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#27 | Hank Harris

Hank Harris is a singer/songwriter, as well as photographer, from Johnson Siding, SD. He's been playing, performing, and writing music for over 40 years. Hank has a way of presenting himself in his music that is unique only to him. He has put out two volumes, named the Deadwood Songbooks, showcasing the history of music in Deadwood, SD. His latest release, Tiny Person, tackles some of hte toughest social and political issues today and can be found at his shows or on Spotify. For more...


#26 | J Shogren

J Shogren is a singer/songwriter out of Laramie, WY currently with 5 albums out, his latest titled “Why So Blue Bird?” He is also a community theater actor, an economics professor at the University of Wyoming, and an environmental economist and was part of a team of scientists working on climate change that won a Nobel Peace Prize. For more information on his music, go to For more info on The Heath Bar, go to


#25 | Harland Allen

Harland Allen is a singer/songwriter and actor from Sturgis, SD. He currently is 1/2 of the award winning duo Aces and Eights Classic Country Music. He's been a professional musician and entertainer since 1977. For more information on Harland and Aces and Eights, go to For more information about the Heath Bar, check out


#24 | Andrea Von Kampen

Andrea Von Kampen is a folk singer/songwriter from Lincoln, NE. She is an NPR Tiny Desk Contest Finalist and currently sitting at over 5 million streams on Spotify. Her deft guitar work and intuitive song construction display striking maturity, and her effortless vocal delivery has been praised by Hear Nebraska as "soulful and worn-in." Her recent Midwest tour included a live session at Audiotree in Chicago. The resulting recording is now available wherever music is sold and streamed,...


#23 | Kenny Feidler

Kenny Feidler is a singer/songwriter who describes is music as Dark Country Rock. Hailing from South Dakota, Kenny has made his way all over the US playing his original music with his band, The Cowboy Killers. You can find his music on iTunes and Spotify, where he is currently sitting at over 1 million streams in 51 countries with over 100,000 fans! For more information, find him on Facebook or at You can find out more information on The Heath Bar at...


#22 | Craig Winquist

Craig Winquist is a singer/songwriter out of Canton, SD. He spent several years down in Nashville, TN working as a songwriter when the streaming services for music had their birth. He has 4 albums out and is extremely passionate about songwriting and music in South Dakota. You can find one of his albums, "Hometown" on Spotify. For more information about The Heath Bar, check out


#21 | Sarah Carlson

Sarah Carlson is the Executive Director of the Historic Homestake Opera House in Lead, SD. Originally from Wakonda, SD, she moved to Lead in 2008 and joined the Opera House in 2011. She is a talented actress and skilled marketer, and extremely passionate about helping promote artists, whatever their medium, in the Black Hills. Sarah is the 2018 Lead Historic Preservation President, 2017-18 Lead Area Chamber of Commerce President, and a 2015-2017 board member of Black Hills and Badlands...


#20 | Daryl Stevenett

Daryl Stevenett is a singer songwriter originally from Alberta, Canada. Daryl has made his living writing jingles for many radio and TV stations, many of which are still being played today. Currently, Daryl writes books during the day and plays music in the evening. He spends his summers performing at the Nugget Saloon in Deadwood, South Dakota and spends his winters performing in Englewood, Florida. More info on Daryl can be found at For more information about The...


#19 | Scott Johnson

Scott Johnson is the father of yours truly. He's been many things in his life and the road that led him to starting my family was a long one. His is a story of beating the odds. From an unwanted birth, to adoption by alcoholics, to living on the streets and surviving anyway he could, all the way to redemption and reshaping the course of his future, and by proxy mine as well. For more information on The Heath Bar, go to


#18 | Max Hay

Max Hay is a singer-songwriter who passes through he Black Hills once or twice a year. Max tours relentlessly, playing guitar and cracking jokes from near to far. He is a common site on local music scenes all over. Playing upwards of 200 shows per year since 2008. He has entertained audiences throughout the USA, China, Brazil, Australia, and New Zealand. His travelogue includes a slew of bars, nightclubs, festivals, fairs, restaurants, Irish Pubs, and private events. Nightly performances at...


#17 | Anthony Tripp

Anthony Tripp is a singer/songwriter from Spearfish, SD. Despite a colorful past, setbacks, and tough lessons learned, Anthony continues to shine brightly with his positive lyrical message and catchy, energetic rhythms. He’s currently working on his upcoming album (described as a stripped down Mumford and Sons meets Matisyahu). The debut album is slated for a midsummer release. For more information go to For more information on The Heath Bar, go to...


#16 | Jake Elwood

Jake Elwood is a singer/songwriter out of Miles City, MT and front man for his band, River North. When he's not singing on stage, he's bartending at The Montana Bar. You can find his EP on iTunes or Spotify by following the links below. iTunes: Spotify: Facebook: For more info on The Heath Bar go to...


#15 | Pretty Beggar

Pretty Beggar is an original indie pop/rock 4-piece emphasizing storytelling and lyrical potency within catchy, upbeat grooves. Michael Castle is the front man for the group and came to the Black Hills in May 2018 on his tour through. Their latest release, "Tell 'em We Say Hi" and more info can be found at For more info on The Heath Bar go to


#14 | Jalan Crossland

Jalan Crossland is a singer/songwriter out of Ten Sleep, WY. He's been performing and playing his own music throughout the area and region for the better part of 30 years or more. His latest release, "Sing Alongs for the Apocalypse", along with more info, can be found at For more info on The Heath Bar go to


#13 | Frank Gregg

Frank Gregg is a singer/songwriter out of Edgemont, SD. He's been writing songs for as long as he can remember. He got his first guitar from his father who, among other things, played a string of shows with Hank Williams Sr. You can find Frank's catalog along with more information about him at For more info on The Heath Bar go to


#12 | Jeff Drumm

Jeff Drumm is the founder and head brewer at Crow Peak Brewery located in Spearfish, SD. He's been brewing beer for a long time and CPB has been around for over a decade now. On top of this, CPB has been influential in helping the now well known craft beer movement gain solid footing in South Dakota. More info at For more info on The Heath Bar go to


#11 | Chris Huisenga

Chris Huisenga is a singer/songwriter from Spearfish, South Dakota. His debut album release is scheduled for April 2018. More info on Chris can be found at For more info on The Heath Bar go to


#10 | Michael Howard and Caroline Cotter

Caroline Cotter and Michael Howard are both traveling folk musicians. Caroline is from Portland, Maine and Michael is from Alaska. Together, they travel wherever they can and play their original music. You can find more info at and For more info on The Heath Bar go to


#09 | Jake Jackson

Jake Jackson is a musician based out of Spearfish, SD. He is the front man for Six Mile Road, a buegrass band based in the Black Hills of SD. He is also an accomplished fiddle and guitar player. More info at


#08 | Richard Grewar

Richard Grewar is a singer/songwriter currently based out of Hill City, SD. He is also the executive director of The Bruce Lee Foundation, and producer of his wife's podcast, 'Why Not Now? with Amy Jo Martin.' His latest album release, Cold Feet, along with more info, can be found at