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America Out Loud is the premier news network with a diverse array of talk shows that inform and inspire. A daily resource for smart people.




Schools Today: Academic Excellence or Social Engineering?

The Dean's List with Host Dean Bowen – Public schools, once pillars of fostering critical thought, are undergoing a concerning transformation. Teachers are increasingly presenting divisive subjects like gender fluidity and critical race theory, sidelining true academic pursuit. The essence of teaching goodness, truth, beauty, and wonder is fading. With American academic rigor in peril, we must ask: Are we truly witnessing the deliberate...


The GOP Race: Trump’s Commanding Lead

The Tom Renz Show – In a recent prediction, McCarthy points to Trump as the likely White House nominee, highlighting his dominant lead in the polls. DeSantis, acclaimed for his work in Florida, lags significantly behind. Although McCarthy's words seem supportive of Trump, his deeds show a disconnect. It's crucial for us, the electorate, to remain alert against any external attempts to manipulate the selection of the Republican nominee.


Dems Now Admit Illegal Immigration Is Destroying Our Cities

After Dark with Hosts Rob & Andrew – New York City is on the brink, grappling with unsustainable financial burdens from supporting illegal immigrants. Once celebrated, sanctuary cities like NYC and Chicago are now feeling the crunch. Residents demand change as political blame shifts among mayors, governors, and even to Texas. The political landscape is rife with accusations and finger-pointing, highlighting a divisive and complex...


Bioweapons: They’ve Been Here Longer Than You Think

Looking 4 Healing Radio with Dr. Henry Ealy – I embark on an enlightening journey into the history of bioweapons, tracing their evolution to the present 3rd Generation. It's alarming to see how certain bioweapons have subtly woven themselves into the fabric of our culture. From the intriguing insights at the Healing for the A.G.E.S. conference to the role of Nazi sympathizers, every revelation is a call to action. Equip yourself with...


Prisoner Swaps Compromise Americans Security Abroad

The Voice of a Nation [malcolm at eight] – There is a bounty being placed on Americans' heads when traveling abroad to a host of countries. It’s a hostage bounty that says you are worth some strong negotiating power when these evil regimes want sanctions lifted, money sent, criminals released, etc. However, I thought I remembered that the policy of the U.S. government was not to negotiate with these bandits...


Unlocking the Power of Alternative Medicine With Dr. Stern

Nurses Out Loud with Kimberly Overton, BSN, RN – Join me as I share insights and stories, including my conversation with Dr. Cori Stern, a beacon in natural health. In today's modern medical landscape, I explore the transformative power of alternative practices that prioritize holistic well-being. Delving into diverse healing modalities, from herbal remedies to energy techniques, I advocate for an integrative approach, emphasizing...


Democrats Against Democracy

The Constitution Study with Host Paul Engel – Robert F. Kennedy Jr. claims that new rules for the DNC presidential primaries are designed to rig the process for Joe Biden. While I haven’t seen proof that Mr. Kennedy’s claims are true, it certainly would be in keeping with the recent history of the undemocratic Democratic party. However, that isn’t all. Look at the recent attempts to silence “mis/disinformation.” That is just another...


Are We Out of Our Minds?

Chasing Justice with Lt. Joe Pangaro – As American citizens of all political parties, we have opinions and thoughts about how things should be. But when we look around today, I have to ask if we are out of our minds with what we allow to happen in our country. Crime, Inflation, projecting weakness around the world, a damaged economy, and potential civil collapse are just some of the things that we don’t seem capable or desirous to...


How Xi-CCP Regime Failed To Hunt Me Using Lawsuits in the US

Dr. Li-Meng Yan w/ The Voice of Dr. Yan – An intricate web of political maneuvering, lawsuits, and covert activities involving the Chinese Communist Party and myself. From the tactics of Operation Fox Hunt to the manipulation of legal systems, I reveal how the CCP aims to erode American freedom and control global narratives. Learn how I fought back against a high-profile lawsuit, protecting not just my own voice but also...


Dumbing Down: Are Educational Leaders Just Incompetent?

The Dean's List with Host Dean Bowen – Oregon's Democrats are altering the educational landscape in a concerning way. Governor Kate Brown signs Senate Bill 744, removing the need for high school students to prove proficiency in basic subjects for graduation. Is this a genuine effort to reevaluate academic standards, or a calculated move to lower educational expectations? Uncover the hidden agendas and implications of this law.


The Legal and Media Gymnastics To Protect Hunter & Joe Biden

After Dark with Hosts Rob & Andrew – Explore the intricate maneuvers by the DOJ and liberal media to shield Hunter Biden and President Joe Biden from mounting allegations. Uncover how narratives are being spun and whistleblowers intimidated, all against the backdrop of an evolving legal landscape. In August 2023, a special counsel is finally appointed to investigate potential crimes, leading to Hunter's recent indictment. Stay...


Dr. Desmitt Explains: The Psychology of Pandemic Fear

America Out Loud PULSE with Dr. Vaughn & Dr. Tankersley – Explore the latest revelations from a European Union Parliament hearing featuring world-leading scientists on the COVID pandemic. Dr. Desmitt delves into the psychology of fear, while legal experts question the absurd mandates in Los Angeles schools. Learn about the role of media, the hijacking of science, and the lack of accountability in today's critical issues. Our evidence is...


Failure and Insanity: How We Can Win the Cognitive War

The National Security Hour with Edward Haugland – I delve into my new book, "The Cognitive War: Why We Are Losing and How We Can Win." With over four decades in national security, I discuss why this war is unlike any other—a perpetual battle that threatens our freedom and Republic. Learn about the three pivotal areas that can change the course of this ongoing conflict: Failure and Insanity, The Awakening, and The Challenge...


The Corporate Playbook Lacks Trust of the Consumer

America Emboldened with Greg Boulden – I delve into the power of apologies and the erosion of trust in society, especially in the corporate world. Using my own experience with Best Buy as an example, I highlight the long-term damage to public confidence when companies fail to own their mistakes. Additionally, I open up a candid discussion on authentic conversations around sex, gender, and the romanticization of mental health...


Born Into the Broken System

Nurses Out Loud with Beth Hnat, RN – Exploring the complexities of our relationship with the healthcare system, we delve into personal stories of pregnancy, labor, and delivery. From traditional medical interventions to empowering home births, it questions why we entrust our bodies to a system that often undermines our natural capabilities. Are we born into a broken healthcare system? Discover how choices in motherhood can lead...


Heal or Die on the Cross of Evaluation and Assessment

Looking 4 Healing Radio with Nichola Burnett – We dive deeper into Diane Schwartz's transformative journey from sickness to wellness. Ever wondered if holistic healing actually works? Diane reveals her firsthand experience with natural healing modalities and why they can be life-changing. Learn about innovative assessments like Nutrition Blood Microscopy and Medical Thermography that helped her find the answers she had...


Remembering Constitution Day

The Constitution Study with Host Paul Engel – Recently marked the 236th anniversary of the signing of the US Constitution, a day that raises the question: Are we doing enough to honor and protect our republic? Reflecting on Benjamin Franklin's profound words, "A republic, if you can keep it," we delve into the challenges facing our nation. From wars and invasions to the perilous threat of apathy, we examine what it truly means...


Abusing the 14th Amendment

The Freedom Revival with Bruce Robertson – Dive into the complexities of the 14th Amendment, as we unravel its original purpose and the distortions it's currently undergoing. From the Insurrection Clause to Birthright Citizenship, discover how these key components are being manipulated. Learn how this impacts your voting rights and the nation's security. Essential listening for anyone concerned with the state of our constitutional...


Forgetting Our History: Prepare for More War

The National Security Hour with Col. Mike and Dr. Mike – We shed light on a myriad of pressing issues that mainstream conversations often neglect. We discuss the media's conspicuous silence on the 161st Anniversary of the Battle of Antietam, scrutinize troubling FBI methods in anti-terrorism operations, and take a hard look at the Biden administration's risky military actions in Ukraine. Additionally, we delve into the United Nations'...


Florida Chooses CLT Over SAT: Why It Matters

The Dean's List with Host Dean Bowen – Discover why classical education is gaining traction as Florida becomes the first state to accept the Classic Learning Test (CLT) over traditional options like the SAT and ACT. Uncover the unique features of the CLT, from its focus on critical thinking to its roots in Western Culture. Delve into the debates surrounding this educational shift, including criticisms from the College Board and those who...