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Two music obsessed friends meet up in a dilapidated studio known as Shabby Road to discuss 1960's, 1970's, 1980's, classic rock, hard rock, heavy metal, underground, proto punk.

Two music obsessed friends meet up in a dilapidated studio known as Shabby Road to discuss 1960's, 1970's, 1980's, classic rock, hard rock, heavy metal, underground, proto punk.
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Two music obsessed friends meet up in a dilapidated studio known as Shabby Road to discuss 1960's, 1970's, 1980's, classic rock, hard rock, heavy metal, underground, proto punk.




”The Art of the Tucky” - Ep. 173

Which drummer was discovered when a famous guitarist saw him failing miserably at a televised weightlifting competition? Which album credited the guy who fetched cigarettes and beer but not the drummer? Which artist made a habit of performing the national anthem of every country he visited on a tour of Europe? Which band’s with the same name each sent each other a cease and desist? Which record label exec signed a band as a favor and thought the record was the worst thing he’d ever heard?...


”Lemon Shocker!” - Ep. 172

Which artist’s career was ended when he was involved in a car accident while on his way to a concert for the troops in Iraq? Which manager was stabbed to death by the meth addled boyfriend of his daughter? Which rocker shot at Gary Glitter 6 times for calling him a “one hit wonder”? Which rock keyboard player composed the theme to CBS Evening News with Dan Rather? What album brings KISS, Ramones and Molly Hatchet together? Which producer refused to do the follow up to a band’s hugely...


”Hey, Big Umbrella!” - Ep. 171

Which modern band’s frontman longs to collaborate with Blue Oyster Cult’s Buck Dharma? Which band was given a song written for AC/DC when Bon Scott was too drunk to sing it? Which “rap artist” was a rich white kid who graduated from Brown and recorded a filthy record that AD found? Which hard rock bassist landed a gig by auditioning with Free’s “All Right Now?”. What album packaging sets AD off towards a potential rant of the year? Share this with a friend, you are the Shabby Academy and...


”Kunk or Puntry” - Ep. 170

Which band got their name from an Olympia beer commercial? Which sleaze metal singer once recorded a Christmas album with Elvis’ Sun Records era backing band? Which concept album replicates an American FM radio station complete with commercials? Which musician was fired for putting LSD in the singer’s punch at a party? Which singer was known to wander off at truck stops, hitching ride with a trucker in search of drugs? Join the conversation on Facebook, Twitter @shabbypodcast, email...


”Son of a Dollar Record Bonanza” - Ep. 169

A listener favorite returns. Your Shabby pals visited the record store, got down on the floor and dug through the crates labeled $1. It’s six dollars worth of fun! Which album does Ryan throw in the trash during the show? Which band began as the back up band for Del Shannon? Which rocker does Lizz mistake for John Oates? Which record sparked a dance party in Ryan’s kitchen? Which depression era female sex symbol was also renown playwright? Who is Howard Stern’s favorite band? Share our...


”You Mow, I’ll Bag” - Ep. 168

Which rock star was once visited by a German man selling Nazi teeth and skulls? Which band did AD see 6 times in the 1970’s and they were awful every time? Which band began with making a CD to accompany a book of photography? Which band’s first manager died of a heroin overdose? Which songwriter was worried when his co writer was happy with a song? Join the conversation on Facebook, Twitter @shabbypodcast, email, or the SHABBY FORUM at our website...


"Happy Hour 9"

Shabby music geeks return for an hour of ROCK AND ROLL VINYL related games, trivia, and discussion. Southern rock bands ‘wrastle’ to see who survives a corn fed game of OVERBOARD. Three disparate records are up for sale and Ryan has to put them in order according to value in a crazy version of PRICE HIKE. We match wits in LUSCIOUS LIZZ’ ROCK AND ROLL QUIZ. Ryan has a brand new batch of HEEP or POE and AD’s HAPPY TRACK is by a well dressed man who’s boozing heavily and….hmmm hmmm...


”Take My Side, Please” - Ep. 167

Which drummer was the subject of many practical jokes from his fellow band members, including the guitarist lighting his beard on fire? Which album artwork spelled the title wrong causing the album to be listed with the incorrect spelling? Which guitarist had an incident where a fan approached him and creepily said “I’ve been in your house?” Which future rock star attended school in the same district, same years as AD? Which UK band lost out to Guns N’ Roses for Best International Video at...


”Ima Hogg” - Ep. 166

Which band got in a physical altercation with the promotor of the Us Festival because they refused to donate proceeds to charity? Which band was scheduled to be on the flight that was bombed over Lockerbie in 1988? Which group does AD cite as the “highest band ever?” Which Shabby favorite was found wondering the streets, wearing somebody else’s clothes and babbling incoherently? Thanks to an unscrupulous promoter, which singer was slapped with a 2 million dollar lawsuit that ended his...


“Yankee Hanky” - Ep. 165

Which band do we give “southern rock nicknames” to? Which album did Eric Clapton agree to perform on after getting drunk with the composer? Which band does AD say borrowed at least one article of clothing from their girlfriends for the album photo? Which band flew British journalists to the US to see them perform but the journalists got drunk on the plane and gave them bad reviews? Which band had a standing New Year’s Eve gig at the Bayou in DC. Which artist was so drug addled that he...


”Pepper Ringo” - Ep. 164

Which band had to quickly issue a greatest hits compilation with bonus new tracks to recoup losses incurred when their previous concept album bombed? Which artist left the music business to become a shepard? Which producer does Ryan call “super douche”? Which rock star was called a “lonely little kid” by his therapist? Which duo was the Spinal Tap film spoofing when characters Nigel and David talked about the first song they wrote together “All the Way Home”? Which drummer looks like his...


“Blizzard of Coke” - Ep. 163

Which cocaine fueled artist had a pet monkey that would frequently attack his pit bull? What is AD’s new favorite Phoenix area band? Which punk band missed the boat by not releasing their only album until 1981? Which band refused to listen to their album after messing it up using dbx noise reduction? Which singer takes a stand against female mud wrestling? Which band sold 43 million records after record exec Clive Davis kicked them out of the office while screaming “you don’t even know how...


“Look What the Fat Dragged In” - Ep. 162

Which rocker rigged firecrackers to the opening act’s keyboard and detonated them during their set? Which guitarist was set to hang out with Bon Scott on the night of his death? Which Shabby favorite band made a great record, opened for Deep Purple and went nowhere? Which singer had a female fan run to the front of the stage a pull a gun on him? Which band got signed when the head of the label’s wife heard a demo playing in the other room and said “I like that”. Join the conversation on...


”Hell’s a Poppin!” - Ep. 161

Which singer auditioned with Black Sabbath in the mid 1980’s, but a scathing article in the UK press derailed the partnership? Which artist wants to reform his old band but with a different direction because he’s “tired of metal”. Which classic band drunkenly taught AD “how to trash a dressing room?” Which English band made a film that was subtitled in America? At a young age, which album blew Ryan’s mind while he waited alone for his older friends to return from a bar? Which singer got a...


"Happy Hour 8"

Your Shabby pals are back for an hour of ROCK AND ROLL VINYL related games, trivia, and discussion. Ronnie James Dio related bands battle like dragons in a magic game of OVERBOARD. Albums from the golden year of 1984 are up for sale and AD has to put them in order according to value in a crazy version of PRICE HIKE. Your Shabby pals match wits in LUSCIOUS LIZZ’ ROCK AND ROLL QUIZ. Ryan has a brand new batch of HEEP or POE and AD’s HAPPY TRACK is drunken and slightly “rapey”, and we’re...


“Running Gag” - Ep. 160

Which rock opera pre-dates “Tommy” by the Who and Pete Townsend retracted his initial statement of being influenced by it? Which band is the only band to have released 25 studio albums? Which band started as a skiffle band in the 50’s and ultimately became a power trio in the 70’s and a huge influence on Motorhead? Which New York punk rocker grew up well to do in Communist Poland? In 1973, which band’s tour did the German press refer to as “the greatest rock show ever?” What kind of filth...


”Save Your Receipts, Coke Heads” - Ep. 159

Which musician became the musical director for the band that was his first concert in the 1970’s? Which album does AD cite as “Mutt” Lange’s best produced album? Which 60’s pop star became a regular character, playing himself on the 2000’s TV show “The Office?” Which 80’s metal guitarist never payed AD for rehearsals as promised? Which rock star set an airplane on fire with his coke pipe? Which piano player got kicked off the stage for not having his suit pressed? Join the conversation...


"The Fourth Annual Shabby Awards" - Ep. 158

Put on your finest threads and walk the red carpet with us to this year’s Shabbies. You get highlights (and lowlights) of the past year, hilarious live reads by Ricky, bad monologue jokes, and an “opening number” that will shock and amaze you! Find out the winners of “Best Rock Star Tragedy”, “Best Impression”, “Best Song”, “Rant of the Year”, the “Enabler Award” and much more. It’s our favorite show to do and we hope you enjoy it as much as we did! Join the conversation on Facebook,...


”Pickle Park Badge Bunny” - Ep. 157

Which song does Ryan cite as the grandaddy of all “murdering your old lady” songs? Which band built the stage at CBGB’s? Which rock star told John Lennon to “F off” causing Lennon to like him and the 2 spent the evening drinking with Keith Moon? Which band was formed on Friday the 13th? Which singer drank so much at a record label sponsored party that he needed his stomach pumped? Which song does AD claim is the worst ever played on the show? Join the conversation on Facebook, Twitter...


“Dink Wiffler” - Ep. 156

Which guitarist played against Ritchie Blackmore and his soccer team in a pick up game in Connecticut? Which guitarist once auditioned to be the singer for Blood, Sweat and Tears? Which hard rock frontman once played keyboards for Lisa Marie Presley? Which drummer died from falling off a horse? Which singer lobbied to have “heavy metal” declared a religion on the U.K.’s 2011 census? Which singer was AWOL from the Army during Vietnam and was found starring in the musical Hair and sent to a...