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135- Har Adonai (Adam Rosenfeld)

135- Har Adonai (Adam Rosenfeld). While Yoni and his brother, Josiah, are in Israel to play Meteor Festival, they hang with their childhood friend Adam and decide to have a chat on tape. They talk about Christian non-Jews living in Israel, how having a big family of 8 kids has changed Adam’s outlook on life, Adam’s profound and sudden hearing loss, his time in war, butterfly ptsd, his faith in God, what “God” is, and N.E.S. vs. Sega Master System. Go to and...


134- Totemo (Rotem Or)

134- Totemo (Rotem Or). After playing Meteor Festival in northern Israel, Yoni meets up with Rotem in the hotel courtyard. They discuss festivals, touring, performance vs. recording, working within constraints, working with a producer, Rotem’s upbringing, her successful battle with breast cancer, working on music while also having a day job, song writing, and Israeli politics. Go to and pledge to support the podcast.


133- Hop Along (Frances Quinla

133- Hop Along (Frances Quinlan). When Hop Along play Cincinnati, Yoni takes the opportunity to do a podcast with singer/songwriter Frances. They talk about touring, the Philly scene, Frances’ early musical interests, a 2008 WHY? and Hop Along show at a Michigan Quiznos, working with Saddle Creek, the band’s career trajectory, their working process, and Frances’ visual art. Go to and pledge to support the podcast.


132- Japanese Breakfast

132- Japanese Breakfast. When Japanese Breakfast come to Cincinnati to play, Yoni takes the opportunity to meet up with song writer/producer, Michelle Zauner at the venue. They discuss Michelle’s recording history as Japanese Breakfast, as well as with her band Little Big League, career longevity, her time working at a big ad agency, her video game sound tracks, and her fantasy industrial album. Go to to support the podcast and join the conversation!


131- Half Waif

131- Half Waif. Half Waif (Nandi Rose Plunkett) comes through Cincinnati to play a show. Yoni takes the opportunity to talk to Nandi. They discuss Nandi’s career trajectory thus far, her upbringing— musically and otherwise, the power of music, paper making, how to stay sane and creative in the face of touring and music industry bullshit, Half Waif’s writing/recording process, and what the future might hold. Be part of the conversation. Support the podcast at


130- Lala Lala

130- Lala Lala. Yoni heads down to Nashville to the Frankie Cosmos, Florist, Lala Lala show. He and Lillie West (Lala Lala) step aside for a chat. They talk about extracurricular tour activities, rock climbing, bike riding, karaoke, Lillie’s musical genesis, sobriety, antidepressants, Lala recording process, collaboration, and beyond. Support the podcast by going to and joining the family


129- Gnash

129- Gnash. Yoni and Garrett (Gnash) meet up in Cincinnati for a hang and end up back at Gnash's tour bus for a talk. They discuss meditation, drinking/not drinking on tour, how Gnash got his start, his process, fame, building a lasting career in music, and the positives and negatives of the ego. This episode is sponsored by Sudio headphones. Go to and enter my promo code WANDERINGWOLF at checkout for a 15% discount. Also sign up to sponsor the podcast over at...


128- Florist (Emily & Jonnie)

128- Florist (Emily & Jonnie). While on tour together, Yoni, Emily and Jonnie get together in a Ft. Collins hotel room for a chat. They discuss selling out vs. making a living, modular synths, recording process, advanced editing techniques, how Florist got a record deal, why some bands get more popular than others, songwriting, Emily’s mom passing away, ideas for future live performances, pushing past doubt, synchronicity, and flu shots. Go to to donate to the...


127- Open Mike Eagle 2

127- Open Mike Eagle 2. In New Orleans, while on tour together, Mike and Yoni meet up for a talk. They discuss former projects on the south side of Chicago, the story surrounding Mike’s 2017 release “Brick Body Kids Still Daydream”, the indie rap world, social media strategies, the crack epidemic of the 80s, and Mike’s Comedy Central show, “The New Negroes”. This episode is sponsored by Sudio headphones. Go to and enter my code WANDERING at checkout for a 15% discount.


126- Bridget Battle (Tweens)

126- Bridget Battle (Tweens). Yoni reaches out to Bridget for a talk to include in his video travelogue show pilot (also called The Wandering Wolf) about Cincinnati. They get together at Black Plastic, a Cincinnati record store, to discuss Bridget's super cool career path, her tours with The Breeders and Black Lips, the recording of her debut album and her work on her yet to be released follow up. This episode is sponsored by Sudio headphones. Go to and use my promo code...


125- Chuck Cleaver (Wussy)

125- Chuck Cleaver (Wussy). Yoni and Chuck meet up at legendary Cincy studio, Ulrasuede, for a talk for a Wandering Wolf TV pilot. They discuss growing up in small town Ohio, getting beat up in Cincinnati, working as a stone mason, how Chuck started in music, Ass Ponys, Wussy, and paying one's dues. This episode is sponsored by Sudio headphones. Go to and enter “WANDERING” during checkout to get 15% off your new headphones or earbuds!


124- Greg Saunier (Deerhoof)

124- Greg Saunier (Deerhoof). Greg, Yoni, and Yoni's brother Josiah meet up outside of a Cincinnati Deerhoof show to discuss recording, mixing, and producing on an extreme budget, touring on a extreme budget, chaotic work flow, touring with Red Hot Chili Peppers, keeping things fresh as an aging band, staying even keeled, and Greg's youth in suburban Maryland in the 80's. This episode is sponsored by Sudio headphones. Go to and enter "wandering" during checkout to get...


123- Gabby Smith (O (Eskimeaux))

123- Gabby Smith (O (Eskimeaux)). While on tour together, Gabby and Yoni get together in Boston, backstage at the Sinclair, for a talk. They discuss Gabby’s upbringing in New York, changing her band name from Eskimeaux to O, the idea of trying to find her Tlingit birth family, her musical beginnings, Gabby’s Brooklyn music scene, and her writing process.


122- Josh Carter (Phantogram)

122- Josh Carter (Phantogram). On a trip to LA, Yoni heads over to Josh’s bungalow for a hang. They get into a long conversation about work routine, writer’s block, Phantogram’s ever evolving process, songwriting conventions, various collaborations, drugs, weed in the studio, working in big studios vs. working at home, and Josh’s beginnings with music.


121- Sam Herring (Future Islands, Hemlock Ernst)

121- Sam Herring (Future Islands, Hemlock Ernst). Sam and Yoni meet up while Sam is in Cincinnati to pay a festival. They talk about Future Islands’ writing/recording process, pre-Future Islands band Art Lord and the start of Future Islands, the genesis of Sam’s rap career as Hemlock Ernst and some recent collaborations, and growing up an isolated fat kid in small town North Carolina.


120- Astronautalis 3 (Andy Bothwell)

120- Astronautalis 3 (Andy Bothwell). Andy and Yoni get together backstage in Columbus, Ohio for a talk. They discuss Astronautalis' tour of all 50 states, politics in America and abroad, China, Dubai, and Andrew Jackson's many duels.


119- Rabbi Matt Rosenberg

119- Rabbi Matt Rosenberg. Yoni and childhood friend, Matt, get together in Seattle to catch up on each other's lives. They discuss growing up Messianic, Matt's career path and being a young-ish Messianic Rabbi, grace and joy, Trump and Clinton, homosexuality, and extroverted spirituality.


118- Tatiana Maslany

118- Tatiana Maslany. Yoni and accomplished actor, Tatiana (Orphan Black, etc.), get together at Yoni's AirB&B in Harlem for a getting-to-know-you chat. They talk about Tatiana's small town Canadian roots and beginnings in dancing and acting, nerves, improv, rap music, sneakers, and Kanye.


117- Advance Base

117- Advance Base (Owen Ashworth). At the tail end of a tour they do together, Yoni and Owen (formerly Casiotone For The Painfully Alone) get together in Cleveland for a little talk. They talk about how Owen started out in music, recording, performing, religion, and touring.


116- Andy Miller

116- Andy Miller. Visual artist and podcaster (Creative Pep Talk), Andy makes his way to a pool party Yoni is at in Cincinnati just before Yoni hits the road. They discuss art rap, inspiration, the creative process, the craft of songwriting, making polarizing art, and monetizing art.