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3 Keys to Authentic Connection

You can create genuine connections with people by using these 3 subtle yet critical mindsets! It has fundamentally changed my ability to meet and interact joyfully with many kinds of people! Filmed on location in Koh Phi Phi, Thailand. While traveling last month, I was thinking about some of the keys to authentic connection. For most […]


When you give & give but lack support in return

“What to do when you feel betrayed or disappointed by people very close to you? When you support others, but then when you need support, they don’t do the same in return?” This is the first part of a question I received…  The rest of their question goes like this: “When you focus […]

Letting go of cherished people and places to let in the new

Sometimes, you need to let go of places, people and things that you care about in order to create or experience new horizons. It’s not about abandoning; it’s about releasing for a higher purpose. Here are 3 practices that can be applied to different situations to help you release with love!  The person who […]

Finding Your Power After Feeling Disempowered

Have you ever felt like “Life is happening to you” but wanted to regain the sense that “you are in control of your life”? Deep down, we all want personal autonomy and freedom so I want to share a few ways to reconnect with your sense of power and choice if you ever feel disempowered by […]


The Doubt Monster

It’s natural to have doubts when we want to do something outside of our comfort or success zone! Today, Mr. Ribbit is my special guest as we talk about how to deal with Doubt Monsters…  Ventriloquism has been a curiosity of mine since childhood. (I share that story in this article) Lately, I’ve […]

What’s the deal with Procrastination?

You might have heard the phrase “putting the Pro in procrastination?” It’s one of those universal life skills (haha) that we all seem to master at one point in life or another! On a more serious note, it can be a debilitating feeling to put something off that we actually care about so in this […]


FOMO from being Sick for a long time

Dealing with a long-term illness is tough enough but you can also feel the pain of missing out on Life and feel a sense of loss, grief and unfulfillment. Today, I’d like to share a perspective that will help you find a new focus and meaning from this extremely challenging experience.  My heart […]


How to do the thing that scares you

Sometimes, we have to do things that scare us in order to create or grow. Here are some steps to overcome the fear so you will feel inspired to take risks, go out of your comfort zone and honor your dreams!  Last week, Shane and I went camping and for our final day, […]


Working things out after a separation

After a “separation”, there is sometimes a chance to do some healing work with your former partner and possibly get back together. Or, you may have gotten back together and wish to create some changes. Here are some key things to keep in mind if you are ever either situation…  Get new teachings about […]


4 Types of Everyday Courage

Sometimes, we get stuck in patterns of fear and Everyday Courage is needed to transform blocks which range from procrastination, self-censorship, avoidance, dishonesty to denial. Everyday Courage is often underrated but there is a powerful life force that gets summoned when we activate 4 types of bravery… This video is dedicated to the heroic Sun Yi […]


Healing Separation Anxiety

This week, I received a question about separation anxiety. Did you ever experience this in your early childhood and possibly even in some adulthood relationships or circumstances? In this talk, I explore a few ways we can face this feeling and release some of the fear…  Get new teachings about Compassion sent to you […]


On Grieving and Letting Go

I was asked for guidance on grieving, letting go and moving on. The person who asked was referring to a relationship separation but they also acknowledged that many people in the community were grieving the passing of a dear friend. If you are going through a time of grieving and processing – be it around […]


Navigating differing spiritual beliefs with friends or family!

“Is it okay to have more than one religion or god on your altar and in your heart?” I received a video request with this question because they hoped their friends could better understand how once can embrace more than one spiritual practice or belief in life. It is possible to remain friends even if […]


Use Your Curiosity To Get Unstuck!

In this week’s talk, I look at how we can use our Curiosity to open up the “flow” of energies and get unstuck. Feeling curious reconnects us to our life force but not all of us remember to keep it alive! Thankfully, Curiosity is like a muscle that you can grow through regular practice…  Get […]


Time to RELEASE Some Pressure In Your Life!

In this week’s talk, I explore 2 conscious ways to relieve the sense of “pressure” that can accumulate in our lives and create anxiety. The possibility of being more and more productive creates enormous expectations that can drain a modern human! This is why it’s a fundamental life skill to know how to ease those expectations or pressures. […]


An Act of Love: Preparing Your Will

In this week’s talk, I look at 3 plans you can prepare ahead of time in case of future accident, illness, disability or death. It is an act of kindness for yourself and your loved ones to do this work when there is no crisis. You will save yourself and others much stress at a […]


How to Forgive Yourself Even When Others Can’t

In this week’s training, I look at how to truly forgive yourself and move forward with your life. This teaching will help you bring healing to yourself and others – even in situations where you don’t have the opportunity to apologize. Also, learn how Survival Mode can lead you to act in certain ways and […]


How to Handle a Loved One’s Depression as an Empath or Highly Sensitive Person

In this week’s training, I look at how an empath (who is also a recovering rescuer), can handle it when a loved one is experiencing depression! May these 2 energetic practices help you avoid getting into a rescuer pattern while also honoring your empathy and sensitivity! (These can be practiced by anyone who is sensitive […]


Replace These 5 Thoughts and Overcoming Self-Doubt

What are some ways to overcome self doubt or to cultivate belief in yourself when growing in directions that ask you to step more fully into yourself and power in ways you haven’t before? And especially if others may not reflect or believe in your ways or directions? Get new teachings about Compassion sent to […]


Self-Acceptance on 2 levels of your being

Here are 2 levels of self-acceptance that you can embrace in this lifetime! Plus, learn the effects of continually asking “What’s wrong with me?” and be clear on what you can ask instead… Get new teachings about Compassion sent to you by email! (Sign up at the Octopus on the right) LISTEN OR DOWNLOAD AUDIO FILE […]