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This weekly radio programme from The Quietus brings you the best in new and current music, as well as what some would say is vaguely witty banter from hosts (and site editors) John Doran and Luke Turner.

This weekly radio programme from The Quietus brings you the best in new and current music, as well as what some would say is vaguely witty banter from hosts (and site editors) John Doran and Luke Turner.
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This weekly radio programme from The Quietus brings you the best in new and current music, as well as what some would say is vaguely witty banter from hosts (and site editors) John Doran and Luke Turner.




Neil Tennant Interview and Q&A

Neil Tennant joins Michael Bracewell at EartH in Dalston to discuss his new collection of lyrics, 'One Hundred Lyrics and a Poem', in front of a sold-out audience. In a wide-ranging conversation they discuss the lyrics that made Pet Shop Boys one of the most successful pop groups in British musical history, with over 50 million records sold over a 13 album and 30 year career. The conversation ranges from the personal to the political as it includes the terrible impact of the AIDS crisis,...


The Quietus Hour – Show 57 (03/05/2018)

More excellent new music and passable chat with Luke and John.


Nuts and Bolts #2 – Guro Skumsnes Moe

Nuts And Bolts' Jessica Sligter meets with bass-player and poet Guro Skumsnes Moe, Octobass player and frontperson of the band MoE.


Nuts and Bolts #1 – Jenny Hval

Nuts and Bolts is a show produced externally by Jessica Sligter and will expose the gear-secrets of some of your favourite female* artists. The first episode features Jessica talking to Jenny Hval. Produced with funding from the Norwegian Arts Council.


The Quietus Hour – Show 56 (15/03/2018)

This week the Quietus Hour brings you news that we're going to be launching a whole host of new programmes that you'll be able to listen to on our Mixcloud page, and subscribe to via iTunes. Alongside information on Hyperspecific, Anna's Alphabet and Nuts & Bolts, the Quietus Hour this week features the best new music and passable chat from your hosts John Doran and Luke Turner. We've brand-new, some barely-heard music from Apostille, Mouse On Mars, Pregoblin, Jockstrap, Miss Red, FLAME 1...


Show 55 – Judas Priest

With Luke and John away, The Quietus Hour is taken over by Louise Brown talking to Rob Halford from Judas Priest about their upcoming tour and the announcement of Glenn Tipton semi-retiring from the band.


Show 53 – Matt Johnson (The The)

Today’s guest on this very special edition of The Quietus Hour is Matt Johnson of The The. John Doran, Mighty Seb White and Al Overdrive set up office for the afternoon round at his London gaff and, over a very nice cup of white tea, we put the world to rights. While listening to tracks from the Radio Cineola: Trilogy box set Matt talks about his uneasy relationship with celebrity, working with Johnny Marr, the new The The album he’s just started writing and how he feels about taking his...


Show 52 – 05/10/2017

For the first time since the Inaugural Day Of Radio, Luke Turner and John Doran are reunited once more on the radio - together in scleretic dreams, both attending the non-stop neurotic cabaret, in tune with the OCD Soundsystem etc. - bound by the adhesive of passable chat and excellent new music. The Mighty Seb White has concocted a fiendish new segment from the show - The Chorus Interuptus - where he plays our hapless hosts snippets from CDs plucked from tQ’s postbag… without telling them...


Show 51 – Hannah Peel

Friend of the Quietus Hannah Peel pops into tQHQ for a cup of tea and a chat about Barnsely-based cosmic explorer Mary Casio, the challenges of combining brass with synths and chooses all of today's records inspired by the Cassini Probe's death dive into the atmosphere of Saturn. With music by Jo Meek and The Blue Men, Moondog, Hawkwind, Cluster, OMD, Avro Pärt, Edward Artemiev, Tontos Expanding Head Band, plus a track from her new album.


Show 50 – Day of Radio special

Pinch punch - the first of the month... Last Friday was the start of September, and John and Luke were joined in tQHQ by Barry The Barber and Todd The Dog. Abandoning their usual tack of bringing you the best in new music, they picked a selection of ABCs (anthems, bangers, classics) which remind them of the history of the site. During the show John also had his haircut (but thankfully not like Phil Oakey) by Barry The Barber and the music came from Hey Colossus, Blacknecks, Erasure, LCD...


Show 48 – Paddy goes to Green Man

With John and Luke both preoccupied with their radio show, it once again befell staff writer Paddy Clarke to take up the Quietus Hour mantel for our coverage of this year's Green Man Festival. Our resident festival-goer reports from a wet but glorious weekend in the Brecon Beacons, spent in the finest of company. There's also a perfect plethora of music from the weekend's best performers, including Shirley Collins, PJ Harvey, Grumbling Fur, British Sea Power, Madonnatron, Richard Dawson,...


Show 47 – James Endeacott

Our guest this week is none other than Mr James Endeacott who claims his CV contains one thing and one thing only - that he is very good at running round being James Endeacott. More impartial observers might say that actually, on top of this no doubt very valuable skill, he was also an original member of Loop, worked at Rough Trade, set up 1965 records, A&R'd the Strokes and The Libertines (settle down at the back there) and, last but not least, is an all-round good person and friend of...


Show 46 – 10/08/2017 – New Weird Britain

John Doran had such a great time at this year’s Supernormal Festival held at Brazier’s Park, Oxfordshire, (reflecting similarly good times at Supersonic, Fat Out and Milhoes de Festa earlier this year) that he felt he had to “quack on about it” on air with partner in crime, Luke Turner as the basis of this week’s Quietus Hour. Not content with simply saying, ‘I had a very nice goat curry and watched Aggressive Perfector play to ten people’, he has instead insisted on summoning up a...


Show 45 – Gary Numan

Today’s guest on The Quietus Hour episode 45 is none other than, long time favourite of the website, Mr Gary Numan. Currently back in Europe for a UK tour, he took time out to drop into tQHQ to play us some of his favourite records (not to mention some of his own tracks) and discuss his 22nd album - Savage: Songs From A Broken World. In a long and frank chat he talked to tQ editor, John Doran about his long planned sci-fi novel, how he wants his kids to follow in his footsteps, the...


Show 44 – 20/07/2017

Back once again like renegade plasterers, John and Luke are reunited on the wireless in the white hot cauldron of torpor, ennui and vague anxiety that is The Quietus Hour. The dynamic duo fall even further down a wormhole of implausible chat with subjects including why Mods are no good at fighting with pirates at sea, producer Seb's convincing impression of Ayrton Senna when he's behind the wheel, our best Persuader to date, the return of Bill Drummond and Jimmy Cauty and the latest...


Show 43 – Cosey Fanni Tutti

This week we're chuffed to welcome Cosey Fanni Tutti down from rural Norfolk to our exhaust-basted urban HQ for the latest special edition of The Quietus Hour. Luke Turner recently worked with Cosey curating live events around the COUM Transmissions exhibition at Hull City Of Culture, and today he picks up the threads to talk about both that and the reception to her recently-published memoir 'Art Sex Music'. Nine songs chosen by Cosey (taking in The Small Faces, Nico and the Velvet...


Show 42 – Paddy goes to Glastonbury

For some reason Glastonbury Festival have given The Quietus a press pass. John and Luke are too old for it now, so we've sent staff writer Patrick Clarke to go for us. -- Listen to this show with full songs, and all other shows on our radio page:


Show 41 – Daniel O’Sullivan

On a record-breakingly hot day Daniel O'Sullivan popped into tQHQ with what he describes as "musical air-conditioning" - nine terrific pieces of music to fan the breeze of righteousness over body & soul. As our regular readers will well know, Daniel is half of our long-time favourites Grumbling Fur, part of Ulver, Æthenor and Laniakea, and currently at the heart of This Is Not This Heat. Despite all that he's found time to release a solo album of mind-vibration pop music, Veld. As ever with...


Show 40 – William Doyle

They exist all around the United Kingdom, clinging on to the edges of our towns and cities like limpets. Made up of intricate streets, short culdesacs, pedestrian alleyways, and detached houses dotted around patches of green, they have names like Jersey Farm and Bowthorpe, and millions of us live in them. But these housing estates, constructed largely with private finance over the past 20 or so years, are not discussed or explored in the same way that you might find with the endless rows of...


Show 39 – Tim Burgess

We've got Tim Burgess along for a Quietus Hour Special this week, The Charlatans frontman heading in to a very warm tQHQ to discuss his band's new album Different Days and play some of his current favourite music. Tune in for chat about the new Charlatans record, what Tim thinks of the new Twin Peaks, why Sleaford Mods are ace and his love of the likes of Throbbing Gristle, Beaver & Krause, Factory Floor, Frank Ocean and The Fall. And if you've ever wondered who makes the best cup of tea out...