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Transcending Borders Through Music - with Shakuhachi Flutist Shawn Renzoh Head

My very special guest is a man who wears many hats; he’s a Japanese bamboo flutist, Shakuhachi master, composer, lecturer, recording artist, and chamber musician, Shawn Renzoh Head. His music and performing has taken him around the world several times, and has even won him many awards. Shawn has been featured on multiple mediums, including albums, video games, movies, and animation. In addition, he works side by side with fellow composers creating a new body of music for his instrument....


Geo Ivery Shares on the Soulstream Series & the Supernaturals from the Stories

Discover what the Soulstream is, and how we are all Supernaturals; as our guest Geo Ivery, shares his inspirational deep wisdom on this topic. He is an International Best Selling Sci Fi Fantasy author who lives in California. Raised in a military family he traveled the world and once wanted to be a scientist and the first artist astronaut. Being an avid reader and comic book collector, Geo went to school to produce his own series of comic book characters. His series touches on many topics...


Yvette Silva Shares Solutions for Healing Trauma

My guest Yvette Silva is a survivor. She is the Founder of Revolution Embassy and has put together a tailor-made curriculum to get through the trauma of sexual abuse. Realizing the hardest thing for her to do in order to heal was to Confront the Silence. She has put those steps into a program in her books, Meditation & Prayer YDS and the Secular version, Your Journey Back. Her unique approach focuses on mediation for the mind and nutrition for the body with a focus of purpose for the soul....


Animal Communication via the Heart with Dr. Laurie Moore

Our special guest, Dr. Laurie Moore, is a licensed LMFT therapist, certified hypnotherapist, animal communicator, and spiritual teacher. She’s the author of many books, including The Cat’s Reincarnation: Transformative Encounters with Animals and Healing and Awakening the Heart: Animal Wisdom for Humans. For two decades Dr. Laurie has assisted people and animals to transform their lives, awaken to universal love, and communicate in evolved and fulfilling ways. She was a graduate and...


Rising to the Next Level of the Great Awakening, with Tashina

Our guest Tashina is Arcturian, as well as a Sundancer and Pipe holder. Her walk has been many years in Sacred Spaces learning, teaching, and Healing. Mt. Shasta, The Dakotas, The Cascades, The White Mountains, and the Blue Mountains have been her home. She is a History, Anthropology, and Spanish teacher. Tashina’s most important and beloved job is mother and grandmother. She has written and performed poetry, songs and dances for Native Images at ASU, and is a Healer, Azteca Dancer,...


Angels, Miracles, and Near Death Experiences

My guest, Catherine Lanigan, is a New York Times bestselling author of nearly 40 published titles in both fiction and non-fiction, including the novelizations of Romancing the Stone, and The Jewel of the Nile. Catherine’s novels have been translated into 28 languages, and her titles have sold over 15 million copies worldwide, including DIVINE NUDGES, ANGEL WATCH, and ANGEL TALES. Each of these books offer inspirational true stories of miracles, near-death experiences, and Angelic...


Our Purpose on Earth, Heaven, and the Afterlife

Have you ever wondered what happens when we pass on to the "other side"? Where do we go? Is there life after death? What is heaven like? Sarina Baptista's seven-year-old son, J.T., caught the flu and passed away in March 2007, she had many questions about Heaven. Why did he have to leave? Where is he now? Is this all there is? On a mission to find her son again, Sarina researched the afterlife from every angle. She knew her son was somewhere, but where? Six months after J.T.'s passing,...


Manifesting 1 2 3 - Simple Steps to Transform Your World Through Your Thoughts

My guest, Ken Elliott, is the author of Manifesting 123 - an Amazing book that goes beyond the current knowledge of manifesting or the law of attraction. Ken offers a fresh perspective on how thought works and the role it plays in the non-physical world before appearing in your physical world. His method is simple with profound implications. Join us in a lively and passionate discussion as Ken shares his visionary process that he, and countless others, have successfully been using in the...


The Sacred Process of Inner Work

Sacred inner work addresses a strong yearning that many of us have to awaken to a new level of consciously knowing ourselves. It can support us in raising our consciousness beyond our ordinary way of being in life and gain access to the more mysterious and awesome way of knowing ourselves, along with a sense of sacred purpose. Jaquelyn Small, LMSW, joins us to offer some insight as to how we can actually do this transformational inner work. She has authored 10 books on personal...


The Journey of Self Love

My guest, Ann Bibbey, is a psychic medium, Reiki Master and Teacher, Craniosacral Therapist, Face Reader, and a Motivational Speaker. You can connect with Ann through her website at, you can also find her on Facebook at Ann Bibbey Intuitive Healer. We will be discussing the practice of self-love and the nature of the great consciousness shift that is currently underway. To learn more about Lighted Paths Radio and Claire Papin please visit You can...


The Bigger Picture for the Year Ahead with Astrologer Richard Fleece

My guest is Richard Fleece. He’s been a student and teacher of astrology for over 35 years with an interesting and different way of interpreting the craft. He describes Astrology as the study of understanding the subtle and obvious energies of the planets and signs on one's life plan, and is the interplay through planets and signs that influence one’s attitudes, viewpoints, and reactions in relationships. Richard will be sharing an up-close look at the year ahead with a “bigger picture”...