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Enmanuel Candelario - Protest Poetry and the Legacy of MLK

In this episode I speak with Enmanuel Candelario, a writer, performer and recording artist with The Peace Poets, a collective of artists from the Bronx, NY. Since 2005 The Peace Poets have celebrated, examined and advocated for life through music and poetry, with a stylistic emphasis on lyricism, rhythm and authenticity. In 2014, their song “I Can’t Breath” in memory of Eric Garner received national attention, being sung as a form of protest by activists, artists and celebrities. This week...


Bonfire Madigan Shive - Musical Visions and Mental Health Activism

In this episode I talk with visionary cellist, vocalist, and community activist Bonfire Madigan Shive. Madigan began her career in the Pacific Northwest Riot Grrrl scene, releasing music with independent record labels K and Kill Rock Stars. She’s gone on to establish herself as a trailblazing performer, blending folk, punk, classical and avant-baroque styles. She is also a founding collective member of The Icarus Project, a progressive, peer led mental health community and support network....


Alixa Garcia – Standing Rock and Solution Cyphers

In this episode I speak with Alixa Garcia, a Colombia born, U.S. based multimedia artist, and one half of the dynamic spoken word duo Climbing PoeTree. Over the last 13 years, Climbing PoeTree has infused our movements for justice with healing and imagination, inspiring thousands through their award-winning multimedia theater, dual-voice spoken word, and visual art. This week I talk with her about her recent trip to Standing Rock with Climbing PoeTree, where they did a performance to...