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America Out Loud is the premier news network with a diverse array of talk shows that inform and inspire. A daily resource for smart people.

America Out Loud is the premier news network with a diverse array of talk shows that inform and inspire. A daily resource for smart people.


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America Out Loud is the premier news network with a diverse array of talk shows that inform and inspire. A daily resource for smart people.




Are White Christian Men Being Erased?

Although getting canceled seems to be the norm in today’s woke culture, what isn’t the norm is being canceled by the right. A social media mob attacked the author for speaking the truth and defending herself and her family. Not only has she been canceled, but she and her family have endured death threats and were forced to move...


America is Infected With Some Dangerous Ideas!

What can we do? There is a way we can inoculate ourselves against the racism, hate, and tyranny coming out of both governments and society. Rather than trying to fix Washington, D.C., we need to start by fixing ourselves, our families, and our neighbors. Only then can America once again be the land of the free and the home of the brave, which will fix Washington, DC...


The Most Dangerous Political Figure in California

Pastor Hawkins chastised the left for using race to divide the country. He said the narrative of systematic racism does not exist, sighting the successes of many blacks in America. If anything, he explained, the race card, which is constantly used by the left, is the only card without an expiration date, and it’s time to cancel it...


The Tyrant in Chief

When Alexis De Tocqueville came to this country to see what made us different, he said, “The American Republic will endure until the day Congress discovers that it can bribe the public with the public’s money.” Will the American people consent to the destruction of their rights in exchange for the bribes coming out of Washington, D.C.?


Law Enforcement Officers Under Siege

The police career is one filled with danger and sacrifice as well as satisfaction for a job well done. Society has changed the perception of police officers, and it is affecting how they do their work. Lt Joe talks about the changes and concerns of our officers and what it means for all of us. Then we have an interview with retired officer Chris Hoyer from Arizona. Chris had a great career and served his community well. He was also involved in three shooting events. Lt Joe talks to Chris and...


Vaccine Passports: What Happened to My Body, My Choice?

Is majority benefit more important than the risks of minority harm, especially when one of the possible risks is death? Why have public health and government officials abandoned our usual standards of medical care and medical ethics in pushing for vaccination for everyone? Our experts today address these critical issues you are not likely to see covered elsewhere. The information may save your life!


California Paves Way for Release of 76,000 Criminals

California Governor Gavin Newsom is releasing over 70K prison inmates, including tens of thousands of violent offenders. Let's talk about the real stats of recidivism. Disney’s Sleeping Beauty “awoken” by one San Francisco cancel culture reporter, and we cancel her! Biden’s America Economics 101 tells us we are in for one wild ride ahead...


Joe Collins vs. Maxine Waters Rematch

Don’t let the dimples and smile fool you. Joe Collins has a powerful left hook and is ready to lay out his plans to defeat Maxine Waters. California Congressional Candidate Joe Collins is our guest on “After Dark With Rob and Andrew,” and he doesn’t mince words about taking on Representative Waters. Collins, who is a US Navy veteran, said Waters has been on the Hill too long and is out of step and out of touch with the needs of his district. Unlike Waters, the veteran said, he lives in the...


Two Great Hoaxes: Climate Change and Packing the Supreme Court

The Administration is all in on climate change. They are destroying our energy independence and thousands of jobs. Gas prices continue to rise, and the Green New Deal Monster is breathing down our necks. At the same time, Democrats want to pack the Supreme Court with four more justices of the Progressive persuasion. Oh, my, what are we doing in America? Ava Armstrong, Mallory Millett, and Linda Martinelli will pull no punches in this lively conversation as the Ladies of Liberty Sound Off....


How can Americans be Free if the Judicial Branch Ignores Our Rights?

We place all of our hopes and dreams for rights and liberty into the hands of these black-robed high-priests, praying that they will protect our rights for us. Yet repeatedly, these justices place their opinions, and those of their predecessors, above the law and their oath to support it. And We the People stand for it. The American people continue to allow these petty tyrants to...


COVID-19 Crisis is Far From Over

These doctors are practicing physicians, innovators, business leaders, authors, and most of all, American heroes in a very dark time. Dr. Sabine Hazan, Dr. Ben Marble, Dr. Craig Wax, and Dr. Peter Breggin, join Dr. Peter McCullough on The McCullough Report on the podcast.


Is God In Control?

Dr. Steve LaTulippe, has many of the answers we’ve been searching for. This incredible Patriot has been living the ultimate “Is God In Control” challenge after the Oregon Medical Board recently stripped him of his license for his outspokenness against government overreach policies related to Wuhan virus treatments and restrictions. His case may very well end up in the US Supreme Court...


We Must Break the Color Code

The present “color” battlefield is nothing more than a socialist tool being used to destroy America by escalating fear, hatred, and confusion in order to complete their assault on your freedom. How do you effectively engage in this war? Simply know the truth—about skin color, about ethnicity, and about how...


Joe Biden Has Plans For America!

Boy, oh boy, “Joe Biden Has Plans for America.” Just wait until you hear what he’s got in store for our country. The big question is: will his plans help our country, or bankrupt us trying? This show is gonna make you red hot no matter which side of the aisle you’re on...


An Avalanche of Wokeness Threatens America

“It is now clear that as the avalanche of wokeness and national self-hate has crashed over the restraining walls of the American mythos, one pillar of traditional American democracy after another has fallen. The whole process was so sudden and has come on so unexpectedly that it is still difficult to appreciate the gravity of the assault on the American conception of itself ….” So stated British writer Conrad Black in the April 6, 2021 edition of The Epoch Times. He is right. The drive to...


The Vanishing Thin Blue Line

While they’re busy overloading our congressional legislative dockets with expensive social proposals, they’re fending off the opposition with accusations of national systemic racism. And to better prosecute their anti-American war on capitalism, they’ve deftly employed our liberal, propaganda-prone, mainstream media in mounting sensational accusations of systemic racism against police. Their battle cry, “Defund the Police!"


Civics Has Become Radicalized

Who is dedicated to destroying and transforming America? Americans are. Americans in government scream that all of the values and patriots in America are now the enemy, the terrorists. But why do they hate the police? Once they destroy your protection, the people will scream for protection, and they, the American government, will bring back the federal police...


The Future of the Republic on Viewpoint This Sunday

Regarding Joe Biden's 100-day mark, Prof. Lary Bell explains, "These programs will astronomically increase the U.S. national debt and inevitably lead to monetary inflation coupled with higher middle-class tax burdens." On the COVID front, Dr. Peter McCullough discusses the push to vaccinate younger Americans and the need to be informed. Intelligence Analyst Ilana Freedman on the leaked audio on John Kerry... all on Viewpoint This Sunday.


God’s Love is the Key to Hate and Division

Perhaps relying on God’s love really is the key to the hate and division and anguish of our times. What if God is showing us how we can be the answer to the problems we all want to be solved. Well, He is showing us the answer, and we’ll talk about it this week on Faith Is . . . with Pastor Rick Stevens...


The First Inaugural

George Washington said that the future of our government and the sacred fires of liberty were entrusted to the hands of the American people. It’s about time We the People once again took that trust seriously and stood up to those who are attempting to take over the government and displace the American people as the source of power...