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70's and 80's hard rock discussion with Qfm 96's Archie, producer Greg Hansberry and their misfit friends.

70's and 80's hard rock discussion with Qfm 96's Archie, producer Greg Hansberry and their misfit friends.


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70's and 80's hard rock discussion with Qfm 96's Archie, producer Greg Hansberry and their misfit friends.




We Do Have A Ratt Problem!

On the latest episode of Garage Daze, legendary front man Stephen Pearcy calls the Hawks Nest. He and Archie discuss 2021 plans for Ratt, his new solo record, the Geico commercial and Robbin Crosby. Archie also reads your top 5 favorite Ratt songs from the Gimme5 Listener Poll. Grab a beer, fire up the propane and let's hang in the Garage while we Ratt and Roll.


Sunset Strip Road Trip

This episode of Garage Daze has it all! Leaf blowers, fly overs and smashed beer cans. The 80's Sunset Strip is the topic of discussion. Rockhouse singer and Knight Of The Rock Table Doug Blessing joins Archie in the garage. Guitarist and co founder of Bang Tango Mark Knight calls the show and shares some Sunset Strip stories. Arch and Doug read your responses to this episode's Gimme5 listener poll question. So grab a cold one and let's hit the Sunset Strip!


Garage Daze- Remembering Eddie

The first ever episode of Garage Daze! Recorded live in Archie's garage. This first show is all Eddie Van Halen. The King is gone but his music lives on. Kevin Young joins Archie in the 'Hawks Nest" and they call some of their Van Halen buddies to talk all things Eddie. They also give their top 5 Van Halen songs in the Gimme5 segment. Grab a cold one and join Arch Madness, Marty Hayes, Trent Anderson, Ric Martelino, Rick Soga and Mike Austin as they celebrate the life of the GOAT from the...


Knights of the Corona Table

The Knights of the Rock Table gathered (remotely of course) to talk about the current state of the music industry. Arch Madness, Doug Blessing, Kevin Young, and Greg Hansberry share their unique perspective on how this pandemic is impacting gigging musicians. Of course, they also share the music on their "Pandemic Playlist." Plus, a must hear special report from the Madness Twins!


Van Halen "1984"

Van Halen's "1984" was a game changer. In this episode of Vinyl Analysis we talk to rock drummer, Rick Martelino, about this important record. How much did 1984's sound alienate fans? Does Alex's role on this album get marginalized? What can we expect from VH in the future? Stay frosty Vinyl Analysis fans!


Mark Chatfield previews "Rosie, The End of an Era"

Columbus guitar legend, Mark Chatfield, joins the show to talk about the upcoming Rosie "The End of an Era" concert at the Alrosa Villa. He explains why this special show is going to be one for the history books. He also reminisces about the local Columbus, Ohio music scene when The Godz and Rosie were king. For More Info Visit:


Rush "2112"

Columbus drumming hero, Keith Pickens, brings his expertise to this episode of Vinyl Analysis when we explore Rush's "2112." We also pay tribute to the greatest rock n roll drummer of all time...Neil Peart.


Bang Tango Reunion *Artist Edition*

Bang Tango founding member and guitarist, Mark Knight, helps us kick off the new season of Vinyl Analysis. He dishes on the Bang Tango reunion and addresses those tour rumors once and for all. Plus, does the band plan on making any new music together? Knight also talks about getting his former band mates to play on his upcoming Unsung Heroes record. Find archive episodes of Vinyl Analysis (including more on Bang Tango): Dig into Mark Knight & the...


PRELUDE: Pantera. Dimebag. The Alrosa Villa. A Fan's Journey.

PRELUDE: Pantera. Dimebag. The Alrosa Villa. A Fan's Journey. Arch Madness, radio personality from iconic rock station Qfm 96 in Columbus, and producer Greg Hansberry explain the story behind this five part podcast series, "Pantera. Dimebag. The Alrosa Villa. A Fan's Journey." Fifteen years after the infamous tragedy that took the life of Dimebag Darrell, the two pay tribute and reflect on the lasting impact Pantera, Dimebag, and the Alrosa Villa left on the hard rock community....


Episode 1: A Fan's Journey

Pantera. Dimebag. Alrosa Villa. A Fan's Journey. Episode 1: A Fan's Journey We hear from two of Archie's High School friends who, in 1992, blindly drove across the country to see Pantera live and in person. The revelations they brought back changed the lives of Small Town Ohio rock fans forever. In Episode 1 we also dig into the legendary Pantera home movies and how they brought fans deeper into the band's universe.


Episode 2: A New Level

Pantera. Dimebag. Alrosa Villa. A Fan's Journey. Episode 2: A New Level Pantera quickly won over hard rock fans with their major label debut Cowboys From Hell. In this second episode we learn how the band's next record, Vulgar Display of Power, became one of the most influential rock albums in history. Columbus Guitar Hero, Rick Soga, shares his first hand account of Pantera's origin story while legendary record producer, Joe Viers, discusses just how important the band became. Plus, Bob...


Episode 3: A Celebration of The Alrosa Villa

Pantera. Dimebag. Alrosa Villa. A Fan's Journey. Episode 3: A Celebration of The Alrosa Villa At one point, the Alrosa Villa was the center of the most thriving music scene in the midwest. In this episode we pay tribute to the "glory days" of the venue. From Queensryche to Dio to Prince, you will be surprised by the amount of top tier talent that graced the stage of the Alrosa. Faster Pussycat drummer, Chad Stewart, as well as renowned engineer Chris LaMarca, share their favorite memories...


Episode 4: 12.8.04

Pantera. Dimebag. Alrosa Villa. A Fan's Journey. Episode 4: 12.8.04 It's one of the most celebrated rock clubs, but it's also home to one of the most tragic events in rock history. The shining beacon that was Dimebag Darrell was extinguished on the night of December 8th, 2004 at The Alrosa Villa. In this episode, Qfm 96 News Director, Kristie Kemper, recalls the morning after the tragedy happened. Chris A, author of A Vulgar Display of Power: Courage and Carnage at the Alrosa Villa, goes...


Episode 5: The Legacy

Pantera. Dimebag. Alrosa Villa. A Fan's Journey. Episode 5: The Legacy In the final installment of this podcast series we meet Duke Abbott. Duke is a 16 year old guitarist who wears Dimebag's influence on his sleeve. His enthusiasm confirms the lasting legacy of Pantera. Finally, we hear from one of the most important players in this story, The Rock N Roll Reverend himself, Rick Cautela. He shares some reflective insight from his long journey as the owner of The Alrosa Villa....


The Knights of The Rock Table Rock'N The Roost Road Trip

Summer may be over, but our ears are still ringing from the summer road trip to Rock'N The Roost in Newark, Ohio. The Knights of The Rock Table gathered to talk with bands Suicide Toyz, 8 lb Pressure, Liliac, and Queensryche's Michael Wilton. Plus, the concert promoters/owners Devon White and Sheri Mertz were the ultimate hosts and stopped by to talk all things rock and metal.


Knights of the Rock Table Take Picktown Palooza Part 1

The Knights conquer 2019's Picktown Palooza in Pickerington, Ohio! The gang gets amped-up for the festival by picking their favorite Dokken and Enuff Z'Nuff songs. Plus, they discuss the question..."is the current era of music a renaissance for rock music?"


The Lost Era of Rock N Roll PART 2

Drew Fortier, musician and filmmaker, joins the Knights to discuss his 2015 rockumentary "Attack of Life: The Bang Tango Movie."


The Lost Era of Rock N Roll PART 1

In the the late 80's, and especially early 90's, there was a changing of the guard in rock music. The Knights of the Rock Table gather to discuss what they've dubbed "The Lost Era."


Knights Of The Rock Table: Rock N Roll Draft

It's the first annual Rock 'N' Roll draft! The Knights have once again gathered, but this time they mean business. In this special live recording the guys draft their ultimate rock band one member at a time. Recorded on Record Store Day 2019 at Craft N Vinyl this is hard rock discussion at it's finest.


Van Halen II Part 2

Tommy and Justin from Columbus' upcoming rock band, Black Coffee, join Vinyl Analysis to breakdown Van Halen II. In part two of this interview, they share the ultimate VH concert story, give their perspective on the future of rock n roll, and oh yeah drink more beer.