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Original NBA Content Matthew Damian, author of NBA Greatest Teams, offers his insight into the NBA with a weekly podcast designed for the hardcore fans.

Original NBA Content Matthew Damian, author of NBA Greatest Teams, offers his insight into the NBA with a weekly podcast designed for the hardcore fans.
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Original NBA Content Matthew Damian, author of NBA Greatest Teams, offers his insight into the NBA with a weekly podcast designed for the hardcore fans.






Jordan vs Lebron Conversation with NBA Author Mike Fry

Yes, the Jordan vs LeBron debate has been done to death, but it's been done poorly. Fans have been subjected to attempts to "win" the conversation for their side, without legitimate points being exchanged. This all changed when Mike Fry wrote his book, "G.O.A.T. Envy", in an attempt to bring facts and remove the myths. Has LeBron surpassed Jordan? Is he really a more complete player? How important are championships in this topic? All of these questions, and so many more, are covered in this...


Kobe Drafted By The Knicks

What would have happened if the Hornets were not interested in Vlade in the 96 draft, and wanted to keep their pick? They had never worked out Bryant prior to selecting him, so simply saying he'd go to the Hornets doesn't work either. It's entirely possible that Kobe slips all the way to the Knicks as future all-stars in Peja, Steve Nash and Jermaine O'Neal were taken after Bryant. In this episode, I take a closer look into what the league would have looked like with Kobe in New York, and...


Timeline and Fallout of the Kawhi Leonard Trade

Kawhi Leonard was traded to the Raptors earlier today, and with it, ended one of the strangest sagas in NBA history. In episode 77 of the I Still Love This Game podcast, I take a look back at the timeline of what happened following the Zaza Pachulia injury until today, along with the fallout for all parties involved.


What If Kevin Durant Was Drafted By The Blazers?

It's one of the greatest "what ifs" in NBA history, and whenever it comes up, the conversation is usually centered around the direction of the Sonics or the Blazers, but how significantly does the NBA change if the Blazers had drafted Kevin Durant? Does LeBron win earlier? Does the big 3 in Boston still happen? How does this all effect Kobe? Does OKC still get Russell Westbrook and James Harden? All these scenarios are explored in episode 77 of the podcast!


Lebron James To The Lakers Will Be A Disaster!

Lebron James To The Lakers Will Be A Disaster! As you've heard by now, Lebron has moved to Los Angeles, and despite the lure of a huge market, this could have been the biggest mistake of his career.


What if Carmelo Anthony Was Drafted By The Detroit Pistons?

With the basketball world focused on the hype of the draft, now is a good time to look back at the greatest "what ifs" in NBA draft history. Number 5 on the countdown is "what if the Detroit Pistons drafted Carmelo in 2003". This episode goes far beyond the impact on the Pistons and Anthony, as it also takes a look at how it impacts the change of the entire NBA. Kobe, LeBron, Wade, Garnett, Paul Pierce, and Phil Jackson's legacies are all changed with one different draft spot!


Aftermath Of The NBA Finals

With the NBA Finals mercifully over, what are the last results? Obviously, the Warriors won their 3rd title in 4 years, so what is their place in history? As for LeBron, he now has lost twice as many times in the finals as he has won. If the Warriors legacy is that of winners, is LeBron's now that of a celebrated loser? It sounds harsh, but if we're consistent, we have to at least discuss that.


Warriors Survive 51 Point From LeBron James

Heading into this series, a lot of people were critical of the fact that we have another Cavs and Warriors finals, but after game 1, those criticisms were silenced. We saw one of the great performances by LeBron, along with a solid showing by the splash brothers, and when you combine that with an almost inexcusable screw-up by J.R. Smith, we were treated to a classic. Also covered in this episode are the following topics:


Warriors Cavs Preview!

Despite it being the 4th straight season resulting in a Cavs and Warriors showdown in the finals, this doesn't feel like a stale match-up. With the emergence of Houston and the struggles of the Cavs this season, there wasn't an expectation of both these teams meeting in the finals, but now that we're here, who comes out on top? Also in this episode is a recap of game 7 between the Rockets and Warriors, and the following questions answered:


LeBron's Legacy Following Game 7

After following LeBron's remarkable performance in game 7 against the Celtics, much will be said about it's relevance historically in the coming days. A lot of it will be appropriate, but we've already started seeing some of the hyperbole coming through. In this episode, we talk about the impact of the role players, and how his run stacks up with other great individual playoff runs in the past


Rockets Warriors Game 7 Preview, Cavs and Celtics ready to square off

For the first time in decades, both conference finals will be settled by game 7s. The Warriors did more than just stay alive in the conference finals, they swung the momentum back in their favor, and with the health concerns of Chris Paul, will that be enough for them to take the series with a victory on the road. The Cavs find themselves in a similar situation, having to go on the road and get a victory to get back to the finals, but without Kevin Love, the importance of Cleveland's role...


Chris Paul and The Rockets Push Golden State To The Brink!

Despite one of James Harden's worst games statistically of his career, the Rockets are just one game away of eliminating the Warriors and getting to the finals. Can Golden State respond, or will they crumble under the defensive pressure? Also in this episode we look at the following:


Rockets take back homecourt in dramatic fashion

With their backs against the wall and staring at a 3-1 deficit, The Houston Rockets stunned the Golden State Warriors in game 4 to tie the series. It was not the fact that the Rockets won game 4 that was surprising, but the manner that they accomplished it. The Rockets were embarrassed in game 3, and game 4 started in similar fashion. Houston responded and took a lead into half-time, but the Warriors exploded in the 3rd quarter. The Rockets responded to two huge runs by the Warriors and...


Steph Curry and The Warriors Demolish The Rockets

It's rare that a pivotal game, outside of a game 7 of course, can feel so decisive, but that's what we got in game 3 of the Western Conference Finals. The question now is how can Houston respond with Steph Curry showing signs that his jumper is back. Can they slow down a duo of Curry and Durant? Or should we prepare ourselves for this series to be over much quicker than we first thought? Also in this episode is a recap of game 3 between the Celtics and Cavs, along with the following...


Cavs vs Celtics and Rockets vs Warriors game 3 previews

It feels like it's been an eternity, but the NBA conference finals resumes with the Cavs hosting the Celtics today. Can they hold serve and turn this into a series against Boston? Also in this episode we take a look at the series between the Rockets and Warriors which is beginning to heat up big time. Can the Rockets take advantage of a slumping Steph Curry? Or will the Warriors respond like champions?


How can Houston turn this series around?

Despite it only being one game, the reality of losing the home-court to Golden State even with a dominant performance from James Harden brings serious questions as to whether the Rockets can compete with the Warriors. What adjustments can they make if their isolation plays are not effective? Also in this episode is a recap of game 1 between the Celtics and Cavs, and we go into the mailbag and respond to some questions.


Cavs Celtics Preview

Technically this a rematch of last years Eastern Conference Finals, but both teams have gone through such dramatic overhauls that it's virtually an afterthought. What isn't an afterthought is chess game that is destined to unfold between Brad Stevens and LeBron James. Also in this episode we dissect how significant Ben Simmons jumpshot is as a weakness, an odd week for Dwayne Casey, and I answer so many questions that I start to lose my voice. Enjoy the show!


Warriors Rockets Preview

Most people are calling this the true NBA Finals, and they're not wrong. These are the two best teams left in the playoffs, and it's a showdown we all want to see. But the question remains about if the Warriors can actually play at the Rockets pace? This is the first time since the Splash Brothers emerged in the NBA that we've asked if they can keep up with another team. It's going to be a very interesting series!


Why Aren't The Warriors Using Anthony Davis On Kevin Durant?

Following the game 4 blowout for the Warriors over the Pelicans, the obvious question is why isn't New Orleans placing Davis on Durant in an attempt to slow him down? Also in this episode is a recap of the Celtics and 76ers game 4, the Jazz and Rockets game 4, the Cavs beatdown of the Raptors, and multiple questions answered.


LeBron crushes Toronto again; Celtics go up 3-0

The look of disbelief was reminiscent of what Jordan used to do to Cleveland, but now Cavs fans can understand how sweet it is to be on the other side of greatness. Also in this episode is a recap of game 3 of the Celtics and Raptors, along with more questions being answered.