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A podcast by Original Fuzz. The guitar and music show we wish we'd had growing up. It's a talk show packed with gear, music, guitar players, tips, reviews, interviews, and humor. Brought to you by Original Fuzz. Find out more at

A podcast by Original Fuzz. The guitar and music show we wish we'd had growing up. It's a talk show packed with gear, music, guitar players, tips, reviews, interviews, and humor. Brought to you by Original Fuzz. Find out more at
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Nashville, TN


A podcast by Original Fuzz. The guitar and music show we wish we'd had growing up. It's a talk show packed with gear, music, guitar players, tips, reviews, interviews, and humor. Brought to you by Original Fuzz. Find out more at




Grady Weinrich

Grady Weinrich is a songwriter that got his start in college with Nashville band The Lonely Biscuits. While that band quickly found some success and started touring non-stop, they began to feel like the "sound" that launched them no longer represented who they'd become. They were backed into a corner by their own success. We talk to him about breaking through this to stay inspired and happy to make new things, his plans for a Western filmed on surfboards, and the greatest garage sale...


Leesta Vall Sound Recordings

This episode is for the true-vinyl heads, audiofiles, and analog recording nerds. We talk to Aaron Zimmer of Leesta Vall Sound Recordings about recording music directly to vinyl with a vintage lathe. This completely analog way of making a record was pioneered by Alan Lomax, the original ethnomusicologist who brought us the foundational blues and folk recordings in the American music canon. Now Aaron and Leesta Vall are the only people left making records in this way with a vintage 50s...



In the spirit of the upcoming November 6th election day, we talked to Nashville songwriter, band leader, entrepreneur, and activist Tristen Gaspadarek. Tristen a leader in the indie rock scene here in Nashville, she’s also one of the co-founders of Please Vote Nashville, whose mission is to incentivize voting in our local culture by making it easy, creating ballot literacy, and creating social rewards for voting. Not only has she been busy touring behind her latest album, Sneaker Waves,...


Pearl Charles

We sat down for a quick conversation with LA songwriter Pearl Charles before her soundcheck at the Basement in Nashville. She fills us in on where to find Mexican food in LA, growing up in California as the child of artists, and the cultural moment the city is currently experiencing. If you’re a fan of Fleetwood Mac, Jenny Lewis, and Gram Parsons, you’ll like Pearl’s approach to songwriting and recording, which she’s aptly described as a mix of country and disco.


Chef Sean Brock

Sean Brock, Reed Turchi and Camille Cogswell sit down with us at Sean's restaurant, Husk Nashville, to talk about the similarities between cooking and making music, their shared love of North Mississippi hill country blues, and how happiness (or misery) influences the creative process. Sean is an award-winning chef, known for helping reinvigorate southern cooking and restoring southern foodways. Husk was recently named one of the most important 40 restaurants of the last 40 years by Food...


T. Hardy Morris

We've always enjoyed how T. Hardy Morris's voice breaks through any recording or band he gets involved with. His gift for melody has stood out on each his solo records, his time fronting the dark, sludgy psych of Dead Confederate, or as a member of garage-rock's version of the Traveling Wilburys, Diamond Rugs. Not only did we invite him to headline the first edition of very own Fuzz Fest last year, we sat down with him recently to talk about his new album. The album is called Dude, The...


King Tuff, The Other

On this episode, we interview King Tuff and his band before their show at The Basement East in Nashville. They're touring in support of his new record, "The Other," which is a delightful departure from the scuzzy garage rock of previous King Tuff records. Kyle and the band talk about the writing and recording process on this album, and we get their thoughts on Nashville and classic country artists. If you're a fan of King Tuff you'll appreciate this freewheeling glimpse into the band's...


#42: World Cup Preview w/ Parquet Courts

IT'S TIME FOR THE WORLD CUP!!!! To get ready, we talked with Parquet Courts about who to look out for in Russia this summer, why they have a song on their new record titled, "Total Football," and Marouane Fellaini—the Greatest of All Time. If you're a fan of Parquet Courts or excited about Russia '18, this episode is for you. The discussion was led by Austin Brown, the band's resident soccer aficionado. While Austin sings, plays guitar, and writes songs, he's also a dedicated Manchester...


#41: Coco Reilly

We’re joined this episode by indie-pop artist Coco Reilly. Coco is well-known on the local scene here in Nashville, but she’s got the chops to soon become a household name across America. When we taped this episode she was still tidying up the loose ends before releasing the first single, “Define You,” but it’s out now and you can find it at Check it out and listen to Coco talk about her intuitive approach to music, her career, and life in general.


#40: Twin Peaks

One of the things that makes Twin Peaks a great band, and a fresh take on classic rock and roll, is that the band members’ personalities really shine through in their music. Peaks’ guitar player and singer, Cadien Lake James, is no exception. On this episode, Cadien joined the pod before their show at The Basement East in Nashville. He talks about his new home recording setup, working on the next Twin Peaks album, the Chicago music scene, meeting Bruce Springsteen, switching his...


#39: Boytoy

We caught up with Brooklyn band Boytoy before their show at Soft Junk in Nashville. Hear them talk about their new record Night Leaf, and chime in on a variety of other bands as a part of our new format for the show. We are really digging the single, "Mary Anne" off forthcoming album Night Leaf. Thanks to Reed Turchi and his Kudzu Kwyer for providing the intro music, and to Boytoy for letting us play a snippet of their new single, "Mary Anne."


#38: A 90s Country Christmas

Just in time for your weekend trek home to your parents’ house, we’ve got a holiday special edition of our podcast—A 90s Country Christmas! We combined three things everyone loves: 90s Country, Mexican Food, and Christmas. Recorded live at 5 Points Cocina in East Nashville, we cover our favorite Christmas music from your favorite 90s country stars. Special guests include regular contributors to the pod, Liz Earle and Mark Harrod, Green Brier Distillery Co-founder Andy Nelson, and Nashville...


#37: Meth Dad Jams Econo

This episode features Nashville DIY emcee Meth Dad, aka Tyler Walker. Homemade stock cars raced in the background while we recorded this one. It was 5pm on a Friday in the fall and our shop is next to the Nashville Fairgrounds Speedway after all. Tyler shares some of his favorite recent tunes and gives us tips on how to start your own band (or DIY venue). He might not know music theory, but he knows how to make music and how to take a risk. He’s an inspiration to everyone trying something...


#36: Infinity Cat

We're joined this episode by Ale Delgado, label manager for Infinity Cat. Based in our hometown of Nashville, Infinity Cat is one of the best little indie labels in the country. It was started by the brothers of JEFF The Brotherhood, Jake and Jamin Orrall, along with their dad, Robert Ellis Orrall (aka Bob the Fatherhood), who's an accomplished Nashville songwriter in his own right. Home to some of our favorite Nashville bands like JEFF the Brotherhood, Daddy Issues, Music Band, Faux...


#35: How to Start Your Own Record Label

We're joined by Andy Roddick, founder of Crane City Records, a brand-spanking new indie label out of Nashville. He takes us behind-the-scenes on what it's like to create a new label from scratch and shares some new tracks from his artists, Ill Spector, Peter Keys, and Black Andy and the Silver Eagles.If you've ever thought about starting your own label or wondered what it's like to start your own label, this episode will float your boat. You can check out what he's up to at...


#34: Inspired by Southern Girls Rock Camp

This month we talk to Hailey Rowe from YEAH! Nashville, which stands for Youth Empowerment through Arts and Humanities. Their mission is to empower youth to become creative, productive, and confident members of the community through artistic education, collaboration, and expression.They just wrapped up another summer of camp, and have a full-slate of stuff planned for the fall. Check them out and get involved at We asked Hailey to share a playlist inspired by her experiences...


#33: Live From Fuzz Fest I

A couple of weeks ago we threw a party at our shop featuring a killer lineup with fourteen of our favorite bands. Luckily, our main sound man, Billy Bennett, managed to record some of them for posterity. In this month's episode of the podcast we listen to our favorite performances that made it to tape that day. It features live sets from Nadir Bliss, Billy Bennett, Parker Gispert, Chrome Pony, T. Hardy Morris, and The Nude Party.


#32: White Reaper Shares Music from The World's Best American Van

We asked White Reaper to come on the pod and play some of the tunes that they've been listening to in the van lately. The only criteria for this playlist was that it's songs they've actually been listening to lately. Reaper is fresh off of the What stage at Bonnaroo (that's the big one!) and the release of their new record, The World's Best American Band. Get on board at


#31: Sixteen Years of Dylan Fest

Austin Scaggs joins the pod to discuss sixteen years of Dylan Fest. Dylan Fest is a two night celebration of Bob Dylan's songwriting that first started in the East Village in New York City on Dylan's 60th birthday. Austin founded Dylan Fest with his partner Alex Levy and their band The Cabin Down Below band.


#30: Remembering Chuck Berry With Heath Haynes

We remember the genius of the late Chuck Berry with Nashville DJ and musician Heath Haynes. For the last decade Heath has immersed himself in the local Nashville scene with his DJ sets and band The High Dollars. He's been along for the ride as Nashville has grown from backwater southern town to the latest "It" city, and a lot of what he does today he owes to Chuck Berry. Like Chuck, Heath knows how to work a room and get folks dancing. And this month he helps us remember just how influential...