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038 Change Is Coming And Its Got People Angry

We're back from our winter break and the timing couldn't be better. Brewdog is changing and its changing fast. "This may be the most pivotal year in Brewdog history." James Watt In this episode: We look into the initial reaction to the new look Brewdog How does an AF beer cost MORE than an alcoholic version? Fanzine has changed again. We looking into whats new. Squiddy's new London based walking tours are here There another fabulously fake Brewdog bar Breaking news about a big redevelopment...


037 Interview With Mad Scientist

Jackie, of Brewdog Budapest fame, got in touch not long after Collabfest 2019. "I'm off to chat with the guys at Mad Scientist." he wrote, "Would you like me to ask a few questions for the podcast?" We couldn't have been happier to send over a list of questions (and one of Bruce's rubbish dad jokes!) You'll hear: The motivation behind Blackcurrant Trifle How it felt to see your beer being ranked number one in the world How Mad Scientist nearly went bankrupt due to an issue in the brewery!...


036 - James Watt: "Maybe the most pivotal year in Brewdog History"

On a freezing December day, our explorers set out in dangerous conditions to visit the mythical Brewdog HQ and interview James Watt (We may be overselling the drama here a little.) In a brief but packed interview you'll hear: Why 2020 might be bring biggest changes in Brewdog history A new focus on sustainability A potential huge event in Dublin! The new beers (including an amazing Evil Twin collab) The new, free, Brewdog TV And (of course) much more!


035 Part 2 - James Watt on 2019 + Christmas Special Pub Quiz

Part Two of our Christmas special! We wrap up 2019 live from both Brewdog Inverurie and Castlegate! In this episode: We talk to James Watt about his highs and lows of 2019 More news to catch you up on including a great story about a parrot and a cat! Tamsyn is on to tell us about her very unusual Dogs On Deck experience! Rob finally tastes Jo's Orange and Basil Saison home brew. And we've the final part of Fiona, Ben, Craig, and Michael from Brewdog facing off against the podcast team in our...


035 Part 1 - Our Christmas Special. Live from Inverurie & Castlegate

Part One of our (wildly under prepared) Christmas special for you!!! We start out in Inverurie, run a Podcast vs Staff pub quiz in Castlegate and then we've an interview with James Watt at Brewdog HQ. What a weekend. In this (frankly ridiculous) episode PART 1: Loads of news to catch you up on including a brand new "concept bar", we say goodbye to Alison, EFP6 has smashed £7 million, Brewdog in the papers (for good reasons!) We say hello to Brewdog Swansea and the HUGE new Outpost Dublin!...


034 - It's like licking a pine tree

Another month, another HUGE LOAD of news to cover! Its might be getting chilly in Scotland but we've got everything you need for a great night in right here. In this show: RIP Brewdog Airlines. We get all gossip from the last ever flights of Brewdog Airlines. We take a peek inside the new Brewdog Hotel Brewdog is officially open in a whole new continent A weird message from Dan Ackroyd (not that one) Return of Fifteen Stories in Fifteen minutes And she's finally back - BREWDOG ABBY - yes...


Bonus Ep - Gunpowder Treason

THIS Saturday (9th Nov) the team at Brewdog Overworks are doing something new. Its a brewery exclusive beer release and yard party! * Rob was invited to Overworks to try Gunpowder Treason * An imperial sour stout which has been aged in Islay Whisky casks * You'll hear about the Gunpower Evening too!


033 - A Bright Green Foostie Matcha Tea Bun!

My word! Brewdog are pumping out new ideas, plans and controversies at some rate of knots just now. We try to distill (pun intended) all the happenings into an hour-ish of news, views, thoughts and even some reviews this month! * The highs and lows of collabfest 2019, including the Untappd unfairness * The burger that made the internet LOSE ITS MIND * Exciting new plans for Brewdog Distilling Co. * James's 2020 announcements and what they mean to you * The f*****g Portman Group, AGAIN!,...


032 - A lazy river around the Castlegate bar?

A whole months worth of news to cover in this episode, so we race through it as quickly as we possibly can. Well... kind of! * Brewdog's own JB chats with Rob about the tough decisions on recent bar closures * MOST of the team get a little over excited at the idea of an AGM train! * Brewdog won a ton of awards, Bruce takes us through the winning range * We have a brand new 15 stories in 15 minutes segment * We complete our DoG giveaway, watties back, bruce's bad jokes, and all the silliness...


031 - I dropped her off at the Emergency Room

Back once again, with the ill behaviour... Episode 31 brings you a plethora of exciting features. And some average ones too! First there's in an depth chat with Neil and John about the impact of potentially opening a bar in Dubai where many Brewdog staff would be unable to live and work. We talk about the awesome Brewdog Crewprint then its over to America for all you need to know about the recent USA AGM, including some very tipsy Scottish folk trying to make sense! Watties back, we've our...


030 - France Is Not A Town Bruce!

Two shows recorded at once? Are we insane? No... there's just an awful lot going on just now in BrewdogLand! We've a bottle of the magnificent Death Or Glory glory to giveaway. What is Punk day? What do you get for free? and why were people mad about it? James is going for a drive. In a boat. On the North Sea. Neil is on to talk about the millions of pounds given away in EFP benefits. Scott is on to talk about completing 14 bars in 3 days! We talk Jet Black Heart, Charity Raffles, and much...


029 - I thought he was a frog? (Plus Cam has quit Brewdog)

We're back to a semi-normal show this week with the entire team throwing in news, views, thoughts and reviews on all manor of Brewdog topics. * Cameron Robertson has left Brewdog. He talks about his highs and lows, and the reasons for moving on. * You can visit Tower Hill, right now, in 3d! * Watties asking about Punk State, Jo is asking about computer based Frogs. * Andrews asking what the hell is going on, and Bruce asks if his jokes are any good (they are not). * We've an update on new...


028 - Live From Beatnik 2019 - Part 2 of 2

The sun continued to shine, the beer was still perfect and Brewdog finished of a bloody fantastic day for us all. Beatnik 2019 was on 29th of June and we set up camp in Overworks to bring you interviews, news and a ton of guests! Here's part 2 of the day including Rob's trip to Manchester!


027 - Live From Beatnik 2019 - Part 1 of 2

The sun shone, the beer was perfect and Brewdog put on a bloody fantastic day for us all. Beatnik 2019 was on 29th of June and we set up camp in Overworks to bring you interviews, news and a ton of guests!


026 - Bonus Ep - Interview with guy who sued Brewdog and won!

A very different and in-depth bonus episode for you this week. In March 2018 Brewdog created a big promotion, a clarion call to end the discrimination of gender pay inequality. Pink IPA was launched (Punk IPA in a pink bottle) with 20% off for women. The promotion coincided with International Women's Day. Upset by this, Tom Bower confirmed the promotion was real, then took Brewdog to court claiming sex discrimination. He won the case and donated his £1000 (less costs) to charity. In this...


025 - Macaroni Cheese And Washing Machines

We're back with another hour long show. Here's just some of the things we cover: * Honest To Dog - we get right into this very controversial experiment. * Brewdog have upset people by 'reinventing cask beer' * We play some mind games, we talk Macaroni Cheese, and we come up with a way to sell more Brewdog Airlines seats! * Wattie is in a bit of pickle, Chris is here and this time he's not shouting, Abby gets a mention and load and loads and LOADS more! Feedback is ALWAYS welcome. Enjoy :)


024 - What The Heck Is Going On?

It's been a while, so predictably this is a packed episode full of our usual views, news, thoughts and reviews. Our first update since the AGM - Over 20 stories to cover! What the heck is going on with Punk IPA? What the heck is going on with Punk AF? What the heck is going on with these TV adverts? Wattie is back, Chris is on, Daniel Prentice calls in, Billy Murphy is here Oh, and we welcome Joanne Love to the team. Plus all the usual stuff! Told you it was big show!


023 - Emma's Epic Tribute To Brewdog Airlines

Emma's final episode and it's a cracker - her trip to America with Brewdog Airlines! Imagine boarding a Boeing 767 full of Brewdog fans, staff and the Brewdog founders to head off to America, drinking a beer specially brewed for the flight, then staying in a craft beer hotel, and visiting a bucket load of jaw-dropping breweries and bars? Well... Emma got to do just that. Emma chats with James Watt about the crazy experience so far. You'll hear from some brewdog forum favourites recorded...


022 - James Watt @ Punk AGM 2019

Rob caught up with the Brewdog Captain James Watt for a brief chat about all the big announcements from this years Annual General Mayhem in Aberdeen. You'll hear about the launch of the latest crowdfunding round (EFP6), the huge news of the purchase the Stone brewery in Germany, partnerships with British Airways and a lot more.


021 - Complete Guide To The AGM 2019

Your audio guide to the AGM 2019 is here! We've put together a one-off SPECIAL episode devoted entirely to this years AGM. This is essential listening especially if you will be among the *thousands* of people attended the AGM for the first time. * The must-do top-tips from fellow listeners * Rob takes you round all the Aberdeen Craft beer bars, for an exclusive chat with the bar managers. * Opening times, the beach walk, food options, the tap list, bands all discussed at length. * We run...