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PHANGS is an indie electro pop group from Nashville. They've collaborated with R.LUM.R and as a new band, they've been garnering tons of attention and buzz. We met some of the guys at SXSW and instantly became friends. We talk with them about the worst shows they've ever played, including playing a stadium to 10 people with their old band. We also talk about how lead singer Jake's sound was inspired in part by having young parent and MTV. Andy gives us his opinions on The Emoji Movie and...


Trevor James Tillery

Happy Pride Month! On this episode we interview a dear friend, Trevor James Tillery, whose new music has been gaining a ton of attention and recently has had singles debuted by Zane Lowe. He played Nashville's Pride Festival last week and we invited him to come talk about the creative process on this episode. We discuss Harry Potter and Fidget Spinners in "Get Off My Lawn with Grandpa Andy" and we conjure the ghost of Chuck Berry in "Back From The Dead: Celebrity Interview". We also play...


Aaron Lee Tasjan

You may have heard of Aaron Lee Tasjan when we played Conan a few weeks back. Or you saw him with Semi Precious Weapons back when Lady Gaga was opening for him. He's been making a name for himself for years now and just put a new album out ("Silver Tears") that is spectacular. We interview Aaron and talk about everything from playing Elvis cover shows on acid to Bert & Ernie New York Sex Parties (You just have to listen). We also play music from Blondfire, and discuss a predicament in...


Rogue + Jaye

If you've ever heard Rogue Wave or Courtney Jaye, you'll love this episode. We interview Rogue +Jaye; the new project by Zach Rogue (Lead singer of Rogue Wave) & Courtney Jaye (a dear friend of ours). Their music takes the roots-acoustic sound and stretches it beyond it's usual template. They just put out a great new record that Rolling Stone listed as one of "10 New Country Artists You Need to Know". We interviewed them before their show in Nashville. In this episode, we also talk about...


Humming House

We interview our friends in Humming House on this episode. They've toured with Kacey Musgraves and a ton more acts, and have a new record coming out this fall. We give away all the spoilers to the 2017 movie "Passengers" in "Cliff Notes with Cliff" and Kristyn talks about falling off her horse in "Bands with Horses". We also discuss current events in our series "News in *repeat" You'll hear unreleased music by Humming House and music by DEDSA. This podcast is sponsored by Ballast Point...


The SXSW Podcast (w/Future Thieves)

Hi! We're a band. We went to SXSW. Rather than humble-bragging about our trip for the next few weeks, we figured we'd just dedicate an hour of our podcast to our time in Austin. We had so much fun on the road and wanted to tell you some stories about it. We also interview Future Thieves, a fellow Nashville rock band that are hustlin' just like us. We play music by Foxtrax & Future Thieves. This podcast is sponsored by Ballast Point Brewing Co.



We interview Jimmy from the band Bassh on this episode. Jimmy was a member of the band Matrimony and started Bassh over a year ago, bursting onto the scene with the infectious hit "Body". Intern Cliff tells us about a M. Night Shyamalan he recently watched in "Cliff Notes" & we bring David Bowie back from the dead for "Back from the dead: Celebrity Interview" We play music from Bassh & Kyle Andrews. This podcast is sponsored by Ballast Point Brewing Co.


The Pink Spiders

The first episode of 2017! We talk with Matt Friction & Bob Ferrari from The Pink Spiders about their new record. We also play news in *repeat & we find out that we're idiots and can't figure out how to work our new sound equipment when one of our recording files gets corrupted. We're better musicians that sound engineers. We play music by Waterfall Wash and The Pink Spiders. This podcast is sponsored by Ballast Point Brewing Co.


The Chicago Episode (feat. IAMDYNAMITE)

We celebrate our favorite city in the country, Chicago! Listen while we interview our friends IAMDYNAMITE right before our show with them in Chicago. We talk to intern Cliff about his obsession with Coldplay and the Cubs and Jared drinks beef broth. We play music by IAMDYNAMITE. This podcast is sponsored by Ballast Point Brewing Co.


2nd Annual Halloween Episode feat. Jace Everett (HBO's "True Blood")

We bring out all the tricks and treats on our 2nd annual Halloween episode. We invite Jace Everett (whose song "Bad Things" is the theme song for HBO's "True Blood") into the Chateau Lobby Studios, and talk about how he got his song on the show. Kristyn gives us a haunted history lesson, Andy gives advice to a rich yuppie about giving candy to the poor kids in the neighborhood and Cliff tells us about the scariest movie he's ever seen in "Cliff Notes". We play music from Tennessee Muscle...


Podcast #20 (Wells Adams)

Wells Adams, a popular radio DJ in Nashville & contestant on The Bachelorette & Bachelor in Paradise, joins us for our 20th podcast episode. We discuss how he got on the reality show, what he would have done if he won the Bachelorette, as well as what happened to his last two popular morning radio shows in Nashville. We let our intern Cliff give you the footnote versions of current movies and books in "Cliffnotes", and we hear two ridiculously sad stories in "Somber Songs with Andy &...


Podcast #19 (Buffalo Rodeo)

We interview our friends in the band Buffalo Rodeo, a dreamy-rock band out Bowling Green, in this episode. We talk to them about touring in a van with no A/C, and their best & worst show ever. We do a segment called "Dear Andy" where Andy gives his advice to a relationship question originally asked on Dear Abby, and we talk about the new Iphone and Chipotle breakfast burritos on "News in *repeat" Music played on this podcast is from Sad Baxter, Buffalo Rodeo and Humming House. This podcast...


Podcast #17 (The Delta Saints)

In this episode, the band brings in their good friend Ben from The Delta Saints, an awesome band from Nashville. They talk about touring Europe and their recent show together on New Years Eve. They relive a moment when another band thought they stole their drinks from the green room in "Reenactments of Embarrassing Moments" and Cliff, the intern gets to do an interview with a very special guest. This episode features music from Dante Elephante, The Delta Saints & WATTS. This podcast is...


Podcast #16 (R.LUM.R)

The band invites Nashville-based Pop and R&B artist R.LUM.R onto the podcast. They talk about making music other than country in Nashville, Andy tells a story about meeting swingers, and Kristyn asks for a mango in the beginning of the podcast (listen closely). They play music by Vinyl Thief, R.LUM.R and Gillian. This podcast is sponsored by Ballast Point Brewing Co.


Podcast #15 (Kristyn Talks!)

In this episode, we bring Kristyn up on the mic, and do a new segment called "Haunted History" with her. We talk about our new management and booking agency, we let Andy give us relationship advice and we talk about the summer blockbusters. We play music by Kansas Bible Company, Anchor Thieves and Jung Youth. This podcast is sponsored by Ballast Point Brewery.


Podcast #14 (Boys Night)

It's boys night on the podcast! Jared & Andy welcome some special friends over to hang out. They find out that their intern has an intern, talk about the gator baby, and tell a story about trying to soundcheck while crashing a wedding. Music from Nightblonde, Tesla Rossa & Winter.


Podcast #13 (Daniel Ellsworth)

Jared, Andy, Kristyn & intern Cliff interview Daniel Ellsworth on the show. He's the frontman of Daniel Ellsworth & The Great Lakes, as well as the band Chaos Emeralds. The band discusses exotic pets, they reenact an embarrassing tour moment & intern Cliff tells us about what he's been reading lately in a new segment we call "Cliff Notes". They play music by Daniel Ellsworth & The Great Lakes, Scarlet Tanager and Bassh.


Podcast #11 (First Annual 4/20 Episode)

Andy & Jared celebrate 4/20 by getting really high and talking into the microphone. This honestly wasn't a great idea, but sure does make for a fun tradition. Also we can't promise anything too funny in this episode, but we can promise a lot of coughing. They play music from The Blackfoot Gypsies, The Jag, and Roots of A Rebellion.


Podcast #10

On this episode the band talks about their spring tour, try to figure out the official Good Friday traditions, and discuss why Andy hates movies with CGI. Kristyn shares some wisdom and we discover Jared's secret love of Beouwulf. We play music from Mystery Twins, Chaos Emeralds and Western Medication.


Podcast #8

In this episode, Andy and Jared announce their 2016 Spring Tour, talk about dead celebrities and the billion-dollar Powerball ticket. Also, they play some songs from old, sometimes cringeworthy bands they were in back in the day and Andy reviews Netflix shows. Hear music from Sleepy Kitty, Dentist, The Mellowells and Good Times Cocaine.