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Black Talk Radio News reports and discusses current political and social news of the day featuring commentary from veteran political/social analyst Scotty Reid and guests from various fields.


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Black Talk Radio News reports and discusses current political and social news of the day featuring commentary from veteran political/social analyst Scotty Reid and guests from various fields.






BTR News – Radical Acts of Justice: A Conversation with Professor Jocelyn Simonson

Listen to this enlightening episode of BTR News as I engage in a compelling conversation with Professor Jocelyn Simonson, acclaimed author of “Radical Acts of…


BTR News – Navigating Justice: An Inside Look at TurnSignl with CEO Jazz Hampton

Join us in this insightful episode as we sit down with Jazz Hampton, CEO and General Counsel of TurnSignl, the innovative real-time tele-legal app designed…


BTR News – Empowering Workers: Protecting Rights and Speaking Out with Chiquita Hall-Jackson

Join us for a thought-provoking and empowering episode of Black Talk Radio News w/ Scotty Reid as we delve into the world of labor rights and workplace empowerment with renowned Employment Attorney, Chiquita Hall-Jackson. In our engaging conversation titled "Empowering Workers: Protecting Rights and Speaking Out with Chiquita Hall-Jackson," we explore the critical issues affecting today's workforce and the strategies to stand up against injustice.


BTR News – Efforts to Implement Air Conditioning in Prisons: North Carolina and Beyond

Prison systems across various states must address this issue, ensuring that all inmates, regardless of their age or health status, are provided with humane living conditions, even during the hottest months.


Georgia Prosecutors Link Trump’s Team to Voting System Breach

According to CNN, prosecutors in the Atlanta area possess text messages and emails linking members of former President Donald Trump’s legal team to the January 2021 breach of the voting system in Coffee County. Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis is preparing to present charges against over a dozen individuals to a grand jury, and several of them are connected to this voting system breach.


Global Outcry Against Prevalent Racism: UK Shop Pulls Controversial Plantation Image

Earlier, the store had put up a statement alongside the image, claiming its intent was to "commend and honor" the individuals instrumental in the evolution of Havana cigars.


Lawsuit Challenges Alleged Racial Gerrymandering in Tennessee’s Congressional Redistricting

Across the nation, gerrymandering and the dilution of the Black vote have emerged as pivotal strategies for the Republican party.


Disparities in Healthcare: The Heartbreaking Case of a Black Child’s Death in Atlanta Hospital

Tthis horrifying incident highlights the pressing need to address the systemic health disparities Black women endure, ensuring that they receive the same level of care and attention as any other patient. The fight for equity in healthcare is far from over.


Vision for a Libertarian North Carolina: BTR News w/ Scotty T Reid Interviews Gubernatorial Candidate Mike Ross

Join Scotty T Reid on BTR News as he sits down with Mike Ross, the Libertarian candidate aiming to reshape North Carolina's political future.


A Conversation with Veteran Activist and Former Black Panther Cub, Ras Munyiga Nosakhere

In this gripping episode of BTR News w/ Scotty T. Reid, we sit down with the inspiring activist Ras Munyiga Nosakhere, whose life has been deeply intertwined with some of the most influential Black movements in American history. A child served by the Black Panther Party in California, and later an adult member of the Black Autonomy Federation, Nosakhere's story is a vivid testament to the relentless pursuit of racial justice and equality.


Navigating the AI Frontier: Unraveling the Pros and Cons

Join BTR News for an engaging and thought-provoking program, "Navigating the AI Frontier," where the host hopes to delve deep into the multifaceted world of AI technology exploring the advantages and disadvantages of utilizing artificial intelligence in various aspects of our lives.


The United States Would Not Exist Today Without African Americans, Free & Enslaved

African Americans played a crucial role in the Union's victory over the Confederacy during the American Civil War.


The Strange Case of Carlee Russell: Why Do People Fake Kidnappings And What Consequences Might She Face?

By Scotty T Reid, BTRN – The story of the missing young woman Carlee Russell has taken a turn as it increasingly looks like she…


The Ethical Implications of AI Writing Tools: Exploring the Benefits and Concerns

By Scotty T. Reid, BTRN – AI writing tools have become increasingly popular in various industries, promising to revolutionize the way we create content. These…


The Willie Lynch Letter: Separating Fact from Fiction in African American History

by Scotty T Reid, BTRN The Willie Lynch Letter is a controversial document that has sparked much debate and discussion in African American history. This…


Archibald Grimké: A Trailblazer in the Fight Against Slavery and Racism

by Scotty T Reid, BTRN Archibald Grimké was a remarkable individual who played a pivotal role in the fight against slavery and racism in the…


Tanya Petty Terminated From Employment For Harassing Black Man Fishing

A white woman who has been identified as Tanya Petty was an employee of Sea Glass Therapy until she was terminated after a video of…


BTR News: What Is A Moral Injury And How Does It Affect Vets And Cops?

Tonight’s main topics will cover the term “moral injury” being associated with military veterans that encompass symptoms like feelings of “betrayal, anger, shame and guilt”…


BTR News: Culture Wars and Psychology in the African Diaspora in the Wake of “Woman King”

What is culture and when it comes to “Black” people, what is “our” culture and why do some African Americans reject the culture of their…


BTR News: Rhianna, NAACP Image Awards & Buffalo Terrorist

Chopping up with Kwabena Rasuli of Clear The Airwaves Project to get his opinion on the Rhianna Superbowl Halftime performance which has generated a lot…