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Episode 55 Mestre Junior Sampaio

Bio: Bateria Mestre at Renascer de Jacarepaguá, bateria director at Unidos da Tijuca, musician, percussion teacher at Batuque Digital, graduated with a degree in music theory from the Villa Lobos School of Music. Junior Sampaio started at G.R.E.S. Portela where he was a percussionisa and sambista from 1998 to 2005. He was invited by none other than Armando Marçal (Marçalzinho) to be one of the directors at Portela. He did this until 2015, when he migrated to the Academicos de Grande Rio...


Episode 54 Pitoco De Aira

More Maracatu Caixas Shop Now Bio: Pitoco De Aira is an acclaimed percussionist from Recife, Pernambuco, born in the neighbourhood Alto José do Pinho. He started playing at the age of four in the Afoxé Yle de Egbá and Maracatu Nação Estrela Brilhante do Recife, both institutions that he keeps linked to the present day through his 25 year + career. Pitoco has established himself as one of the leaders in this institution, and this year, with a new director, Maracatu Nação Estrela...


Episode 53 Dudu Fuentes

Bio: Master percussionist Eduardo “Dudu” Fuentes is one of Rio de Janeiro’s prolific artists and percussionists. He is currently the bateria director and arranger for the Bloco Vagalume O Verde. As former director and principal arranger of the popular Carnaval bloco, Bangalafumenga, Dudu is recognized for creating percussion arrangements that have breathed new life into Brazilian rhythms. Dudu’s unique style of adapting folkloric Brazilian rhythms like ciranda, côco, maculelê and ijexá for...


Episode 52 Kleber Komká founder of Batuque Digital

Bio: Kleber Komká, is a musician and percussionist. He has played with some of the great names of Brazilian Popular Music and Brazilian Samba, such as Alcione, the late Beth Carvalho, Danilo Caymmi and many others. He is a Percussionist and director of drums with more than 30 years of parading in the batterias of the Rio de Janeiro Carnival, such as Mocidade Independent, Salgueiro, Beija Flor, Imperatriz, Mangueira, União da Ilha, São Clemente, Rio Grande among others. He is a drum...


Episode 51 Serrinha Raiz

Bio: Serrinha grew up in a family of musicians and sambistas that originated in Imperio Serrano and Estacio de Sa’. Since childhood, he demonstrated interest in various percussion instruments. He participated in “rodas de samba” that had some of the great samba personalities as invitees: Jorge Aragao, Monarco, Almir Guineto, Luiz Carlos da Vila, and Luiz Melodia, to name some. He has worked as a director of samba school, in the likes of Unidos da Tijuca, Unidos de Padre Miguel, Estacio de...


Episode 50 New York Samba School and Brazilian Council on Samba Executive Director Carlos DeOliveira

Bio: Carlos DeOliveira also known as Caco, is the founder and Executive Director of New York Samba School and the Brazilian Council on Samba. Born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, his work as a musician, percussionist, writer, producer and community organizer are manifestations of his lifelong love for Afro-Brazilian culture, its various iterations but particularly Samba. A musician of extreme versatility, Caco performs in the Samba, Bossa Nova, Forró and Jazz idioms as a sit in and recording...


Episode 49 Kahlil Cummings

shop for samba drums Bio: Kahlil Cummings, a Los Angeles native, is an acclaimed drummer, exceptional performer, composer, and educator. Kahlil was recognized as a child prodigy very early; since childhood, he has played with numerous reputable groups including Ballet Folclórico Do Brasil, Sona Sané, Abalayé, Mila Samba School, Inu Olorun, Debbie Allen Dance Company, Les Amazones, and Viver Brasil. Kahlil honed his rhythmic gifts with noted teachers including Mestre Amen Santo, Jose Ricardo...

Episode 48 Sounds of CBC 2

Samba Gear at Go Samba! Shop Now This podcast was sponsored by Go Samba! Order of appearance: Jorge Alabe Orisha class Coco with Mestre Pitoco Surdo Sectional with Mestre Ailton Dance class warm up with Brian Rice on Tabla (What’s the deal with Brian Rice?!?) Samba de Roda with Mestre Marcio Peeter and Marcus Costa Tamborim Sectional with Mestre Ailton Rosangela Silvestre dance class with Jorge Alabe percussion Scott Kettner triangle course at...

Episode 47 Creating a non-profit with Dev Nambi

Photo credit Eric Crawford Dev’s been playing drums since 1993, in symphonic band, marching band, jazz band, and various musicals. He stopped playing for a few years in his 20’s, a silly decision he hopes you won’t repeat. Since 2014 Dev has been a musician and organizer in, the Seattle drum and dance bloco. He also plays for dance classes around the city. For the last two years he’s been visiting groups all over the US and Canada. He’s hoping to visit and play with...

Episode 46 Douglas Jorge, Portela Samba School Bateria Director.

Douglas Jorge is a descendent of samba royalty! He is the Grandson of Alcides Gregorio, who was one of the founders of Império Serrano Samba School. Alcides Gregorio was also the Império Serrano’s first Bateria Mestre. Douglas is also grand nephew of Mestre Fuleiro, another founder of the Império Serrano. Douglas’ father is Mestre Faísca, who was also Bateria Mestre of the Império Serrano. Douglas is the nephew of the current mestre of Portela, Mestre Nilo Sérgio. He was baptized into the...

Episode 45 Pato Irie from TDot Batu

Bio: Pato’ Irie born and raised in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil, honed his skills and developed his musical stylings while living in and playing in the birthplace of samba reggae–Salvador, Bahia. In 1997 Pato moved to Chile, where he shared his knowledge of samba reggae for more than 10 years. And today he has been in Toronto, Canada for 10 years and he is the founder and the leader of the premiere samba reggae band in Toronto, TDot...


Episode 44 Jakub Škrha from Ritmo Factory in Czech Republic

This episode is sponsored by Brazilian drum store in North America Bio Jakub Škrha is a percussionist focusing mainly on Brazilian rhythms and samba. For a year he had lived in Rio de Janeiro, the capital of samba, where he learned rhythms and percussion play with the best Brazilian teachers. As one of few Europeans and as a sole Czech citizen, he was part of the biggest and most famous carnivals in the world the Rio de Janeiro Carnival. For two consecutive years, he had...


Episode 43 Tact Hirose

Tact Hirose Bio: Tact Hirose is a Japanese musician, composer,producer and bassist. He is also known as a devotee of Brazilian performance art Maracatu, and presides a Maracatu group BAQUEBA in Tokyo. While continuing with his international musician's work, he has also aggressively advanced the propagation of Maracatu to various areas in Japan. Since 2013, He has led a citizens Batucada of Maracatu in SUKIYAKI MEETS THE WORLD FESTIVAL that is one of the most famous world music festival in...

Episode 42 Mestre Memeu of Olodum

Bio: Mestre Memeu, is a legend in the samba reggae community. He has been part of olodum for 35 years and leading for 25 of those. He has toured the world playing with Olodum and teaching workshops. He received the name of MESTRE after the 1st Mestre Neguinho do Samba bestowed him with the title. He has collaborated with Ziggy Marley, Jimmy Cliff and Alpha Blondie. Aside from Olodum, he currently also leads his group, A Banda do Mestre Memeu, where they play his original...


Episode 41 Ana Laidley

Ana grew up in the cradle of Samba, Estaçao Primeira de Mangueira, where her father was a well-respected musician and her mother was one of the first well known Passistas to perform nationally and internationally. na has been teaching Samba for some 26 years in the USA. Her classes integrate traditional and contemporary Samba styles. Her teaching methodology integrates her life experiences with Samba and her psychology background, providing a space for people to develop their knowledge...


Episode 40 Clarissa Altmann

Clarissa Altmann was born in 1975. From 6 to 16 she played Flute, Fanfare, Trumpet, Piano and Guitar. She saw samba for the first time in 2001. Her first “real” Samba-Experience was 2006 a Batucada Masterclass in Germany with Ivo Meirelles from the famous Mangueira samba school. She fell in love with Rio Samba- Batucada & Funk and ended up founding her own Samba Group BATURIM in Summer 2007 which she is still directing. During the following years she had more Batucada Masterclass Workshops...


Episode 39 Francisco Marques

Bio: Francisco Marques is a multi-instrumentalist dedicated to the performance, teaching, and study of Brazilian roots music. He is a founding member of Ginga, the director of Grupo Chegando Lá and a member of Sambadendé and the Boulder Samba School. Born in Sao Paolo, Brazil, he was raised in the Washington DC area and graduated from Colby College in 2000, where he received a BA in Music, with a focus on classical guitar. Francisco teaches on a variety of instruments, with a focus on...

Episode 38A Bruno Moraes

Bruno Moraes, percussionist, director of the Bateria Trophy, commentator and lover of samba and its culture! Links Sponsored by! This episode sponsored by Go Samba! Brazilian drums for sale in the USA!

Episode 38 Bruno Moraes

Bruno Moraes, percussionist, director of the Bateria Trophy, commentator and lover of samba and its culture! Links Sponsored by! This episode sponsored by Caixas, surdos, straps, repiniques for sale...


Episode 37 Neil Bost

Neil Bost graduated from Yucca Valley High School in 2009, where he participated in the symphonic band and marching band drum line for four years. He graduated from Humboldt State University in 2015 with a bachelor’s degree in music performance and music education. Other education includes summer workshops such as the Explorations in Afro-Cuban Music and Dance workshop, which Neil has taken and worked for every summer over the past four years. This workshop brought in master drummers...