praises of fathers than Steve and Jared? One is a father and the other has daddy issues (you will have to guess which is which).


Episode 42: Musicals

Why is Jared wearing his best showgirl unitard? Because it’s Musicals week at Still Demented. Broadway is just the beginning; movies and even TV shows get toe-tappingly twisted. Sing along if you’re demented enough!


Episode 41: Summertime

Break out your itsy bitsy teenie weenie polka dot bikini, its summertime! Steve and Jared just got done lathering each other up in sun screen to share their best demented summer-themed tunes.


Episode 40: May the 4th Be With You

When you are a geek like Steve, you care more about the nerdy holidays, like today’s inspiration: May the 4th Be With You. Jared takes the week off as Steve shares his favorite Star Wars themed songs and skits. Listen to the whole show before Revenge of the 6th.


Episode 39: Cheech and Chong

You would think we were under the influence of something to do a whole hour dedicated to Cheech & Chong. We plead the 5th! There’s more to this burned out comedy duo than just drug jokes, and you’ll hear it all on Still Demented.


Episode 38: Monty Python

We are the DJ's who say, "Ni!" And now for something completely different... April 2019 marks the 40th anniversary of Monty Python's Life of Brian and May 2019 is the 50th anniversary of the comedy troupe. How could we let those milestones pass without a special episode for the funniest cross dressers in British history? Discover what lumberjacks wear under their flannel. Learn the meaning of life. And find out how you can tell a dead parrot when you see one. All this information and more on...


Episode 37: World Tour

I hope you have your passport handy because Steve and Jared are taking you around the world. Feel free to be the stereotypical rude American tourist without the shame. Mocking music about our friends to the north, Canada. Laugh at stand up about China from Jim Gaffigan. And its never a bad time to poke fun at the French! So get your shots and come along with us on a Still Demented world tour!


Episode 36: Video Games

I hope your gaming thumb is calloused. This week are all about video games. From the Atari to the Nintendo to hand held gaming, we cover it all. Play a drinking game and take a swig of Mountain Dew Code Red every time we play a song about Pac-Man. Even Weird Al has one!


Episode 35: Eww, Gross!

Steve is out of town so Jared is flying solo. In honor of the missing Steve Grosz, our theme this week is, "Eww, Gross!" Boogers, farts, burbs, trash and toilet talk take over the show. I sure hope you're not squeamish for this blue collar hour of disgusting humor!