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Cinematejkas #9 - Avengers: Endgame

The Cinematejkas are back and - after giving y'all a month to catch the world's biggest movie - we're talking Avengers: Endgame. Isaac Crouch joins Catherine, Josh and Sam to discuss (likely) the biggest movie of all time, breaking down battle scenes, debating character decisions and sendoffs and discussing where the Marvel Cinematic Universe goes from here. Editorial Note:We recorded this right after Endgamewas released, so apologies if there are any incorrect facts or dated...


#198 - Ronnie Thompson Wants to be Mayor of Morganton (Again)

We talk to Ronnie about the CoMMA situation (before the resignation of Jim Smith), confront Ronnie with his original campaign promises he made in our very first interview, and hit on other topics like affordable housing, a water fountain at the skatepark, and diversification of downtown property ownership.


Cinematejkas #8 - The Sessions Interview

The Cinematejkas are back for April… and this time we're going local! Josh and Sam welcome Phillip Lehn and Bobby Pimentel - producer/writer/actor and director, respectively - of The Sessions, a new independent feature film shot in and around Morganton, North Carolina! Episode Breakdown 0:00 – 2:33: Introducing Phillip Lehn and Bobby Pimentel 2:34 – 15:01: Phillip and Bobby recap the past two years of filming The Sessions including how they got started and taking us behind the scenes on...


#197 - Political Frenemies Unite + The CoMMA Situation

We're joined by Tyler Sain (a right leaning fellow, works for the Koch brothers network) and Mark Vitrone (a left leaning fellow, former chair of the Burke Democratic Party) to hash out our differences and solve most if not all of the country's problems. During the intro Sam and Isaac address the multiple falsehoods perpetuated by the city and Jim Smith, Executive Director of CoMMA. This episode is brought to you by Moondog Pizza!


Cinematejkas #7 - Us

The Cinematejkas are back for their March episode... and they've got a new co-host! Sam Crouch joins for his first episode as co-host while Isaac is off saving the world. Together, they all come together to talk aboutUs, the second social thriller/horror film from writer and director Jordan Peele. Episode Breakdown 0:00 – 2:45: Introducing Sam as the third co-host of Cinematejkas! 2:46 – 10:49: With the unofficial runtime of Avengers: Endgame clocking in at more than three hours, the...


#196 - Isaac is a Politician Now

You may already know, but if you haven't heard, Isaac went to the dark side. He's running for the District 1 seat of the Morganton City Council. Tune in to hear about why he's running, his ideas for the future of Morganton, and his biggest reservations.


Cinematejkas #6 - Oscar Predictions

The Cinematekas are back to wrap up the 2018-2019 Oscar season. The Academy Awards are this weekend, and you'll find everything from predictions, pontifications and playful alliteration! Episode Breakdown 0:00 – 6:40: Introduction and asking: Why do we care about the Oscars? 6:41 – 15:16: The Cinematejkas predict the non Big Six categories and choose what they wish would walk away with the Oscar 15:17 – 51:35: Catherine and Josh break down the Big Six categories - Best Supporting...


Cinematejkas #5 - Glass

The Cinematejkas are joined this month by Isaac and Sam to discuss Glass, the latest film from esteemed director M. Night Shyamalan. The crew discusses Shyamalan's approach to superhero movies, hotly debate his status as a prestige filmmaker and make lots of bad glass-related puns. Episode Breakdown 0:00 – 2:28: Introduction and reacquainting ourselves with the standard Cinematejkas' format 2:29 – 11:39: NEWS TEAM, ASSEMBLE! The Cinematejkas discuss updates in the Oscar campaign. Could...


#195 - Maya of Morganton, MAGA of Covington

Download Episode Christian & Erica Ramazinni share their vision for a coffee shop/community center that they hope to serve as a conduit for connecting the local Guatemalan population and culture to Morganton. Then Rector Marshall Jolly of Grace Episcopal Church shares his observations gathered by living in the same community as the Covington MAGA teens of recent controversy. Little Guatemala Website & Facebook page


Cinematejkas #4 - 91st Annual Oscar Nominations

The Cinematejkas are back, and they've finally got Oscar nominations to talk about! Catherine and Josh discuss their surprises, snubs and general impressions of how the nominations could affect a wide-open Best Picture race. Episode Breakdown 0:00 – 1:17: A very awkward introduction 1:18 – 23:34: Surprises, snubs and everything in between - our general impressions of the Oscar nominations and the things we weren't expecting 23:35 – 46:03: Sizing up the Best Picture race. Is Green Book...


#193 - Baxter's Back, Alright

The director of the new NC School of Science and Math Morganton campus, Kevin Baxter, joins us in the studio to wrap up the year. In this episode we're testing out a new podcast format that fuses all of our previous work in to one. Let us know what you think! Patrons can listen to the full interview with Kevin , which includes talking about his life before moving to Morganton, and a lively debate about the Marvel Cinematic Universe where Kevin puts Sam and his constant downer attitude...


Cinematejkas #3 - Top 10 Movies of 2018

Catherine and Josh recap the year in movies by handing out a few awards and running down their shared list of the best films of the calendar year. Episode Breakdown 0:00 - 7:27: Intro, general thoughts on the year in movies and Josh and Catherine's thoughts on ranking favorite things 7:28 - 17:59: The True/False Awards for best non-fiction films 18:00 - 32:22: The Streamie Awards for best movies original to streaming platforms 32:23 - 42:49: Biggest Surprises and Biggest...


#192 - An update on the Word of Faith Fellowship

John Huddle joins us again in the studio to give us an update on recent developments on the legal troubles faced by WOFF members. We also talk about how important it is to establish a safe exit procedure for current members, how to avoid the worst possible outcomes hinted at by Jane's admission that "we're not there yet", what the rest of the community thinks about WOFF, and more!


Cinematejkas #2 - Bohemian Rhapsody

Catherine and Josh - and honorary guest host Sam - come together for Cinematejkas Episode 2, in which they discuss Stan Lee's death, Disney and Pixar's stranglehold on IP filmmaking, music biopics and, this month's feature review, Bohemian Rhapsody. Episode Breakdown 0:00 - 10:00: The Cinematejkas introduce their regular movie news segment, in which they cover Stan Lee's death and how his legacy will evolve over time 10:01 - 29:20: The Cinematejkas discuss new trailers including...


Cinematejkas #1 - Introduction and First Man review

Sam and Isaac welcome Josh and Catherine Matejka as the newest members of Citizen:Earth before introducing the newest Citizen:Earth podcast - Cinematejkas. Episode Breakdown 0:00 - 13:11: Getting to know the Matejkas and why they love movies so much 13:12-23:03: What will Cinematejkas look like on an episode-by-episode basis? 23:04 - 1:02:36: Feature Review - Cinematejkas (ft. Isaac) review of Damien Chazelle's First Man Until Cinematejkas gets its own feed, you can find all content...


#191 - News Herald Candidate Forum Article Response

Sam and Isaac react to the recent article in The News Herald referencing a canceled Candidates Forum. The article includes a statement from Senator Warren Daniel concerning our involvement. Article


#190 - Phillip Price for Congress

Phillip Price is a Democrat hoping to become a representative for The 11th Congressional District of North Carolina, a seat currently held by Mark Meadows.


#189 - Peter Skelton of The Levee Brewery in Valdese, NC Returns

We are joined once again by Peter Skelton, owner and brewer at the soon to open The Levee brewery and pub in Valdese, NC. Peter gives us an in depth update on his opening status and overall progress. We also discuss the successes and/or failings of the latest installment to the Star Wars franchise: Star Wars Episode Vll The Last Jedi. The Levee Brewery crowdfunding campaign Burke Rally For Recovery by BSAN


John Huddle, former member of Worth of Faith Fellowship cult

Early 2017, an AP investigative journalist released a series of articles he'd been working on for years about a religious cult based out of Spindale - only 45 minutes down the road from Morganton. John Huddle has been out of the Word of Faith Fellowship cult for about 10 years. To the church's dismay, and at the cost of his relationship with his family who are still members, he has spent that time speaking out against the church's manipulative and violent practices, and working to create a...