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The blog of Newcastle United in the United States.


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The blog of Newcastle United in the United States.




On the Air: Decanonizing St. Rafa

After an extended break because of a holiday that our listeners from outside the US don't celebrate, the podcast is back! This week, Tom, Phil, and Matt decide to take some shots at the recent managerial decisions made by Rafa Benítez (while acknowledging, of course, that his presence over the...


On the Air: International Break Ennui

NUFC may have had the weekend off, but the podcast never rests! (Unless you count last week, when there wasn't one. Though we did record a show that ended up being unusable...so we didn't rest!) This week, Phil, Tom, and Matt slide right past the 1-0 defeats against Burnley and...


On the Air: Who is the Perfect 10?

After a breathtaking, thrilling, action-packed 1-0 win against Crystal Palace...so exciting, in fact, that only one of us watched it...the pod crew is back once again to talk all things NUFC. First, Tom and Phil cede the heavy lifting of the Palace recap to NBC Sports Gold subscriber Matt. Branching...


On the Air: Mandy and More

After a very sad international break for all of us here in the States, the pod is back! Phil and Matt, the most prepared hosts in the business, who never flub the intro multiple times or have weird audio issues, break down the two main stories involving Newcastle United this...


On the Air: Burn Books and Candy Cane Grams

Get in, losers, we're going podding. On today's episode, Tom, Phil, and Matt recap Sunday's 1-1 draw against Liverpool. Phil breaks down the stats on the solid defensive performance, then we single out some individual performances. Obviously, we all just have a lot of feelings when it comes to American...


On The Air: Pre-Derby Podcast

While the IWIWAG boys conduct organization meetings in scenic Wisconsin, we hand the keys over to Phil Lavanco to host our pre-derby podcast. Phil, Rob Moyer from Toon Army Philadelphia and the incomparable Barry from the Sunshine State analyze the Liverpool match with a fine-tooth comb, discuss Coloccini's injury, and...


On The Air: The End Of The Road?

On the latest IWIWAG audio offering, Phil, Tom and Bob ponder if Cardiff could be the end of the road figuratively and literally for Newcastle's embattled manager. Is there any defense for the defense? Will the offense continue to offend? Would a new leader off the field make any difference...


On The Air: A Blip Or A Warning Sign?

After two weeks off, Tom, Matt and Phil return to the airwaves and draft in Toon Army Philly's Rob Moyer to dissect Newcastle United's latest crisis. How did Hull breach the black-and-white backline? And is this a sign of disappointments to come? Has Debuchy drawn the blueprint for his team's...


On The Air: Squad Depth, Cup Dreams

Newcastle has had to show its depth recently, and in this edition of the podcast, we have to do the same. With Bob and Tom doing their best Yohan Cabaye impression and sitting out, we bring three guests in on loan to fill out the lineup: Phil Lavanco (@Lavanglish), Barry...


On The Air: Should He Stay Or Should He Go?

On this week's bleak edition of the IWIWAG podcast, the blog's three Commissioners of Commentary enact their Americanized version of the debate going on in living rooms, pubs, walk-in clinics and anywhere else Newcastle United fans are gathering to treat the wounds from Saturday's 0-6 daymare: Whither Alan Pardew? Is...