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Ep. 80: James Rose (Accent, Terrane)

James Rose is a musician’s musician - knowledgeable in a wealth of genres, can do a little bit of everything (arranging, composing, songwriting, performing, producing & educating), and very cerebral, yet effortlessly organic in his music. If you want think about how we can collectively push our musical boundaries, this week’s episode is for you! SHOW NOTES Intro Song: “H/V Theme” by Evan Linsey & Kayla Pichichero Outro Song: “Without You” by Lapalux, covered by James:...


Ep. 79: Christopher Keough & Ashley Rosa (Resolve)

Remember in high school singing 'Chili Con Carne' and you thought it you were nailing it but then you remember it actually sounded awful? ...just Evan? Well Resolve is the opposite of ~that~, as they are wonderfully talented yet humble and pure souls making inhumanly tight and very humanly meaningful music, and we were so happy to talk to Chris and Alyssa for another episode of head/voice! SHOW NOTES Intro Song: “H/V Theme” by Evan Linsey & Kayla Pichichero Outro Song: “Misty” by Resolve:...


Ep. 78: Amyna Love (Vocalist, Singer-songwriter)

It’s been a minute, but we can’t think of a better way to be back than with the supremely talented Amnya Love. Though she’s extremely lowkey and humble, her voice is absolutely insane, and we talked about her journey and dived deep into her ‘viral’ instagram a cappella videos! SHOW NOTES Intro Song: “H/V Theme” by Evan Linsey & Kayla Pichichero Outro Song: “Masterpiece” by Jazmine Sullivan, covered by Amyna: ...


Ep. 77: Kaedi Dalley (Citizen Queen)

Kaedi is an absolute superstar, and we were super fortunate to talk to her about the highs and lows of her journey on the way to becoming the ridiculously low vocal bass she is today in Citizen Queen. Learn about the meaning behind "philo," her experience at A Cappella Academy, and why she likes music so darn much. SHOW NOTES Intro Song: "H/V Theme" by Evan Linsey & Kayla Pichichero Outro Song: "Never Enough" by Citizen Queen ~Referenced during the episode~ Bob Marley & The Wailers (no,...


Ep. 76: Lisa Forkish (HIVE, Vocal Rush, WACA, fmr. UO Divisi)

Just a few things that are contained in this heartwarming barnburner of an episode: 1) Insane stories about a cappella competition 2) An update about WACA and some scoops about WeSing 3) Lisa’s signature salmon recipe SHOW NOTES Intro Song: "H/V Theme" by Evan Linsey & Kayla Pichichero Outro Song: "Love Warrior” by Lisa Forkish https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9sRYv_XLPn4 https://store.cdbaby.com/cd/lisaforkish5 ~Referenced during the episode~ UO Divisi:...


Ep. 75: Shannon McNulty (Educator, Blacklight Vocals)

We’ve heard your requests for more educators, and we’re talking to a real great one this week in Shannon McNulty! We talk education, recording, a cappella, and her childhood girl group(!). Also apparently Evan can't pronounce "Shannon McNulty." SHOW NOTES Intro Song: "H/V Theme" by Evan Linsey & Kayla Pichichero Outro Song: "False Alarm" by Blacklight Vocals https://soundcloud.com/blacklightvocals/false-alarm-cover ~Referenced during the episode~ Premium Blend:...


Ep. 74: Emily Flanders (Varsity Vocals, BOSS)

If you know, you know. SHOW NOTES Intro Song: "H/V Theme" by Evan Linsey & Kayla Pichichero Outro Song: "The Luckiest" by Wash U Amateurs/Ben Folds ~Follow Emily~ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/EMFLANaca Twitter: https://twitter.com/EmFlanVV Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/finesurefine/ ~Referenced During the Episode~ A Cub Bella: https://www.acubbella.org/ The Shine Theory: https://www.annfriedman.com/shine-theory/ “The Luckiest” performed by the Wash U Amateurs w/ Ben...


Ep. 73: Gabe Kunda (Voice Actor, Hooked HarmonX, Acapella Is Life)

We are back from winter break and happy to get back into the swing of season 2 with the multitalented Gabe Kunda! Gabe is 1/2 of HookedHarmonX and 1/5 of Acapella is Life Music, as well as an accomplished voice actor and voice over artist (you probably heard his voice in a trailer while you were home for the holidays). SHOW NOTES Intro Song: "H/V Theme" by Evan Linsey & Kayla Pichichero Outro Song: "Officially Missing You" by Acapella Is Life...


Ep. 72: A Head/Voice Christmas Special & Year In Review

'Tis the season for Anthony, Kayla, and Evan to talk about holiday things and some of their favorite music of 2018 and reflect on the year as a whole! Fa la la la la, la la la COOKIETIME. SHOW NOTES Intro/Outro Song: “H/V Theme” by Evan Linsey & Kayla Pichichero ~Follow Head/Voice~ Facebook: @headvoicepodcast Instagram: @headvoicepodcast Twitter: @headvoicepod ~Our socials, if you dare~ Anthony // IG, Twitter: @anth_pulido Kayla // IG: @kayjopich, Twitter:...


Ep. 71: Brett Castro (Songwriter/Producer, NYU N'harmonics)

We've got another great episode this week with the multi-talented Brett Castro! See how this Very Cool Man glowed up from his days in show choir to writing and producing his own earworms. SHOW NOTES Intro Song: “H/V Theme” by Evan Linsey & Kayla Pichichero Outro Song: “i hope you never got over me” by Brett Castro ~Follow Brett~ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/brettcastromusic/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/brett.castro/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/brettcastro_ Website:...


Ep. 70: Sam Creighton (Singer/Songwriter, Musae, fmr. Nor'easters)

This week we're joined by a much anticipated and requested guest - Sam Creighton! While you may know her from her larger than life solos with the Nor'easters, she's also a member of pro group Musae and she's putting out her own (amazing) music, and we talk about everything in between in this episode of head/voice. 0:00 Intro 1:11 Musical household? 3:13 Realizing she was a singer 04:55 Formative music 06:54 Getting into the Nor’easters 10:24 “Teenage Dream” (s/o Shams Ahmed) 11:53...


Ep. 69: Angela Longo (Musae, The Vocal Company)

This week we finally had the chance to talk with the Queen herself, Angela Longo - founding member of Musae and "Chief Sorceress" at The Vocal Company. SHOW NOTES Intro Song: "H/V Theme" by Evan Linsey & Kayla Pichichero Outro Song: "Amnesia" by Musae (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IcsLk_wGEZY) ~Referenced during the episode~ "Equilibrium" by The Nor'easters: https://open.spotify.com/album/6BeTGjWVDQLQhdSM5MBziy "Lithium" by Faux Paz:...


Ep. 68: Jon Smith (The Swingles)

This week we're talking to the amazing Jon Smith - arranger / vocalist / educator / Swingle / American / not the guy from Pocahontas. SHOW NOTES Intro Song: "H/V Theme" by Evan Linsey & Kayla Pichichero Outro Song: "Lover's Desire (LIVE)" by The Swingles ~Referenced during the episode~ "Cinema" by Pulse: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kwwjvx3MLbc "Bucimis" by The Swingles: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n-jUXoV3YQ0 “Find You” (Zedd): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pA9IbuIXan4 Shut...


Ep. 67: Finding Creative Direction - Recorded Live at SoJam 2018

This past weekend, we headed down to SoJam to do a *live* podcast with our friends Mel Daneke, Charlie Arthur, and Alex Green - if you need a creative jumpstart, this episode is for you! ~SHOW NOTES~ Intro/Outro Song: H/V Theme by Kayla Pichichero, Evan Linsey ~Referenced during episode~ SoJam: http://sojam.net/ Dave Grohl playing a bunch of instruments in “Play:” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e05H80-k0mY “Grimes: The Triumph of a Self-Made Oddball”: ...


Ep. 66: Earl Elkins, Eli Jacobson, & J. None (VoicePlay)

what's this? WHAT'S THIS? there's VoicePlay everywheeeerrreeeee ~SHOW NOTES~ Intro Song: H/V Theme by Kayla Pichichero, Evan Linsey Outro Song: "This is Halloween" by VoicePlay [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YL44YFyNLys ~Referenced during episode~ SoJam: http://sojam.net/ "Zombies vs. Hillbillies" ft. Home Free: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yYzwzbqUJXk ~Follow VoicePlay~ Website: https://www.thevoiceplay.com/ Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/thevoiceplay Facebook:...


Ep. 65: Rachel Bearer & Christopher Harrison (ARORA)

This is a fun episode with fun people. (Sorry it's long!) ~SHOW NOTES~ Intro/Outro Song: "H/V Theme" by Evan Linsey & Kayla Pichichero ~Referenced during the episode~ Ep. 41: Christopher Given Harrison (ARORA): https://spoti.fi/2xK8tOL Ep. 28: Ben McLain (Arora, Dakaboom): https://spoti.fi/2PZ8er8 ~ARORA~ Website: www.aroratheband.com/ Facebook: www.facebook.com/aroramusic/ Instagram: @aroratheband YouTube: www.youtube.com/user/ARORAtheband/feed The Ones You Keep...


Ep. 64: Hansel Romero & Lauren Redditt (Ember)

We've got something ~nu~ this week, a song premiere from new pro group, Ember! Anthony and Kayla talked to Hansel and Lauren about the band and all they've achieved thus far and the process of writing and recording their new song - "Bad Romantic." ~Show Notes~ Intro/Outro Song: "H/V Theme" by Evan Linsey & Kayla Pichichero 0:00 Intro 1:12 Interview Start 30:26 “Bad Romantic” 33:47 Outro ~Referenced During Episode~ "Bad Romantic" by Ember: [links coming 10/5] "Orion's Belt" by Ember:...


Ep. 63: Daniel Hanson (YouTuber)

O CANADA! head/voice is going semi-international once again as this week we've interviewed Daniel Hanson - a fresh face on the YouTube/a cappella scene who's got a unique story and has some covers and originals you need to hear. SHOW NOTES Intro/Outro Song: "H/V Theme" by Evan Linsey & Kayla Pichichero ~Referenced during episode~ “Dynamite” (Taio Cruz Cover) - Mike Tompkins: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qjCLQaTFXx0 “Little Drummer Boy” - Peter Hollens:...


Ep. 62: JEHREEUS (Vocal arranger, HookedHarmonX, Janet Jackson)

We wouldn't throw the word prodigy around lightly, so believe us when we say that JEHREEUS absolutely is one. He's got amazing credits and an even more mindblowing ear, and it was a joy to talk to him in his first ever(!) interview to kick off Season 2 here at head/voice. SHOW NOTES Intro/Outro Song: "H/V Theme " by Evan Linsey & Kayla Pichichero ~Referenced during episode~ India Carney (Ain’t No Sunshine) - JEHREEUS & Gabe Kunda Reharm: https://www.instagram.com/p/BgGFB8chreI/ Gabe...


WE'RE BACK! 'head/voice' Season 2 Update

WE MISSED YOU! We've got big announcements! ~SHOW NOTES~ Intro/Outro Song: "H/V Theme" by Evan Linsey & Kayla Pichichero More about Birdland Avenue's upcoming album: https://www.pledgemusic.com/projects/birdland-avenue ~Learn more about Anthony!~ His group: https://www.uproarvocal.com/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/anth_pulido Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/anth_pulido/ Anthony doing the arranging and the singing w/ his old group, The UniSons:...