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A podcast based in Canberra, focussed on the Punk and Alternative music scene across Australia.

A podcast based in Canberra, focussed on the Punk and Alternative music scene across Australia.
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A podcast based in Canberra, focussed on the Punk and Alternative music scene across Australia.




Episode Five - 2 Eggs and a new computer...

Tuesday 5th November Episode 5. We're back up and running with a new system, and still ironing out creases, but having more fun than ever! Here's the list: Hard-Ons - Harder And Harder Alla Spina - Crying Blind Spot - Gas Lit Manthem Stabbitha and the Knify Wifeys - Snakes In The Grass Being Jane Lane - Savage Sunday Ate Bit - Awkward The Great Awake - Live Slow Die Eventually Nerdlinger - Underrated Operation Ibis - Keep The Fire Burning Mustard Plug - On and On The Resignators...


Episode Four - Stonefest, The Exploited, Off With Their Heads 15 Oct 2019

Track List: Propagandi - Back To The Motor League Hightime - Turn it Around Ess-Em - Poverty Point Operation Ibis - Border Force Trophy Knives - Burn Scabz - Feel Good Summer Press Club - Behave Slagatha Christie - Retail Rascals Undamaged - What a Mess Off With Their Heads - Be Good The Black Catapult - We Were Young Rort Menace - Why You Are Late Minor Surgery - Birdserk Dividers - Swallow it Down Strung Out - Rebels and Saints Pennywise - Never Gonna Die No Fun At All - A...


Episode Three - Get Dead, Ate Bit, Cancer Bats all touring!

After the whirlwind that was the Ged Dead Australian Tour, we ran late on episode 3. Forgive us, here's the playlist: Anti Flag - Christian Nationalist Radio Rejects - Sk8r Dad The Culture Industry - Dying In The Streets The Menzingers - Strain Your Memory Crapulous Gee Gaw - Egg and Sperm Race GET DEAD - Here’s Your Song The Decline - Don’t Jump A Gift Shark In The Mouth Gyroscope - Dream Vs Scream Ate Bit - Happy Lives Nerdlinger - Milk The Great Awake - Hedging Bets The...


Episode Two Sept 30, 2019

We're slowly getting it together with the technical side of things, here's 90 minutes of New music, touring bands, and this week's favourite punk and alternative tracks! Coffin wolf - Tarred Bare Bones - Rust Flangipanis - Getting By Tiny Moving Parts - Bloody Nose Squid Fishing - Delusional Amends - Everything is Going to Be Alright Off With Their Heads - Nightlife Commodore Charlie - D.I.Y Get Dead - Cliffs The Decline - Bullet With Buffalo Wings Sketch Method - Gladys Wolfpack...


Episode One - Ironing out the kinks...and putting out (some of) the fires

23rd September 2019 We've been talking about it for a year. In that time, we've both forgotten how to radio, so the first few weeks are going to be rusty af, but that's half the fun. Join Jack and Joel as we take you through two hours of our favourite new punk and alrternative music, music news, and the general trash talk that fills our day to day lives. Facebook at Here's the first playlist: Neighbourhood Cat - Mitch, Please Blush -...