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America Out Loud is the premier news network with a diverse array of talk shows that inform and inspire. A daily resource for smart people.

America Out Loud is the premier news network with a diverse array of talk shows that inform and inspire. A daily resource for smart people.


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America Out Loud is the premier news network with a diverse array of talk shows that inform and inspire. A daily resource for smart people.




If We Unite as Christians, We Can Save America

Introducing his radio talk show, Unity Without Compromise, debuts, Steve LaTulippe M.D. introduces himself to his audience, briefly describing his credentials, his background, and recent life events that caused him to join the fight against the cancel culture war in America...


Webs and Lies: A Democratic Socialist Dystopia

Today on The Frankly Daniel Show, I'll outline the deceptive, well-crafted, and accelerated efforts by Radical Democrats to entrap and transform our nation into a Socialist Dystopia. Understanding their methods and purpose is our first line of defensive offense...


What Is Journalism Through the Eyes of a Journalist?

The seasoned writer says she thinks journalists have become opinionated in order to represent a position they want to sway readers with. She said if the person consuming the news isn’t savvy, they won’t be able to discern the difference between opinion and facts. Robinson shared her thoughts on cancel culture, racism, border crisis, and Biden’s presidency...


It’s A Power Grab!

Viewpoint This Sunday | Why is the group sidestepping Biden’s “6-month Commission” and going straight to packing? What about term limits or age limit of justices vs. lifetime appointment? What is the ultimate Democrat strategy with this move? What is behind the madness in nixing all of the Trump policies that were effective to curb illegal immigration, crime, and cartel business?


Doubting Our Doubts

Today on Faith Is . . . we look at another story from the life of Jesus where he asked a similar question: why do doubts arise in your minds? To answer that question we’ll examine the story of Jesus’ post-resurrection appearance and provide insights on how we can overcome doubt and build strength into our lives...


Due Process For Me, But Not For Thee

Recent events in Minnesota not only show how feeble the idea of justice and due process have become in America, I believe they are a portent of what is to come later this year. What happens when we turn our calls for justice into acts of revenge in our anger and frustration? If we are willing to deny due process to those we are angry at, what happens when we are the ones who need it? If, as the Preamble states, the Constitution was created to establish justice, how can we deny justice to one...


“A Bullet Goes Wherever It Wants To Go,” Angel Mom Agnes Gibboney

Last month was the anniversary of her son’s death. In addition to discussing her son, Gibboney, who migrated to the states legally with her family in the ’70s, also discusses border control, communism, and socialism. Governor Gavin Newsom and Speaker Nancy Pelosi have both refused to speak to Angel Mom Agnes about her concerns...


The State of the Press

One of American's most cherished rights is that of the freedom of the press. Thomas Jefferson said our liberty depends on that freedom. But what happens when those who exercise that right use it to manipulate the people rather than simply inform them? And what responsibility do We the People have in the state of corporate news today? We'll discuss that and more on The Constitution Study. Here is the link to the referenced Morgan Freeman Video.


Packing the Supreme Court and Corporate America Schemes

President Biden has created a committee with a new Executive Order with the purpose of looking at packing the Supreme Court. And 100 of America’s largest corporations had a conference call on what they can do to punish Red States for what they see as oppressive voting laws, such as providing identification. Becky Kolemainen, Linda Martinelli, and Judy Moran have very definite views on these issues as well as on a lawsuit by a parent seeking to marry their own child, Yuk! The Ladies of...


By Hook or By Crook: Biden’s Executive Orders

There's a saying for what some in politics are doing today, "The ends justify the means." I prefer a more blunt appraisal, "By hook or by crook." Today, I will look at some of the crooked executive orders President Biden recently signed. Then I'll look at some of the other crooked things coming out of Washington.


Power Grab on our First and Second Amendment Rights

Our First and Second Amendment rights are under fire from the progressive left. Private companies and the media are canceling conservative speech. Our Second Amendment is under assault by Joe Biden and his leftist friends. Ava Armstrong, Mallory Millett, and Linda Martinelli discuss what is happening and why. The Ladies of Liberty Sound Off on keeping our rights and our guns. You’re gonna love this!


Comparing China and America’s Military

While America fights⏤its enemies are not sleeping! Less than one decade ago, America had a huge military advantage over China. But while we are divided and fighting as a nation, The PLA has made huge advancements. In some circumstances, China holds a decisive advantage over us. But Sleepy Joe is not even talking to anyone to solve the problems; he's just focused on destroying America.


Ronald McDonald House Cancels Volunteer

Recently he was canceled (fired) by the charity organization for speaking out against the baseless attacks on white men accused of violence against Asian Americans. Tremoglie, an independent journalist, said he was surprised he was let go having volunteered there since 2015...


Has The Big Apple: New York City Become the Rotten Apple?

Citing David Dinkins term as mayor, which was mired in race riots and crime, only after the city was at its lowest was a Republican able to win an election in the mostly Democrat city and state. Even then it was on a thin margin and the victor was Rudy Giuliani in 1994. The MIT graduate also weighed in on Gov. Cuomo and the sexual harassment allegations and cancel culture, court-packing...


Liberals Hiding in the Republican Party

RINO Republicans helped Joe Biden steal the nation's highest office through groups like the Russia and China-backed Lincoln Project. Now, these same Republicans are trying to pretend to be conservative again. We must remember come election day to vote these scoundrels out of office!


Our Expectations of Law Enforcement

Police officers are dying. They are being killed almost every day, and it is a national tragedy. When an officer is involved in a citizen's death, that is also a tragedy, but what is the reason these things happen? Can we re-arrange our society and our expectations of law enforcement? Maybe we can change what we have our cops enforce and what they ignore. We can make choices, but every choice has a consequence. Don’t miss it!


“We Must All Hang Together Or Assuredly; We Shall All Hang Separately”

After signing the Declaration of Independence, Benjamin Franklin said, "We must all hang together or, assuredly, we shall all hang separately." Sage advice, especially in 21st century America. As we look into the maw of an ever-growing and all power government, we too must hang together, or we shall assuredly hand separately.


The Invasion of America

Biden and his administration are carrying on Obama's dream to transform America into a Communist state. They have partnered with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). They have begun changing the face of America from freedom to slavery from red to blue by allowing millions of "children" to enter America illegally. America is now in the sex, drugs, and trafficking business. Why? Money, Power, Control. “It does not take a majority to prevail. What it takes is an irate, tireless minority, keen on...


Government Gone Too Far

What happens when we continue to feed the government at all levels and don't enforce the boundaries we've place around them? Like kudzu in the south, government grows until it overruns everything it can. Today we'll look at several instances of governments going too far and what can be done about it.


“Curtis Sliwa is a pebble in my shoe,” says Fernando Mateo

With crime reaching an all-time high in New York City, the former taxi cab owner, and businessman, Mateo, 63, is looking to take no prisoners in his efforts to restore the once shiny Big Apple to its former glory. However, he must first behest his many Democrat and Republican rivals...