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America Out Loud is the premier news network with a diverse array of talk shows that inform and inspire. A daily resource for smart people.

America Out Loud is the premier news network with a diverse array of talk shows that inform and inspire. A daily resource for smart people.


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America Out Loud is the premier news network with a diverse array of talk shows that inform and inspire. A daily resource for smart people.




Breggin, McCullough, Leake, Li-Meng & Mosher on Viewpoint This Sunday

Dr. Peter Breggin and Dr. Peter McCullough will discuss the Biden admin handing over US Sovereignty to the WHO. China’s War Plans Revealed in Exclusive Top Military Audio - an eye-opening talk with Dr. Li-Meng Yan and Naval Officer Stephen Mosher. Intelligence expert Ilana Freedman will talk about China’s war plans and the Buffalo shooting. Author John Leake and Dr. McCullough on the crime of all time...


Monkeypox Ahead of WHO Vote: More Fear Plandemic Underway

We now see the same playbook starting over again as the “global predators” pressure the wealthy, successful first-world countries to cede their sovereignty to WHO and round up people like cattle into the box canyon of more vaccines. Time to get loud, get involved, and STOP the loss of our freedoms...


The City That Never Sleeps

John gives us a vision of what God has planned for His people. It’s a world without the influence of evil. It’s a world where the nations will find healing and people will live in harmony in the presence of God. It’s the place God is preparing for you...


The People Fight Back with Reason, Logic & Science

Even as the official narrative continues to be promulgated on the people, voices of reason continue. Brook Jackson, a Pfizer whistleblower who has produced hard evidence of a cover-up of scientific fraud. March Twisdale, takes the fight on hesitancy to the physicians who are reluctant to report vaccine injuries and deaths. Dr. Cathy Stein, has decided “enough is enough” and is now offering a course on Vaccine Math...


Biden’s Visit to Buffalo and Ignoring Waukesha Says Plenty

Joe didn’t visit Laguna Beach, New York City, or Waukesha because the attackers weren’t white men like the attacker was in Buffalo. Biden and the media need for the attackers to be white to fit their white supremacy narrative. This is all part of the left’s attempt to brand the country as being systemically racist. Their solution to cure it is to vote Democrat...


Cancel Culture and the Power of Intimidation

How far should you be allowed to go when you disagree with someone? Is it OK to boycott a business with a policy you don't like? Is it OK to encourage others to join you? At what point does influence become intimidation? I've invited Michael McCarthy to talk about his article. "All It Takes is 5 Monkeys and the Cancel Culture is Empowered."


Primary Results Showcase Importance of America First v. Globalists

The narrative continues to build in 2022, with the Midterms on the line and the control of Congress being the ultimate prize. Considering the far-reaching changes happening to the United States at a record-breaking pace ⏤ the importance of these Midterms cannot be understated. This election is a battle between America First v. Globalists. Let the games begin!


America is Addicted to the Depp-Heard Trial

America is addicted to the Depp-Heard trial. It is outrageous, dramatic, salacious, and sexy. Is Amber a victim or the perpetrator? We have our never-to-be-humble opinions! The Ladies of LIberty... Misha Woodruff-Cooper, Elisa Akrongold, and Linda Martinelli are also watching! The Ladies of Liberty also sound off on happiness...


Skyrocketing Crime and Tragedy in Buffalo

Lt. Joe takes us on a journey to understand the state of law enforcement in our country at a time when the crime is skyrocketing and our officers are put in tough spots every day. And we take a look at the tragedy in Buffalo, NY, and the loss of innocent American lives...


COVID Vaccine Injuries are Skyrocketing

Large pharmaceutical companies now believe they have the go-ahead to use the mRNA platform in shots for other conditions such as flu. Moderna is currently working on at least 15 different mRNA shots for various conditions. In his interview, Dr. Ryan N. Cole, MD, points out that “the dose makes the poison.” The greater quantity of a toxic substance, the greater the...


It’s A Crazy Crazy World – Where is Any Accountability?

How can it be that in the most civilized and industrialized, highly educated country at the head of government is an octogenarian who is cognitively challenged, and his administration is completely off with messaging, and they are turning the clock back on crime and segregation? They seem to welcome it all. There are so many things to question about where society has gone within a short period of time...


Why The Constitution Gave the Federal Government Limited and Defined Powers

Today, the government in Washington, DC, claims powers that its powers are numerous and indefinite, and it is the states which have limited powers. Recent history has shown that by allowing those in Washington, DC, numerous and indefinite powers has led to some truly despotic consequences...


As Bad as You Think the Economy Is Right Now, It’s Actually Worse Than That

Mortgage applications to purchase a home dropped 12% on a weekly basis and are down 15% compared with the same week one year ago. The housing bubble will not survive without low interest rates. Neither will the stock market bubble. Fed Chair Jerome Powell told a Wall Street Journal conference that the U.S. central bank will “have to consider moving more aggressively"...


Hepatitis Outbreak, More Boosters, Vaccine Transparency and Q & A 24 on America Out Loud PULSE

Here in France, many people have been forced to get vaccinated to keep their jobs. And many regret it: they are anxiously looking for a way to neutralize these "vaccines." However, here no one is suggesting any antidote. Have you heard of a treatment? What is the current transmission rate average for this Omicron variant?


Exploring the Abortion Debate From Both Sides

At the end of the day, it all hinges on the question of when a fetus becomes a human, which is, of course, a moral argument - at least as much as it is anything else. Does life begin at conception, birth, or at some point in between? Join us on The Voice of a Nation as we explore the Abortion Debate from both sides!


President Trump Was Right! – The American Freedom Tour

Learn why the power and resonance of the American people in support of POTUS Trump's policies and his Presidency became the shaft of the spear that drove and benefitted Americans and the world during the Trump administration. Hear about the dangers ahead if we continue down the road of the Progressive Left...


The Assault on Babies, Guns, and Freedom in America

The most unprotected and innocent amongst us have been thrown into a controversy over the right to live and now be fed, and gun owners’ rights are being challenged. In the world's wealthiest and most advanced country, a baby’s value is seemingly worthless, and gun owners are losing their rights to bear arms as given to them under the constitution...


Political Parties Lead to Frightful Despotism

Neither party is innocent in our recent decline into evils of tyranny, despotism, and servitude. The main difference seems to be how fast we get there. Sadly, too many Americans have stood back and watched while those who wish to rule others have taken control. Will we simply watch while freedom and liberty in America are beaten into a bloody pulp?


The Destructive Forces Behind Biden Policies and Their End Game

When Democrats like Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos deliver statements in public to repudiate the Democrat agenda put forth by Mr. Biden, then you know the wheels have come off of the wagon. No one is escaping these destructive policies. The insanity of the Biden agenda and its policies put forth are a sure path to economic ruin...


Here’s Why You MUST Pay Attention to the Upcoming Pandemic Treaty

On the latest episode of The JD Rucker Political Report on America Out Loud Talk Radio, I discussed the treaty and the one component that needs to be understood by everyone. It’s not just the draconian theft of our medical sovereignty on the table. They’re going to use climate change as a way to blanket ALL aspects of life...