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S02Ep04 - Mindful Insights - Some Thoughts on Worry and Fear Energies

Does it help us or the people we love when we worry? Worry is a fearful energy, and we have been conditioned by society to think that if we don't worry incessantly about someone or something that it means we don't care. Unfortunately, when we project this kind of energy onto the thing we're worried about, it is a form of resistance, and what you resist persists. Essentially, worry is a block to manifesting your true desires. I hope that this video resonates with you! Defusing the Love Bomb...


S02Ep03 - Three (3) Helpful Perspectives During Spiritual Awakening - Mindful Insights

The spiritual awakening process can be uncomfortable and confusing when we don't fully understand what's happening from a bigger picture perspective. Here are three perspectives that I learned to practice that helped make my journey more effortless to flow with. I hope it helps you on your journey! =) 1. Everything is a process and takes time to play out. 2. Our experiences move based on cycles and patterns, not based on linear time. 3. We move through levels and layers of perception,...


S02Ep02 - Three (3) Uncomfortable Aspects of Spiritual Awakening

Sometimes our spiritual awakening journey can throw us for a few loops, usually back to back so we feel like we can hardly even catch our breath. Here are three aspects of spiritual awakening I've found uncomfortable, and what has helped me to move through and past the discomfort and into the alignment of joy and love. I hope this video resonates for you! Here are the main topics discussed: 1. Emotional Purging. Everything you've ever suppressed, repressed, or left unprocessed emotionally...


S02Ep01 - Three (3) Inner Work Habits to Become More Loving Toward Yourself and Others

Unconditional love is the energetic frequency of Source energy. We can connect with this energy by going within and by practicing loving habits toward ourselves and others. LOVE is all we need; I hope you are having a beautiful week, my friends! Namaste. Defuse Your Love Bomb Here: https://www.innerworkcoaching.life/defusing-the-love-bomb-from-dangerous-to-unconditional.html My Mindful Moments (transform your life in 5 minutes a...


[S01Ep033] Be Okay by Jen Doe (singer-songwriter demo)

Be Okay I don't wanna worry, I just wanna feel safe Put your arms around me, maybe then we'll be okay I don't wanna worry, I just wanna feel safe Put your arms around me, baby... we'll be okay Tired of thinking about problems We all know they come in spades And we'll probably never solve them Because they tend to duplicate And when the world comes crashing down And you're feeling all alone Remember how far you have come Whoa-oh-oh (Repeat Chorus) Sick of walking around in...


[S01Ep032] Mindful Insights On Thinking in Cycles, Patterns, and Processes

Linear time and time measurement are man-made constructs, meaning that time isn't actually "real." How does this affect you and your life? For me, it means looking at my life in cycles and patterns rather than days and weeks so that I can heal the beliefs and behavior patterns that don't serve me and become aware of those that do. Thanks so much for being here, my friends! I hope this episode resonates with you, and I hope to see you for season 2 next year! Website:...


[S01Ep031] Mindful Insights - On Acceptance and Being the Change We Wish to See

When we practice acceptance and love for ourselves, we attract more experiences of acceptance and love into our lives. No matter what it is that we desire, we have to put it into practice in our lives before we can experience it being attracted into our lives from elsewhere. Thanks so much for being here! I hope this information resonates with you and helps you in some way. Website: www.InnerWorkCoaching.life My Mindful Moments (transform your life in 5 minutes a...


[S01Ep30] An Introduction to Shadow Work || Mindful Insights || www.InnerWorkCoaching.life

Essentially, shadow work encompasses work that allows you to shine light on pieces of you and your spirit that have been hidden due to guilt, shame, fear, and trauma. I will be posting some videos about this and plan to publish a journal and a course soon on the same topic. Certain modalities in conjunction with this work have allowed me to clear out the majority of my emotional triggers, issues, and even PTSD and CPTSD symptoms by working through them this way. Hopefully what I've learned...


[S01Ep29] Some Thoughts on Judgments and Assumptions || Mindful Insights || www.InnerWorkCoaching.life

How often do we judge others or make assumptions that they have ulterior motives or aren’t “good” people? What if I told you that your perception and the things you’ve experienced might be contributing to your mindset or belief systems that hold you back? There is empowerment in understanding one another and realizing that we all have stuff to deal with, all the time. Life often refuses to slow down, so there’s no point in getting caught up in all that pain and drama. Why do we hold on to...


[S01Ep28] Into the Unknown by Jen Doe (singer-songwriter demo)

Into the Unknown © by Jennifer-Crystal Johnson All rights reserved (Chorus:) So fall with me into the unknown Let's break free and learn how to let go Fall with me into the unknown And let life guide you, oh Let life guide you Every day we have a choice to make Do we see our good or our mistakes Can we let go of what we think we know And just enjoy the journey as we go (Repeat Chorus) Watch your life unfold before your eyes Appreciate the love and all the lies Learn to read...


[S01Ep26] Some Thoughts On Who We Truly Are & Spiritual Awakening Insights

Who are you really, deep down? Are you your job, your hobbies, the clothing you wear? Or are YOU so much more than that? When you begin to learn who you are and what you truly believe in, your life will begin to rearrange itself to fit you better as you discover and remember who you truly are. Your programmed beliefs can stand in the way of this discovery, and your true beliefs may not align with your programmed beliefs. I hope that some of this information not only resonates for you but...


[S01Ep25] Understanding the Power of Your Words

Did you know that the words you use on a daily basis out of habit can influence your subconscious mind and your beliefs about yourself and the world? Words are powerful tools, and you can use them to either help yourself or harm yourself. Here are some ideas to help you along the way, as well as how your words might be affecting you and what you can do to show yourself more kindness and love with your own words. Website: www.InnerWorkCoaching.life My Mindful...


Some Thoughts On Letting Go & An Announcement

Letting go can seem like such a major challenge when it comes to emotions about trauma and betrayal. However, when we hold on to things like hatred, resentment, and anger, we are essentially poisoning ourselves on many levels of our being. How can you begin to let go of toxic emotions? Listen to learn more. Website: www.InnerWorkCoaching.life My Mindful Moments: https://www.executivecoachinguniversity.com/landing/my_mindful_moments/ Out of the Mind Matrix with...


Fractals (an original spoken word song) by JenErik

Fractals by JenErik Life is as good as we make it Perception is our key And sometimes, life will shake it Moments are where life thrives All we really have is NOW Do you feel stuck on survive? We are whoever we choose to be In every moment, to infinity And we exist connected to The infinite field of possibilities No matter what you actively choose Unconditional love cannot lose If that isn't something that you feel Your "reality" may not be "real" We are sparks of the...


Mindful Insights Conversation with Georgia Woordbine, Author, Speaker, and Lifestyle Transformation Coach

Mindful Insights Conversation with Guest Georgia Woodbine, Author, Speaker, and Lifestyle Transformation Coach Some of the topics covered: www.GeorgiaWoodbine.com www.InnerWorkCoaching.life Thank you so much for being here, beautiful souls! We hope that some of this information resonates and helps you on your journey. Love and Light! Jen Subscribe on YouTube: http://bit.ly/JCJYTlinkFB Subscribe on iTunes: http://bit.ly/MIPiTunes Join the FB community: http://bit.ly/InnerWorkFB Jen...


Mindful Insights Interview with Tamra Oviatt, Founder of SacredActivations.com

Hello, there, beautiful souls! I hope that you enjoy this interview with Tamra Oviatt, founder of Sacred Activations. She is a bestselling author, energy worker, and a professional speaker and teacher who is here today to share some of her insights and experiential wisdom so that we may all benefit and gain a deeper understanding of healing ourselves with the help of Source energy. Learn more about Tamra & her work: www.SacredActivations.com Subscribe to Sacred Activations on YouTube:...


Mindful Insights Interview with Spiritual Author Ben Jamison, Church-Free Spirituality

Thanks so much for being here! Joining us today is spiritual counselor, speaker, author, and teacher Ben Jamison to discuss his new book, Church-Free Spirituality, which is available on Amazon and through other retailers. Listen in as we discuss spiritual practices, inner work concepts, and even get a little silly ;). Redefining words, symbols, and ideas, trusting yourself, and utilizing deep introspection to co-create a better life are also discussed. Warning: Powerful Wisdom! With great...


Discussion - Transition and Contrast, Influence and Trust the Process, Reflecting on Past Transitional Periods

Quotes up for discussion: “During any time of transition, contrast will appear because the universe and the reality that affects you on a daily basis are rearranging themselves to bring your desires to fruition within your life.” “There has to be a process, a sequence of events, to lead you to your desires becoming manifest. And this is a constant, continuous, fluid, ongoing process… as soon as one desire or realization is tangible to you in some way, you may begin to see things...


Guided Meditation - Influence Your Perception of Time with Powerful Affirmations

DO NOT LISTEN TO THIS EPISODE WHILE DRIVING! Liberate yourself from linear time! Is it possible? The power lies within you and is directed by your focus. Chakra healing music (all 7 chakras) combined with powerful affirmations allow you to get into the flow of your life without constantly feeling rushed, hurried, and like you’re running out of time. Having too much to do is a state of mind; use this meditation to take control of your time by taking control of the effectiveness with which...


Discussion - Redefining Love, You're the Only One with You for Your Whole Life, and On Being a Spark of the Divine

Quotes up for discussion: “Redefining your idea of love means redefining your relationships or potentially letting them go.” “Be yourself. Truly. Connect with your spirit, your inner being, your soul… trust your intuition and remember that you are the only person who is with you for your entire life.” “You are a unique, beautiful, and amazing individual with your own perfectly divine soul, connected to Source, connected to everything else, with the exact life experiences that you need in...