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409: Learn to Love Your B.S. with Georgia Woodbine

Georgia Woodbine totally embodies her title as a change agent. Dynamic, relatable, and wise, she’s a motivator, speaker, and author who’s traveled far and wide sharing her secrets to manifesting the life you want. (Spoiler alert: the power of intention is real!) She’s the author of several books including Total B.S (Body & Soul), How to Attract the Right Man into Your Life, How to Make Big Bucks Without Selling Your Soul, Jewels of Inspiration and Reflections, How to Choose Your Career...


408: The Secret Language of the Ancestors with Darla Antoine

After dissecting some spiritual blind spots within the concepts of "manifesting" and the Law of Attraction, Ancestral Healer Darla Antoine and Lola Medicine Keeper dive into more authentic and inclusive approaches to an abundance mindset and SO MUCH MORE... Including the way that Darla believes the Ancestors show us when we're on the right track. Are your Ancestors speaking to you? (Hint: Yes! Here's how to know.) Listen in on this potent conversation that dives beneath spiritual bypass...


407: Tarot for Radical Times with Theresa Reed

Theresa Reed, aka 'The Tarot Lady', is a practiced tarot card reader for over thirty years. We love her honest, no-nonsense approach towards the cards and spirituality in general. A healer, Teresa knows the benefits of working with a mentor and how to shape your future by looking honestly at your role in it all. What's in this episode? 0:22 - Intro: Theresa Reed 2:26 - Astrological Markers During Volatile Times 5:56 - Using tarot to reclaim consciousness around your decisions 7:55 -...


406: Awakening Creativity with Whitney Freya

Our rationally dominant culture(s) could use some more creativity. Like Einstein said, "No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it." So.... let's shift our levels of consciousness with some creativity! Whitney Freya, a self-taught and expressed artist, uses art as therapy and healing with clients around the world. She teaches students through a variety of mediums and expressions to help them awaken the creative spirit inside each of us. We loved this...


405 Decolonizing Shamanism with Sara Sophia Eisenman

Sara Sophia is an author and energy healer who works with clients to recover themselves after trauma, soul loss, and broken spirits to assist them in reclaiming their sacred wholeness. Focusing on self love, consciousness awareness and modern spirituality with integrity, Sara Sophia is a wonderful person to include in your online, and in-life, soul work. We all belong here on Earth. But, to truly co-exist with all beings in peace, we must decolonize the "taker" mentality that feeds our...


404: Ancestral Medicine for Liberation with MaryBeth Bonfiglio

Words of insight, expansion and truth are MaryBeth Bonfiglio's gift to the world, and we are excited to share a snippet of them here with you today! MaryBeth and Lola delve into the turbulent and murky waters of personal decolonization, ancestral healing, and conscious parenting to bring clarity and levity to sacred and healing work. Could micro-dosing psilocybin be an avenue of liberation? How do we connect to our roots and form an authentic sense of belonging? Join This Wild Life...


403: Living Uncluttered with Sofia Alvim

Decision fatigue, analysis paralysis, uncluttering your life? Are these concepts new to you? If so, dive into This Wild Life's interview with A Life Uncluttered's Sofia Alvim as we discuss her consulting practice designed to release clients from clutter and overwhelm to allow them freedom to live more intentionally and complete. xo, lola + tigre In this episode, you'll hear: Where to Sofia Alvim A Life UnclutteredGoddess Out LoudInstagram: A Life UnclutteredInstagram: Goddess Out Loud...


402: Sex and Soulmates with Melissa Ambrosini

Pop in your earbuds and take a stroll with Lola and Melissa Ambrosini as they talk shop about soulmates, orgasm medicine, nurturing yourself and your partnership, and ways to authentically communicate in bed. We think you'll enjoy this frank, honest, and open conversation as much as we did! Read more and listen at This Wild Life on Wild Playground


401: Make the Leap - Spirit Ninjas

Changing anything requires a whole-hearted commitment. Bart and Holly, creators of Spirit Ninjas, share their challenges and breakthroughs in ditching their comfortable corporate gigs and leaping into their new brand and spiritual services. Pull up a chair and listen in to This Wild Life!


S3.017 The Dark Side of Ayahuasca with Luke Miller

Exploring our inner landscapes with psychedelics has a dark side. Luke Miller and Lola Medicine Keeper dive into following the instructions we receive in medicine ceremony and the repercussions of staying ungrounded. What You'll Hear 0:50 - Background about and 2:45 - Ayahuasca and Other Entheogens: When Is Enough Enough? 15:59 - Every Medicine Experience Is Unique 19:19 - Finding A Resonate Place to Drink Ayahuasca 23:40 - Observing Our...


S3.016 Slay Your Dragons with Serefina Firestarter

Serefina Firestarter: Shamanic Seer and Bullshit Slayer Sometimes, you can’t see the forest for the trees… Or, in this case, sometimes you can’t see the internal and external things that are holding you back. Enter Serefina Firestarter: a Shamanic Seer with a gift for illuminating blind spots to help you slay your hidden dragons. In this explicit episode (not for the faint of ear), we riff on how to take on a more meaningful identity, break through self-imposed limits, and why we all...


S3.15 Archangel Messages with Cristina Aroche

Archangels are here to communicate to us, and remind us, of our divine nature. Listening to these guides may be challenging to some, but with practice, open heartedness and humility, we may begin to tap into their messages and guidance. Cristina Aroche is an Angelic Healer and Channeler of Archangels. She brings their messages forth to her clients to help them navigate life's challenges, reconnect to their soul gifts, and bring more creativity and love into their life. We love connecting...


S3.014 Plant Medicine Spirituality with Javier Regueiro

Javier Regueiro is a Peruvian plant medicine specialist with over a decade of experience sitting with the medicines as well as holding space at his healing center, Ayaruna. Working with Perú's two main plant medicine teachers, ayahuasca and huachuma (aka San Pedro), Javier has explored the depths of his own soul, psyche and pain. In these explorations and journeys, he's found surrender, healing and clarity that wasn't as easily accessible in other healing modalities that he pursued. We...


S3.13 Sex After Trauma - Rachael Maddox

Traumatic experiences can leave lasting damage when we allow the trauma to control and define us. Breaking the hold trauma can have allows us to reclaim our power, sovereignty and pleasure of living. Traumatic sexual experience is no different. Rachael Maddox, author of Secret Bad Girl and trauma resolution counselor, shares her ways of helping clients overcome the trauma of a sexual violation and reclaim their power and relationship to sex. This is a deep, truth-telling interview with...


S3.12 Finding the Right Partner with Mark Greene

In this episode, Mark and I discuss... Read more about Finding the Right Partner at Wild Playground


S3.11: Learn to Connect with Spirit with Jessica Reid

This conversation is perfect for those who are (re)opening their relationship with Spirit, in the form of guides, ghosts, or intuitive hits. It can be scary and overwhelming once you open that door, but there's nothing to fear! Listen in as Jessica Reid, a global clairvoyant, channel, medium, psychic and purpose fulfillment coach, speaks to her own journey of opening up to her spiritual gifts. Think you need psychic/energetic protection? Think again! Instead, be the master of your...


S3.10 Remaking Manhood with Mark Greene

Few men have the courage to explore, explode and examine our culture’s programming around masculinity, fatherhood and manhood. Even fewer men dare to share their vulnerable explorations publicly. But it’s men like Mark Greene, our guest on today’s show, that are lifting the veil on how we interpret masculinity in our culture and offering ways to craft a new, mutually beneficial paradigm that allows for the nuances of human experience. Mark has so much to share. In this episode we only...


S3.09 Find Your Heart in the World with Stephen Buhner

Today’s guest, Stephen Buhner, is such an incredible, intelligent, and warm human. He is a cosmic earth whisperer and a true shepherd of plants and connecting them to the human experience and us to them. In this conversation, we dive into Earth as an ecosystem and how we can shift back into alignment and connection with the intelligence of nature. We explore our ability to feel through plant medicine that supports us in this life, and also dive into being guided through mythic rites of...


S3.08 Change your Story with Kara Melendy

Today’s guest, Kara Melendy, is such an inspiring, high vibrational, amazing human. Her devotion to our stories and how we can take action around them to heal and reveal our true essence is such a gift. In this episode of the podcast, we dive into the power of stories and how they can shape our reality and how we have this ability to alter them and live from an authentic place. I can’t wait for you to listen to this episode with your whole heart. Kara Melendy BIO Kara Melendy is a...


S3.07 Grief as an Ally with Luna Love

Today’s guest, Luna Love, is such an inspiring, radiant and wonderful human. Her devotion to the self and aligned action while taking in all that makes up this life carries so much weight and incredible approachability in a grounded way. In this episode, we dive into how we can balance and integrate all aspects of our selves and feel the full spectrum of life–the bitter and the sweet. How we can blend ancestral ways of being that supports us in this life. We also dive into how grief is...