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129- Gnash

129- Gnash. Yoni and Garrett (Gnash)meet up in Cincinnati for a hang and end up back at Gnash's tour bus for a talk. They discuss meditation, drinking/not drinking on tour, how Gnash got his start, his process, fame, building a lasting career in music, and the positives and negatives of the ego.


128- Florist (Emily & Jonnie)

128- Florist (Emily & Jonnie). While on tour together, Yoni, Emily and Jonnie get together in a Ft. Collins hotel room for a chat. They discuss selling out vs. making a living, modular synths, recording process, advanced editing techniques, how Florist got a record deal, why some bands get more popular than others, songwriting, Emily’s mom passing away, ideas for future live performances, pushing past doubt, synchronicity, and flu shots. Go to to donate to the...


127- Open Mike Eagle 2

127- Open Mike Eagle 2. In New Orleans, while on tour together, Mike and Yoni meet up for a talk. They discuss former projects on the south side of Chicago, the story surrounding Mike’s 2017 release “Brick Body Kids Still Daydream”, the indie rap world, social media strategies, the crack epidemic of the 80s, and Mike’s Comedy Central show, “The New Negroes”. This episode is sponsored by Sudio headphones. Go to and enter my code WANDERING at checkout for a 15% discount.


126- Bridget Battle (Tweens)

126- Bridget Battle (Tweens). Yoni reaches out to Bridget for a talk to include in his video travelogue show pilot (also called The Wandering Wolf) about Cincinnati. They get together at Black Plastic, a Cincinnati record store, to discuss Bridget's super cool career path, her tours with The Breeders and Black Lips, the recording of her debut album and her work on her yet to be released follow up. This episode is sponsored by Sudio headphones. Go to and use my promo code...


125- Chuck Cleaver (Wussy)

125- Chuck Cleaver (Wussy). Yoni and Chuck meet up at legendary Cincy studio, Ulrasuede, for a talk for a Wandering Wolf TV pilot. They discuss growing up in small town Ohio, getting beat up in Cincinnati, working as a stone mason, how Chuck started in music, Ass Ponys, Wussy, and paying one's dues. This episode is sponsored by Sudio headphones. Go to and enter “WANDERING” during checkout to get 15% off your new headphones or earbuds!


121- Sam Herring (Future Islands, Hemlock Ernst)

121- Sam Herring (Future Islands, Hemlock Ernst). Sam and Yoni meet up while Sam is in Cincinnati to pay a festival. They talk about Future Islands’ writing/recording process, pre-Future Islands band Art Lord and the start of Future Islands, the genesis of Sam’s rap career as Hemlock Ernst and some recent collaborations, and growing up an isolated fat kid in small town North Carolina.


102- Austin Barga (Yoni's Old Friend)

102- Austin Barga (Yoni's Old Friend). While in Cincy for a few days, Austin stops by Yoni's house to catch up after not seeing each other for 17 years or so. They go over memories from Junior High and High School, discuss Austin's many outdoorsman activities and occupations, bilingual education, and house renovation.


Episode 97- Megan Gross (Yoni's Jeet Kune Do Coach)

Episode 97- Megan Gross (Yoni's Jeet Kune Do Coach). Yoni and Megan meet up at Megan's gym on an off day for a talk about how Megan got into martial arts, her time as a plant pathologist in Colorado, running the greenhouse in a deaf school, her doctorate schooling in biology and her thesis, being bullied as a child, raising her child right, and the sixth mass extinction.


Episode 91- Josiah Wolf 4 (WHY(question Mark))

Episode 91- Josiah Wolf 4 (WHY?). The two brothers get together over at Yoni's house for a much needed talk. They discuss the current WHY? recording process, click vs. no click, recording live vs. layering, the group dynamic, and the recording processes behind a lot of the WHY?'s past work.


Episode 86- Donna Rubin (Yoni's Yoga Teacher)

Episode 86- Donna Rubin (Yoni's Yoga Teacher). Donna comes over Yoni's place and they sit in the kitchen for a talk. They go through Donna's history with yoga and otherwise, San Francisco, drugs, dance, music, teaching kids, walking meditation, and talking to trees.


Episode 83- Cincy Roundtable (Josiah, Doug, Liz)

Episode 83- Cincy Roundtable (Josiah, Doug, Liz). The gang got together at Josiah and Liz's house for a talk about Josiah's restaurant job, Yoni's covers tape, lots of amateur speculative science talk: astronomy, extraterrestrial life, wild theories, consciousness, perception, etc.


Episode 75- Daniel & David Smith (Danielson Famile) & Josiah Wolf

Episode 75- Daniel & David Smith (Danielson Famile) & Josiah Wolf. Right before a WHY? set at Union Transfer, the Smith bros. and the Wolf bros. get together for a quick talk in the tour van. They talk about growing up with a songwriter father, Danielson's beginnings, being outsiders as Christians in the secular scene and too weird for the Christian scene, work process, producing for other artists, spirituality vs. religion, and love vs. judgement.


Episode 73- Liz, Josiah, Kiely, & Jamey Brill

Episode 73- Liz, Josiah, Kiely, Jamey Brill. In Athens, Georgia for their friends' wedding reception, Yoni, Liz, Josiah, and Kiely sit down outside at a cafe and discuss anxiety stifling creativity, focusing on an audience of one, writing words vs. music, psychoactive drugs vs. sober meditation, and learning how to be alone. Yoni's friend since high school, collectable toy producer, Jamey Brill, is in Cincinnati for a wedding. The two old friends meet up at Whole Foods and talk about...


Episode 70- Josiah Wolf 2 (Yoni's Brother)

Episode 70- Josiah Wolf 2 (WHY? (Yoni's bro)). Josiah and Yoni sit down in the courtyard of The Northside Tavern in Cincinnati for a talk. They talk about high cholesterol, day jobs, how to focus and maintain creative energy as a super busy person, the future of their band, WHY?, writing, losing confidence with age and wisdom, making his solo, Jet Lag album, and gentrification.


Episode 62- Anna Stewart 2 (Divorcee)

Episode 62- Anna Stewart 2 (Divorcee). Anna drives up to Cincinnati from her home in Austin, Texas to edit a video for her and Yoni's project, Divorcee. The two begin a podcast conversation in Yoni's kitchen and finish it out over the phone during Anna's 18 hour drive home. They discuss their complicated relationship, Anna's first year as a special education teacher, her desire for company and hopes for finding a gentleman and having kids, and Anna raps a Tupac song.


Episode 61- (Self-Talk & Scott)

Episode 61- Mt. Storm (Self-Talk & Scott). This episode is a bit different. Yoni takes a walk to Mt. Storm park in Cincinnati and presses record to indulge in some self-talk surrounding his constant hunt for peace in this life. He meets up with his director friend, Scott Fredette towards the end of the podcast.


Episode 60- Becky Wolf 2 (Sister)

Episode 60- Becky Wolf 2 (Sister). Yoni returns to Oakland and so Becky returns to THE WANDERING WOLF from her dining room table. They discuss her getting back on anti-depressants, her school going on lock-down, her future plans, how the public school systems are damaged and how they might be improved.


Episode 58- Tabitha Soren

Episode 58- Tabitha Soren. Yoni and Tabitha meet up for a talk at The Claremont Hotel in Berkeley where Tabitha was having a pool day with her family. They discuss her current career as an artist photographer, her childhood, her time as a famous journalist at MTV and how she got there, how she met her husband, writer, Michael Lewis, and if she misses being on TV. Tabitha prefers Cinderella to Poison.


Episode 52- K Ishibashi (Kishi Bashi)

Episode 52- K Ishibashi (Kishi Bashi). Yoni's band, WHY? and Kishi Bashi share a bill at an Indianapolis club for a night and Yoni and K take the opportunity to meet on the mic for a podcast. They discuss K's beginnings, early influences, playing with Of Montreal, Regina Spektor, and Jupiter One, recording his debut as Kishi Bashi in his parents' attic, and tour parties.


Episode 50- Ephrat "Bounce" Asherie

Episode 50- Ephrat "Bounce" Asherie. As part of a proposed documentary Yoni has agreed to be a part of, he meets up with dancer/choreographer, Ephrat, for a conversation in her lower Manhattan office/studio. They discuss her genesis and history as a dancer, transitioning from more traditional styles like ballet to urban styles like breaking and house dance, and how to salvage a laptop after spilling tea all over it.