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Super Hoopers - Jon Hosts and It's the Best Episode Ever - Where does a Psychic Think LeBron will End Up? The Bill Walton Song and Fixing our Racist Past

It's a Jon episode this week! After losing a bet, Jon has to host and he does an incredible job. Some say the best episode ever. Matt has to monitor the audio so blame him for any mistakes. - Boston beats the LeBrons Recap - Warriors still winning it all? - We hired a psychic to tell us where LeBron will end up - Get @ Bobby Portis - Fixing our racist past - Bill Walton song - Shout Outs and Beefs (Boners) Get@MeDawg Tweets Jon:...


Super Hoopers - Learning to love the Celtics and Rockets with John Wilmes

Jon and Matt are joined by John Wilmes from the Take it or Break it pod to discuss all things NBA playoffs and explain why Brad Stevens has never had sex. Pinochet, sperm banks and housing policy is also touched on. - Lottery results, early draft prospects takes - Hilluminatis: Cavs throwing the series - Why you should not despair about Celtics dominance - Why you should love the Rockets - Brad Stevens has never had sex - Get@me,Dawg (Sam Dekker) - Headlines - Shout Outs and Beefs...


Super Hoopers - Sixers Gone Fishing: Was It Worth It? Breaking Down the Sixers Season and It's Future

The Sixers just wrapped up their season and JON IS MAD!!! (j/k). Was this season worth it? What should we take away from this loss to the Celtics? - Immediate Sixers reactions - How did the Sixers and Celtics match up? - What's more shocking? Warriors losing to the Rockets or Cavs losing to the Celtics - Get@me, Dawg (Josh Richardson) - Shout Outs and Beefs (Zack Lowe, Be Like Jon, Not Like Matt) Get@MeDawg Tweets Matt:...


Super Hoopers - Sixers done? Max Kawhi? Warriors ruin everything

It’s another round of Playoff burning questions with Dave Futernick. Are the Sixers done? Would you offer Kawhi the max, and who will coach the Knicks and does anyone care? - Sixers done?- Knicks coach?- Kawhi?- Warriors mock the regular season- Which eliminated East team do we want to be a fan of- How not to be wrong- Hilluminati: Tristan Thompson- Get@me,Dawg (Meyers Leonard)- Headlines- Shout Outs and Beefs (Back to the Beach, Handsome Boston) Get@MeDawg Tweets- Matt:...


Super Hoopers - 103 - Which West Playoff loser is the most screwed? Tatum/Brown or Simmons/Embiid?

Burning questions! Which team is more screwed: the Wolves, Thunder, Blazers or Spurs? Which duo would you rather have: Tatum/Brown or Embiid/Simmons? And is Utah the most handsome team in the league? All that plus Kawhi trades and terrible music takes. - New Orleans tales - Which West playoff loser is the most screwed - Kawhi Trades - Which young duo do you want - Is any team hotter than the Jazz? - Get@me,Dawg (Harry Giles III) - Headlines - Joe Prunty facts - Shout Outs and...


Super Hoopers - 102 - Playoff Measured Well-Reasoned Takes and Kawhi? with Joe Borelli

We give our takes on each playoff series, and Joe Borelli joins the pod to judge if they are over reactions or calm measured, well-informed takes. We also get into new nicknames for Paul George, LeBron’s secret plan, and some Kawhi talk. - Playoff Overreactions or Nah (LeBron’s plan, Playoff P, Kawhi?) - Get@me, Dawg (Langston Galloway) - Headlines - Shout Outs and Beefs (The Athletic, Game of Zones) Get@MeDawg Tweets Matt:...


Super Hoopers - Playoff Preview, ROY pettiness, Tristan Thompson plus Jack Nicholson

We preview the NBA playoffs as only the true hoopers can. We ask is this quote about John Wall or Josef Stalin and does this guy play for the Pacers or Heat? Plus tons of conspiracy theories and Jack Nicholson joins the pod! - Playoff Preview- Simmons/Mitchell Petty Beef- Tristan cheating- Andre Ingram- Jack Nicholson guest spot- Get@me,Dawg (Josh Hart)- Headlines- Tankathon wager- Shout Outs and Beefs Get@MeDawg...


Super Hoopers - 100 - Top 8 Playoff Preview, ROY debate, and Jon's Surprise

Ep. 100! We made it. We’re celebrating ourselves with perfect NBA takes, music, and well wishes. - Kawhi- Top 8 Playoff team preview- Him vs. Him (ROY)- Get@me,Dawg (Marquese Chriss)- Headlines- Surprise!- Shout Outs and Beefs (The fans) Get@MeDawg Tweets— Matt: https://twitter.com/TweetofMattHill/status/981243995064954880 Jon: https://twitter.com/JHillNahMean/status/981341154313580545 Dave: https://twitter.com/davidfuternick/status/981435752432177152 Follow us on the...


Super Hoopers - 98 - NBA Playoffs Dreams and Nightmares (Free Meek) + Jokic NOT a Star with David Futernick

As the Hoopers are preparing for their 100th episode, David Futernick joins to talk: What are your Dreams and Nightmares (Free Meek) for the NBA playoffs this year? Will the Cavs and Warriors face off in the Finals? What happens if the Rockets win it all? Who's more of a F*ck you to the league? - Injury report - Dreams and Nightmares - Raptors for real? - Jon's secret party - F*ck Snowden - Get@me,Dawg (Terry Rozier) - Headlines (Shoutout @Killakow) - Guerilla Marketing - Shout...


Super Hoopers - 98 - What's up with Kawhi? West Playoffs? MVP? with Chris Axmann

Chris Axmann answers all of our Smart Guy NBA questions: What is really going on with Kawhi? Who gets into the Playoffs out West? Who is number 2 on the MVP ballot? Then Matt pitches Chris tons of Guerilla Marketing ideas. Finally Jon beefs hard with a far more successful and superior NBA pod to defend the honor of Dave Futernick. - Kawhi Situation - The Western Playoff Race - LeBron vs. Everyone - Problems in Denver - MVP Ballot - Get@me,Dawg (Mike Scott) - Headlines - Guerilla...


Super Hoopers - 97 - To Tank or not to Tank with Keith Parish

The Hoopers bring on Keith Parish from the Fastbreak Breakfast podcast to talk Grizzlies and tanking. Then they have a totally organic debate about Marc Gasol and finally Jeff Van Gundy hops on the line to talk current events. - Memphis - Tanking - Hilluminati (Sam Hinkie) - Him vs. Him (Trade Marc Gasol) - Current events with Jeff Van Gundy - Get@me,Dawg (Taurean Prince) - Headlines - Guerilla Marketing - Shout Outs and Beefs (Isaiah Thomas, BBall Reference) Get@MeDawg...


Super Hoopers - 96 - The Hoopers take Sactown

The Hoopers take Sacramento. The Hoopers recount their adventures in Sacramento then talk tanking, JR Smith soup, and Houston. - Sacramento - Tanking - JR Smith Soup - Players most likely to throw food items - Houston - Get@me,Dawg (Demarre Carroll) - Headlines - Shout Outs and Beefs (Steve Francis, CJ Miles) Get@MeDawg...


Super Hoopers - Ep 95 - What the Fultz? with Philly's own Kyle Neubeck

What the Fultz is going on? PhillyVoice.com's Kyle Neubeck (@KyleNeubeck) joins the pod to talk about his latest finding into what happened to Fultz's jumpshot and what else to expect from the Sixers the rest of the year. Philly in the house! - LeBron to Philly? - Kyle Neubeck and his definitive article on the Fultz mystery - Who's at fault for his jumpshot chaning? - The difference from blogging from afar and covering the Sixers day-to-day - JJ Redick a racist or nah? - Should...


Super Hoopers - Ep 94 - Team LeBron Vs Steph All-Star Recap - Tank Race 2018 - JJ A Racist or Nah?

It's the All-Star game recap with special guest David Futernick! Jon tells a long story about some of the NBA Twitter celebs he met last weekend. Which team is gonna win the tank race? Are the Spurs leaking the Kawhi news? A serious discussion about the comment JJ Redick made about the Chinese fans. Then we do a special tribute to Fergie. - All-Star game recap - NBA Twitter Celebs - Who's leaking the Kawhi news to Woj? - JJ Redick a racist or nah? - Get@me,Dawg (Bogdan Bogdanovic) -...


Super Hoopers - Lonzo Trade?? Cavs Title?? Live Get@MeDawg?? with Tom Zayas

It’s a Lakers focused episode as Tom Zayas from the Taking Charge podcast to discuss all things Lakers. Will Isaiah fit in or fit out? Will Lonzo be traded? Will Lavar be the next GM? Then we pitch NBA TV shows. All that plus a LIVE Get@meDawg. - Isaiah Thomas Trade - Cavs chances - LeBron to Lakers? - Lonzo trade? - LIVE Get@me,Dawg (Marquis Daniels) - Headlines - Shout Outs and Beefs (Big 3, Justin Johnson) Get@MeDawg...


Super Hoopers - 92 - KP Injury, Trade Deadline, LeBron future teams

It’s a MASSIVE new Hoopers. We commiserate with Dave over the KP injury, then we take on the trade deadline and talk LeBron destinations. At the very very end, Matt and Jon debate Fultz/Colangelo for the 100th time. - KP injury - Trade Deadline - Danny Ainge Hilluminati - LeBron destinations - Get@me,Dawg (Joe Ingles) - Headlines - Shout Outs and Beefs (Liangelo Stat, Eagles) - Matt v. Jon 24 Get@MeDawg...


Super Hoopers - Ep 91 - Blake Trade, All-Star Teams, and SHAWN BLAZE (clips) with David Futernick

Futerick is back! We talk about the Blake Griffin trade, which Matt claims he came up with. Then we debate the better All-Star team, play some Shawn Blaze clips, then do our thing in Headlines! and Shout Outs and Beefs and make fun of Smart Guy NBA podcasts. - Did Matt make the Blake trade? - Who got the better All-Star team? LeBron of Steph? - Get@me,Dawg (Quincy Pondexter) - Headlines! - Shout Outs and Beefs (Girls Not Sleeping with You, Fultz's jumpshot, Players Only) Get@MeDawg...


Super Hoopers - Ep 90 - Cav's Drama, Kawhi's Injury, Eagles Super Bowl, and Victor Oladipo's Poop with Dan Carson

Dan Carson is back! The Super Hoopers have on NBA Twitter content creator and t-shirt designer Dan Carson to talk all the happenings of the NBA. There's also a great Victor Oladipo poop story. Also a guest appearance by Justin Johnson. - FLY EAGLES FLY - Jason Kidd firing with Justin Johnson - Cavs Drama - Are the Spurs tanking? - Get@me,Dawg (Marcus Morris) - Headlines - Shout Outs and Beefs (DJ Nice Rec, Victor Oladipo's poop) Get@MeDawg...


Super Hoopers - Fights, drama, Fultz!

FIGHT! The NBA is the best league on Earth and the Hoopers are here for it. Chris Paul is tunneling, the Cavs are snitching, Markelle Fultz is managing a Chick-Fil-A! The Hoopers revel in a fantastic NBA week. - Rockets/Clips Fight- Cavs Drama- Fultz?- Lavar Ball’s effect on the Lakers- Jonathan Isaac’s sermon in the forest- Get@me,Dawg (Kelly Oubre)- Headlines- Shout Outs and Beefs (Klay, Evan Turner, Jon sits courtside) Get@MeDawg...


Super Hoopers - Why Yall Hating on LaVar? Plus NBA Atonements with Joe Borelli

We're joined by Joe Borelli of the SuperFlight podcast! And yes, we talk LaVar Ball. - Why are coaches mad at LaVar? - Should Dirk be sent to the glue factory? - Why we'll never disrepect Woj - A quick stop at Colangelo Island - Get @ Me - Cedi Osman - Shoutouts and Beefs Follow Joe @SuperFlightpod Matt's Tweet: https://twitter.com/TweetofMattHill/status/950800358892171264 Jon's Tweet: https://twitter.com/JHillNahMean/status/951232540433465345 Dave's...


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