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Tune in for an hour or more of social/political news, information and commentary from the perspective of Black Talk Radio News host, Scotty Reid.

Tune in for an hour or more of social/political news, information and commentary from the perspective of Black Talk Radio News host, Scotty Reid.


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Tune in for an hour or more of social/political news, information and commentary from the perspective of Black Talk Radio News host, Scotty Reid.






BTR News: Who Killed Malcolm X Film Study & Discussion Part 1

BTR News will host a film review and discussion session of the documentary Who Killed Malcolm X, a film by a Black filmmaker, Historian, activist, and investigative journalist Abdur-Rahman Muhammad. Tonight we will discuss episode #1 "Marked Man".


BTR News: Why People of Faith Should Reject The Politics of Moderation Pushed By Neoliberal Democrats

In the current times of great poverty and homelessness, wars and rumors of wars, mass wealth inequality, massive student and medical debt, mass incarceration aka prison slavery, millions dying too soon because of a lack of access to healthcare and a lack of access to higher education for millions, these are not the times for moderation.


BTR News: What Is The Deal With The Coronavirus? Part 2

The Novel Coronavirus(2019-nCoV) according to the World Health Organization is spreading not only in China but in other countries as well. As we stated on…


BTR News: What Is The Deal With The Coronavirus?

The coronavirus according to at least one doctor is at pandemic levels now and should be treated as such. How much do you know about…


BTR News: Trump Assassinates Top Iranian General, What Should We Expect Next?

Donald Trump ordered the assassination of one of Iran’s top generals in Iraq with an insane stated intent to prevent a war with Iran.…


BTR News: Twitter’s Political Ad Ban Will Not Stop Political Misinformation Campaigns

The road to hell is paved with good intentions is a popularized quote and no matter how sincere Twitter is about improving political discourse and preventing misinformation, their plan to ban political ads across its platform will only increase the number of bots and paid trolls on their platform. If sincere, they should be applauded for their "good intentions" but I fear their new policy on banning political ads might create a misinformation hell instead, good intentions and all.


BTR News: Hannibal Buress’s Hot Take Against National Rent Control

Scotty T. Reid - The comedian Hannibal Buress garnered lots of attention for his comments about Bill Cosby "raping" women in a set he did years ago and now he is garnering attention for another comment. In response to Bernie Sanders's tweeting about the need for National Rent Control, Hannibal Buress gave a one-word response which has attracted the scorn to the point he became a trending topic on the platform.


BTR News: Bernie Sanders Gave A White Supremacist Answer To Police Interaction Question?

Scotty T. Reid – Apparently, the man who has a realistic shot at becoming the first Jewish POTUS is secretly a white supremacist based on…


BTR News: Political Stunting In The Age Of Trump

Scotty T Reid – Over the past week, we have seen politicians, including former Sec of State Hillary Clinton, decide to boycott events that Donald…


BTR News: Meet Spandan Chakrabarti – Anti-Bernie Sanders Smear Merchant For The Healthcare Industry

In vetting the blogs VETTING BERNIE 2020 which is billed as a project of the blog The People's View, I discovered a single individual named Spandan Chakrabarti who has a background in the healthcare industry which is being threatened by Sanders's Medicare For All legislation. This podcast reveals what I found after suffering a mountain of smears and abuse from Mr. Chakrabarti who pretends to be a friend to Black and Latino communities aka P.O.C.


BTR News: Congresswoman Katie Hill’s Secret Life As A Super Freak Revealed!

BTR News – A sitting US Congress member has been revealed to be a super freak through photos posted to wife swapping platforms. Some liberals…


BTR News: Elizabeth Warren Lies About The Nature of The Democratic Party #Receipts

BTR News – In a single tweet Elizabeth Warren demonstrates that she can not be trusted and plays pretty loose and fast with the truth.…


BTR News: When Seeking Liberty From A Colonizer Goes Horribly Wrong

BTR News – 39 people thought to be Chinese Nationals have been found dead in the UK in the back of a refrigerated truck. Driver…


BTR News: Shaquille O’Neal, Champion of Free Speech Rights Or Hypocritical Fraud? #Receipts

BTR News – NBA Hall of Famer Shaquille O’Neal has been getting praise and kudos from all corners of the universe where protests to prevent…


BTR News: Popular Anti-Racism Page Creator Says He Has Been Purged From Facebook

BTR News – The creator of a very popular page on Facebook says that not only has his Anti-Racism Media page been deleted but his…


BTR News: Black Political Pundits Riding The Clinton Smear Train

BTR News – Working-class and poor Black people do not have many media options when it comes to honest and objective reporting on political news.…


BTR News: Is A Voter Purge Imminent In Upcoming US Elections? Check Your Registrations

BTR News - In the days leading up to the last DNC Debate and since Hillary Clinton lobbed accusations that US Representative Tulsi Gabbard is a Russian asset after the debate, an accusation repeated by a few media pundits, is there a massive voter purge in the United States imminent? When is the last time you checked your voter registration?


BTR News: The Racist Media Lynching Of Lebron James Over Hong Kong

What makes the lynch party of Lebron racist is that not a single CEO or Board member of the more than 200 US companies in partnership with China through the US-China Business Council has been called out by name or pressured to come out in support of the Hong Kong protests nor was Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr lynched for saying when he is in China, he isn't asked by sports reporters about the human rights abuses in the United States.


BTR News: Rep. Tulsi Gabbard Reveals The US Armed Terrorists In Syria And No One Disputes Her!

BTR News – Perhaps for the first time in Presidential debate history, a candidate reveals a factoid to a national audience that leaves everyone damn…


BTR News: What’s Really Going On In Syria With The Kurds?

BTR News – The former spies and spooks on the US cable corporate news channels are not being fully honest about what is really going…